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  1. R>
  2. Learned: Twohanded Blunt, Melee Mastery
  4. R> prep halt 15
  6. ...wait 4 seconds.
  7. R>
  8. Pulsed: Shield Usage, Light Armor, Chain Armor, Brigandine, Plate Armor, Defending
  10. R> prep halt 15
  11. ...wait 1 seconds.
  12. R> prep halt 15
  13. ...wait 1 seconds.
  14. >
  15. An announcer boasts, "Combatant Rigged has vanquished the scaled atik'et.  Get it out of there!"  A pair of surly attendants lumbers in and drags the scaled atik'et out of the arena, ridding it of lodged projectiles!
  17. > prep halt 15
  19. You begin chanting a psalm to invoke the Halt spell.
  20. >
  21. An announcer shouts, "Send in the next challenge!"  An iron portcullis is raised, heralding the arrival of a red bear orc scout!  The announcers calls out, "And here's our next foe!  Round 18, FIGHT!"
  23. >
  24. [arenawatch]>watch scout
  26. You appraise the situation and notice the orc scout may press you into a large spike, you could try to lean out of the way!
  27. >
  28. [arenawatch]>lean
  30. You set yourself up to lean out of the orc scout's way!
  31. >
  32. Your farmer's tunic thrums softly as it discharges as much power as necessary, leaving a small amount left for future use.
  33. >
  34. * A red bear orc scout fires a barbed arrow at you.  You partially block with a pitch-black leather targe embellished with a blue-black glaes crescent moon.  
  35. The barbed arrow lands nearby!
  36. [You're nimbly balanced and overwhelming your opponent.]
  38. >
  39. Learned: Evasion, Shield Usage, Defending, Light Armor, Chain Armor, Brigandine, Plate Armor
  41. You feel fully prepared to cast your spell.
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