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  1. *************** Exposition
  3. BodaP is a church boy, he goes to church every Sunday, participates in everything church relate. BodaP is a good boy.
  4. But Kyle is quite the opposite, Kyle is a bad boy with his dark clothing and piercings
  6. *************** Chapter 1
  8. highlvlnub, Kyle's mom, had made Kyle go to church with her but of course since Kyle is a such a stubborn piece of shit, he refused. highlvlnub however, managed to convince him to go.
  10. "Mom just because you got me to go to church doesn't mean I'm gonna dress up for it" Kyle yelled from his room as he threw his button up shirt and pants on his desk. He could hear her sigh, making him feel guilty, but he put on his nicest pair of black skinny jeans and most appropriate Ricky Martin t-shirt to make her feel better
  12. When they arrived at the church, highlvlnub greeted everyone while Kyle followed along when they met a mother who had a daughter roughly Kyle's age.
  14. "Kyle, this is Madi and her mother Bean. They come here every Sunday. Madi is such a good girl, she would be the perfect example of how you should act. You guys should become friends or even more than that!"
  16. Kyle looked at Madi and she had a black skirt with a light blue shirt and dark hair in a bun. She was cute but he wasn't interested in her since he liked boys.
  18. "Why don't you show Kyle the teen room?" Bean questioned Madi
  20. Madi nodded and told Kyle to follow her.
  22. They arrived at the teen room and there were around 15 other teens in there already.
  24. "Come meet my friends Kyle" Madi said grabbing his hand.
  26. They walked up to a group of 2 boys and 2 girls name Donut, Seb, May and Wytai. They all introduced themselves and continued on with their conversation.
  28. While they conversed, Kyle looked around, observing the room when his eyes stopped short on a small, pale boy. He was cute with curly dark hair and a curvy figure. Kyle asked Seb who the short boy was with sheer curiosity.
  30. "Oh, thats BodaP. We're all pretty sure he's gay and only comes to church so that god will forgive him" Seb said while Kyle nodded pretending the words didnt hurt but continued to stare at BodaP.
  32. "One time he bent over and I saw him wearing panties! Girls' panties" Madi interupted
  34. While everyone made disgusted faces, Kyle was trying not to let them see that him imagining BodaP in girl's underwear made his "downstairs" crazy.
  36. "I'm gonna go talk to him" Kyle stated as he headed over to BodaP. BodaP was sat at the front reading his bible while everyone waited for the preacher to come out
  38. Kyle sat beside him and whispered, "hi"
  40. BodaP squealed and dropped his bible. He picked it up and they both made eye contact and Kyle was swooning in his presence.
  42. "Who are you?" He pouted?
  44. "I'm Kyle, Gay Kyle"
  46. "Oh well hey Kyle", he blushed "I'm BodaP" He smiled. The preacher walked in and BodaP stiffened up and sat up in attention.
  48. "Okay guys, everyone please take your seat while we start" said the preacher, Zae. Kyle sat up in attention too, but with BodaP in his mind.
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