TP Cave Of Ordeals Detailed Guide

Feb 12th, 2015
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  1. Detailed Cave of Ordeals for ZSR. I am posting this here as well because with markdown I cannot format the floor numbers correctly with gaps every 10 floors so it is easy on the eyes sadly.
  3. 1. B-Charge Bulblin, Transform Human Once It Explodes (
  4. 2. GS Most Keese + Rats Then Stab Ones Around Edge (3 of Each)
  5. 3. Bombarrow 3 Deku Babas Before Jumping Down, Then GS One On Floor
  6. 4. GS 3 Spiders (They Won't Block If You GS As They Approach)
  7. 5. Jump Down Stright And Roll-Stab First Bulblin, Then Repeat With Bulbin On Right And Left
  8. 6. Jump Down Slightly Left Into GS 3 Torchslugs, Clawshot The Rest Around
  9. 7. GS 1st Dodongo (Can Reach From Front), Then GS 2nd Dodongo, Then Kill Rest Of Keese
  10. 8. GS Tektikes
  11. 9. Hang Off Edge + Drop Into GS To Kill Bulblins, Then GS Lizalfos
  12. 10. Fairy 1
  14. 11. Hang Off Edge + Drop Into GS To Kill Rats, Then GS 3 Helmasaurs. Spinner To Door
  15. 12. Bombarrow Huge Chuchu Into Small Chus Then GS Them All
  16. 13. Clawshot Chuworms, Slash Once Then GS, Repeat For Them All
  18. 15. B-Charge Bulblins + Turn Human
  19. 16. GS Keese + Rats, Then Stab Rats Around Edge
  20. 17. Jump Straight Down, Backflip Into GS, Roll forward Once Then GS Again To Kill Last Stalhounds. Then Wolf For Poe (
  21. - Poe #56 Then Transform Back To Human
  22. 18. Jump Down Sideways To Spawn In Single Spot. Backflip Into GS To Kill (
  23. 19. Jump Down Left And Go Around In Semi-Circle GS Chus As They Drop Down
  25. 20. Fairy 2
  27. 21. GS Bokoblins + Keese Then B&C To Reveal Door
  28. 22. GS Rats Until Can't Move, Then Transform When Safe And Kill Rest Of Rats + Ghost Rats
  29. 23. GS Stalkin
  30. 24. Jump Down Into Middle, GS Redead In Front, Then GS Other 4 From Distance
  31. 25. Arrow Should Go Over You, GS Bulblins Below Then Bombarrow Bulblin On Tower
  32. 26. Bombarrow Stalfos
  33. 27. Bombarrow Left Spider, Jump Attack Down Cutting Down Middle Spider, GS All Bubbles + Spider, Bombarrow Right Spider
  34. 28. GS Lizalfos and Bokoblins
  35. 29. GS Bubbles + Knock Down Both Stalfos, Finish Last Bubbles Then Bombarrow Stalfos On Floor
  36. 30. Fairy 3
  38. 31. STAY UP TOP, Bombarrow 5 Beamos From Top, Then Jump Down, GS Keese, Move Statues For Door
  39. 32. Instant Jumpattack Down Into GS 1st Dodongo, GS 2nd Dodongo, GS Rest Of Enemies Coming Towards You, Roll Around Making All Torchslugs Drop, Clawshot All Torchslugs
  40. 33. Go Down To Side, GS All Redeads From Distance While Avoiding Poe.
  41. - Poe #57 And Stay Wolf
  42. 34. Wait In Room For Chus And Let Ghost Rats On You, Jump Attack Spam To Kill Chus, Then Kill All Ghost Rats
  43. 35. Jump Off To A Side, GS All Keese, B&C Freezard, Bombarrow/B&C Mini-Freezards
  44. 36. B&C 4 Chilfos.
  45. - You Are Expected To Take Damage Here Or If Not On Floor 38
  46. 37. Quick Spin All Enemies
  47. 38. Go Down Right, Kill First Freezard, Kill More Stuff Around The Place, Last Freezard (Honestly Just Do What You Can)
  48. 39. Drop Off Left And Take Armour Off Left Darknut, Block Right Darknut Few Times While Transition To Phase 2, Kill 1st Darknut, Kill Right Darknut.
  49. - DIG UP 200R IN FLOOR + Stay Wolf
  50. 40. Fairy 4.
  52. (NOTE: Skip On Floor 41 To Avoid Needing Dual Clawshots, Should Have 9 Bombs Minimum)
  54. 41. DON'T GO DOWN, Bombarrow 9 Armos From Top, Clawshot Over Wall To Door.
  55. - Drink Milk For Next Floor
  56. 42. GS Everything, Bokoblins More Important Then Dekubabas (Not A Huge Deal If You Get Damaged). If You Had To Use Fairy Tears As Back-Up Just Mortal Draw Bokoblins
  57. 43. Jump Attack Down Into GS To Kill Lizalfos (Or Quickspin If You Got Hit), Roll Stab All Bokoblins Around Edge, Finish Lizalfos If Didn't Have GS
  58. 44. Hang Off Edge And Drop Down To Alert Poe Only. Poe #58 Then Savewarp Out (Can Savewarp Out During The Backflip To Skip Text)
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