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Feb 24th, 2013
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  1. from left to right...
  3. The left most stomp switch turn on the Fuzzer. The fuzzer is based heavily on the Ibanez TS-9 schematic. The changes include True-Bypass signal switching (keeps original guitar tone in line) added distortion depth by changing the diode clipping arrangement. Next is added depth to the tone section, allowing for more crisp and brittle sounding lead tones. But this really isn't the point of having the fuzz on the pedal anyway (although it can be activated independently with the first stomp switch)... the fuzz is really there to push the other effect on the pedal. The ILLUMIRINGER. Let's recap... the first stomp switch turns on the super charges TS-9, the first THREE knobs from left to right are Fuzz Depth, Fuzz Tone, Fuzz Level.
  5. Next we will move to the RIGHT MOST stomp switch... this will activate the ILLUMIRINGER effect. What is the ILLUMIRINGER effect, hard to explain... it's so many things. In technical terms it is running the guitar tone through a outdated analog telephone carrier decoder. What it does to the sound of a guitar depends on how it is used. This pedal allows you to control the effect FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS... each one sounds and acts different than the next. This is why it was hard for me to try to explain all of this to Trey quickly last night. I didn't want to take up too much of his time, yet wanted him to be able to figure out the pedal. It was a hard moment to hand in that regard. But I digress.. the four ways to control the effect.
  7. 1) with the the knob located next to the Fuzz level, 4th from the left. With every milometer turn of the dial the tone and HARMONIC LAYOUT of the guitar changes. The key here is to push the signal with the Fuzzer so that you hear both your ORIGINAL distorted tone AND the ILLUMIRINGER EFFECT! This allows for some demonic and amazing 8bit crushing guitar tones. Hard to explain. Better to hear ;)
  9. 2) This is the one Trey really influenced A LOT! The motion / light sensor. It is turned on withe the middle stomp switch. The actual sensor is located above it. WELL... we have all seen Trey do his Jedi thing with his guitar.. he controls the tone with the whammy pedal.. I thought "why not be able to actually control the tone with those movements". A year later... here it is. But it's better... if you flash a flashlight or laser into it slowly... you can get Theremin style pitch swells. Use a strobe light.. wild oscillations will occur.. control the speed with the flashing. Think of the fun that can happe with a little practice with CK5 ;) Any object that breaks the lights beam to the sensor will change the guitar tone.... more light... wider the range.
  11. 3) Expression input jack (located in the front of the pedal... not pictured) can take one of two kinds of controllers. First being a standard expression pedal ( like a dunlop) + or - tip will work... it will just change the direction the pedal changes the effect. The pedal will now act like the knob does. Simple
  13. 4) TOUCH CABLE! :) you should have seen Trey hearing this... lol The cable is a normal guitar cable on one end (the one the plugs into the pedal) the other end splits off to two alligator clips. These clips can be clipped onto ANY conductive piece of metal (although again, different kinds of metal have different tonal effects). If someone is to touch one piece of metal with one hand and the other piece of metal with the other hand... the complete the circuit through their body. Your body is acting like a resistor in the circuit... hence will change the tone. The more moisture you have on your hands... harder your squeeze... bigger the effect! Even cooler..? Make a chain of people... one person touch one piece of metal... hold hands with many... last person touches other metal object... GUITAR TONE CHANGES.
  14. This is totally safe btw! lol on 9V power... less than an Amp... totally harmless
  16. Of course... guitar in ... guitar out :) two really fat ass LEDs to tell you when fuzz and ILLUMIRINGER are activated.
  18. done
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