SMZ3 1v1 rules

Nov 11th, 2018
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  1. ~~ SMZ3 Crossover 1v1 Tournament 2020 Rules ~~
  3. Rules:
  4. -- ALTTP Glitches --
  5. Major Glitches are banned:
  6. Minor Glitches are allowed:
  8. -- SM Glitches -
  9. Out of bounds X-ray climbing (, Glitched Beams (patched out), and GT code are banned (patched out)
  10. Any minor glitches (from NMG categories) are allowed.
  12. -- What happens if I have internet, tech or power issues? --
  14. Please make local recordings of races in case of any internet or technical issues. Local recordings of your entire stream are preferred to just raw game feed and are sufficient to determine the result of a race.
  16. If you are having internet issues leading up to the race please do not continue and race anyway. Instead please let an admin know and reschedule.
  18. If you have internet or technical issues (for a moderate/significant period of time) and cannot provide a local recording then you will be forfeit from that match. There will be no rematches.
  20. -- What should I do if I think someone is cheating? --
  21. All forms of cheating are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
  23. Being in a restream channel or chat during the race
  24. -Stream sniping
  25. -ROM/RAM inspection
  26. -Speaking to other racers (besides your teammate) during a race
  27. -Receiving advice from others (besides your teammate) during a race.
  28. -We ask that you utilize Twitch’s emote only mode in your chat, and close your chat window until after you click “done” in SRL. After, you may turn emote only off and proceed as normal. This can be done using the following commands.
  29. /emoteonly
  30. /emoteonlyoff
  32. If you think someone is cheating please do not bring it up in a public Discord channel or Twitch chat. Please message a tournament admin directly on the tournament Discord.
  34. Please only include facts and provide as much information as possible to support your claim. Harassment, bullying and continued cheat accusations will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the tournament and relevant Discords/Twitch channels.
  36. Players who are removed for conduct violations will be banned from all future tournaments. Conduct violations include, but are not limited to:
  37. Harassment of players, volunteers, mods/admins, or the general public in the tournament discord or restream channels.
  40. -- What hardware/software can I use? --
  41. Allowed emulators include SNES9X 1.51+, SNESGT, SNESGX (Wii) & BSNES/HIGAN.
  42. ZSNES & older versions of SNES9X are banned.
  43. SD2SNES, Super Everdrive, SNES Classic and SuperNT are all allowed.
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