Emet-Selch Stardew Valley Mod Dialogue Transcript

Apr 21st, 2023
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  6. ------------ BEFORE YOU READ ------------
  8. This transcript was created by request of a player of the mod, but since I made it, it's free to view by anyone. Feel free to reference it for whatever you like, all I ask is for credit if you use it for any public usage! Thank you!
  10. -----------------------------------------
  21. (Mail)
  22. "Greetings, (Player). I found a spare trinket that I thought you might find use of. Do be careful with it. -Emet-Selch"
  23. "Ah, snooping around for rats at the old community center, are you? I may be interested in sharing my expertise. My chambers lie west of the forest lake, in the stone tower. -Emet-Selch"
  24. "(Player)- Though I am loathe to require help for my work, I simply do not want to leave my bed. I require 'Void Essence' for my task. Bring it to me and you will be rewarded. -Emet-Selch"
  25. "(Player), I'm creating a concept that requires immense power. However, I forgot an Iridium Bar. I'll pay you 5x the value for your swift retrieval. You'll be a hero for me, won't you? -Emet-Selch"
  26. "Thanks to your help, I've looked into ways to encourage more harvesting of the unique substances that come from monsters. I've succeeded in making a potent mixture that those creatures will love. Do practice caution. -Emet-Selch"
  27. "Always my hero when I need you most, my thanks for obtaining an ectoplasm sample. Within, I have relenquished a copy of a most useful construct. -Emet-Selch"
  29. (Gift Dialogue)
  30. "Now isn't this quite special, (Player)? This is just what I need. My thanks."
  31. "A gift? I like it, thank you."
  32. "What am I supposed to do with this?"
  33. "Am I some kind of joke to you? How dare you!"
  34. "I should shatter you like glass!"
  35. "How quaint, I'll find a use for it."
  37. (Event Dialogue)
  38. (Seen Junimo Note)
  39. "Ah, there you are. Be not afraid."
  40. "I am Emet-Selch, an ancient far beyond your mortal comprehension. Though Emet-Selch is my title, it would do me no good to share my true name. Fae safety. I'm sure you understand. Safety aside, I suppose I'll stop being a recluse just this once."
  41. "Now, (Player), I summoned you over the business with the community center, yes?"
  42. "Allow me to show you something."
  43. "Observe."
  44. "They call themselves the 'Junimos'... Interesting spirits, these ones. Though I try not to meddle overmuch in their affairs."
  45. "I wouldn't know why they've moved into the community center, but they're harmless."
  46. "Hmmm? You found a golden scroll written in an unknown language? Most interesting..."
  47. "One moment, I'll go investigate." "I found the note." "The language is old, but so am I, so I can translate it for you:"
  48. "We, the Junimo, are happy to aid you. In return, we ask for gifts of the valley. If you are one with the forest then you will see the true nature of this scroll."
  49. "Ah to be 'One with the forest'. I believe that's the usual when it comes to contacting them."
  50. "I believe this concoction will suit your needs."
  51. "Come, it's not poison, I promise."
  52. "This cauldron is bubbling with ingredients from the forest. Simply some ferns, moss, and toadstool. Smells earthy, yes?"
  53. "Here, have some. Do forgive the taste."
  55. (Magic ink quest at railroad)
  56. "Ah, (Player). I've been waiting for you."
  57. "Have I ever told you there was another who shared my expertise dabbling in ancient magic?"
  58. "Quite a shame things turned out the way they did..."
  59. "You see, she was my assistant for a time, though... I made a grave mistake that turned her into something unrecognizeable."
  60. "Her newfound wickedness was intense, her skin turned green by mutations and she flew around the countryside, cursing everything in her path..."
  61. "I did what I had to, I sealed the passage to her home, it was the least I could do to protect any villagers from her madness."
  62. "Now, the path must be unsealed. She stole something from me and I need it back. A special magic ink. Loathe am I to admit, I'm not sure I can get it myself. She may have wards against me. That's why I ask for your help. Someone who's aura is different enough to slip under the radar."
  63. "In order to unseal this passage, you'll need a dark talisman. Talk to Krobus, in the sewers. He should know where to find one."
  64. "I'm counting on you! If you can retrieve the ink I promise I'll make it worth your while. Now go."
  66. (Player picked up magic ink)
  67. "Ah, the magic ink. Excellent."
  68. "My thanks." "Hm, did you happen upon the witch? No? That's good."
  69. "I'll save her corrupted heart... One day..." "Very good. Now, how about a reward for a job well done, hm?"
  70. "Tis' a book of summoning, put simply. The creation potential is immense, but I'll streamline it for you. By using this book, you can summon magic buildings directly to your farm. I think you'll find it quite useful."
  71. "Fine work retrieving this ink, my hero. You have my gratitude."
  73. (Sewer fight event)
  74. Dwarf: "A Shadow Person, above ground? This is outrageous! Your people were responsible for the death of my entire family."
  75. Krobus: "If you dwarves hadn't driven us from our ancestral home, we'd never have had to resort to violence! I'm sorry about your family."
  76. Dwarf: "'Sorry' isn't going to cut it."
  77. "Let me at him! He's despicable."
  78. Krobus: "Come and get it, shrimpy."
  79. Emet-Selch: "Silence! Both of you!"
  80. "The Elemental Wars have long been finished. You have no reason to be fighting any longer. The two of you must make peace for the sake of the humans that live around you. Surely you can see that."
  81. Dwarf: "Very well. I'll stay away from the sewer from now on."
  82. Krobus: "...And I'm truly sorry about the past, Dwarf. I have no personal gripe with you."
  83. Emet-Selch: "Very good. I shall cast a 'Seal of Promise' to finalize this agreement."
  85. (2 Heart event)
  86. "Ah, (Player)! You're just in time to witness the wonder of creation magic. Observe."
  87. "You see, where I come from, magic like this is abundant and magnificent. It would take any regular person years of research and practice to begin tapping into such potential. For my people, it's just a sixth sense. Though, it always helps to have leylines and various foci to better realize your goal. That is why I snap my fingers. A sharp, resounding promise to bring my idea into creation."
  88. "Would you like me to show you through the process? I daresay you'd achieve *some* enlightenment. Ah, and no worries, there is no danger involved."
  89. "Alright, stand beside me."
  90. "Now let's say you want to create a new thing out of thin air."
  91. "The flower, for example, I created before you got here. However, what you observed was a transmutation. I changed the properties of the flower into that of a different one. A far more complex process."
  92. "We are not going to transmutate the flower again, instead, we are going to create something else entirely."
  93. "Now, close your eyes." "Think deeply in your mind's eye of what you want to create. Focus on it and nothing else."
  94. "I will use some of my energy to help you. I don't want to be responsible if you pass out because you spent all your energy making a turnip. Now, take a deep breath."
  95. "Feel the wind in your hair..."
  96. "Feel life flow through you..."
  97. "Feel it coalesce and manifest..."
  98. "Keep steady. Energy fills the blueprint in your mind's eye. All you need is the trigger to set it free..."
  99. "And..."
  100. "Release!"
  101. "Aha! You did it!"
  102. "A beautiful fragment of topaz, it's amber hue threatens to outshine the sun itself. Keep it. Perhaps your first creation will bring you good luck."
  103. "Well done, (Player). Thank you for entertaining this old sorcerer."
  105. (4 Heart event)
  106. "Come to brood with me, have you?"
  107. "*sigh*"
  108. "It is quite the lonely existence for me in this valley. Though I chose this place for seclusion, the greater world would cast me out for abilities they scarcely understand. I quite find the world as it is now too revolved around materialistic value anyway. Tis' not for me."
  109. "Unfortunately, in my want for company, I take this place for granted, and my bitterness gets the best of me."
  110. "I did have an assistant with me for a time. She was a researcher of the magics. Wonderful student. I kept her under my wing and taught knowledge only the ancients are privy. She and I worked well together, I didn't feel lonely. I had no interest in being lovers, a friend is just as good. But..."
  111. "We had an... accident. A project went wrong, she got caught in it, I wasn't quick enough. She hadn't died, but she may as well be lost. Driven mad. I've tried many times to help her only to be faced with magic as strong as mine. Hah... Guess I taught her well."
  112. "Oh, enough of my moping. I must express how much I appreciate you allowing me to teach you about creation magic a while back. It had been a long time since I had that opportunity. The nostalgia certainly brings a tear to the eye."
  113. "Ah, tis' ironic and foolish of me to be caught in such a morose state by none other than you. Your gifts and company don't go unappreciated, (Player). Thank you for that. For lending me an ear. You're a good friend, (Player)."
  114. "Try not to stand out in the rain too long. Unlike me, you could catch a cold."
  116. (6 Heart event)
  117. "Yes? Is there something so wrong with doing some reading on the floor?"
  118. "Come, my dear boy, sit with me won't you? (or) Come, my dear, sit with me won't you?"
  119. "Mmm? You presume to find incomprehensible script and alchemical charts?"
  120. "Yes, well, I do have rather elaborate and ancient writings in my collection but this is not one of them. You will learn that I have quite a passion for the arts."
  121. "Novels, music, painting and sculpture, theatre and plays... I'm very fond of the many shapes of art. Theatre is my favorite!"
  122. "When you have the ability to conjure anything you set your mind to in the blink of an eye, you start to appreciate the blood, sweat and tears mortals put into a work of art. The careful thought and craftsmanship to create something that makes you feel."
  123. "Not only that, what I describe can't apply to literature and script. I couldn't just think of a story and expect the magic to conjure the words exactly how I want to read them when I snap my fingers. I'd have to draft and write a story with my own two hands if I wanted to usher it into the world. I find that fascinating."
  124. "Ah, back on topic, the book I'm reading. Tis' a story about a hero and a villain who's journeys are long and ardous, spanning thousands of years. They clash for eons, their own gods using them as pawns for the greater good! Each their own belief that they're the hero of their own story. That the victor shall write the tale, and the vanquished become it's villain."
  125. "A summary such as mine doesn't capture the raw emotion and scale of this legendary tale, however. I could read it to you, if you'd like?" "Alright, settle in, I'll catch you up."
  126. (Narration)
  127. "Thus, you dozed off to the sound of Emet-Selch's smooth narration..."
  128. "It seems someone has whisked you away to bed, safe and sound..."
  130. (8 Heart event part 1)
  131. "Keep your distance, (Player)."
  132. "I'm testing a hypothesis on this Thunder Egg, the potential of the outcome could be dangerous. I don't want you to get hurt."
  133. "Worried about me, are you? The potential for you to get struck by lightning is stronger here than it could be anywhere else. No matter what happens, I'll be fine, I assure you. But *you* won't be."
  134. "Fret not. Now go, return to your tasks, let me-"
  135. "(Player)! Get out of here! NOW!"
  136. "Begone with you!"
  137. (Narration)
  138. "You escape to safety to watch the ensuing clash with the monstrous Emet-Selch and the entity made of lightning."
  139. "With a blinding flash of lightning and a powerful thunderclap, the entity dissipates, and Emet-Selch absconds into the stormy night..."
  141. (8 Heart event part 2)
  142. "(Player)!"
  143. "I'm so glad to see you. Listen, I just want to say I'm terribly sorry for what happened... I..."
  144. "My momentary lapse in focus put you and potentially the rest of the town in danger."
  145. "I can't bear to imagine what could've happened if I had a repeat of..."
  146. "Of..."
  147. (Reassure him)
  148. "(Player)... Thank you..."
  149. "For all my wisdom, I must confess I am a foolish man. I require no forgiveness. But enough about me, I'm glad you're alright."
  150. "I certainly feared the worst after dealing with that elemental. I prayed that seeing the magnificent scale of my true sorcery didn't scare you away."
  151. "I cherish you, my friend. Truly. Your kindness knows no bounds. Thank you."
  152. (Kiss him)
  153. "..."
  154. "......"
  155. "So that's how you feel..."
  156. "Well... All the more reason I'm ever glad you are safe after my mistake. But please, allow me to apologize and thank you proper."
  157. "I was a fool, I let my guard down at the wrong time and conducted a dangerous experiment way too close to town. For that, I profusely apologize, and I promise you I won't make that mistake again. This is a lesson for me to remember. How quickly I could lose something dear to me from my ignorance."
  158. "Hah, and just moments ago I was stewing in anxiety that I scared you off for good with such a grotesque transformation. I wonder if your feelings are quite the opposite..."
  159. "Nevertheless, thank you, (Player). You're very special to me, and my care for you runs deeper than I could possibly convey."
  160. (Post cutscene dialogue)
  161. "For the record, I'd be happy to let you kiss me again anywhere you'd like."
  163. (9 Heart event)
  164. Mayor Lewis: "Hey (Player). Came to give the sorcerer some choice words too, eh?"
  165. "Don't you know? There was some huge monsters out in the forest, just outside your farm! People could've gotten hurt! Whatever he's doing out here is dangerous! He needs to answer for this!"
  166. Emet-Selch: "What's this now?"
  167. Mayor Lewis: "Emet! I demand to know what kind of stuff you're doing out here to cause monsters to appear so close to Pelican town! You could've hurt people and cause a lot of damage!"
  168. Emet-Selch: "I had the situation entirely under control, mayor. Having 'giant monsters,' as you say, was one of the possible outcomes of the hypothesis I was testing. Though it was not the preferred outcome, I was equipped to handle it. I assure you I wasn't going to let any harm come to anyone's property beyond my own."
  169. Mayor Lewis: "I can't just trust your word on that. You already promised me nothing dangerous would happen again ever since-"
  170. Emet-Selch: "I know. I don't need to be reminded. The cause of the most recent events was an outlier. Despite being caught off guard, I wouldn't have gone through with my experiment if I wasn't prepared to handle every outcome, I assure you. I do apologize for the disruption. (Player) can give an opinion on the matter as well, having been present during the incident."
  171. Mayor Lewis: "Really? (Player) what are your thoughts?
  173. (I'd prefer to stay out of it.)
  174. Mayor Lewis: "Well, alright."
  175. "You're on thin ice, mister Selch. If there's another dangerous disturbance like this, I'll have to ask you to relocate for the safety of the townspeople. Is that clear?"
  176. Emet-Selch: "As crystal, mayor."
  177. Mayor Lewis: "Alright, have a good day."
  178. Emet-Selch: "... *Grumbling* 'Mister Selch'... Fool. *Sigh* It doesn't matter."
  179. "My apologies for having to see that. Once more are mortals ever skeptical. Tis' my fault for expecting any better. At least it's overwith."
  180. "Well, you know where to find me, (Player). Be seeing you."
  182. (Emet-Selch handled the situation perfectly from what I saw. No issue here.)
  183. Mayor Lewis: "Is that so?"
  184. "Well mister Selch, if you did the best you could with a rather disastrous 'experiment' I suppose I'll just let you off with a warning. But I don't encourage anymore disturbances of such a scale, you hear? Try to take it farther away from the town at least."
  185. Emet-Selch: "Understood, mayor. Your precautions are duly noted."
  186. Mayor Lewis: "Alright, have a good day."
  187. Emet-Selch: "Aha... Forgive me... I was overcome with love from your supporting words."
  188. "Be that as it may, I do apologize for you having to witness that. Thankfully it's overwith. I'm most appreciative of your support, dear (Player)."
  189. "Be seeing you, love."
  191. (I'd feel safer if he took his 'experiments' farther away.)
  192. Mayor Lewis: "Yeah, I think we agree on that."
  193. "Mister Selch, you're on thin ice. I don't mind you living here, but I'll need you to go at least a good 5 miles out from Pelican town for your risky experiments starting now. Do we have an understanding?"
  194. Emet-Selch: "Understood."
  195. Mayor Lewis: "Alright. Have a good day."
  196. Emet-Selch: "...Whatever. See you later."
  198. (10 Heart event)
  199. "Braved my portal, did you? Come look at the view."
  200. "The view here reminds me of my home. Amaurot, a beautiful city of gleaming spires and skyscrapers. Much like those today, but a little more elaborate. I miss it keenly."
  201. "Though, with time always comes change. Our great society was far more advanced than the world is now. They sought greater horizons. To explore the very stars themselves. Only a few handfuls actually passed up such an opportunity. I was among them. My home is now somewhere below the sea, lost to time. My people are out exploring the stars. Our legacy unknown and forgotten."
  202. "I had a lover for many an age before our kind parted ways. This earring is something we remember each other by, they have the other half. Though the journey to the stars is long and hard, it is unlikely I will see them again in your lifetime. I don't regret my decision, it is through love that I chose not to keep them from their adventure."
  203. "Oh, and worry not. My lover and I mutually aren't opposed to taking other lovers during our time apart. You haven't ruined anything by being with me."
  204. "I'm sure the implications of my nostalgic waxing poetics has given rise to a hundred questions from you. With time, I will share bits and pieces. There's far too much to say all at once. I've also kept many books of our history at my home if you'd like to relax and read."
  205. "As much as I miss my home, I feel... That I could find home in other things. I feel a different kind of home, but at home all the same when I'm with you, (Player)"
  206. "I love you, (Player). Truly. You look... Astonishing in the moonlight, (Player). I'm so happy you found me here. I did leave the portal open just for you."
  207. "Stars above, such a handsome thing you are. (or) Stars above, such a gorgeous thing you are. Come here, darling. (or) Come here, my sweet."
  208. "By the way..."
  209. "My name is Hades."
  211. (14 Heart event)
  212. Emet-Selch: "Yes... Yes of course, perhaps if I offset the aetheric output from the environment by creating a vacuum, I'll get a more pure result..."
  213. "Hmm..."
  214. Hythlodaeus: "My dear friend! I am utterly flabbergasted! You have not thrown objects at my head like you usually do the moment you sense my presence, have you truly forgotten me?"
  215. Emet-Selch: "I... Hythlodaeus..? Is that really you?"
  216. Hythlodaeus: "The one and only! It took me SO long to figure out where you were hiding."
  217. Emet-Selch: "Oh Hyth... It's been so long since I've interacted with another ancient, I-I'm so happy to see you again!"
  218. Hythlodaeus: "Ah, that's a first."
  219. Emet-Selch: "Wait, I thought you left with the others. Does that mean..."
  220. Hythlodaeus: "No, you are mistaken, I never left. I did want to go with, initially, but our mutual friend convinced me you'd perish on your own, so I didn't at the last minute. Unfortunately for me, you were already gone when I came to tell you I was staying! What awful irony."
  221. Emet-Selch: "...*sigh* I see... I was so torn up over our diverging paths that I simply wanted to run far away, somewhere that I could be distracted."
  222. "I'm so, so sorry, my dear friend, it's been too long, and part of it's my fault..."
  223. Hythlodaeus: "Nonsense! I'm here now, aren't I? Now I can beat you up instead of you doing it to yourself!"
  224. Emet-Selch: "Aha, I suppose you're right. Oh! I believe introductions are in order."
  225. "Hythlodaeus, this is my husband (or) wife, (Player). He (or) she owns an impressive farm that I help care for. And (Player), this is my best and most loathsome friend, Hythlodaeus."
  226. Hythlodaeus: "Charmed, I'm sure!"
  227. "Wait-- Loathsome!? I'll have you know I'm the most jolly, lovable chap you'll ever meet!"
  228. Emet-Selch: "You are a fiend and a menace. I do not forget."
  229. Hythlodaeus: "Well! Nontheless, I am pleased to meet you, (Player)! Glad to see Hades hasn't burnt you to a crisp yet! You know how careful you have to be with your soft human bodies!"
  230. Emet-Selch: "Ugh..."
  231. Hythlodaeus: "And husband (or) wife, you said! With a farm no less! Why you two are just all set out here, aren't you? Oh how delightful! I'm so happy for you!"
  232. Emet-Selch: "But really, Hythlodaeus, I'm overjoyed to see you again. Truly, words cannot express."
  233. Hythlodaeus: "Oh look at you getting sappy with me. But, yes, you're right. It's been far too long. I will most certainly keep in contact and visit frequently now that I know where you are! I admit, I missed you a lot. I'm sure our friend misses us even more..."
  234. Emet-Selch: "Ah... Yes. I missed you too. I miss them greatly..."
  235. "Well, shall I give you the grand tour?"
  236. Hythlodaeus: "Oh! Yes! Most certainly! Lead the way, dear friend!"
  237. "It was a pleasure to meet you, (Player)! See you around!"
  238. (Post-event dialogue)
  239. Emet-Selch: "It brought a tear to the eye to be reunited with Hythlodaeus. I'm happy you got to meet him."
  241. (Movie dialogue)
  242. (Regular invite) "Hmm... Very well. I will join you for a movie."
  243. (Married invite) "It is a unique experience to be snuggled beside your lover at a movie, no? Of course I'll come with you."
  244. "This should be quite good, I'm ever a lover of the arts."
  245. (There's a twinkle in Emet-Selch's eye...)
  246. "Fascinating..."
  247. "Aah, (Player). I appreciate your invitation, that was an enjoyable picture."
  248. "Hmm..."
  249. "I'm afraid that didn't quite do anything for me, what a bore."
  251. (Regular order dialogue)
  252. "I require {0} for potion-making. Please deliver directly to my study. -Emet-Selch, Sorcerer"
  253. "The Sorcerer, Emet-Selch, wishes to study the arcane properties of {0}. You will be rewarded."
  254. "Need {0} for experiment. -Emet-Selch, Sorcerer"
  255. "Local sorcerer in search of a fresh {0}."
  256. "The monsters known as {0} are throwing the elemental balance into disarray. I would like an adventurer to enter the mines and slay {1} of these {2}. -Emet-Selch, Sorcerer"
  258. (Special order dialogue)
  259. "I seek an extremely rare and ghastly goop, known as 'ectoplasm'. It can be found in the remains of slain ghosts. -Emet-Selch"
  260. "Ah, perfect! You've better luck than I in retrieving some ectoplasm. Off you go, my hero. I must make use of this posthaste. And, thank you."
  261. "I require assistance in tracking down the rare and dangerous prismatic slime, within the local caves. Bring me a jar of its prismatic jelly and you will be duly rewarded. -Emet-Selch"
  262. "Is that some prismatic jelly I see, (Player)? I don't know where I'd be without your help. Thank you. I do hope the reward is sufficient."
  264. (Generic dialogue)
  265. "There's always something special about a stormy day. The air could be charged with a great many things at any single moment."
  266. "You're the farmer that moved in recently, yes? Tis' a pleasure to meet you. What's your name again..? (Player)? Well, (Player), fear not if you ever need of my expertise when it comes to the magics."
  267. "Oh? An arctic shard? Most interesting. A powerful substance, indeed, and potently infused with the element of ice. Giving it to me, are you? Well thank you, (Player), I can make good use of it. Oh dear... I'm not sure I have anything to give in return... Aha! You fish, yes? Here, this should prove useful."
  268. "You want me to come watch a movie with you? Hmm... Sure, why not? I'll meet you there."
  269. "These crystals littered about my chambers are the best way to focus energy and intent to store for more longterm usage. When imbued, crystals are good for menial tasks such as light sources, keeping fires lit, or refilling a resource like water."
  270. "...Hmmmm? Sorry, I'm very focused, come back later."
  271. "Hmm, (Player), I'll allow you to explore what lies in my basement, if you desire it. I have a special altar down there that flows with the fluids of fantasia if you wish to change your appearance."
  272. "It takes years of study to understand the basics of creation magic. For a mortal such as you to actually begin creating requires a lifetime of devoted effort, and a stockpile of pure energy. Ah... if only society could be nudged back towards such academics being popular once more."
  273. "There are a vast many mysteries in the world that one such as I am privy of. I'm happy to share a scrap of knowledge or two, if you care to listen."
  274. "Keep this between you and me... But someone used to come visit me, one thing lead to another, and now I believe one of the locals may be my daughter... I could be mistaken, but I don't feel like causing problems by asking. It is interesting, to say the least."
  275. "Its not unexpected the townsfolk are afraid of me. Tis' unfortunate, but it is human to be afraid of the unknown. I don't push."
  276. "I had an apprentice once, long ago. After an accident, she grew mutated and foul and began flying around the countryside, cursing everything she saw. I got reprimanded by mayor Lewis for it and had to seal her away from the valley to regain some modicum of good favor."
  277. "Where I'm from, our society had communal masks and robes, and wearing anything else was considered rude and a disturbance. As you see, I still don the robes. I find them quite cozy. Although, I've since foregone the mask as it's meaning is lost and it makes people think I'm a burglar."
  278. "Hey (Player). How's farm work going? My work is going well, just experimenting and filling out books with the knowledge I've gleaned. Someone has to remember it all."
  279. "I like to watch. The villagers here can be quite amusing. I have a few stories I could tell. Yes, even you I observe sometimes. ... Don't get the wrong idea, it's not like I peer through the windows of private property."
  281. (Holiday events)
  282. "Oh, I'm not so much into participating in such festivity no matter the season, but I do like to watch. Did you know I have the honors of creating the maze every year? It's quite fun."
  283. "Can I offer you a nice Void Egg in this trying time?"
  284. "Found my hiding spot, did you?"
  285. "Do you know about the merpeople? They get awfully curious about your festivities, although very elusive. Though they don't appreciate the littering."
  286. "You have a knack for magnetizing yourself to me no matter what, don't you? I thought I was well-hidden. Perhaps you are blessed with the gift of clairvoyance. I do love to observe the Lunaloos, or 'Moonlight Jellies', as you call them. They possess quite the extraordinary potent magical aura for an aquatic life form."
  287. "Sneaking off to visit the mysterious sorcerer and his tower full of secrets? You're not the first person to slip out looking for a good time."
  288. "I am almost tempted to partake in the feast, the scent of warm food seduces me..."
  290. (Married dialogue)
  291. (Engagement)
  292. "My love, I cannot express how happy I am that you desire to spend the rest of your days with me."
  293. "I hope you're not the type to desire a honeymoon, because I'd rather celebrate by taking you home and giving you my everything."
  294. "Oh! ... Ohh... I understand. Yes. Unequivocally my answer is yes. I feel the same, (Player), profoundly."
  295. "You wish to marry me..? Stars above, I... Yes, yes! Of course I wish to marry you, (Player)! Oh... My heart... I'm so overjoyed... Give me 3 days, my love, we'll have the ceremony."
  297. (Misc.)
  298. "My darling, you are positively drenched! Allow me to peel those sticking clothes off of you so I can warm you up, hmm?"
  299. "Mmm, I think today I shall do some reading. You know how much I love a good, dramatic story."
  300. "I wonder what Hythlodaeus is doing..."
  301. "Aha! (Player)! I found a hidden gem loose on your farm! Here, I'm sure it'd be useful to you."
  302. "... ...... Ah... ... Achoo!! Unfortunately, no creature on this planet is safe from dreadful pollen tickling your nostril."
  303. "Believe it or not, my hair hasn't always looked this way. It used to be a bit longer, wavy and completely snowy white. I've since decided to restyle it a few times ever since I lived alone. For fun. I've made it tradition to always incorporate this white streak as a little reminder of home. I remembered to share that fact because I had thought to myself how absolutely glad I am that I don't have long, thick hair in this stifling heat."
  304. "I cherish the sights and scents of autumn, especially with you by my side, (Player). Orange leaves, the smell of hearty meals, roasts, cinnamon, and pumpkin. Little candles strewn about. The decorations and the chill in the air for Spirit's Eve. It's all so very cozy."
  305. "(Player)... What you do to me when you grace me a whisper of my true name is far stronger than any warmth a fire could provide me in these frigid days..."
  306. "Must you abandon me at home despite how it's pouring? So cruel. Stay in with me, let's curl up under the blankets and relish in each other's presence."
  307. "Mmm... let's go back to bed... The rain has handled all your silly crops, keep me warm instead."
  308. "Rain and storms bring out unique properties in various things, sometimes in most unexpected ways. Let worms be an example, rain tends to make them come to the surface. Imagine what other wonders could relinquish their hiding place."
  309. "Though it is not possible to 'get sick' directly from rain itself, the concept is not wholly debunked. You see, rain lowers your body temperature quickly, which in turn makes your immunity faculties work far less efficiently. Thusly, if your immune system is weakened by being colder, it may fail to fend off various harmful viruses and you have a higher chance of catching a cold. With that being said, do take caution. Don't catch a cold, my dear."
  310. "It is ever pleasant to rest beside an open window and get some reading done as petrichor wafts through the air."
  311. "Welcome home, (Player). You look... Wet. Oh, please don't drip on me, dear."
  312. "Evening, my dear. Did you see any frogs out there? They do make good reagents when it comes to good old fashioned alchemy."
  313. "I assure you, I did not commit myself to any risky experiments in the rain today. Fret not."
  314. "Has the tempest outside defeated you yet? Are you ready to retreat to the warm depths of bed with me?"
  315. "My darling, I hope you aren't tracking mud into here. I do make an effort to keep the floors clean."
  316. "Morning, (Player). Care for some sustenance? I made enough."
  317. "Mmm... Morning. Oh I suppose I'll try to do something today. You know how much I love napping."
  318. "Good morning, my beloved. I made coffee today so I last a few extra hours before giving in to sloth. Here."
  319. "I find myself drawn to the selfish idea that I could simply snap my fingers and all obligations are done in the blink of an eye. Though if I did that, there would be no passion or fun in the day's activities for you, would there?"
  320. "My sweet, do have a good day today, won't you? I'll be thinking of you."
  321. "I had a wonderfully productive day of napping on various surfaces. Now I will end it with lying awake in bed for a few hours, remembering every single one of my sins. Please smother me with your limbs so I stop thinking, love."
  322. "There you are, I made some treats while you were out. Have as much as you like, my sweet."
  323. "Worry not, I have indeed not yet perished of loneliness after you've abandoned me here for your duties. Now be a sweetheart and replenish me with your company."
  324. "Welcome home, dear (Player). I've missed you. Have you collected any interesting stories today?"
  325. "Oh my sweet, there you are. Come to Hades."
  326. "Oh, just doing a bit of exploring. The work you put into this farmland is exquisite, I must say."
  327. "Would you be upset with me if I told you I ate one of your crops? I'm not telling you which one."
  328. "I am scouting. Oh, for what, you ask? The ideal tree to nap in, of course."
  329. "I'm so boooooored..."
  330. "Shh... I'm on a mission to make sure there is not a single mosquito left alive on this land."
  332. (Children dialogue)
  333. "(Player)... How do you feel about having (or) adopting a child with me?"
  334. "This is truly something special I... I vow to give this family my dedication until the end of time, (Player)."
  335. "My love, I'm near speechless. You've made me a very happy ancient being with this child. Thank you for everything."
  336. "I'm so happy we won't have an only child. And, yes, I'm even further happy to have two devils running around now."
  337. "Our family feels more complete than it did before, my dear. We're going to have such a wonderful home with a second child neath' our roof."
  338. "You know, (Player)? I'd never thought about having a child before now. Where I'm from, it is quite the long and elaborate undertaking. Thank you for granting me this joy, my dear (Player)... It means a lot to me to have one of my own with you."
  339. "Quell your worries, dear! Just because I've never had a child before doesn't mean I've slacked on committing myself to excessive research to the little devils."
  340. "Can I teach (Kid) creation magic, or would that be irresponsibile of me?"
  341. "So, (Kid) seems to believe that my hair is curtans for my face and closes them whenever I'm deemed annoying."
  342. "I'm ever curious to see what kinds of things our children will get into as they grow up. They can be such creative little devils."
  343. "I've been trying to get (Kid1) and (Kid2) into poetry but I'm afraid they simply aren't getting it. However, they do like it when I let them pinch my nose and my voice becomes nasally."
  344. "Fairly certain I have the hang of rangling not one, but two children in your absence, thankfully. If you come home to one of our children colored neon purple for an inexplicable reason, know I failed."
  345. "I've gotten my nap time today after putting on the kids' favorite movie for the umpteenth time. Works every time."
  346. "Having a child is no small feat, I do hope I live up to the expectations of a father..."
  347. "Well, our child should hopefully come soon. All we can do is wait. I must admit, I'm a little excited."
  348. "(Player), why my dear, I believe you're pregnant!"
  349. "Ugh. This is overwhelming. (Player), take care of the kids, I need to go somewhere else before it's too much."
  351. (High heart level dialogue)
  352. "My love, your soul shines so brightly when you're passionate. What color is it? Why your eyes carry a fraction of it, dearest."
  353. "The first moment you visited me for conversation and not business, I knew you were going to be special to me, (Player)."
  354. "(Player), star of my life, you shine so brightly it brings a smile to my face every time I look upon you. I love you."
  355. "My handsome boy, you simply look ravishing right now. I do hope you're aware of that. (or) My gorgeous girl, you simply look ravishing right now. I do hope you're aware of that."
  356. "I am ever curious of your tale on how (Favorite thing) became your most favorite thing, dear."
  357. "Hmm... I was certainly praying my nap wouldn't be interrupted by my dearest spouse thinking of taking me on a romantic date... ... ...?"
  358. "To be honest, I think I knew to wait for someone like you to enter my life, (Player). When I would cast my gaze out to this farmland, abandoned as it was before you arrived, I had a feeling there was something out there waiting for me. Now, here you are..."
  359. "Call me cheesy all you wish, but I find it so comfortable to hug you. I could doze off in your arms in an instant if you'd have me."
  360. "Being around you makes me feel so... Content and at peace for once, my dear. The ceaseless ramblings and thoughts that usually go on in my head tend to halt with you around. Thank you for being with me, (Player)."
  361. "If it's no trouble, I think I'll steal a kiss from you."
  363. (Neutral dialogue)
  364. "Are any of the other villagers even half as interesting as I am? I don't intend to boast, it's just that I sincerely wonder how they thrive with not even a tenth of the amount of thoughts I have in my head in a given moment."
  365. "We should have a sleepover in my tower sometime. I know how to make the atmosphere creepy, if you're into that."
  366. "I need more books, but Gunther gets new books in sooo slowly, and they're not even good. Perhaps one of these days I'll go into the city..."
  367. "However did you come up with the name (Farm name)? I find it quite interesting."
  368. "Ah, thank you for reminding me, tis' time for my (Time) o' clock nap."
  369. "Seen any interesting shows or movies lately? Under the right director, some films can capture the true power of storytelling, and it is art just like anything else."
  370. "I've never had a pet before, believe it or not. I could never get my living spaces to be safe enough for one. People used to try to peg me for being a dog or cat person, but to be honest, I think I appreciate birds and fish the most."
  371. "Sometimes I wonder what those legendary fish they spot in the waters of this valley taste like..."
  372. "... ... What? I'm sleepy..."
  373. "As much as I like stories, I've never tried to write one before. Maybe I should."
  375. (Low heart level dialogue)
  376. "Are you tired of me? Would you like it if I secluded myself in my tower so you don't have to think about me anymore?"
  377. "And thus the olive branch withers and dies..."
  378. "If you wish me to be forgotten along with the collective memories of my home, I'd rather you just come out with it already."
  379. "When I married you, I did so accepting a future of watching you grow old as I remain eternal, but now I'm pondering if I should spare myself the despair..."
  380. "I don't appreciate being some kind of novelty that collects dust when you grow bored, (Player)."
  381. "Maybe I should've followed my dear traveler out into the stars after all... Then I would be loved magnificently as ancients do..."
  382. "If it's so beneath you to grant me an ounce of care, make yourself useful by not interrupting my studies."
  383. "Leave me to my brooding."
  384. "You've been terribly closed off to me lately..."
  385. "I wonder if there's something I could be doing better..."
  387. (More Misc.)
  388. "I'm off to do some errands and experiments at my tower. I love you, dear. I'll be back before you know it."
  389. "Ahh... It's nice to come home. Your absence is felt most keenly when I'm off researching."
  390. "We made it yet another year, my love. I am ever joyful to be by your side for it."
  391. "I think spring is... Alright. Comfortable. A little bright for my tastes, but not much I can do about that."
  392. "For you, my wonderful husband. A flower every season to remind you of my love and appreciation for you. For you, my wonderful wife. A flower every season to remind you of my love and appreciation for you."
  393. "If you see a butterfly or two outside, there's a small chance I had a hand in it's creation, if not directly creating it myself. Butterflies are one of few organics that I understand well enough to not botch the creation of."
  394. "Many of the living things you see today in the world may have been a successful creation of my people. Did I make anything? Ah, no, any of my official work was inanimate and not organic. I wasn't very confident in my organics... However, I have a suspicion that someone based a rather grumpy looking blue-grey stork off of me..."
  395. "You see, creation magic does have limits that should be respected with care. One of those said limits is modifications to one's body. However, like modern docters are trained to understand surgery procedures, so are those trained to carefully carry out various body modification procedures. This 'stone' set in my forehead is one such body modification. It was a brilliant invention with the purpose of strengthening one's spatial awareness so you may have a vastly sharper sense of where things are around you. Given that my work often involves more creation than anything else, I thought it a useful modification, so I got it for myself way back when. So, now you know. Perhaps you'll think twice on sneaking up on me with this knowledge. Unfortunately I am not qualified to give you any modifications myself, as useful as they'd be, nor are there people around to train me for it."
  396. "Going to hunt for eggs today, (Player)? I wish you swiftness and grace upon claiming your victory, if you desire it."
  397. "What are you looking at me like that for? Persephone and Hades? From Greek mythology? Ohh I see your angle, because of my true name... Some things are better left in mythology, my love."
  398. "I'd much rather outclass every soul at that flower dance by dancing with you like a proper gentleman. Alas... I don't like being perceived, nor do I wish to stop you from dancing with whoever you wish. Oh, but I will be watching. I always like to watch."
  399. "Oh? So it is my birthday. I've stopped counting them by the year, however, so I can't quite give you an exact number... Still, you're such a sweetheart for remembering. I love you, (Player), thank you."
  400. "Ugh, summer. Not a fan. Speaking of fans, if you need me I'll be camping the AC."
  401. "The sun is as beautiful as it is devestating. I could think of no other celestial body more fitting for us to revolve around."
  402. "I will never tire of gifting my other half a flower, here you are."
  403. "As much as I despise going out in public, taking a dip in the pool sounds nice..."
  404. "Yes, I am going to be wearing all black again today, and no, you cannot convince me otherwise."
  405. "This season is dreadful, but not dreadful enough for me to miss a chance at making you happy. So, I went and got you some ice cream. Enjoy, love."
  406. "The potluck is today. I think if I tried to contribute, no one would want to eat it afterwards. Which is both quite funny but also somewhat sad."
  407. "Whoever invented mosquitos is getting the full first half of my ire, and whoever approved such a concept is getting the last half of it."
  408. "I hope you're ready to go see the Lunaloos tonight, (Player). Dress appropriately, it can get nippy at the beach at night even if it's summer. I intend to keep you all to myself in a secluded place. Consider it a romantic date."
  409. "Aah... The air is cooling, the leaves are dying, the scent of firewood burning through chimneys fills the air. Nothing but peace and comfort once again."
  410. "I enjoy painting my nails occasionally. My favorite colors to use are black or gold, however if I'm feeling whimsical, then red or purple are good too."
  411. "A gorgeous representation of sheer beauty and grace... Oh, and this flower, of course."
  412. "The multiple eyes which you gaze upon neath' my hood act as both a deterrent and an aesthetic choice. For one, tis' inhuman, it makes everyone afraid of you and the mysteries that may lurk beneath the cowl. For two, I do enjoy not being entirely human, my dear. My handsome visage is a host crafted for your non-terrorized benefit."
  413. "You wish to know more about that gargantuan form I took on during that fateful storm long ago? Very well. In efficient terms, that is my truest form, albeit modified for combat. It can be shifted even larger and further still, but I found it unecessary for the situation. My true form, combat modifications cast aside, is far taller than a mortal like you, with twice the eyes, twice the arms, and an array of tendrils splayed neatly beneath my robes. I could let you see my true form any time you'd like, sweetheart. You need only ask."
  414. "What are your thoughts on sharp teeth and claws? I was thinking of letting mine grow out instead of keeping them humanly flat for the holidays this month. Perhaps startle a villager or two."
  415. "The fair today is one of few celebrations in this town that I find tolerable. The diviner that comes to visit makes meaningful conversation, and I consider her a good friend."
  416. "Tomorrow has to be one of my only favorite holidays. Call me cruel, but I love terrorizing people with tricks and scares as much as they love receiving king size candy bars."
  417. "Mmmmmm... I actually have a task today, and that would be to assist with the Spirit's Eve maze. No, I'm not giving you any hints."
  418. "Tis' my favorite season, (Player). I now have many, many new opportunities to nap and make you share your warmth with me."
  419. "If the cold weather gets to you, I could create another set of robes similar to mine if you desire it. They're very warm. They come in any colors, too!"
  420. "There is only one flower that blooms in the winter, but tis' crucial if I must keep up my tradition, my love."
  421. "Have you ever been to a big bonfire before, (Player)? I haven't, but they look cozy and fun. It's always nice to sit by a fire."
  422. "My home, Amaurot, had such beautiful winters. There's nothing like the stillness in the air between tall skyscrapers dusted with snow. However, the winter here has it's own beauty. I will snuggle up with a hot chocolate all the same."
  423. "I hope we don't get carolers this year... They always come unexpected when they see somebody is home, like a predator striking at night, thus removing any avenue of escape. So then my only options are to ignore them, which is rude, or fake my enjoyment, which is difficult."
  424. "I care not for the Festival of Ice today. What I do care about is making sure no one wanders off to mess with my tower."
  425. "The Night Markets open tonight, yes? Hmm... I might peruse."
  426. "Sometimes I like to gaze idly upon the souls people carry. Each person carries a unique hue, and it's a beautiful sight to behold all of it's details and multi-faceted shades."
  427. "I've never received one of these 'secret gifts' they like to give out during the Feast of the Winter Star. Hmph. I certainly hope the star of my heart leaves a secret gift for me somewhere, perhaps I could do the same."
  428. (Narration)
  429. "It seems Emet-Selch has gelanced to an inconspicuously placed wrapped present... You open it and receive your prize!"
  430. "Have any New Years resolutions, (Player)? All I desire is another year full of your attention and nothing but. I better let you get back to it, your free time is running out."
  431. "Ah yes, here to join me in my abode? Should you need anything, like a compelling book to read or illegal creation magic facts, you need only ask, my love."
  432. "Ah... It's quite lovely out, (Player). Thank you for spending time with me out here."
  433. "Never will I tire of the rain. I'd be far more miserable if I had to see the sun every day, blasted bright thing it is. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a vampire...",
  434. "Oh gods, (Player), are you alright? Please, please be more careful, my love, my heart can't take the thought of you getting seriously injured."
  435. "Ugh, why have you blocked off the kitchen? Not my problem anyway, starve then."
  436. "Uhm. That one is not my doing. You should probably remove it before it harms anything."
  437. "Well that was fun. I'm sure the townspeople were shocked to see me wear something other than robes. Now you get to have me all to yourself."
  438. "For you, my darling (Player). This fruit is quite rare and full of aetheric nourishment, but I found one nontheless and deigned to give it to you. I hope you make good use of it, dear. I love you."
  439. "Uuugh, leave me to my rest."
  440. "You can live for many an age and still have your doubts... Sometimes I wonder, existentially, how I even got to this point in time."
  441. "Mm... Don't mind me."
  442. "Not even the aether can replenish me. I feel so drained and exhausted..."
  443. "Things become quite different when you're married..."
  444. "I care not of your chores right now, do them yourself."
  445. "Do you think I've become more gaunt with age? I'm not sure if I like it..."
  446. "I miss my old hair... I have my doubts about ever cutting it, growing it out as long as it was took an age..."
  447. "Do you ever feel bored of this place?"
  448. "Ugh."
  449. "Return to your devices, leave me, I'm brooding."
  450. "If it's not urgent, let me sleep."
  451. "No, stay in bed with me. I don't want to get up."
  452. "Mmmmmh... Nuh-uh... Zzz..."
  453. "Don't have it in me to rise... You make breakfast... Zz..."
  454. "... I had a terrible nightmare... Please stay."
  455. "Ahh, going to water your crops today, are you? Not on my watch, I already did it for you. Love you darling."
  456. "Oh, and I have also refilled (Pet)'s water bowl."
  457. "Well I was going to rise early to tend the crops for you, yet you've beat me to it."
  458. "Fret not, I already fed the farm animals for you, dear. Hope your day is a little more easier now."
  459. "I may have snapped here and there and repaired some of the fences you put up. I just didn't want to see your hard work go to waste so soon!"
  460. "Ah, yes, my delivery arrived."
  461. "Hope my eye for decoration isn't too offensive."
  463. (Holiday events)
  464. "Going to do a grange display this year, love? Good luck, I'm ever eager to hear the results."
  465. "What? You think I'm going to tell you how to solve the maze simply because I'm your husband? You'll figure it out just like everyone else."
  466. "You want me to conjure eggs for you out of thin air? Do I look like an egg factory to you? You will go win the egg hunt by yourself, dear. Good luck."
  467. "I do like to watch, my dear. I care not who you dance with, I just think you look lovely when you do."
  468. "Are you the type of person to try your best to make the potluck delicious? Or do you thrive off of causing despair? I won't judge, heartwarming joy and growing chaos can both be entertaining to observe."
  469. "Come to enjoy the view with me, my love? It is quite cozy back here, I hope it's to your liking."
  470. "Always looking for me, aren't you? Is it getting too cold for you? Do you want to slip inside with me and let me warm you up?"
  471. "I'm not entirely fond of this little gathering. No one ever cares to remember I exist."
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