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Salamence Entry

21FlareDB Jul 2nd, 2013 33 Never
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  1. Salamence is a dual Dragon Flying Type Pokemon, and is the last evolution stage of the Pokemon, Bagon and Shelgon. It was first released in the games Ruby and Sapphire, Generation 3.
  3. Salamence is a very vicious Pokémon. It is also arrogant and proud about what it wins by spouting bright ornage flames into the air. Its behaviour like this, is known by Pokemon scientists to be because of how long it has to train to get its wings. Salamence have very heavy and long tails, and in battle, they can use this to catapult Pokemon away.
  4. Shelgon are found in large and deep caves in the ground, and are incredibly rare.
  6. Salamence live at the top of steep mountains, but are too rare to be seen in the wild.
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