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  1. Type: 2.4GHz Wireless Distance: 50ft. Receiver Interface: USB Laser Pointer Supported: Yes Color: Black Features: 2.4 GHz radio frequency controlled with 50-foot+ range and no line-of-sight needed between remote control and receiver Laser pointer plus illumination light to check notes & equipment problems without turning on room lights Simple to operate Plug & play installation LED power and signal indicator on USB receiver Control one computer with multiple remote controls, or multiple computers with one remote control** Laser pointer can be disabled for extra safety in schools and at home Resettable ID codes to avoid interference between multiple sets Resettable channels to avoid interference with other wireless devices For use with PC (Windows Vista & XP) and Mac (OS X) Comes with neck lanyard, travel pouc...
  3. Price: $41.99
  5. For Product Details and Price Comparison, visit goo.gl/3OD3a?item=atek-rm200-presenter
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