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  1. It was a particularly peaceful day in Sector 1-17 when one of the resident pigs spotted a small asteroid coming in. But that wasn't what concerned the pigs. It was what was on the space rock. A giant slingshot, and a flock of very furious fowls were hitching a ride. Like anyone in a situation like this, the pigs screamed in terror for at least 10 seconds. Then, they stood still, and awaited their deaths, praying that they would be swift and painless.
  3. The pigs were in bubbles. These bubbles allowed them to breathe and not become porcine ice sculptures frozen in the vacuum of space.
  4. It also allowed them to breathe and communicate with each other via antennas attached to the bubbles. One of them used this ability to receive a message from his friend as he was hit by a black bird. He averted his eyes from the horrid display (it was really just a puff of smoke, but it's gruesome for the pigs nonetheless) and looked at the slingshot.
  6. His eyes widened as he saw another black bomb-shaped bird pulled back and launched itself toward him. He shut his eyes and whimpered. Then, a second later, a loud explosion was heard! The pig thought he was dead. It took a few seconds before he opened his eyes again, and noticed he was still alive. Not only that, but the slingshot and the familiar surroundings of asteroids and buildings were becoming smaller and smaller. Then the pig realized! The shock wave from the explosion must have sent him careening through space. Where he was going, the little green creature couldn't be sure.
  8. He looked around, and noticed he was coming closer to a planet. Not one of the asteroids or moons he and his coworkers lived on, but a planet. He wondered if any creatures lived there. Then he started to worry. What if they like to eat pigs? What if they don't like pigs? What if... the little porcine sphere abandoned the thought. The distance between the planet and his bubble was becoming shorter by the second. The pig puts on a determined face and is prepared for anything! The bubble begins to enter the atmosphere of the strange new world...
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