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  2. kittyToday at 7:23 PM
  3. oh no jail
  4. puppeyToday at 7:23 PM
  5. I hate him he deserves it
  6. not because I hate him nececeraly
  7. kittyToday at 7:23 PM
  8. ?
  9. puppeyToday at 7:24 PM
  10. He's beat me up before and like threatens me and is a bad drunk
  11. has had many many run ins with the cops
  12. kittyToday at 7:24 PM
  13. : (
  14. puppeyToday at 7:24 PM
  15. used to drive drunk every single day
  16. putting peoples lives at risk
  17. and its not like we live in a rural area
  18. totaled 3 trucks
  19. hes just an asshole and he stole my room
  20. kittyToday at 7:25 PM
  21. okay yeah he sounds bad
  22. puppeyToday at 7:25 PM
  23. was supposed to be paying rent and didn't ever
  24. oh and hes a chud ofc
  25. who was born in ny but has a sort of southern accent
  26. I don't lol
  27. kittyToday at 7:26 PM
  28. hugs
  29. i'm glad he's not with you anymore
  30. puppeyToday at 7:27 PM
  31. hes probably going to get bailed out tomorrow
  32. by his boss/friends gf
  33. kittyToday at 7:27 PM
  34. boss?
  35. puppeyToday at 7:27 PM
  36. yes
  37. he does some contruction work for her
  38. its a sweet gig too he gets 20 dollars an hour tax free
  39. kittyToday at 7:28 PM
  40. !
  41. puppeyToday at 7:28 PM
  42. but hes too much of a pos to just not be one and have a happy life
  43. he acts like someone whose like 20 years older who moved back in with his mom after a divorce
  44. like I ate some chinese food that was in the fridge and then paid him more than what it cost after and he was threatening to break all my shit if I ever stole from him agian
  45. kittyToday at 7:31 PM
  46. : (
  47. he sounds abusive
  48. puppeyToday at 7:31 PM
  49. ofc he is
  50. and my mom is never going to kick him out
  51. she says shes going to but he literally almost makes as much money as her and doesn't buy food for the house or pay any bills
  52. he could have moved out a long time ago
  53. kittyToday at 7:35 PM
  54. I'm really sorry
  55. puppeyToday at 7:36 PM
  56. :shrug:
  57. I try to ignore him but its hard to sometimes
  58. I was crying when my mom paid for his braces
  59. kittyToday at 7:40 PM
  60. : (
  61. puppeyToday at 7:40 PM
  62. she doesn't try to help me get therepy or acess to a doctor
  63. I found a check for 250$ in his room guess what its mine now
  64. kittyToday at 7:46 PM
  65. !
  66. what if he get angry at you
  67. i don't want you hurt
  68. puppeyToday at 7:46 PM
  69. hes not even going to notice
  70. its been there for a while
  71. besides idc
  72. kittyToday at 7:47 PM
  73. oki
  74. puppeyToday at 7:51 PM
  75. good thing hes too fucking dumb to open a bank acc or this check would be worthless
  76. kittyToday at 7:52 PM
  77. just stay safe
  78. puppeyToday at 7:53 PM
  79. Kk
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