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  1. >Your kikimora is once again busying herself around your home
  2. >It was weird at first, but she’s made herself useful since showing up at your door
  3. >You had shooed her away the first few days, but the next morning she would be back with her cleaning supplies in hand
  4. >After the fifth morning of being woken up by the doorbell at the crack of dawn, you finally told her to go wild before dragging yourself back to your bed.
  5. >Several hours later you emerged sleepy and incredibly confused as your once messy lair was now clean and orderly
  6. >Your heart near stopped when you found her washing dishes at the sink before you remembered letting her in
  7. >Since then you’ve had no real reason to regret it. She doesn’t talk much, mostly preferring to stay busy
  8. >Eventually you offered her your guest room and meals after getting worryingly vague responses about her own living situation
  9. >It was the least you could do
  10. >She’s currently attacking last night’s dishes, sleeves pulled back as her arms are submerged in soapy water
  11. >”Good morning, master! It’s good that you’re awake. I have breakfast prepared for you on the table.”
  12. >She gives you a warm smile before returning to work
  13. >Sure enough, there’s a steaming pile of eggs and bacon on a plate waiting for you
  14. >You only wish she’d stop calling you master. It makes you feel weird
  15. >You flash her a smile and sit before attacking your breakfast with gusto
  16. >”I’ve already prepared your clothes and lunch for today. Have a great day at work!”
  17. >You’re still getting used to this
  18. >It started innocently enough; you’d find some highlighted job postings, a print-out of the bus schedule. Little things
  19. >Then she took it upon herself to critique how you dressed and what you ate
  20. >The gym membership card on your birthday admittedly wasn’t the most subtle
  21. >You can’t really be angry; you really hadn’t been taking the best care of yourself and spent far too much time glued in front of a screen
  22. >Shit-posting on the internet is serious business
  23. >A satisfied sigh escapes your lips as you finish your meal. You finish readying yourself before heading off to your new job (courtesy of your Kikimora’s diligent job searching)
  24. >Work goes well, but you can’t shake the idea you should do something for her
  25. >To top it all off, after these last few months you’ve begun wondering if you have feelings for her
  26.  >She’s cute in an odd way, but she hasn’t shown the slightest interest in you romantically
  27. >Eventually you decide to just get her a box of quality chocolates. That’s neutral enough and you never really were good at this sort of thing anyway
  28. >You return home to find her cobweb hunting with a feather duster
  29. >Seeing her back turned, you silently sneak up behind her
  30. >You savor the moment before reaching out and giving her a sharp poke to her sides
  31. >You never would have thought she could jump so high
  32. >”YOU BRUTE!”
  33. >She screeches at you, now attempting to brutally beat you with her duster
  34. >It’s all you can do to fend off her counterattack
  35. >She’s not interested in surrender
  36. >With your back now against the wall you resort to foul play
  37. >Bracing yourself against her onslaught, you begin waving the box of chocolates wildly in an effort to distract her
  38. >It works and she mercifully lowers her weapon
  39. >When you finally think it’s safe enough to open your eyes you’re greeted by the reddest blush you’ve ever seen
  40. >“I-is that for me?”
  41. >You nod, relieved that your ploy was successful. You love it when a plan comes together.
  42. >She hesitantly accepts the chocolate before giving you a shy look
  43. >You explain that you’re thankful for everything she’s done for you and wanted to give her something to show it
  44. >That shy look returns and just before you think she’s going to walk away, she gets up on her toes to peck you on the lips
  46. >That was unexpected
  47. >Now you’re standing there like an idiot, with your face redder than a Kakuen’s backside
  48. >Her giggle brings you back to reality and you realize just how badly you ruined the moment
  49. >You desperately try to find something to say but she’s already turned around to gather her things
  50. >At least you get a great view as she bends over to pick up her supplies
  51. >You’re fairly sure she’s more than aware of your gaze
  52. >As she straightens out and begins walking away, you feel her tail brush up your neck and caress the side of your face
  53. >You only stand there paralyzed as she leaves, although you notice a little more sway in her hips as she does
  54. >The rest of the evening is an awkward mess as you blush like a tool each time she happens to look at you
  55. >You somehow manage to avoid embarrassing yourself at dinner before making your escape into the bedroom
  56. >While getting ready for bed you glance at a nearby mirror. You have to admit, you’ve come a long way with her help
  57. >You toss your clothes over the poster bed and admire the changes for a few moments longer before deciding to call it night
  58. Tap Tap
  59. >You have only a moment to panic before the door is slowly pushed open
  60. >”Master I… I just wanted to apologize for hitting you with the duster earlier.”
  61. > Now it’s her turn to flush as stares at you standing there with nothing on but your briefs.
  62. >Mustering her courage she walks further in until she’s standing directly in front of you. You notice that accursed duster sticking out of her dress.
  63. >”If you wish for me to leave, I will understand.”
  64. >What? No! No, no, no.
  65. >Not knowing what else to do you lean forward and silence her with a kiss
  66. >It would have been pretty smooth if you had any idea what you were doing
  67. >As inexperienced as it was you both break apart breathless and red-faced
  68. >If you didn’t know any better, you would think she almost looked mischievous
  69. >Now it’s her turn to press up against you as her hands and lips find yours
  70. >You’re thoroughly enjoying the moment when you hear an odd *click*
  71. >Looking down you find your wrists locked in a fuzzy pair of handcuffs looped around one of your poster bed’s corners
  72. >You hear her giggle as you struggle. Oh yeah, that was mischievous
  73. >“You never did apologize for scaring me earlier, and after everything I’ve done for you.  I guess I’m going to have to punish you”
  74. >You squirm as she draws her duster up your chest and down your thighs, the feathers tickling your sensitive body
  75. >Her tickle torture continues until you beg for her to stop, tears of suppressed laughter in your eyes
  76. >You think you’re about to set free before she looks down at your briefs
  77. >“Fufu, are you getting aroused Master? You poor thing”
  78. >You try to protest as she’s pulling your briefs down, but your arousal is clear to both of you
  79. >”Let me take care of that for you”
  80. >That’s all the warning she gives before her tongue gives you a slow lick up the shaft to your head
  81. >She doesn’t wait for your reaction before wrapping her lips around your member and slowly working back down again. You can feel her tongue lick against you as she sucks and works you into her throat
  82. >You can only moan and squirm against the bedpost as she lavishes attention on your manhood, one of her hands slipping down to gently pull and massage your balls
  83. >She busies her other hand with massaging the sensitive area behind your balls, her gentle presses and rubbing stimulating something deep inside
  84. >You can unable to suppress the moans as you feel the pleasure spreading through your body
  85. >You feel the orgasm building, and after a few moments you can no longer hold back as you begin pouring your cum into her mouth
  86. >She drinks it all down as she continues working to prolong your orgasm, through it all her fingers keep massaging that delicate area  that seems to pulse as you empty yourself
  87. >When you finally finish her mouth releases and you twitch as the cold air hits your sensitive member
  88. >She giggles at your drunken expression and frees your hands before guiding you to the bed
  89. >You’re muscles seem to having difficulty cooperating and you don’t resist as she tucks you in
  90. >”Next time your punishment might not be so fun”    
  91. >The lights are turned off before you feel her snuggle up beside you
  92. >”Good night, master”
  93. -Fini
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