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  1. (Roundup) (Sing Tao Daily reported), a English Premier League players accused of being a British television reality show star Thomas (Imogen Thomas) blackmail ten pounds (about 1.3 million Hong Kong dollars) in exchange for the two men extramarital affairs are not exposed.  Thomas on this charge large table angry.
  3.  The name of the image is a good family man, married players, the High Court last month issued an injunction prohibiting media coverage of this affair the British actor's identity.  High Court Judge Eady (Justice Eady) an injunction on Monday to explain the reasons that Thomas apparently had extorted star.  Thomas appeared in court to listen to a very angry explain that not be treated fairly.  Although the British media did not report under the injunction star status, but the foreign media and social networking sites broke the news that the protagonist is the Manchester United star Jesse (Ryan Giggs).
  5.  Twenty-year-old Thomas is two ○ ○ 三年 Miss Wales, has done modeling, ○ six years in TV reality show "Big Brother" fame, also was named the British media as the most sexy girl.
  7.  Thomas said the players have had six months with the love, according to star's lawyer, said Thomas to the star said she needed the money, initially obtained from five pounds, and later increased to ten pounds.  Star said he only met three times with the Thomas side.  Edie said that Thomas seems to set a trap to blackmail players, so he issued last month on the 14th temporary injunction.
  9.  Read the judge's explanation, Thomas expressed shock: "They portrayed me to my shock, my reputation has been destroyed utterly affair with the man I can be hidden behind it. What is more, I even can not defend himself, because I want to seal, in the end justice? my name is not important? If this is the function of privacy injunction, then, the law is really a problem. "
  11.  "The Sun" reported last month on the 14th with a football player Thomas affair, the article reports, the star's lawyer was informed that Thomas Max Clifford associated with the publishers, then immediately apply for an injunction.
  13.  Actor Jesse pass for the event, Manchester United two years, a good man in the image of football sport there has always been to have a son and a daughter.
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