[2Fold] No One Will Ever Believe You

Oct 30th, 2013
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  1. Blearily, I open my eyes. With a groan, I roll over to face the clock on my nightstand. 3:25 am is displayed in bright red numerals. Goddamnit. Why? Why must my body rebel against me? Of all the nights that I needed to sleep, this was probably the biggest one, what with my exam tomorrow and all.
  3. Grumbling, I bury my head under my blanket and try to get back to sleep. However, my ears prick up at hearing some sound that I don’t quite process. It almost sounded like a door clicking shut. Anxiously, I lie as still as I can, breath held, and listen intently for any sign of movement in the apartment.
  5. Ears as strained as they are, I can’t hear anything else suspicious. Maybe it was the guy next door coming home from some wild Halloween party or something. One that I wasn’t invited to. I probably wouldn’t have gone to it anyway.
  7. I relax myself and focus on getting back to sleep. If I can’t be out and drinking it up, I may as well try to be as well rested as I can. No need to get unsettled over nothing. I close my eyes and slow my breathing to a steady rhythm. In, out. In, out.
  9. Click.
  11. My eyes snap open in an instant. That was definitely not next door. I stay as still as I can, listening for even the tiniest sound. I can hear it; the sounds of my door handle slowly, but surely, being turned. I try to look over to my door without moving my head. It proves impossible.
  13. I quickly run over a mental checklist of possessions I keep within arm’s reach of my bed. There’s not much; my lamp and my alarm clock, both behind me on my nightstand. Hardly a defensible position. Damnit. I sure hope whatever prick had the gall to break into my apartment is vulnerable to random flailing and shouting.
  15. Since I oiled the hinges just the other day, I can’t hear the door open. But I can see the light flood in from the room beyond. They turned the lights on? Why would they –
  17. “Knock knock. Oliver, are you awake?”
  19. I freeze. That voice…
  21. “H-Hayley?”
  23. I roll back over to face my door. Now opened, in the doorframe instead stands Hayley, her hair done up in her usual ponytail but, in lieu of her bright orange jacket and yellow skirt, she’s dressed only in a sheer tan dressing gown. Very sheer. And the way she’s leaning through the doorway exposes her, uh… lack of a bra.
  25. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”
  27. I sit up, shifting my blanket to cover up the bulge now forming in my boxers. “N-no, I… um, come in.”
  29. “Thanks.”
  31. Hayley saunters over to my bed, taking a seat around the middle so she can turn to face me. The way she walks, especially in that gown… it’s intoxicating. Each step shows off the sway of her full hips. The tie around her waist emphasises her hourglass figure. And the sheer fabric of her gown… as much as I try not to stare, I can’t help but notice Hayley’s nipples poking through it.
  33. “So, uh… what’s up?” I stammer, struggling to form a coherent sentence for all the thoughts running through my mind.
  35. “Couldn’t sleep; there’s a huge party going on in my apartment building.”
  37. “So you came here instead?”
  39. “Yeah. It’s always quiet here. Besides, who else is as misanthropic as us?”
  41. “Gee, thanks. I don’t hate everyone, for the record.”
  43. “No? Name someone.”
  45. Shit. Uh… c’mon, me, think! Say the first thing that comes to your mind!
  47. “I don’t hate you.”
  49. Hayley smiles, with a glint in her eyes that I can’t place. “Good choice.”
  51. Without warning, Hayley leans forward and presses her lips to mine. With one hand, she gently takes hold of the back of my head, forcing me to reciprocate the surprise kiss. With the other, she reaches under my blanket and takes hold of my –
  53. “Wow. Really?” Hayley sighs, extracting her hand from my sodden boxers.
  55. “Wait! I just wasn’t expecting this, is all. We don’t have to stop…”
  57. Hayley wipes her hand clean on my sheets, then stands up and starts to walk away. “Good night, Oliver.”
  59. “W-wait…” I call, my voice catching in my throat. But it’s too late. She’s long gone, now.
  61. I blew it.
  63. *****
  65. Caprice’s laughter booms out across the cafeteria, causing dozens of people to turn and look over to us. “I can’t believe you’re not even a stud in your dreams! Even your subconscious thinks you’re a wimp.”
  67. “Caprice, please control yourself,” Mekki says, at a much more acceptable volume. “People are looking and you’re going to make Oliver cry.”
  69. “I’m not going to cry,” I shoot back. “And I told you, it wasn’t a dream, I swear!”
  71. “It’s not something I’ve known Hayley to do,” Mekki muses.
  73. “What don’t I do?” Hayley says, as she approaches our table and takes a seat.
  75. Caprice, struggling to control her laughter, answers, “Oliver here tells us he had a ‘clandestine rendezvous’ with you in his dream last night.”
  77. Hayley arches her eyebrow and turns to me, her expression otherwise completely neutral. “Did he now?”
  79. “It wasn’t a dream. You were wearing this sorta tan-coloured robe thing; how could I know what it looked like unless I’d seen you wear it?”
  81. “You couldn’t, because I don’t own one. You shoudn’t drink the night before an exam. It makes you have weird dreams.”
  83. “But, I… ugh, fine. Maybe it was a dream. Forget I said anything. I’m going to my exam.”
  85. “Good luck~!” Caprice calls, waving. “Try not to think about Hayley’s nipples while you’re in there!”
  87. I scowl at her spitefully as I walk away. Just as I’m about to walk out of their sight, I see Hayley turn around and look at me smugly, mouthing something that turns my blood to ice.
  89. “No one will ever believe you.”
  91. ==========
  93. This Twofold fic was written for Weekly Writing Wednesdays, as sponsored by Mehkanik. The prompt was "Give an image its thousand words". The image in question that I chose was the following, by Skrats (warning - NSFW):
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