Mommy's big butt (TwixAnon, dozen kids, comedy/comfy, safe)

Nov 3rd, 2017
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  1. >"Papa, papa!"
  2. >You lower the book you were reading at your daughter's call
  3. "What is it--wait, why are you naked? Put that shirt on, you're going to catch a cold like that--"
  4. >"I can't! It's too small,"
  5. >You blink
  6. "Too small? Come here, let me,"
  7. >You spread your legs and lead her in between and in arm's reach, taking great care not to wake her mother in the process
  8. >She was reading that same book she's been trying to finish for almost a week now, but, like the other times before, she fell like a brick not five minutes into it
  9. >You like to think that it's because of your lap, that she's always using as a pillow
  10. >Or that the book is simply way too boring, even for her
  11. >But you know the real reason isn't as entertaining as that
  12. >She needs more rest
  13. >They need more rest
  14. >Heartwarming, but not entertaining--
  15. >A shirt pushed against your face pulls you out of your thoughts
  16. "Okay, let's see,"
  17. >You pick it up, tuck it correctly using your fingers to stretch the opening for her head, lift your arms up and place it on top of her and you pull down and--
  18. >Huh, it does seem small
  19. >You pull harder, making sure not to hurt her little nose or her ears in the process
  20. >"See? It's too small!"
  21. “Nah, it’ll be fine, here—"
  22. >Another huff later, her head finally pops into view
  23. >But not without the distinct tearing sound of clothes being stretched a tad too much
  24. >woops
  25. “Welp, guess it’s time we get you some new clothes, we’ll go see auntie tomorrow and see if she can fix this one,”
  26. >”Or I could just stop wearing them!”
  27. >You roll your eyes
  28. “We’ve had this discussion already, you have to wear them,”
  29. >”Why?! They’re dumb, they always get in the way and the other ponies don’t wear any, so why should I?!”
  30. “But you’re not a pony, look,”
  32. >You take hold of her hand and bring it up in front of her face
  33. “We’ve got no fur to keep us warm from the cold and from the wind, look,”
  34. >You bring your hand all the way up her arm and to her shoulder, caressing her skin in the process
  35. “It’s just skin, allllll the way up,”
  36. >Her eyes light up the second your fingers reach for her shoulder, and she tries to squirm away before your hand even starts to move down
  37. “To down there~!”
  38. >But to no avail, you keep her captive using your second hand and grin as her giggles start filling the room
  39. >”No don’t!”
  40. >She does her best trying to push your wiggly fingers away from her sides, but her power level doesn’t even come close to yours
  41. >But you’re the one stopping, as one of her louder outburst followed by some stirring from your right makes you remember that Twilight is still sleeping right next to you
  42. “Shhh!”
  43. >It takes your daughter another second to calm down and realize why’d you stop
  44. >And she brings a hand up to her lips as she mouths a silent ‘oops’
  45. “Let’s not wake mommy up,”
  46. “And let’s put this shirt on,”
  47. >You add after she gives you a nod, and before you pull her closer and take hold of her hands, one after the other, and start fumbling with them and the shirt
  48. >Her limbs pass through the sleeves soon enough, but to your surprise, she doesn’t instantly run off, she takes the last step towards you and turn around, before plopping down and taking a seat on your free thigh
  49. >And you welcome the hug after placing the book on the shelf right next to you
  50. >”But why’d it get so small?”
  51. “Small? Who?”
  52. >”My shirt, why is it so small now?”
  53. >Oh
  54. >You let out a chuckle at that
  56. “That’s not the shirt getting smaller, that’s you growing up,”
  57. >“Really?”
  58. “Yeah, of course. You’re already nearly as tall as your mother, I’m sure you’ll be taller than big mac in no time too,”
  59. >”No way, big mac is huge!”
  60. “He looks huge to you because you’re still small yourself, he’ll look smaller when you’ll be as tall as me,”
  61. >If, she becomes as big as you
  62. >Who knows
  63. >“What about mommy?”
  64. ”What about her?”
  65. >”If I’m getting bigger, why does she look so big now?”
  66. >Your gaze follows her pointed finger, and stops on Twilight’s belly
  67. >Ah
  68. >Oh
  69. >She’s right, your wife’s belly isn’t bulging yet, but it is noticeably distinguishable
  70. >Guess now is as good a time as any to tell her
  71. “Well… that’s because you’re going to get another baby brother or sister.”
  72. >Her eyes widen slightly, but her stare stays stuck to it
  73. >”There’s a baby in her belly??”
  74. “Yep.”
  75. >You can’t help but smile as you see her mind trying to put two and two together
  76. >”What about her cutie mark? It looks bigger than before… is there a baby in her butt too?”
  77. >Wait what—
  78. >Oh
  79. >OH!
  80. >You somehow manage to stifle the guffaw threatening to come out as the implications of your daughter’s hit you
  81. >You cough to make sure you’re in perfect control of your voice
  82. “That’s just because mommy loves cakes a bit too much,”
  83. >Your daughter frowns a bit, not quite understanding the meaning of your words
  84. >But your grin drops as you feel the telltale flow of magic coursing through your thigh
  85. >And it pinches at the flesh
  86. >Not hard enough to leave a mark, but hard enough to make you jolt
  87. >”I heard that,”
  88. >The sleepy, grumpy voice of your wife makes you question your choice of words, but the sight of her grin relieves you somewhat
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