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  1. 0:01 MGQ is now an RPG!
  2. 0:04 An apparition sneaks up on the world
  3. 0:07 A father disappears, leaving only mysterious words behind
  4. 0:11 And now, the hero Luka's adventure begins!
  5. 0:15 Luka, apprentice hero chasing after his father
  6. 0:28 Alice, tiny monster lord wandering the land
  7. 0:41 Ilias, tiny angel fallen to earth
  8. 0:56 Sonya, priest and childhood friend who loves clubs
  9. 1:10 Nuruko, a strange being
  10. 1:25 Promestein, a mad scientist angel by nature
  11. 1:37 Brunhilde, pure, psycho mechagirl
  12. 1:50 An adventure across a vast world with your companions!
  13. 1:56 Lose and get raped by exotic women!
  14. 2:04 Over 500 monsters in total!
  15. 2:10 Your enemies will even tempt you during battle!
  16. 2:13 Succumb to their temptation, and naturally...
  17. 2:17 You can even chat with your enemies during battle!
  18. 2:20 Answer well, and they'll become more friendly!
  19. 2:23 Defeated enemies will become companions! The chance increases the friendlier you are with them!
  20. 2:28 Over 500 enemies, all of who can become companions!
  21. 2:32 Leave extra companions waiting at your base!
  22. 2:35 Switch party mbmers and give presents here!
  23. 2:38 When you give presents, their affection will increase!
  24. 2:41 Get it high enough, and they'll reward with you sex...
  25. 2:45 Change your jobs at Ilias Temple! Approximately 140 jobs!
  26. 2:50 You can even change races during your adventure. Approximiately 230 of them!
  27. 2:52 Tons of skills to learn!
  28. 2:56 Develop your favorite companions any way you want!
  29. 3:07 Three mysterious succubi plotting behind the scenes
  30. 3:15 High-ranking angels that aren't supposed to exist
  31. 3:20 An adventure in this world full of mysterious begins--
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