Sweet's sweet blackmailing (SBxAnon, gfd, quickie) wip

Oct 3rd, 2017
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  1. >'become' Sweetie's boyfriend
  2. >the other two are a bit weirded out at first, since you're seven or eight years older than them
  3. >but they soon brush it off as they realize you have a car, meaning you can take them anywhere they want
  4. >and turns out the new daring do movie is coming out today!
  5. >it doesn't take Sweetie much work to convince you to take them there
  6. >if you can call that 'work'
  8. >you start by picking up Sweetie
  9. >you have to park the car a bit farther down and send her a text
  10. >since her sister 'wouldn't understand'
  11. >and sure enough, she appears a minute later, bouncing happily towards your car
  12. >the door opens up and she gets in, beaming with joy as she turns to look at you
  13. >before she nearly jumps forward to give you a kiss
  14. >you're surprised, to say the least
  15. >but you're not one to refuse affection from a cute girl
  16. >even if she's slightly underage
  17. >especially if she is
  18. >but before you could really get into it, she breaks off
  19. >and orders you to get going
  20. >you don't complain, or try to negotiate
  21. >it's too late for that
  22. >but then she says
  23. >"We'll have some more fun later, don't worry~,"
  24. >you gulp, before you start the engine
  25. >you start by picking up scoots
  26. >she seems psyched
  27. >then AB
  28. >they keep blabbering about random shit all the way to the theater
  29. >not paying too much attention to you
  30. >which is good in your book
  31. >it's weird enough as it is
  33. >and you finally get there
  34. >you receive looks from people walking by, as well as some of the staff
  35. >certainly because of the way Sweetie is wrapped around your right arm, possessively hugging it and squeezing her barely burgeoning mosquito bites around it
  36. >you hope people will just assume that she's your sister or some shit
  37. >you don't know what you'll say if they start asking questions tho
  38. >you think Sweetie would be pissed if you said that
  39. >and that's not good
  41. >she only lets go of you to point at movie posters
  42. >but she always ends up coming back pressed against you, giggling happily when you agree to take them to see those too
  43. >and a squeeze slightly tighter than the others makes you realize something
  44. >she's not wearing anything under that thin blouse
  45. >and being a good head taller than her and her being so close means you can practically see through the neckline--
  46. >but you can stop yourself right before you get to the ticket booth
  47. >your heartrate skyrockets as you realize you'll have to talk to another being as a cute little girl is hugging you and pressing her--
  48. >"Four tickets for the daring do movie please!"
  49. >or not
  50. >good thing the girls aren't the shy type
  51. >you guess?
  52. >you inspect the girl standing on the other side of the counter, expecting the same weird look other people gave you
  53. >but there's nothing there
  54. >other than the fact that she obviously doesn't like her job
  55. >but Sweetie's elbow against your side bursts your panic bubble
  56. >"You'll pay, right~?"
  57. >something tells you that wasn't a question
  58. >whatever, it's just tickets for some retarded movie, it shouldn't be--
  60. >what the fuck?!
  61. >your wide eyes go down to find hers sending you a pleading look
  62. >but the corner of her lips is still turned up
  63. >mischievous little one
  65. >"Thank you, enjoy the movie!"
  66. >yeah right
  67. >the four of you turn to the hallway leading to the scene rooms, and Sweetie stops your hand right before it reaches your pocket
  68. >and snatches your wallet from your hand
  69. >you're left blinking
  70. >same as the other two
  71. >but you don't say or do shit, even as she looks it over and pulls out a twenty bill
  72. >"We'll need popcorn and some soda too!"
  73. >Scoot's expression stays the same as yours, completely confused by the situation
  74. >But AB's turn anxious, looking at you
  75. >and obviously asking you for permission
  76. "Y-yeah, sure, no problem, go ahead,"
  77. >Sweetie tightening her hold on your arm tells you that was the correct answer
  78. >you hope
  80. >AB's eyes turn to Sweetie's for a second, then to Scoots
  81. >and Scoots just shrugs
  82. >that seems enough to comfort the little hick, and she takes the bill from Sweetie's fingers
  83. >"Uhm, thanks Ahnon!"
  84. >you smile
  85. >you hope it doesn't feel too forced
  86. >whatever, let's get on with it
  87. >you try and follow them as they turn and take the first step towards the delicacies' booth
  88. >but Sweetie's hold on you stops you dead in your tracks, and you turn to see if there's a problem or--
  89. >you don't have the time to react before you feel her hand wrap itself around the back of your neck, pulling you down to her level
  90. >and her lips are on yours once again
  91. >your eyes go wide in surprise, but you somehow find it in yourself to panic and your eyes dart around to see if there's any witnesses
  92. >you don't see anyone, but you can't turn around to check the other side, so you hope that--
  93. >but she thankfully breaks off not a second later, giving you that same sweet, innocent smile she always gives you
  94. >it doesn't help the thumping in your chest
  95. >not at all
  96. >"Thanks Anon,"
  97. >it takes your brain a moment to reboot
  98. "Sweetie?! Are you crazy?! People could see, and I'd be in so much shit--"
  99. >"Or people could see the pictures you took~,"
  100. >you freeze
  101. >"But that could only happen if I wanted people to see them... but why would I want to do that?"
  102. "S-sorry, it's just--"
  103. >"Shhh, it's okay, I understand, I'm not dumb you know,"
  104. "That's not what I meant--"
  105. >another kiss shuts you up
  106. >but it's just a peck this time
  107. >"I know, I'm just teasing you silly,"
  108. >is she?
  109. >she's still fucking blackmailing you
  110. >but that's only because you're a degenerate
  111. >it's all your fault for doing that shit in the first place
  112. >and why can't you feel mad about it--
  113. >"And it's not like you didn't like it~,"
  114. >she giggles as she finally lets go of your arm and take the first step towards her friends
  115. >but not without letting her right hand caress its way down your sides...
  116. >and give your package a gentle grope
  117. >fuckkkkkk
  119. >it's true
  120. >she was right
  121. >her touch made you realize the half chub that was slowly rising from its sleep
  122. >and her action didn't really help you keep it under control
  123. >guess you'll have to cope with it
  124. >let's just hope Sweetie doesn't notice it and doesn't try anything funny
  125. >even though that'd be kinda hot...
  126. >and illegal, very, very illegal
  128. >you stop a couple feet away from the booth and watch as AB gives away your hard earned bill, your eyes following its travel until it disappears behind the counter
  129. >see you space cowboy
  130. >to see them turn to you with beaming smiles, holding a soda and a popcorn bucket each
  131. >medium sized for the hick and the jock, and a huge ass one for Sweetie
  132. >"Thanks again Ahnon, here's your spares,"
  133. >Less than five bucks
  134. >ugh
  135. "It's cool, just let me grab a bottle and we can get going--"
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