Flooring them all

Feb 24th, 2018
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  1. (ya i know the title sucks, its more a less just a placeholder till i can come up with something better.)
  3. >Be Floorbored
  4. >Its been about a week since you moved in and only now have you finally started to settle back in.
  5. >The couple piles of clothes you have strewn about have finally found their optimal position.
  6. >Your sheets have your scent thoroughly clinging to them once again and slightly strewn about from you having just awoken.
  7. >It has also been a good 5 to 10 minutes of you staring at the door to your room.
  8. >You are mentally preparing yourself for your voyage into foreign land, and to match wits with the two legged one.
  9. >This is all thanks to that social worker pony's surprise drop in.
  10. >That entire day is kind of a blur, with lots of raised voices, and you being dragged all over the place.
  11. >The only bits you do remember is the fact you were told you would have to move.
  12. >You kinda shut down as she was freaking out of the state of your apartment, something about a fire hazard?
  13. >It doesn't matter in the long run, she essentially turned your life upside down with a swift boot out of your comfortable room.
  14. >As your stuff was being moved into your new apartment you were told you wouldnt be living alone anymore.
  15. >She had the gall to sound happy about this, she hadn't even informed you of this change.
  16. >Apparently she had.
  17. >Several times over the course of the day.
  18. >You mentally chided yourself over shutting down and just going with the flow but you know it would likely happen again.
  19. >You were also here now and there was no turning back as the moving ponies had finally left.
  20. >The social worker pony decided to 'kindly' re-inform of the reason that your going to be living with a normie.
  21. >You have been put into a Cultural Assimilation program, to see how well ponies and humans can live together.
  22. >The other being that you were going to be living with was out getting some shopping done supposedly and to give you a bit of time to settle in.
  23. >The social worker pony had given you her number should anything crop up and to call her if you needed anything.
  24. >You severely doubted it, unless she could somehow let you move back into your old place.
  25. >It all went rather quickly after that, setting up your room, wandering around the currently empty apartment, and getting used to where everything is.
  26. >Still in the throes of stressing out over how your life had been upended you hear the sound of the door thump close with a loud click after.
  27. >You manage to pull your head out from underneath your mess of covers that you had dubbed fort-everythings-fine.
  28. >The sounds of various things being moved about, cupboards opening and closing and another softer thump which you can only assume is the fridge being closed.
  29. >Things quiet down a little bit after and you return to your own world for a while
  30. > fantasizing about your dreams and what it would be like to actually be like those stacy's you see out in public when you chance a glance out your window.
  31. >You don't know what time it is when you finally hear a soft but firm couple of knocks on your door.
  32. >At least you think it is, but then you remember who you are, so it was probably a mistake.
  33. >The knocks resound once again, though this time, more clearly followed by a masculine voice
  34. >“um Hello? I just wanted to uh, greet you I guess but if your not up to it understand”
  35. > He seems to linger by the door due to the lack of the boards softly creaking underfoot as they had when he had returned home.
  36. >With shaking hoofs you carefully pull yourself from under the covers, taking slow and steady steps.
  37. >Just have to say “hi” nothing more then go back to the warmth of your blanket cocoon
  38. >As you start to slowly turn the knob at a painfully slow pace you hear a faint shift from beyond the door and a slight creak.
  39. >On impulse you yank the door open to quickly resulting in a sore muzzle and you on your back, dazed.
  40. >You curse yourself for your conflicting emotions.
  41. >You wanted to make a good first impression and maybe not seem like such a freak.
  42. >Yet, here you are, on your side dressed in only a musty hoodie you've worn for god knows how long.
  43. >”Woah hey are you ok?”
  44. >With a short shake of your head you finally lock eyes with your new roommate
  45. > He's carefully stooped over you with concern and worry written all over his face
  46. > “How are you feeling? Need any ice?” he brushes your bangs out of the way as he examines you closely
  47. >Besides the slight soreness, and the feeling of wanting to curl up and die, you feel fine.
  48. >After a couple seconds he gives a soft sigh of relief obviously content with his examination.
  49. > “Well you seem ok, but let me know if you need anything alright?” He slowly stands up from his kneeling position with a hand out stretched
  50. > “The name's Anon, and its a pleasure to make your acquaintance miss ?”
  51. >You somehow manage a couple actual words as your shaking hoof meets his soft hand
  52. >You slowly right yourself, finally standing on all three of your shaking hooves as you quickly retract your hoof from his hand.
  53. > “M-my name's f-floorbored...” your voice trailing off into nothingness
  54. >You stare intently at the knots in the wood that makes up the floor.
  55. >Very interesting.
  56. >Riveting actually.
  57. >What a great way to introduce yourself....good job FloorBored...
  60. >Be Anon
  61. >You have just gotten home and unintentionally startled your new roommate into smacking their face into the door
  62. >Your concerned gaze now rests on the mare before you as she idly pokes and prods at the floor.
  63. >You shake your head trying to shake the fact you were unintentionally staring, out of your thought process.
  64. > “Ah that's right, um I hope this isnt too forward but I'm planning on making something for supper”
  65. >You say as you do your best to be upbeat and as friendly as possible
  66. > “I'll be making enough for the both of us so your free to join me if you want. If not I'll leave it in the fridge for you”
  67. >You do your best to give Floor Bored a warm smile, even if she wasn't looking.
  68. > “Take your time and no pressure ok?” you say as you decide to wander back into the living room for now
  69. >You yawn softly to yourself, your eyes rolling over to the clock above the TV.
  70. >It read 5:30pm
  71. >Still too early for supper just yet
  72. >You flop down on the well worn couch, sprawling across the cushions as you stare sideways at the tv
  73. >You knew that she would be moving in today, and while you didn't know what to expect, its still a lot.
  74. >To know that there is now someone living in the same couple rooms as you.
  75. >To think that outside of the other noises the other tenants made, that it wouldn't be as quiet around the apartment anymore.
  76. >That part excited you a bit, that you wouldn't be so alone anymore.
  77. >That maybe things could, no, would be different.
  78. >That you would try your hardest to accommodate and be helpful and maybe make a difference.
  79. >That maybe...you could actually make a friend that wouldn't just abandon you.
  80. >Ok enough mulling over that depressing stuff, your being positive now, remember?
  81. >You give a heavy sigh as you reluctantly pull yourself upright make your way to the kitchen
  82. >It seemed silly that you spent almost 15 minutes being in your self imposed funk
  83. >It was still early but you figure its your first time in a while 'cooking' so you should give yourself some room for error
  84. >You pulled some of the fresh ingredients from the fridge, placing them on the counter, and pulling some plates from the cupboard
  85. >Your plan for the night was some salad with vegetables and maybe some fruit after.
  86. >You kind of knew what you were getting into when you chose to sign those papers
  87. >it doesnt change how much you'll need to learn and change to better accommodate Floor Bored
  88. >After all you just want to make a good first impression.
  90. >Be Floor Bored
  91. >You watch as your new weird roommate wandered off
  92. >With an internal sigh you shuffle back into your crowded room, shutting the door behind you
  93. >You slump down against the door, flopping onto the cold wood floor
  94. >Your head resting on the smooth wood
  95. >You decide on being....productive?
  96. >You don't know if thats the right word
  97. >All you know is that you want more room.
  98. >You pull yourself up from the floor trotting over to one of the many boxes taking up room.
  99. >You start to unpack more of your things that hadn't been tossed out or needed to be burned for health reasons.
  100. >You make decent progress as you unbox your various collectables.
  101. >Manga and Manega, Figurines in and out of boxes, posters and scrolls, along with some other things you forgot you even had prior to moving.
  102. >Your bookshelves and shelving units were now stocked to the brim once again
  103. >They displayed your collections perfectly, allowing all to bask in their glow.
  104. >Meaning really only you.
  105. >Oh well
  106. >The next box your end up opening up is one filled with two pillows and a bunch of cases underneath
  107. >These were something you were adamant about.
  108. >You would not have these thrown out
  109. >Your bodypillow and bodypillow cases displaying your husbando's
  110. >Thankfully they decided to just get them thoroughly washed instead of burned
  111. >You bite your lip softly as you think back to the many nights you've spent in their embrace
  112. >......You'll save that train of thought for later tonight
  113. >You shift that box aside to open another one
  114. >The markings on this box looked like chicken scratch
  115. >This was one of the few boxes you packed yourself
  116. >For good reason too
  117. >It contained some very intimate things
  118. >You stared down into the box containing many dildo's of various shapes and sizes
  119. >They were coupled with the very limited wardrobe of what you would consider 'lingerie'
  120. >Which consisted of some pairs of thigh high's, a couple pare of panties, a blind fold
  121. >Buried beneath all of that was a couple other more kinky things but you slowly close the box
  122. >....Maybe a short break wouldnt be too bad..
  123. >Your face flushes as your lay down on the floor, covering your eyes with your hooves
  124. >You havn't even been here a day and you were already aching to touch yourself
  125. >You feel ashamed, pathetic even
  126. >But this is something you've felt before, and frequently at that.
  127. >You know it will pass
  128. >You huff loudly, chewing on your bottom lip softly as you tug one of your smaller toys free from the semi-closed box
  129. >You slowly and quietly shimmy under your covers, tugging at them lightly as you pull them closer.
  130. >You really need this.
  131. >After all today has been really stressful
  132. >You deserve at least this much....right?
  134. >Be Anon
  135. >Your prepping supper for you and your roommate
  136. >Having just washed the vegetables you start by peeling the carrots
  137. >Once thats done you begin to dice them into bite sized pieces
  138. >You figure two whole carrots should be enough for two people right?
  139. >You glance at your phone that has the recipe for this specific type salad
  140. >With your eyes shut you try to think back to how your mother used to prepare salads
  141. >You never paid too much attention in the kitchen, which you regret now, but some of it has rubbed off on you
  142. >A small smile forms as you start to chop through the cucumber
  143. >Soft slow tapping could be heard through the living room
  144. >You were being a bit on the meticulous side but you felt a small bit of pride as you worked
  145. >You haven't really cooked for anyone besides yourself
  146. >*Clunk* The innards of the bell peppers are tossed in the garbage can as you release your foot from the pedal *Thunk *
  147. >With the peppers now properly sliced and diced you look over to the bag of vegetables
  148. > “hmm....might be safer to go with these” thinking aloud as you rinse off a bunch of baby tomatoes
  149. >You toss them into a small side bowl you get to work on giving the head of lettuce a good washing
  150. >With the lettuce peeled and the prepped ingredients ready you glance at the clock
  151. >6:30
  152. >You think your parents would be embarrassed by how long that took you
  153. >Especially with how much fretting and googling you ended up doing.
  154. >Eh whatever, you finished it and its kind of hard to fuck up a salad.
  155. >You clean off the counter, rinse off the cutting board and stretch out your shoulders and back
  156. >You plate the food and set it at the coffee table as it seemed more apt to be pony friendly
  157. >With a few quick presses you put the tv onto a random channel and keep the volume low, mostly out of habit
  158. >As you make your way over to your new roommate's door you can hear a bit of noise coming from their room
  159. >You have your hand cocked back to rap on the door when your brain finally catches up to you
  160. >You finally realize why maybe the rent here wasn't that great
  161. >Your face flushes a deep crimson as a mix of muffled and not properly muffled moans emanate from behind the door.
  162. >You pivot on your spot and quietly head back to the living room, plopping down onto your worn couch
  163. >You shake your head softly before reaching under the coffee table, onto the small shelf, and picking up one of your controllers.
  164. >With another couple quick presses the tv shifts from the news to a menu screen
  165. >Its probably best that you focus on other things and not the fact your roommate is now not so subtly masturbating in her room.
  166. >Your eyes glaze over a bit as you focus on the game at hand, some shooter you picked up a while ago.
  168. >Its around 8:30 now as you place your controller on the coffee table, slowly prying yourself your the 'you' shaped indent in the couch
  169. >You finished your supper a couple hours ago and put her portion in the fridge, properly wrapped to stay fresh
  170. >Surprisingly enough it wasnt until just recently that your roommate's....activity...finally stopped
  171. >Let's just say many a death from hell-spawn were caused by the noises in the other room.
  172. >At this point you figured it might be pertinent to clean up for the night
  173. >Trudging over to the sink you begin your kitchen warfare against the dirt and grime of the dishes.
  174. >After pulling the plug you look up at the clock
  175. >You know you always make a big deal out of doing the dishes but it never takes long
  176. >With a yawn and a soft scratch at your belly you make your way to the bathroom
  177. >You look yourself over in the bathroom mirror, giving yourself a once over
  178. >Shave might be needed soon, you had a little scruff, but not enough just yet
  179. >You finish your nightly bathroom routine as you head to your room
  180. >You stop just short of closing your door as a couple of thoughts bounce around in your head
  181. >Your worried about Floor Bored
  182. >She hasn't left her room since she arrived
  183. >You also know it must be hard to just up and move, but you don't want to press the issue
  184. >You figure she might just need space
  185. >Or time
  186. >As you draw your shirt over your head, letting it flop onto your bed, your inhuman hearing picks up something.
  187. >...Ok so its just the fact the walls are still paper thin....a man can dream right?
  188. >As you lower yourself against your bed you lean back, your head resting against the wall that separates your two rooms.
  189. >.....You should just be getting ready for bed....not eavesdropping
  190. >You begin to tussle with your inner thoughts
  191. >After a couple minutes, and with your resolve steeled you pull your ass off your bed
  192. >You tug your shirt over your head slide out your bedroom
  193. >You had one last errand to run before you can crash tonight.
  195. >Be Floor Bored
  196. >Currently wrapped in your thick linens and clinging to your pillows
  197. >Your face buried between two of them as you lay against your body pillow
  198. >Quietly hoping that all of this stifles the sounds of your openly sobbing
  199. >It didnt take long of your internal dialogue to send you into an anxious mess
  200. >It was only shortly after that, that everything seemed to finally hit.
  201. >With a slight sniffle and a bit of rummaging you poke your head free from the sheets
  202. >Your tired and sore eyes lazily wandering around your foreign room before landing on your pc screen
  203. >It read 2:35am
  204. >Guess you must have dozed off at some point during your emotional break down
  205. >Nothing new you guess..
  206. >You right yourself as you slink off the bed, slowly tottering your way to your computer
  207. >Your hoof shaking the pony modified mouse to wake the mechanical beast from its slumber
  208. >Punching in your login info and setting things in motion you lazily make your way to your bedroom door
  209. >You a soft tug and a gentle nudge you pry the old door from its resting place
  210. >Only to stumble over something and land face first into the adjacent wall
  211. >What the fuck was laying in front of your door? Last you checked this place was as clean as most normie housing
  212. >Craning your neck from your now slumped form you can barely see it
  213. >Upon righting yourself slowly and you take a closer look at the object softly bathed in the glow of your monitor
  214. >It was a teddy bear with a now slightly crumpled note between its paws
  215. >Why the hell was this just laying here, and in front of your door of all places!?
  216. >With a swift kick it was sent into the adjacent wall, the letter drifting across the floor and now plainly visible
  217. >You unfold it to the best of your ability, tired eyes lazily skimming the letter
  218. >It wasnt very long
  219. >All that read was “I'm sorry. I'm sure today was rough, I'll be here if you need anything. I hope you feel better soon”
  220. >....Your eyes and head follow where you kicked the teddy bear to, feeling a pang of guilt for the pain with which you inflicted on it.
  221. >You trot over to it, picking it up in your mouth before carefully setting it upright on your bed, sitting back and giving it a long look
  222. >It seemed to be made of a soft brown fur, with a small red bow tie around his neck, paw pads visible on each leg and a small smile and cute button nose between his small black button eyes.
  223. >With a soft yawn you decide to decide what to think of that later, as you casually make your way to the kitchen
  224. >With a soft tug the electric hum of the fridge and its bright bulb were brought to life.
  225. >Your eyes squinting and your face scrunched at the 'healthy' choices available.
  226. >You finally land on a plated meal, wrapped in plastic wrap, figuring that was what your roommate had made tonight.
  227. >It wasn't your first choice honestly
  228. >Though....he had made it for you....its the least you could do, and you are hungry...
  229. >It'll fill the void till you can actually discuss proper grocery lists with...what was his name?
  230. >Oh...right Anon....to be fair today has been kind of a blur..
  234. >Continue to be Floor Bored
  235. >It is now around 8:00 am
  236. >The food Anon had made last night had filled you for quite a while, and it wasn't completely awful
  237. >Though you were getting hungry again at this point, leading to you venturing from your new residence
  238. >You had left your room, carefully peering from just a crack in your door, before daring to slowly make your way into the unknown
  239. >After your break down earlier everything felt foreign once more, as though you weren't meant to even be here
  240. >So you figured you'd do your best to stay out of your roommate's way
  241. >You quietly and shakily made your way back into the kitchen area
  242. >You began your search for noms.
  243. >You had scavenged the cupboards high and low.....mostly just low for fear of making a mess
  244. >To your luck you stumbled upon a small treasure trove
  245. >A small package, at the back of one of the cupboards, of spicy instant noodles
  246. >You had uttered a small prayer to whatever gods of neetdom exist before prepping one for consumption
  247. >Once it was ready and you were carefully tucked away in your room, you returned to your task at hand
  248. >Playing pc games and flaming the morons in said games.
  249. >That was one of your other main vices you picked up from earth
  250. >You played a variety of them, ranging from shooters to moba's and anything in between.
  251. >It started as a way to kill time but slowly evolved as you needed more to sate your need for entertainment
  252. >That and you needed something else to break up the masturbation sessions so you wouldnt rub yourself raw
  253. >You slurped down some of your spicy delicacy
  254. >Your weary eyes scanning the chat log as you thought about what you were going to do at this point
  255. >This MMO has become your flavor of the month currently and it was taking up most of your time
  256. >While catching up due to some lost time was important you were wondering currently if a break might be needed
  257. >...
  258. >While a final tap of the enter key your gaze drifts to the pixelated numbers at the bottom of the screen
  259. >Some how another 2 hours had slipped through your hooves
  260. >With a heavy sigh you leaned back in your chair, your back popping as you stretched out
  261. >A faint click could be heard causing your ear to flicker and swivel towards the noise.
  262. >Huh guess Anon must be up
  263. >You had put off thinking about the stuffed animal Anon had left you
  264. >With a lazy push you swivel your chair to look at it, propped up on your bed still
  265. >You silently grind your teeth
  266. >You would really rather not leave your room, at least not right now, or not for a while.
  267. >But
  268. >There was always a but with these things.....heh butt
  269. >Bad Floor focus!
  270. >You feel like you should say something to him especially after all the effort he went through for you yesterday
  271. >If you didn't you would only make yourself feel worse
  272. >And quite frankly you'd rather avoid any more pain that you can actively prevent right now
  273. >You apparently spent at least a good 5 to 10 minutes with your mental gymnastics
  274. >Good job, keep this up and maybe you'll drown in your own spaghetti yet
  275. >You slide from your chair, before squirming into a rather worn and used hoodie
  276. >It was the only one you had
  277. >You carefully and quietly open the door, peering around both corners as some sounds of life came from the living room/kitchen
  278. >With soft and hesitant steps you carefully make your way to the corner that lead to the living room portion
  279. >You look around, taking in your surroundings again as if it was the first time
  280. >Well it was the first time during the day seeing things lit up properly by the sun
  281. >Anon was apparently busying himself getting something from the kitchen while the tv seemed to be set to some channel on low
  282. >You watch him for a minute or two before carefully trotting over beside the couch
  283. >You started to stare idly at the moving shapes and noises from the tv, your eyes glazing over slightly
  284. > “Oh you're up, did you sleep well?”
  285. >You jump nearly a foot in the air at the sound of Anon's voice cutting through the silence and garbled tv noise
  286. > “Gah!” your hooves fumble for purchase as you carefully right yourself so you dont tumble to the floor like some kind of fool
  287. > “Sorry, didnt mean to startle you like that Floor Bored” He gives you a warm smile as he sits down on the couch with what you can only assume is coffee
  288. >As your eyes dart about, anywhere but where he is, as you try to regain your composure, you settle on mumbling to yourself and staring at the floor
  289. >After a couple of seconds you deign yourself a cautious glance up at Anon as he sips his drink
  290. >With a couple deep breaths you finally muster up what little courage you have
  291. > “I-I.....Just wanted...to say....t-thank you for...u-um yesterday..?” You trail off, somehow ending it as though it were a question
  292. >....All those visual novels and dating sims have done you no good with the 3D realm it seems...
  293. >He just gives you a small chuckle and keeps that small smile plastered to his face as you watch him from beneath your messy bangs
  294. >This seems to be the only way you can keep any kind of eye contact without freaking out...since you know they can't see your eyes that well
  295. > “If you meant about supper it wasn't that big of a deal, I just hope you enjoyed it” His tall and lanky form stretching an arm out as he yawns
  296. >You gently bite your lip before forcing more of those weird noises you call words from your tightly shut heart
  297. > “I......A-also mean't the.....u-uh.....” You huff loudly
  298. > “Theteddybearaswellthankyou” You boy your head quickly to avoid any further eye contact
  301. >Be Anon
  302. >You've been watching this cute mare get flustered over herself for a little bit now
  303. >Honestly, your just glad to see her out of her room right now
  304. >You gently place a hand on the top of her head before giving her head a soft few scritches near her ear
  305. >“You're very welcome Floor Bored”
  306. >Its only after your words do you realize she seems to be shaking a bit
  307. >You give a cautious look down at her face
  308. >You'd say she's as red as a beet
  309. >And as if sensing your vision on her, she scurries away, head down, nearly slamming into the wall
  310. >As you watch her careen down the hall muttering about having something to do you wonder if you might have made some kind of social faux pas.
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