Redacted in Equestria (Chapter 2) (PTG)

Jun 19th, 2018
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  1. Chapter 2
  3. >You attempt to get out of bed.
  4. “Aggh shit.”
  5. I forgot how crappy it feels to have a body in the morning after remaining in one area for several hours, time for attempt two.
  6. >You lazily get out of bed and walk out of the bedroom and make way to the living room to jump on the couch you moved yesterday.
  7. “I’m glad I moved that couch yesterday.”
  8. >After about 6 minutes of laying on the couch you decide it would be a good time for breakfast.
  9. It’s the most important meal of the day after all.
  10. >You pick up your head and hop off the couch, you are surprised to find the floorboards are very quiet and make very little sound as you make your way to the kitchen.
  11. “What do we have for breakfast today I wonder.”
  12. >After digging through the fridge you find some apples.
  13. “Well an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
  14. >While enjoying your delectable feast of raw apples you hear a knock on the door.
  15. Who the hell could that be.
  16. “Coming!”
  17. >You make way to the door and open it, on the other side is none other than Pinkie Pie.
  18. >”Hi! How you doing there Cold Front? Well don’t talk to fast but I have an invitation for you, Oh but sorry I'm in a bit of a rush soooo bye!”
  19. >In the blink of an eye Pinkie disappears like the pink physics law defying ninja she is.
  20. “Never change pinkie.”
  21. >You close the door behind you and look at the invitation.
  22. >“You have been formally invited to a gathering near the town hall, there will be many drinks and food for you to eat there, there have been some disturbances lately and I would like to find out if anything else has happened to my townsponies. - Sincerely Mayor Mare”
  23. Lets hope this has nothing to do with me.
  24. >You finish your breakfast and make you way outside.
  25. >You turn left to see where the rest of the town is going and decide to follow them.
  26. I guess I’ll just play along for now.
  27. >After about 2 minutes of walking you and everyone else makes their way to the siting area.
  28. Guess I’ll sit right there right next to… Derpy.
  29. >You make your way to the center of the crowd and sit to the left of Derpy Hooves.
  30. >After everyone has found a seat and stopped talking the mayor makes their ‘speech’.
  31. >”I’m sure a majority of you here know what had happened but for those of you who don’t let me tell you. The town princess Twilight Sparkle noticed that a red ball came from space yesterday and it appeared to turn to dust. Some of that dust has been acting negatively on the environment. I would like for everypony to help clean up any red dust they can find.”
  32. >The crowd starts talking to each other once more.
  33. >”Mayor would you happen to know how the dust is affecting the environment?”
  34. >”The dust is currently being studied by the princess herself, she may have said that it has something to do with the magic absorption rate of the dust and how the dust drains the magic slowly out of the environment, it must be contained at all costs.”
  35. Whoopsie, guess I don’t know that much about magic, never would’ve guessed. That's what happens when you drop something from one universe into the other, they just don’t mix.
  36. >”Ya heard the mare, get a move on!”
  37. >The crowd disperses and goes about their daily activities while also cleaning any dust they find along the way.
  38. >Some ponies went out of the town in groups to help clean dust that isn’t in the village.
  39. I sure hope my new playground doesn't die on me, that would be quite depressing.
  40. >Derpy is still next to you and can see your expression.
  41. >”Are you ok there Cold Front? You seem quite sad.”
  42. “Yeah Derpy it’s just. Never mind it’s no big deal.”
  43. >”Ok would you like a muffin? They always cheer me up when I’m blue.”
  44. >She presents a muffin to you that she had in her saddle bag.
  45. “Thanks Derpy, it really means a lot to me.”
  46. >”Okie lokie dokie, see you later.” She waves as she walks away.
  47. “See you later Derpy.”
  48. These cute pastel ponies are making me soft.
  49. >After eating the muffin you go through your saddle bag for a moment you to find about 20 bits and various other random items like napkins or paper.
  50. Guess it will do, the fridge has a serious lack of food so I should go to the market.
  51. >You make your way to the market and find the usual stand ‘you’ go to.
  52. >”Hey Cold Front, where were you yesterday? Did you take another all day vacation?”
  53. “Yup you know me just some ordinary background pony.”
  54. >”And that was not strange at all, what would you like to buy today?”
  55. “I’ll take the usual.”
  56. >”So mint leaves and lettuce, that will be 4 bits.”
  57. “Thank you.”
  58. >You transfer the bits and take the food.
  59. “Bye.”
  60. >”See you later Cold Front.” He said the last two words a bit seductively as if trying to woo you.
  61. Mortals will never learn the mistakes of their ways.
  62. >You trot your way home and put your groceries away.
  63. That fridge will keep them nice and fresh.
  64. “Oh I almost forgot, I should tend that garden.”
  65. Yes Cold Front has a garden and you forgot about it like a mortal, at this rate you might just blow your cover.
  66. >You make your way out the kitchen and through the living room and leave the house to tend to the garden.
  67. And like always it’s still there to the right of your door, how could you forget such a thing.
  68. >After tending to your daffodils and collect a few to make a sandwich with.
  69. This nose make these daffodils smell so much tastier than you thought it would.
  70. >You make your way back into you home and head to the kitchen to make that sandwich.
  71. “Just a few leaves of mint and some lettuce and bingo perfect sandwich.”
  72. >You look at your amazing work of art and before you could even think about going to the table you eat it right there on the counter.
  73. “A-Okay by my book.”
  74. >Your stomach is now full and you decide to lay on the couch.
  75. “I think I'll just close my eyes for a bit.”
  76. >You fall asleep shortly after, damn you and your weak mortal body.
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