Anon - Moth Rider

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. "Hey Hexferry can I ride you?"
  2. >Hexferry turns to look at you with shock on her face as she blushes
  3. >"W-what did you just say?"
  4. "I want to ride you Hexferry"
  5. >Hexferrys blush deepens
  6. >"Stop being so crude"
  7. >With a hmph she turns her head away from you
  8. >You wonder if ponies find it embarrassing if you ride them
  9. "Can't I? I really would want to give it a go..."
  10. >Hexferry fumbles with her glass in embarrassment
  11. >"J-just shut up about the riding you idiot"
  12. "Can't I? Please Hexferry... I really want to ride you"
  13. >She's the only mothpony you’re friendly enough to ask such a favor from
  14. >Hexferry seems deep in thought before she gulps
  15. >"F-fine..."
  16. >You look at Hexferry in surprise, she's looking at the table and her face is as unsure and embarrassed as it can be
  17. "Really? You'd let me ride you, Yo're the best!"
  18. >You give Hexferry a big hug and she squeaks in surprise and squirms out from your hug
  19. >"Don't be so loud about it!"
  20. >You smile and give Hexferry a happy nod
  21. >"Let's just get going to my house..."
  22. >You and Hexferry leave the cafe and start making your way to her house
  23. >As Hexferry flies in front of you you can't help but to notice she seems a bit... embarrassed? Bothered? You are not sure what it is as you can't place a finger on it
  24. >Before long the two of you arrive at her house and Hexferry opens her door
  25. >She must be too embarrassed to let you ride her in public
  26. >"S-so here we are..."
  27. "Great, now let me hop on"
  28. >Hexferrys antennae stand up and her wings whump open as her ears go flat against her head
  29. >You can practically see the steam rising from her head, poor girl must be really embarrassed about this
  30. >You try to help her feel more relaxed
  31. "I really appreciate this Hexferry, you're going along with my idea even though you seem embarrassed about it. I couldn't have asked this from any other moth than you Hexferry"
  32. >Hexferrys posture seems to become a bit more relaxed and she starts to fiddle with her hoof
  34. >"Aaagh, l-let's just get it over with, stop making me feel m-more embarrassed than I already am you big idiot..."
  35. >Hexferry suddenly turns around and pushes her butt out towards you
  36. >Before you can even say anything she parts her tail to reveal...
  37. >Reveals...
  38. >Oooh boy
  39. >She thought you were talking about that sort of riding...
  40. "Uhhh Hexferry..."
  41. >Hexferry does not turn to look at you
  42. >"J-just stick it in already, this is embarassing..."
  43. "I wasn't talking about that sort of riding..."
  44. >Hexferry says nothing
  45. >She stays perfectly still and the only thing you can hear is the ticking of her clock
  46. >You start to wonder if she did not hear you but then she suddenly sits down fast and presses her butt against the ground hard
  47. >Hexferry turns her head to look at you over her shoulder
  48. >She's blushing, her eyes look a bit moist and her face seems angry but at the same time like she's scrunching a bit
  49. >Her antennas are drooping now
  50. >You keep looking at her for a little bit and then shift your gaze towards the ceiling and rub the back of your head
  51. "I, umm, uuhhh..."
  52. >"G-get out"
  53. >You shift your gaze to Hexferry again
  54. >She seems so embarrassed that she's shaking
  55. "Hexferry I-"
  56. >"J-just get out!"
  57. >You take off quickly and rush out from her house
  58. >And then you stand in front of her house
  59. >... you could have just played along instad of clearing the misunderstanding
  60. >She was up for it, and riding her like that could have been ever greater than what you had in mind
  61. >...fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck
  62. >You collapse onto your knees onto the ground while grimacing at your loss
  64. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65. Funny ending
  68. >You stare at Hexferrys rump and all the other stuff that is visible
  69. >Wow, you never thought she'd understand it in that way, but the thing that surprises you the most is that she's willing
  70. >But enough about that, you came here to ride, and not in that way, and be damned you will ride her
  71. >You move behind Hexferry and place you hands on her hips
  72. >Hexferry jolts a bit at the touch but then relaxes and pushes her butt even more out so her cheeks spread even more
  73. "GIDDYUP!"
  74. >You hop onto Hexferrys back
  75. >"Gaaaaaah!"
  76. >Hexferry falls beneath your weight and you're sure you hear an audible snap as the two of you hit the floor
  77. >You land on HExferry who yelps in ain and starts to struggle away from under you right away
  78. >"Get off get off get off! What the heck is wrong with you!?"
  79. >Hexferry manages to crawl out from beneath you while staring daggers at you angrily
  80. "I was just hopping on so I could ride you..."
  81. >Hexferry stares at you in disbelief before wincing in pain and pulling her hoof close to her body
  82. "Are you allright?"
  83. >Hexferry gives you a glare
  84. >"Of course I'm not allright you idiot! Just leave!"
  85. >You get up while feeling embarrassed
  86. "You sure you can manage?"
  87. >Hexferry seems very crossed with you now
  88. >"Of course I can, I'll just fl-"
  89. >Hexferry was about to point at her wings but to her surprise you seem to have damaged them as well
  90. >"You're kidding..."
  91. >You rub the back of your head
  92. "I could carry you to the ER..."
  93. >Hexferry looks at you woth a blush and some anger, but then hangs her head in defeat
  94. >"...sure..."
  95. >You pick up Hexferry into your arms as she blushes redder and redder and then the two of you set off towards the ER
  96. >But you can't help but not notice a certain... wetness
  97. "Hexferry, you're moist..."
  98. >Hexferry hits you with her hoof while telling you to shut up, and then turning to stare at anything else other than you
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