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  1. # Google style uses attached braces and indented class access modifiers.
  2. -A14
  3. # Convert tabs
  4. -c
  5. # 4 space indent
  6. -s4
  7. # Indent 'class' and 'struct' access modifiers, 'public:', 'protected:' and 'private:', one half indent.
  8. -xG
  9. # Indent 'switch' blocks so that the 'case X:' statements are indented in the switch block. The entire case block is indented.
  10. -S
  11. # Don't retain a backup of the original file. The original file is purged after it is formatted.
  12. #-n
  13. # Don't break one-line blocks.
  14. -O
  15. # Don't break complex statements and multiple statements residing on a single line.
  16. -o
  17. # Attach a pointer or reference operator (*, &, or ^) to the variable name (right).
  18. -k3
  19. # Insert space padding after paren headers only (e.g. 'if', 'for', 'while'...).
  20. -H
  21. # Insert space padding around operators.
  22. -p
  23. # Indent C++ comments beginning in column one.
  24. -Y
  25. # Aka. monospaced default width of the terminal
  26. -xC72
  27. -xL
  28. # Attach a pointer or reference operator (*, &, or ^) to either the variable type/name
  29. -k3
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