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Lab Filly

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  1. [b]Okay, a little bit of how rolling works from here on out with this one. You must specify which character you wish to perform which action, i.e. Unicorn: Execute order 66. If you wish for a character to say something, use quotations. If no role is specified for a character; they will take no significant action other than they would normally take. **Important:** Main Characters can die permanently in this. I will not make it piss-easy to do so, but if you all fuck up big time there will be consequences instead of Alt endings. That being said, happy rolling.[/b]
  7. >The floor is cold, and the small blanket provided barely helps.
  8. >Your patchy fur also provides little to no protection.
  9. >You chose to cover yourself instead of the bottom of the cage, so the metal bars dig into your side.
  10. >Normally it wouldn't bother you but tonight she left the door open exposing you to the elements.
  11. >It was your own fault, you shouldn't have called her 'mom.'
  12. >Spike's old bed was a privilege, after all.
  13. >Today had been rough.
  14. >Well, the last six months had been.
  15. >She was testing a new round of potions for everything from burns to resetting bones.
  16. >You look down at your legs, riddled with hundreds of scars.
  17. >The potions only accelerated and improved the natural healing process, they didn't make the scar tissue any less prominant.
  18. >When you first started noticing the scars, you knew she'd never let you go.
  19. >At least not as yourself.
  20. >If you were lucky, she'd wipe your mind and send you off to some orphanage.
  21. >With that many scars, foal services would be on her ass faster than a shitty writefag on a prompt.
  22. >You've started talking to yourself to stave off the pangs of loneliness.
  23. >You haven't been able to visualize a form yet, but any companion is welcome.
  24. >'So, rough day?'
  25. 'Yeah, she fucked up another of the chemical burn potions. My hoof was half gone before she decided it was worth using anesthesia.'
  26. >It almost scares you how casually that came out sounding.
  27. >'You need to get out of here. You realize she's only pretending to be attached to you so you won't try to escape.'
  28. >When Twilight finishes up testing a potion on you, she'll go out with a bunch of shareholders and celebrate.
  29. >If you're a good filly and don't touch anything while she's gone, she'll play a board game with you and let you sleep in the bed with her.
  30. >Every time you consider just taking a swig of whatever she pours on your fur, you think of those nights, your head buried in the soft down on her wings...
  31. >'You're losing it.'
  32. 'I don't know what you're talking about.'
  33. >Oh, right. It can access your thoughts just as well as you can.
  34. >And you're not crazy.
  35. >Twilight just...
  36. >Wow.
  37. >You pull the blanket up over your ears to try to block out the voice.
  38. >It doesn't work.
  39. >You don't know why you expected it to.
  40. >It never does.
  41. >You think back to the first days.
  42. >Back then, you would cry when she started her tests.
  43. >It wasn't even that bad, just rubbing shampoo in your eyes and observing the effects.
  44. >Your left eye is still a bit cloudy to this day, not that you need to see much anyways.
  45. >But her words still stuck with you.
  46. >"Someday you'll be out of here. Until then, I need you to bite the bullet and be silent. I can't write with that racket you're making."
  47. >And silent you were.
  48. >You hadn't spoken in almost a year if your estimate is correct.
  49. >You pull the blanket over your body, trying to visualize Twilight's massive purple wings.
  50. >Over the rustling of your covering, you hear something that almost sounds like sobbing.
  51. >No, it couldn't possibly-
  52. >Your ears perk up and swivel around.
  53. >It is.
  54. >You feel excited for the first time in a while.
  55. >Maybe it's another filly!
  56. >The diet of tasteless nutrient broth Twilight feeds you isn't rich in mana like most other foods are, but you know the spell Twilight uses to lock you in every night.
  57. >Now if you could just...
  58. >Your horn sparks a few times, trying to draw from the mana pool in your appendix.
  59. >After a few tries, you finally get it right and the door is pushed open by your panting muzzle.
  60. >If you had expected that kind of challenge, you wouldn't have attempted it in the first place.
  61. >Forcing yourself up onto your hooves, you walk onto the laboratory floor.
  62. >Everything is kept spotless; every beaker without a fleck of residue and every burner without a spot of soot.
  63. >The tables tower over you, so you can only gawk in awe at the beauty of it all from your position on the ground.
  64. >You inch closer to the noise.
  65. >No point in being afraid now.
  66. >Okay, maybe a little.
  67. >You peek your head around the corner to see a cage about your size with another green filly in it.
  68. >You dare not move, hoping that she doesn't notice you as you attempt to slow your breathing as much as possible.
  69. >The sobbing quiets down to soft sniffles, and then just snorts as she tries to swallow the excess mucous.
  70. >"Next time you try to hide, make sure your mane isn't falling out all over the floor in front of you."
  71. >You look back to see a trail of black hair behind you.
  72. >Shit.
  74. >You pull your head back behind the table.
  75. >"Wait! Don't go."
  76. >You hear a bit of rustling.
  77. >Curious, you take another look.
  78. >She's produced something from her mane and is holding it out to you.
  79. >You can't see what it is, so you slowly inch towards her.
  80. >It might be a trap.
  81. >You hold your head low as you approach her.
  82. >You deserve this.
  83. >You begin to quiver as you plant your plot down next to the cage.
  84. >You're ready.
  85. >You feel... a hoof on your shoulder?
  86. >"It's okay... I can't imagine the horrible things she must have done to you. I'm here now."
  87. >You feel something brush against your cheek and you open your right eye to see a candy bar.
  88. >"I nabbed it earlier when she wasn't looking. Eat up, you could use it more than I could."
  89. >You have some trouble with the packaging with your magic reserves all but depleted, but you finally manage to get it open with your teeth.
  90. >Biting into it hungrily, you immediately begin to feel tears stream down your face.
  91. >You haven't tasted anything this good since you were human.
  92. >The hoof on your shoulder begins to stroke your back and you melt upon its contact, allowing your mouth to hang wide open as you recieve the first non-malicious physical contact in months.
  93. >You nudge the remainder of the bar over to her, you wouldn't want to deny her what would likely be the only candy she would be able to have in a long time.
  94. >"Done already? I can save the rest for you tomorrow."
  95. >You shake your head and gesture to her.
  96. >She shakes her head back. "You need this much more than I do. I won't let you deny yourself the pleasure of it just because you're too kind. Please... I didn't even ask your name, what should I call you?"
  97. >You take a deep breath, clearing your throat a bit.
  98. "Nonny."
  99. >After that, everything is silent for a good while.
  100. >There aren't any clocks in here, and the windows show the same dark shade of concealment they always do.
  101. >If it weren't for the slight routine shifting of the building, you would assume you were inside of Twilight's castle.
  102. >From what you know of the structural integrity of buildings, that would mean you're very high up.
  103. >But maybe if...
  104. >You look up at the other filly.
  105. >Nope, still an earth pony.
  106. >You're not even sure a small pegasus could carry you safely to the ground, though.
  107. >Gotta get a grip!
  108. >Twilight needs you, and you don't know what you'd do without her.
  109. >You love her, and family members don't abandon each other.
  110. >But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this other filly's company.
  111. >The tears are streaming down your face harder than ever now.
  112. >Even after all of the pain, the thing you yearned for the most was the loving embrace of another pony.
  113. >Maybe if you could just...
  114. >You feel a slight pain as your horn sparks to life.
  115. >You force the spell onto the door, panting and writhing as it clicks open.
  116. "Please... come closer."
  117. >She obliges, first tenderly checking for injuries, and, finding none, nestling herself into you.
  118. >You try to fight off the fatigue, but you eventually fall victim to the the other filly's warm fluffy body.
  119. >...
  120. >None of your other dreams are of any significance.
  121. >You force your eyes open just like every other morning, your internal clock accurately set to... whatever time it is in the morning.
  122. >The cold bars of the cage dig into your side just like any other morning.
  123. >Looking at the closed cage door makes you want to weep.
  124. >It was just a dream after all, then.
  125. >But as you hang your head dejectedly, something catches your eye.
  126. >A strand of black hair resting on the otherwise clean floor.
  127. >...
  128. >It took all fucking night, but you did it.
  129. >You managed to clean up every spare strand of the other filly's mane off of the floor.
  130. >The process was made even more difficult with your lack of a horn, but you felt like you owed it to her in a way.
  131. >That look she gave you when she was falling asleep alone made you want to cry your eyes out again.
  132. >You don't even want to think about what she's been through, but you know you'll end up in much the same situation if you stay here long enough.
  133. >You need to get out of here.
  134. >You have no idea how, but you do know one thing.
  135. >That filly is the key to your escape, your sanity, and your life.
  136. >You wince as you buck the aluminum cage with your hind legs.
  137. >You can't let her take the blame for this, you can take more of a beating than she can.
  138. >By the time you've made an impression at all in the lock, you're a sniveling mess again.
  139. >You can't let her see this, you have to be the strong one.
  140. >After all, you're intact.
  141. >Pristine.
  142. >The perfect little filly form, and you're not going to let it be ruined by that bitch.
  143. >Your ears perk up.
  144. >Speak of the devil.
  145. >...
  146. >It's the same dream again.
  147. >The one with the shouting.
  148. >Luna never answered your cries for help, so you've learned to endure the nightmares and accept the fact that your only source of warmth will be cold and clammy in the morning.
  149. >The voice is different.
  150. >You're not asleep.
  151. >Letting a scraggly ear shoot up, you recognize that voice.
  152. >"You worthless piece of shit."
  153. >Hooves stomp loudly on the linoleum, closer and closer to you.
  154. >You put on the same deadpan look you always do and look up at Twilight quizzically.
  155. >There's a filly scruff in her teeth.
  156. >A pack of crayons and a piece of paper are both set down inside your cage.
  157. >"I'm going to return in ten minutes. If I like what I see on that paper, I'll do that to this little filly and you can spend the night with me. If I don't, I'll punish you both equally."
  158. >She walks off, leaving you to your implements.
  159. >Grabbing a green crayon, you expertly scribble out a crude filly getting a hug from an even cruder mare.
  160. >You doubt it'll work.
  161. >It's worth a shot.
  162. >The seconds tick by as you watch the wall.
  163. >You've become very good at waiting.
  164. >Your internal clock tells you five minutes have passed.
  165. >A bead of sweat forms on your brow.
  166. >You wipe it with a grimy hoof.
  167. >A shower would be heavenly.
  168. >Seven minutes.
  169. >A spider lands on your hoof.
  170. >You lie very still as it crawls all over your face.
  171. >There's a one in two chance that it's dangerously venomous.
  172. >You don't want to think about the other half.
  173. >9 minutes; it's gone.
  174. >...
  175. >Watching the purple pony across from you grin like that has not aided your skill in relaxation.
  176. >The constant casual conversation is also slightly unnerving, though most of it does go over your head.
  177. >Technicalities of research, something about an electric collar...
  178. >You tune her out as best you can.
  179. >Eventually she picks you up again, your body going limp as the scruff of your neck is firmly grasped in her teeth.
  180. >You feel nothing but dread.
  181. >What if the unicorn sold you out?
  182. >So, she didn't seem like the type...
  183. >But what if?
  184. >You keep this up until the door creaks open in front of you.
  185. >"Let's see what we have here..."
  186. >Rustling of paper.
  187. >"You must be kidding."
  188. >No response.
  189. >"Alright, it's both of you then."
  190. >As the cage is unlocked, you watch the horned filly simply sheepishly follow.
  191. >No resistance, just acceptance of it all.
  192. >As Twilight leads you into some sort of matter transport grid, you find yourself in front of a door simply marked 'Pet Project 1.'
  193. >"You two be good and wait outside while I get everything ready."
  194. >Silence.
  195. >Screaming.
  196. >Crunching. A spattering of fluid on the tinted glass.
  197. >Well, that kills two birds with one stone.
  198. >Now to just get the other...
  199. >...
  200. >You stare at the door in shock.
  201. >You know you should be relieved, but all you feel is pain.
  202. >Despite her shortcomings, Twilight was all you had.
  203. >Just as you begin to lay your head down to weep, you feel a hoof on your wither.
  204. >"Look, we talk later. Right now we're the next target for whatever is in there. Let's move."
  205. >You nod slightly as you dejectedly get to your hooves.
  206. >"Let's try that grid she-"
  207. >The low hum of power gives way to complete silence as the hallway becomes enveloped in darkness.
  208. >"And I suppose it got the power grid as well."
  209. >You hear a slight click.
  210. >That's enough to get you galloping.
  211. >You didn't think a power outage would impact the door locks.
  212. >...
  213. >And she's off.
  214. >Of course you can't [i]see[/i] her, but you can assume.
  215. >"H-hey! Wait!"
  216. >The door creaks open.
  217. >You hear something very fuzzy brush past you and then retreat back into the darkness.
  218. >You gallop off in the same direction.
  219. >Unicorn: You see nothing in the darkness but you can hear hoofsteps and breathing about fifteen meters behind you.
  220. >Earth pony: You see nothing in the darkness but you can hear hoofsteps and breathing about fifteen meters ahead.
  221. >...
  222. >Something slams into your hindquarters, knocking you off center.
  223. >"It's okay, just me. Hold still."
  224. >You nod, not that she'd be able to see it.
  225. >It seemingly doesn't matter as you're hoisted onto her back.
  226. >"If how hard you're panting right now is any indication, you aren't exactly the ideal physical specimen. Let's work out a deal; I'll carry your skinny flank and you light the way."
  227. >As you get comfortable on her back, you start trying to remember how to cast an illumination spell.
  228. >Twilight's words echo in your mind...
  229. >'Think of a small dark orb. In your mind's eye, strain yourself until that orb is lit up like the streets on Hearth'swarming.'
  230. >You never did figure out what Hearth'swarming was, but the process seemed to work as the dim corridor came into view once more.
  231. >You glance back nervously, seeing nothing but darkness.
  232. >You don't want wounds that won't heal.
  233. >...
  234. >The small pony on your back has slumped over, head resting comfortably on your neck.
  235. >You would think it's cute if not for the light not reaching as much of the floor anymore.
  236. "Could you point your head down just a bit?"
  237. >No verbal response, but she does it.
  238. >You notice a few doors as you walk.
  239. >Moving up to them, you can just make out signs reading 'Medical Bay' 'Chemical Storage #57' and 'Extra Militant Supplies.
  240. >The latter door is secured via a keycard lock, but the other two have keyholes.
  241. >Unicorn: you are slightly exhausted and currently on the back of the Earth Pony. If you were to cancel your illumination spell right now, you may have enough energy to open one of the locks.
  242. >Earth pony: you can hear some sort of commotion down the hallway to your left.
  243. >Input actions.
  244. >As you indicate for your mounter to quickly open the Medbay door, you hear her moan a little bit.
  245. "What is it?"
  246. >"So tired..."
  247. "We can rest when we're safe locked behind that door and we have supplies. For now though, I need you to be a 'big filly' and open that door for me."
  248. >"A-a big filly?"
  249. "For me, yes."
  250. >You hear her chuckle a bit at that, but her laughter is soon replaced with the grunting of concentration.
  251. >A bead of sweat rolls down your face.
  252. >Tendrils are visible in the darkness down the hallway.
  253. >You don't motion for her to hurry, she's probably going as fast as possible anyways.
  254. >Your left eyelid twitches involuntarily.
  255. >It's almost like those diagrams of mushrooms you saw in your high school biology textbooks.
  256. >Miles of reaching tendrils beneath the surface.
  257. >If this was truly some sort of fungus, you didn't want to view the fruiting body.
  258. >The door clicks open as the floor begins to crack already from some foul-smelling liquid it secretes.
  259. >You rush inside, slamming the door.
  260. "Lock it."
  261. >"Can't..."
  262. "Well you fucking need t- oh yeah, there's a button to lock this one."
  263. >Pressing the button hurriedly, you set your companion down gently on the ground where she proceeds to pant and wheeze for a good while.
  264. >You remember her saying something about low mana reserves, but you didn't think her abilities would strain her this much...
  265. >You begin searching the cabinets for anything that could possibly catalyze the process.
  266. >10,000% daily dosage of caffeine five hour energy knockoffs, generic painkillers...
  267. >Wait, you never did anything with the other half of that candy bar.
  268. >Pulling it out of your [s]slightly greasy[/s] mane makes you beam in pride as you present it to her.
  269. "I told you you could use it more than I could."
  270. >The smile she gives you speaks volumes as she scarfs it down.
  271. >You go on with your search...
  272. >...
  273. >This is a really fucking good candy bar.
  274. >A perfect balance of nougat, peanut and some sort of wafer like substance.
  275. >The taste makes you all but cry out in joy.
  276. >You'd fap to the taste of this if you still had your dick.
  277. >...
  278. >You should probably call the unicorn over for this.
  279. "Hey, you."
  280. >You hear clopping hooves as you stare at the cabinet in front of you, puzzled.
  281. "How many of these could we use?"
  282. >...
  283. >A shelf of potions sits in front of you.
  284. >Since most potions were little more than water in composition, you had learned to read some of the arcane characters inscribed on the bottles Twilight leaked your healing out of.
  285. >'Infurnum,' inscribed like a capital 'I' with two branches on it was used to heal burns or burn things.
  286. >'Electrum,' inscribed like a lower-case 'e' with three small negative signs surrounding it always dealt with energy of some sort.
  287. >And then there were the true and fa-
  288. >"Hey, are you listening to me?"
  289. >You nod.
  290. >You're a dirty liar.
  291. >"Good, which one of these should I take?"
  292. "...One?"
  293. >"Yeah, I figured I'd stick it in the pocket of this sweet pack I found."
  294. "Take as many as you can hold."
  295. >"Why?"
  296. "Trust me."
  297. >She shrugs and does as you say.
  298. >The door pushes inward slightly.
  299. >"Well, guess we'll be here for a while... any things I need to know about you, pressing or otherwise?"
  300. >You simply point to her as well.
  301. >"You want to know about me too?"
  302. >You nod.
  303. >Input actions.
  304. >"You want me to start?"
  305. >You nod again.
  306. >"I'm not that interesting. Couldn't get my grades high enough to get in anywhere decent, and of course I was too good for a career. I'd been leaving the neet life for about five years doing the occasional odd job so my parents wouldn't kick me out. One day-"
  307. "The fall?"
  308. >"Yeah, I fucking tripped and broke my nose on the floor here. Any idea how the hell that works?"
  309. >You shake your head.
  310. >"I guess that figures… anyways, Purple cunt offers to patch me up really quickly. What the hell am I supposed to do? A magical fucking unicorn walks up to me and asks if I want my broken nose instantly fixed, of course I say yes. Next thing I know every part of my essence is grinding itself to bits, and I wake up with a stunted height and no fingers. So, what'd you do in your past life to luck out with the forehead cock?"
  311. "I don't know."
  312. >"Come on, take your best guess. I told you about what a pathetic shit I am, the least you could do is detail what a well-endowed guy you were."
  313. >…
  314. >Progress has been slow with the unicorn.
  315. >…Nonny.
  316. >That name sounds so unnatural.
  317. >Like she made it up herself on the fly.
  318. >Probably did.
  319. >"I-I… don't think that's how it works."
  320. "Alright. In any case, let's hear your end of the…"
  321. >Her eyes are drooping and she's clearly trying to stave off sleep.
  322. >You sigh as you go off to search the cabinets.
  323. >You feel a slight ping from one to the left.
  324. >You shrug and walk over to open it, why the hell not.
  325. >You want to vomit.
  326. >Whatever was being kept there was clearly not well-preserved.
  327. >Decomposed matter falls to the floor as you gag at the smell.
  328. >And yet…
  329. >At the center mass of it, twelve of them.
  330. >Large, yellow capped mushrooms.
  331. >Everything you know about mushrooms screams at you to stop as you inhale deeply away from the growths and quickly nip one off.
  332. >Don't swallow…
  333. >Don't swallow…
  334. >Don't swallow…
  335. >Fuck.
  336. >Realizing your mistake, you forcibly attempt to put a hoof in your mouth to gag yourself, grossly overestimating both your dexterity and flexibility, and grossly underestimating your hoof size.
  337. >You suddenly feel very oddly calm.
  338. >Looking at the inner door of the cabinet, you just manage to catch the words 'for research on hallucinogenics' before the cabinet door comes off its hinges and starts trying to lick you.
  339. >Fuck.
  340. >…
  341. >They always start with the symbols.
  342. >Arranged like words, spaced similarly.
  343. >You can never remember them well enough to write them down when you wake up.
  344. >Well, that's if you even had paper or a writing implement.
  345. >They fade away to the dripping floor once again.
  346. >You could sit for hours and watch this place, the individual droplets of liquid licking themselves off of the surface of the hard stone floor and careening up into the sky.
  347. >The one thing that Twilight used to ask you about were your dreams.
  348. >She seemed almost genuinely interested.
  349. >Well, until you started detailing the bits about the other you.
  350. >You only ever saw her from afar, but she was a ringer.
  351. >Same coat, same mane…
  352. >Only difference was the lack of a horn.
  353. >And the look in her eyes.
  354. >Something almost palpable, you couldn't quite place what it was.
  355. >And now you've found her.
  356. >You wonder if she saw you too.
  357. >In any case, the shock from her knocking you to the ground and the muttering were enough to get you to shut up about dreams.
  358. >You would've told her more if she asked, about skies full of vibrant butterflies as intricate as snowflakes, and soft hares that smelt of cream and split into a million dandelion stalks at the slightest touch, only to reform moments later just as energetic and playful…
  359. >But she never did.
  360. >It was your own damn fault anyways, you never should've mentioned the filly's aura.
  361. >Something malicious and ancient was at work with that one.
  362. >And now here you lay, sleeping on the floor while she does Celestia knows what while you contemplate.
  363. >At least you can maintain alert enough in this state.
  364. >Well, until a dream whisks you away at least.
  365. >It's taken this much time to build your dreamscape.
  366. >While half of your dreams were blessings, after you started to see the other you they became a bit more twisted.
  367. >Butterflies lifted their abdomens to reveal wicked barbs.
  368. >Hares shattered into glass and tried to reform around your hoof.
  369. >Very soon you will-
  370. >Weight. Weight on your chest.
  371. >Your eyes fly open to reveal your companion flopped over you.
  372. >"I'm a dumbass. You wanna be a dumbass too?"
  373. >You watch in silence as she holds up a mushroom.
  374. "Uh…"
  375. >"The pings tell me what's good. These things are very good."
  376. >Unicorn: You are in a compromising position being offered a mushroom.
  377. >Earth pony: You are slumped over and in an Impaired state. (1d20 for action success.)
  378. >Input actions.
  379. >…
  380. >You are struck with an unbearable urge to initiate the hokey-pokey.
  381. >Before that though, you attempt to shove the mushroom in your hoof down Nonny's gullet.
  382. >She flinches as your hoof hits the floor next to her head, squishing the mushroom.
  383. >A fluid begins to leak out from the remains.
  384. >You stick your right forehoof into her mouth.
  385. "You put your right leg in, you put your right leg out-"
  386. >…
  387. >You're more than a bit frightened.
  388. >Your companion just smashed a mushroom into the floor and began to drool all over it before sticking her hoof in your mouth.
  389. >You hear her mumbling something about being 'the gatekeeper.'
  390. >Clearly that mushroom was rather psychoactive.
  391. >As she stares at her own building puddle of saliva, you very carefully push her off.
  392. >Now what to do…
  393. >Despite not getting much sleep you feel at least awake enough to walk around now.
  394. >And damn is it cold…
  395. >If memory serves you though, you just might-
  396. >Perfect.
  397. >Thankful now for the candy bar you ate earlier, you open the latch on the box that contains the fire blanket.
  398. >You size up the blanket mentally and smile.
  399. >You silently approach the other filly and drape it over her.
  400. >She gives you a puzzled look.
  401. >"But what about the hokey pokey?"
  402. "In the morning."
  403. >Hopefully giving her time to sleep it off will help.
  404. >She shrinks away from the blanket, no doubt seeing something horrifying in it.
  405. >You sigh and pull part of the blanket up.
  406. >Crawling under it, you wrap your left leg around her body and let the blanket fall back on top of you both.
  407. >She's still drooling quite a bit, but she needs a pillow…
  408. >You very carefully position your head under her chin, taking extra precautions to avoid poking her.
  409. >"Night night Nonny…"
  410. "Night…"
  411. >You'll figure out what her name is in the morning.
  412. >"You need to stay out of the trash compactor…"
  413. >You bring a hoof up to your muzzle and give it a good whiff.
  414. "Shut up."
  415. >She giggles, but you don't know if it's from what you said or something projected from her psychedelically impaired mind.
  416. >Lighting up your horn slightly, you brush her mane with your telekinesis.
  417. >"Mmm…"
  418. >She buries her face in your mane.
  419. >"I think I like the feel of this rat."
  420. >Rude.
  421. >To be fair though, she might actually think you're a rat…
  422. >Whatever it takes to get warm.
  423. >You go the full nine yards now and wrap hind legs around her.
  424. >"T-thanks Victoria…"
  425. >Her breathing slows down as her head slumps fully over yours.
  426. >Now it's time for you to follow suit…
  427. >…
  428. >…
  429. >She stirs and you groggily open your eyes.
  430. >"Morning sunshine. Sleep well?"
  431. >You nod.
  432. >"So, about last night…"
  433. >"I seem to remember... cuddling you? Is that right?"
  434. "Um-"
  435. >"Because if that's what I get every time I trip out-"
  436. "If you eat another one of those mushrooms I swear you'll be the next meal for that thing out there."
  437. >"Alright, don't have to be rude about it."
  438. "M-make acid or something! You called me smelly!"
  439. >"Um, sorry? Are you mentally ten as well as physically?"
  440. >Ouch.
  441. >That one kind of hurt.
  442. >Despite yourself, you let out a small sniffle before storming off, and then realizing there's not really anywhere to go in the lab.
  443. >"Um, Nonny?"
  444. "What?"
  445. >"This lab kinda blows chode. I've got a canister of Chlorine gas over here, but no Hydrogen."
  446. "...are you dense or something?"
  447. >"What? No."
  448. "That's incredibly useful, why are you saying it's shit?"
  449. >"I don't know asshole, you told me to make acids and here we are!"
  450. >...
  451. >"Any glassware?"
  452. >Jesus fuck Nonny was being a cunt all of a sudden.
  453. >The details are fuzzy, but you're [i]pretty[/i] sure you didn't try anything sexual on her while you were under the influence.
  454. >Probably just on her period
  455. >No wait, ponies go into heat, right?
  456. >You couldn't be fucked to learn about horse biology.
  457. "No, like I said this lab blows chode. The bits of glassware I could find were shattered-"
  458. >"Get down. Now."
  459. >Before you can say anything else she abruptly jumps on top of you, knocking you to the ground.
  460. >You can hear her straining as she lights up her horn and pulls the blanket over both of you.
  461. >"If we stay here, we will certainly die. If we leave we have a chance. You have the canister?"
  462. "Yes."
  463. >"We travel under the blanket over to the door, grab the pack of healing on our way. At that point ditch the blanket- I wish we could keep it but it'll more than likely trip one of us. If the tendrils are still there, open the canister, throw it and run."
  464. "Got it."
  465. >"One. Two. Three!"
  466. >You manage to avoid looking up as you snag the pack, haphazardly slinging it over your neck.
  467. >You have no idea what the fuck is going on, but you at least trust the other filly enough to listen to her.
  468. >This would be the equivalent of the Chad investigating in generic horror movie number 64.
  469. >Well, you're being generous there...
  470. >More of a Chad than Nonny.
  471. >Yeah.
  472. >Fuck her for being born with the wrong genetics, earth filly master race!
  473. >You bump into the door, your snoot being painfully booped by three inches of thick steel.
  474. "Um, can you use your magic to open the door?"
  475. >You'll have your victory tomorrow.
  476. >As the door slides open enough for the two of you to slip out, it is quickly closed once again.
  477. >Looking around in all directions and seeing no tentacles, you both breathe a sigh of relief.
  478. "Okay, question for a question."
  479. >"What do I call you?"
  480. >Fuck...
  481. "Green... Clover."
  482. >"What?"
  483. "Green Clover."
  484. >"That's... kind of retarded name."
  485. "Fuck off, I don't do well under pressure. Hmm..."
  486. >You give yourself a few minutes to think it over.
  487. >You take a good look at your ass.
  488. >Nothing but absence of purpose there.
  489. >Absentia...
  490. >You could go for a drink right now.
  491. >Absinthe...
  492. >Well, it was green... sometimes.
  493. >And so were you.
  494. "Absinthia."
  495. >"Not bad."
  496. "Please, I know it's shit. Anyways, my turn. What were you so worried about back there?"
  497. >"Rogue security drone. Designed as a deterrent for rodents in the ventilation shafts, they use high frequency noise. Few of them are broken, settings are screwed. Don't distinguish between size of organisms. Noise is enough to shatter glass at fifteen meters, deafen permanently at ten, and kill at five."
  498. "Did you see it?"
  499. >"No, saw the vent. Always come through those, less out here. Who's Victoria?"
  500. "She's..."
  501. >You feel a pang in your heart.
  502. "Someone close."
  503. >The two of you sit there for a few more minutes awkwardly.
  504. "We'd better get a move on."
  505. >"Yeah."
  506. "Where to, map?"
  507. >"Wrong show, fag."
  508. >Input actions.
  509. "Is it necessary to keep quiet?"
  510. >"Wouldn't take the chance, yes."
  511. >The two of you silently creep down the hallway to the left. You pass by the deactivated matter transport grid, the ajar door spattered with blood...
  512. >"No. Not in there. Please."
  513. "I'm going to take a quick look, if we can restore the power this nightmare will be over before it's begun. You know anything about that thing that killed Twi?"
  514. >"No, she only taught me enough not to get killed in a controlled environment..."
  515. "Alright, well watch my flank. You take the pack, if it's still in there run."
  516. >She mumbles to herself.
  517. >"Not worth it..."
  518. >You ignore her and proceed.
  519. >The room is rather cluttered, and that's even with most of the material crushed up against the walls from the sheer mass of the room's inhabitant.
  520. >Twilight was clearly in here earlier, getting some sort of punishment ready.
  521. >And even before that, likely...
  522. >You can't help but shake the feeling that something is wrong with this whole scenario.
  523. >Why would Twilight have set up such a dangerous organism if she had still valued the two of you as test subjects?
  524. >Why would she have done it in here, with all of this valuable equipment?
  525. >Where was the fucking body?
  526. >Not even a fragment of bone left, only the blood from the initial strike on the door.
  527. >In any case, the ruptured access point to the power grid isn't accessible unless you want to climb through a bunch of splintered wood tables and jagged glassware.
  528. >You nervously check around for a vent, finding nothing.
  529. >Better safe than sorry.
  530. >You walk back out to Nonny.
  531. "Nothing."
  532. >She smiles and carries on walking.
  533. >...
  534. >You have no idea where you're going.
  535. >Twilight always just teleported you whenever she had to take you anywhere, usually not even with the trans-mat.
  536. >You suspect that was a recent installation.
  537. >Kind of a waste when you're an all-powerful Alicorn.
  538. >Eh, you guess she probably had other employees.
  539. >You never encountered any of them though.
  540. >Seen but not heard was almost laughable now, you were neither.
  541. >In any case, you had...
  542. >"Floor is corroded this way, I suggest we go the opposite fucking direction."
  543. "Agreed."
  544. >The two of you continue to proceed down the hallway.
  545. >It's nice and quiet.
  546. >You can almost hear yourself think now.
  547. >Just you, your hooves, and your buddy.
  548. >Well, accomplice would describe her better.
  549. >"Some animal has been here, recently too."
  550. "How-"
  551. >"Earth pony magic, baby. At least I assume. Can you see anything?"
  552. "No, just a bit of dirt. I'm not going to doubt you though."
  553. >"If I were you I'd proceed with caution-"
  554. >Growling.
  555. >Perhaps talking wasn't your best idea.
  556. >You turn around...
  557. [o]>Enemy: Appears mammalian. Mouth full of sharp pointed teeth.
  558. >Nonny: 1 satchel containing a large amount of 'Infurnum' and 'Electrum' potions, one canister of Chlorine gas, and a candy bar wrapper that still smells like chocolate.
  559. >Absinthia: Literally just your fucking hooves.
  560. >Floor: various bits of junk, a small wooden board.[/o]
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