basic irc guide.

Jan 27th, 2015
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  1. Connect to IRChighway:
  2. For users using their browser:
  3. For users using a client: Host:
  4. Port: 6660-6669 (6667 being the standard one, 9999 for SSL).
  7. Description: Syntax: Example:
  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. How to join a channel: /join #channel /join #reddit-manga
  11. How to change nick: /nick nickname /nick Reddituser85
  13. How to registrate your nick: /ns register password email /ns register DizIZmyPassword
  15. How to login/auth/identify: /ns identify password /ns identify DizIZmyPassword
  18. FAQ:
  19. Q) My nick is changed to Guest675689, why is that?
  20. A) The nick you are using is already registrated and you havn't login/auth/identify to it. If you are the owner of the nick you have 1 min(iirc) to auth to it before it changes your nick to a guest nick.
  22. Q) What does the symbols before people nicks mean(!@%+)?
  23. A) ! = Admin/super operator.
  24. @ = Op (short for operator).
  25. % = Half op, mostly used for bots but it is up to the people in charge of the channel..
  26. + = Voice. If the channel is in moderated or muted mode, you need voice or higher to be able to talk in the channel.
  27. Mostly used for regular users.
  29. Q) I have already registrated my nick before, but now it is gone, why?
  30. A) You need to login/auth/identify to your nick atleast once every 45 days before it gets unregistrated.
  32. Q) I disconnected and my nick is still there when I reconnect, whattodo!?!?!
  33. A) If the nick is registrated use the command /ns ghost nick password
  34. – Ex: /ns ghost Reddituser85 DizIZmyPassword
  35. Else wait 360 seconds for the ghost-connection to time out.
  37. Q) I wanna have more than one nick, do I have to register it to a new email?
  38. A) You can registrate it to the previous email and use the same password.
  39. – Change your nick to whatever you wanna use.
  40. – Use the command /ns group originalnick password
  41. • Ex: /ns group RedditUser85 DizIZmyPassword
  43. Q) What is the best way to ensure that my message is read by a person?
  44. A) Write their name in chat along with your message. Most likely, they will have a client that will notify them when someone writes their name in chat.
  45. • Ex: Come oh bad Harem slave Aruseus493!
  47. Q) How do I spoiler-mark text?
  48. A) Read: - You can use ctrl+o to stop the formatting. This works in most clients (such as mIRC and hexchat), but not the webchat.
  49. For webchat: copy paste: >1,1< Text here
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