Marooned with Mermaid (v1.0)

Mar 21st, 2014
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  1. His eyes, nose, and lungs were burning. There was a tremendously annoying pressure in both of his ears. There was wet hair in his face.
  3. He coughed and hair got in his mouth and nose. It was salty and he made a variety of unpleasant sounds. Then the hair was gone, and he felt like the sun had suddenly risen on his closed eyelids. He rolled, shielded his eyes with a weak arm, and fought himself to sit up while he kept coughing. Blearily--and angrily, as if someone had pulled him out of a deep sleep--he opened his eyes and looked at a mermaid.
  5. Though her skin was the warm pink of coral, her hair was silver and reflective. He pulled one out of his mouth and looked at her reproachfully. She was grinning with her mouth open, having beached herself on the sandy shore. Two slender, ornamental fins the color of blood stuck up from her forehead and blew in the wind. She was topless, but the fisherman felt more of a need to double check her long tail rather than her much more believable breasts.
  7. her sides dipped in at her waist and then spread out again, nice and wide, just like a woman’s would. But beyond the pelvis there was no semblance of humanity, merely a ten foot long tail with red fins.
  9. He coughed again and scowled. “I don’t suppose you know what’s happened to the rest of the crew?”
  11. She rolled her eyes at him and replied with something in a language he didn’t speak. He turned and looked over his shoulder.
  13. “Fuck,” he said. He could see through the palms all the way to the other side of the island from where he was sitting.
  15. “Fuck,” said the mermaid agreeably. “Fuck! Aye! Starboard! A Mermaid!”
  17. “Are you a parrot or a mermaid?” he asked her.
  19. “A mermaid!” she repeated triumphantly, though he doubted she understood him.
  21. He put his face in his hands.
  23. ---
  25. It took close to an hour to establish to her that he was called Ben. She didn’t seem interested in giving him her name, or perhaps she didn’t have one to begin with. But she certainly found Benjamin fascinating. He found her mostly infuriating, and wasn’t sad to see her vanish back into the sea later when he went.
  27. He wished he had alcohol, and grudgingly ate a coconut while leaning against a tree. Thank god a machete had found its way to shore. Hopefully other useful things had as well. Mostly it was just wood, which he was pulling to shore whenever he saw, for a fire in the future.
  29. The mermaid returned around dusk, hooting his name from where she had beached herself. He walked out to her glowing grin where she lay propped up on her elbows. “Are you going to help me get out of here?” he asked her.
  31. She patted the sand, and he sat down to join her. “Ben,” she pleaded.
  33. He gave in to her demands and sat, and she grabbed one of his thighs and pulled herself over to and onto him, the weight of her tail in his lap while she lifted her torso up to rest against his. “Ben,” she repeated, as if begging for something or asking for permission.
  35. The sailor was quite startled, and though his initial reaction was to shove her off he stayed his hand--if he was reading her body language right, he was about to live every sailor’s dream. He put his hands on her hips and felt the transition of flesh to slick silver scales, and the feathery softness of the fins on the sides of her tail. These new textures were confusing for him.
  37. “How do we do this exactly?” he asked her, looking down her front, sliding a hand over her navel and then down, probing curiously. He found something, a small slit he’d failed to notice before, and hesitantly pressed a finger inside of it.
  39. Judging by her reaction, it was the right hole. Her tail flopped and she moaned, tossing her head and her silver hair back happily. Ben removed his finger and undid his belt. Some men might have balked at the idea of her lower fish body. Not him. He was already hard simply by the feeling of her breasts rubbing on his chest.
  41. “Is it true that mermaids are always after the cock?” he asked curiously when she looked down into his lap to examine him.
  43. She smiled, “The cock!”
  45. “Right you are, lass,” he said, and after he found the elusive little opening again, he gave it to her and she received it gladly. He rolled her over onto her back and pressed into her all the way to get sense of what it would be like. On the inside, he felt like hundreds of tiny--tongues? Fingers? Sea anemone tentacles? Something slimy but with a grip and a texture--were lapping at him continuously, spasming their movements to cover his member with their slippery fluids and acting in unison to squeeze and stroke him inside of her.
  47. He thought, I could get used to this.
  49. Ben gave another thrust, and the mermaid crooned. Her hands swept up his neck to his scruffy jaw to cradle the sides of his face while she looked at him with respect, pleasure, and only a touch of analytic curiosity as she felt him out just like he’d been feeling her out in return.
  51. She gave him a kiss, and he was pleased to find that her mouth was not as far from human as the rest of her. She was forceful with her tongue and liked to nibble at him through her moans. Her fingernails were soon sinking in against his scalp and sliding down Ben’s back.
  53. The faster he pumped, the more rough her insides were to him, rolling the tiny surfaces over him as he became more wet because of the maid, so wet that there was almost no resistance to him. He was thrusting at the speed of light when he felt what was unmistakably an orgasm. Her walls clamped down of him so tightly that he was afraid for a moment that he would be unable to pull his erection out again for another thrust. There was the unmistakable sensation of suction like her body was trying to pull him in, and he sprayed his cum inside her shamelessly. Only then did the sucking end and he was released.
  55. “Oh my gods,” he muttered, falling back from the mermaid. Why couldn’t human women be like her? Why couldn’t she also be like a human woman and speak his language?
  57. The mermaid looked at him contentedly with a cheeky smile on her face. She had been a stranger to humans perhaps, but not orgasms. She rolled over onto her stomach again, then her side to admire him.
  59. He wondered about her motives as he lay panting, and wondered about how long he’d be out here with her. Maybe he’d have time to teach her to talk. Maybe they’d have time to get to know each other. Maybe she’d ride his cock again.
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