Lost in Translation Part 2[clop and stuff] (Princesses/Anon)

Jun 1st, 2015
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  1. > Be Shining Armor
  2. > Before you know it, you fall back into your old guard routines
  3. > You almost completely tune out the mares' conversation, monitoring the last statement for questions directed at you
  4. > Most of your attention is on the monster? Culprit? Perpetrator
  5. > He doesn't look so dangerous, sipping tea with that dull look on his face
  6. > You'd almost underestimate him, but your belly still tingles from his attack
  7. > Not to mention your, ah, reaction
  8. > You can see a twinkle in Cadence's eye when she glances at you
  9. > When you were merely a guard assigned to her, you'd often be in this situation; bored and stiff
  10. > She'd make sure you stayed at attention, with innocent seeming motions that moved her tail just so, or bared her slender neck
  11. > You wouldn't mind amusing her in this way if it wasn't for the cause of your current predicament
  12. > You take some solace in being extra vigilant and stoic
  14. > Be Cadence
  15. > It seems your dear husband has taken a liking to Celestia's novelty
  16. > He's not even paying attention to the conversation, just staring at the creature
  17. > To anypony else, he would be utterly unreadable, but you can see the longing in his eyes
  18. > You really ought to do something nice for him, he's been working very hard lately
  19. > You glance at his stallionhood
  20. > Very hard indeed
  21. > "What are we looking at?"
  22. > You start at Celestia's whisper in your ear
  23. > You cough and regain your composure
  24. "I was just thinking, do you think you could lend Anom to Shining for an evening? They seem to be bonding nicely."
  25. > Celestia smirks
  26. > "They seem more bored than bonded. I'll ask him though, he is his own creature after all."
  27. > She waves a hoof at Anom, who focuses on her with the dullness you recognize from guards too long at peaceful postings
  28. > "Anom, night, visit, Shining Armor?"
  29. > Your husband perks up at the sound of his name
  31. > Be Anon
  32. > You suppose it was only a matter of time
  33. > Some mare was going to ask for the gay stuff eventually
  34. > Still, if you're going to suffer this indignity, you want to see them get off on it
  35. "Cadence, Celestia, watch Anom sex Shining Armor?"
  36. > From his sputtering, shy guy probably doesn't want an audience
  37. > Meanwhile, you are pretty sure the mares are excited about the idea
  38. > That's closer to how you like it
  40. > Be Celestia
  41. > You...did not anticipate this
  42. > You've watched Shining climb the ranks over the years and develop into a strikingly handsome unicorn
  43. > You might have entertained some thoughts, but this...
  44. > Cadence can't take her eyes off of Shining's erection
  45. > It's a pretty good one
  47. > Be Shining Armor
  48. > Why is no one listening to you?
  49. "Hey, not that there's anything wrong with two stallions having a good time, but I do not swing that way!"
  50. > Hell, the creature doesn't even look that into it
  51. > Maybe that's your way out
  52. > You look him in the eyes
  53. "No sex."
  54. > He blinks
  55. > "jusk kantog? Can."
  56. > Then he grabs your dick and takes your breath away
  58. > Be Cadence
  59. > Oh, Shining really likes that
  60. > He's doing the twitchy thing while his horn sparks
  61. > To tell the truth, you rather like this as well
  62. > Your helpless husband
  63. > The way Anom just looks at you like he knows
  64. > You find yourself squirming in your seat, rubbing against the velvet cushion beneath you
  65. > Celestia isn't much better
  66. > She may be completely still, but you recognize the glowing from her marehood
  67. > You've used that too, when Shining was on night patrol
  68. > You bite your lip to keep in the moans
  70. > Be Shining
  71. > By all that is holy
  72. > Someone stop the creature!
  73. > It's so
  74. > Wrong
  75. > Not to mention that you are aimed at Celestia
  76. > It doesn't matter that this feels more amazing than your w-
  77. > Uggghhhh
  78. > Crap
  79. > You can't even think anymore
  81. > Be Anon
  82. > It's almost bearable if you don't look at what your hand is doing
  83. > It is kind of amusing the effect it's having on the mares
  84. > Pinkie, you aren't being subtle about humping the floor
  85. > Shewestia can't take her eyes off your handjob
  86. > You wonder...
  87. > It's a bit of a stretch, but you reach out with your other hand and grab her ass
  88. > She whimpers and her hips buck once
  89. > Oh hell yes
  91. > Be Cadence
  92. > Such debauchery
  93. > Reducing everyone to rutting animals
  94. > Twilight was more right than she knew
  95. > Shining's cock surges, splattering the table with his glorious cum
  96. > A droplet lands in Celestia's chest fur
  97. > At that precise instant, you cum
  99. > Be Shining
  100. > You collapse onto your back, your body almost painful with the height of your orgasm
  101. > You might swing that way after all
  103. > Be Anon
  104. > Great, now your hand is all sticky
  105. "Gotta clean this off somehow."
  106. > You pull your hand away from shy guy and stand up
  108. > Be Cadence
  109. > That cum is yours
  111. > Pink Pervert climbs up onto the table and licks your hand, maintaining perfect eye contact
  112. > You freeze as her tongue caresses every inch of your hand, between the fingers, licking and suckling until its clean
  113. > When she swallows, you check yourself
  114. > Yup diamonds
  115. > Then she turns her back on you and starts lapping at the cum on the table
  116. > Goddamn
  118. > You feel something stir within you
  119. > First things first, though
  120. "Cadence, sex?"
  121. > Shewestia gives you a gentle push towards the pink tush and says
  122. > "Yes."
  123. > Well, let's see
  124. > You get a double handful of bubblebutt
  125. > Cadence's tail lifts up and over your arm, revealing a winking pussy
  126. > No need to ask twice, then
  128. > Be Cadence
  129. > There's a fire in your veins clouding your mind
  130. > Your vision is filled with the delicious cum on the table and Shining's still firm erection
  131. > Even as you lap up your favorite treat, you feel something latch onto your hindquarters
  132. > In your lust fueled haze, you automatically lift your tail out of the way
  133. > Celestia enters your field of vision, hovering over your husband's cock
  134. "Wait, what do-"
  135. > Something amazing plows through your undefended pussy
  136. > The pressure on your flanks spikes, and your forelegs give out as the Dominus hilts inside you
  137. > Your face lands in the puddle of Shining's cum, and you are only peripherally aware of Celestia lowering herself
  139. > Be Shining Armor
  140. > You had almost recovered when something hot and wet enveloped your stallionhood
  141. > Your eyes snap open and are filled with a wondrous sight
  142. > Princess Celestia is riding your dick, an expression of wanton abandonment on her face
  143. "N-no, this is wrong!"
  144. > She locks eyes with you, her expression sobering a little
  145. > "Forgive me, but I could not hold back any longer."
  146. > With that, her hips grind against yours in a slow, exquisite rotation
  147. > You gasp at the stimulation, your cock already throbbing inside the pussy you had fantasized the most about, second only to your wife's
  148. > Where is Cadence?
  149. > Why isn't she stopping this?
  150. > Celestia nuzzles your neck, and you find it increasingly difficult to protest
  151. > Then you glimpse your wife over Celestia's shoulder, and it all makes sense
  152. > Cadence had insisted on making all of your dreams come true, even when you ashamedly admitted your onetime lust for the Sun Princess
  153. > She must have traded a favor to Celestia's pet for this rare opportunity to rut the Sun
  154. > You smile at your wife, and yield yourself to the ecstasy of Celestia's marehood
  156. > Be Cadence
  157. > Your nose is filled with the scent of Shining's cum
  158. > Celestia bends down to nuzzle his neck, and he smiles at you
  159. > Why this gratitude?
  160. > Anom thrusts inside you again, your cheek smearing against the table
  161. > Ah, you remember now
  162. > How embarrassed he was to admit his juvenile fantasy
  163. > How you would roleplay as the radiant princess
  164. > Your promise to make his dreams real
  165. > As prices go, this one isn't so bad
  166. > You give yourself over to riding Anom's cock
  167. > You do spare a bit of magic to stroke Shining's neck
  168. > Oh how you love him
  170. > Be Anon
  171. > Pinkie starts getting into the rhythm, her tail coiling around your waist
  172. > You bend forward and drag your fingers down her back, savoring the way her inner walls clench around you as you hilt
  173. > No doubt about it, this is worth a handjob
  174. > You wrap your arms around Cadence in a bear hug and lift her up, thrusting deep into her from below
  175. > She squeals in surprise and delight, her back arched against your firm chest
  176. > You slide one hand down her belly and rub her pussylips as you pump in and out
  178. > Be Celestia
  179. > You feel your guilt growing in proportion to your pleasure
  180. > And yet, even though you know this is a mistake, you can't stop yourself
  181. > Then Shining Armor smiles at something, and turns to look at you
  182. > His face is so close
  183. > He kisses you, his tongue invading your startled mouth
  184. > You cum right then and there, bucking senselessly as you return the kiss
  185. > Your guilt drops away, and you fill yourself with the firm length of a virile young stallion
  187. > Be Shining Armor
  188. > Her mouth is as sweet as you thought it would be
  189. > You wrap your hooves around her neck and pound her quivering pussy, no doubt highly sensitive after that last orgasm
  190. > You can feel yourself nearing the edge, your senses filled with the lovely sight and scent of an aroused mare
  191. > You break the kiss, and whisper in her ear,
  192. "Thank you, for fulfilling my dream."
  193. > As she shudders with the wave of her third orgasm, you can hold back no longer
  194. > You fire deep into the belly of the Sun, clutching her to your chest as you ride your own wave of pleasure
  195. > For long moments, the two of you lay there
  196. > Then Celestia looks at you, her face flushed with pleasure
  197. > "You know, I had dreamed of this as well."
  198. > You smile, flattered
  199. "Then here's to dreams."
  200. > You give her a kiss on the cheek, and pump your softening member once more inside her
  201. > She giggles, then rests her head against your neck
  203. > Be Cadence
  204. > From your vantage point, you were able to see that whole adorable little scene
  205. > Still, you feel a little lonely, even as you are rutted like no mare has been rutted before
  206. > You've lost count of your orgasms, your whole body tingling with every thrust, stroke, and shift of Anom's claws
  207. > You twist to look back and up at this impossible creature, your mouth parted and inviting
  208. > You expect his kiss to be deep and fierce, but he takes his time, his lips surging against yours like a slowly building tide
  209. > He lays you on your back on the table, his kisses and pounding uninterrupted
  210. > Once his hands are freed, he strokes your face lightly with the rounded tips of his claws
  211. > You find yourself to be the one to go for the tongue, your nose filling with his musk, your tongue tasting the exotic depths and thrilling points of his mouth
  212. > Then his claws converge on your horn, tracing the spiral, filling your body with white hot pleasure
  213. > You keen into his mouth, your body desperately clinging to his, trying to fill you with the entirety of his length
  214. > He shudders at the same time, his hips slamming into yours
  215. > Finally he hilts, and you feel his hot semen fill you as he surges again and again
  216. > After a long, exquisite moment, you relax your hold on him a little
  217. > He smiles at you
  218. > "Thank you."
  219. "You're welcome."
  220. > He brushes a strand of your mane from your face, and you feel warm inside, even more than before
  221. > You want to share this
  222. "Take me to Shining."
  223. > He tilts his head, then picks you up
  224. > As you gently sway in his grasp, you wonder at the strength in those limbs
  225. > He sets you down by your husband
  226. > Shining looks at you with warm, affectionate eyes
  227. > "Thank you, my beloved."
  228. > You give him a kiss
  229. "Anything for you."
  231. > Be Anon
  232. > You have to say, you are feeling pretty satisfied
  233. > Shewestia rolls off the stallion, and looks at you with a pleading expression
  234. > "Carry me?"
  235. > You sigh, and pick her up
  236. > She's actually kind of heavy
  237. > You shift your grip and rest part of her weight on your hip
  238. > She nods towards her bed, which looks awfully inviting
  239. > You walk over slowly and set her down on the mattress
  240. > Shewestia beckons you to her, and you climb in beside her
  241. > She wraps her hooves around you, and snuggles up close
  242. > You return the embrace, bathing in the warmth of her presence
  243. > And just like that, you fall asleep
  245. > Be Anon
  246. > You sorta recognize this dream
  247. > You walk into the kitchen, and there's your bowl of mac and cheese
  248. > Then, yes, light flickers
  249. > When you look back, the bowl is gone and you are hungry
  250. > You rifle through the fridge, then the cupboards, then the oven
  251. > Nothing, same as always
  252. > You turn, expecting Mr. Rodgers to make it all better
  253. > No
  254. > It's god damn Wuna eating your bowl of mac and cheese
  255. "Stop that! It's mine!"
  256. > She freezes, a forkful midway to her mouth
  257. > You stride towards her to grab it, but you can't seem to make any progress
  258. > She just gets farther and farther away, and keeps eating your damn mac and cheese
  259. > You wake up angrier than you have been for a while now
  260. > You blearily turn your head, barely making out a number of silhouettes around the bed
  261. > "Now!"
  262. > You are engulfed in a brilliant rainbow, its light somehow bearable
  263. > In fact, you find yourself calming down
  264. > It was just a dream, and in no way is Wuna responsible for the theft of your dream food
  265. > Your eyes adjust to the morning light, and you see Purple has brought even more friends, how nice
  266. > In fact, you are feeling great after what is no doubt a anti-hangover spell
  267. > You gather Starbutt up in a hug, patting her neck fondly for the nice spell she cast
  269. > Be Twilight
  270. > How could it have failed?
  271. > Sun, moon, love, and friendship
  272. > How could seduction magic be stronger than them all?
  273. > As the Dominus presses you against his firm chest, you feel the magic take hold
  274. > Then a light blue aura pries you from his arms
  275. > "Unhoof her, you ruffian!"
  276. > Good, yes, good thing Rarity stopped him
  277. > Rainbow scowls
  278. > "That's it, plan A is a flop, I'm beating him up."
  279. "Wait, Rainbow, no!"
  280. > It's too late
  281. > She launches backward into the air, then divebombs the waiting seduction monster
  282. > He dodges to the side and snags her by her chest
  283. > He spins a half-circle from the transfer of momentum, bringing Dash to rest at his side
  284. > Before you can do anything, he ruffles her mane and scratches her ear
  285. > You can't tear your eyes away from the pegasus's humiliation
  286. > Applejack charges in soon after, her head lowered for a headbutt that could no doubt crack ribs
  287. > The Dominus slides out of the bed and gets into a crouch
  288. > Right before Applejack would collide with him, he flips her over his back and snares her in a sheet
  289. > Her hat falls to the side and she looks at him with well founded dread
  290. > With unholy glee, he scratches her belly and fends off her weakly flailing hooves
  291. > "Oooh, that looks fun!"
  292. > Pinkie hops up to him and rubs her face against his shoulder
  293. > He immediately turns his attention to her and runs his hands all over her face and down her neck
  294. > Applejack and Rainbow make a few desultory moves to get away, but he makes sure to pat them before they do
  295. > How cunning, to use embarrassment and arousal to lock multiple ponies in relative immobility
  296. > You have to retreat
  297. > With the familiarity of long practice, you lock onto the sparks that are your friends and teleport to a vacant guestroom
  298. > Pinkie pouts
  299. > "Aww, it was just getting good!"
  300. > Rarity sighs long-sufferingly
  301. > "Pinkie, dear, I fear you misunderstand the mission. We are to stop a seduction monster from taking over Equestria, not submit to an orgy."
  302. > Pinkie Pie tilts her head
  303. > "Really?"
  304. > You clear your throat
  305. "Yes really. Now girls, we've determined a frontal assault won't work, nor the Elements of Harmony. Now, we need to come up with a plan, or else he will subdue us one by one. Any ideas, girls?"
  306. > Fluttershy doesn't make eye contact with you, and kicks a hoof
  307. "What is it, Fluttershy?"
  308. > She starts at the question, then hides behind her mane
  309. > "Could we, um. Talk to him? Maybe of we ask nicely, he will only use his magic on lonely mares, or something."
  310. >...
  311. "Fluttershy, he's a sex monster. You can't reason with things like that, you would just get scratched and rubbed relentlessly and feel his alien physiology prod against you, and..."
  312. > Rarity is giving you an odd look
  313. > "Darling, don't take this the wrong way, but have you, ah, imagined what it would be like to be taken by a Dominus, was it? Perhaps late at night, or in the shower?"
  314. > Your eyes widen
  315. "How could you know? Has he affected you too?"
  316. > Rarity bites her lip
  317. > Oh no, this is going to be bad news
  318. > "Not as such. But let us just say, I recognize the signs. Don't you agree, Applejack?"
  319. > For some reason the farmpony blushes
  320. > "Ah'll leave it to you then. Ah'm gonna get mah hat."
  321. > Nothing is making sense
  322. > Pinkie looks between the two, then starts giggling helplessly
  323. > Rainbow Dash frowns
  324. > "What's going on?"
  325. > Rarity glances at you apologetically
  326. > "It would seem that Twilight finds the Dominus to be very...exciting. As such, he's almost exactly as dangerous as a large pet dog. Eager, yes, but only as truly dangerous as you let him."
  328. > Rainbow sits down
  329. > "Are you saying he's like an animal that's only being friendly when rubbing against you? How do you explain what happened to the princesses?"
  330. > Rarity coughs politely
  331. > "Animals also react to the signals you give them. The princesses must have been acting...receptive while he was showing affection."
  332. > Fluttershy nodded knowingly
  333. > "You have to have good self-control, if you don't want very special fuzzy friends. I think I will talk to him, he seems like such a nice critter."
  334. > With that she trots off
  335. "Wait, I don't think it's that simple, I mean he didn't even touch me before this morning, and I have been struggling against his influence since yesterday!"
  336. > Pinkie Pie giggles
  337. > "That's cause you think his baguette would be super nice in your oven!"
  338. > ...
  339. > Rainbow nods slowly
  340. > "That makes sense, I mean, I still feel nothing and he totally scratched my ear."
  341. > Oh no
  342. > He's gotten to them too
  343. > You dare not bring anypony else into this, he'd just take them over
  344. > It's up to you to stop him from ruling Equestria with a soft, delicate claw
  346. > Be Applejack
  347. > You don't like to think about the time when you first got Winona
  348. > Things just haven't been the same with Big Mac ever since then
  349. > He's your brother, and you love him, but some things a sister just isn't meant to see
  350. > Enough of that, you have a hat to get
  351. > The maids are helpful enough with directions, but you don't like the look they give you
  352. > Just 'cause a creature rutted the princesses senseless don't mean you are a hankerin' for a try
  353. > When you open the door, you see your hat
  354. > Unfortunately, the domiwhatsits is wearing it
  355. > You walk up to him
  356. "It'd be real kind of you ifn' you'd give me mah hat."
  358. > Be Anon
  359. > Oh, you didn't see her there
  360. > Give her a what?
  361. > You shrug
  363. > Be Applejack
  364. "Mah hat."
  365. > He still looks confused
  366. > If he weren't so tall, you'd just take it and be done
  367. > Well, if words ain't doin' it
  368. > You point at the top of your head, then at your hat, then at your chest
  370. > Be Anon
  371. > Oh, that's cute, she wants her head scratched
  372. > You smile and dig your fingers in her mane, gently scraping her scalp
  373. > Her breath hitches
  374. > Looks like you hit the right spot
  375. > You give her a few more moments of head scratching and then give her a final pat on the head
  376. > All the while, her eyes stay half-closed in relief
  377. > You are glad you could help
  379. > Be Applejack
  380. > That's not what you meant at all
  381. > You swish your tail in frustration and
  382. > Well, you just have to get your hat back
  383. > He turns away, satisfied with mussing you up
  384. > You've seen that before
  385. > Suddenly you ain't feeling so kindly about everything
  386. > You get up on your hind legs and give him a nice, firm push
  387. > He manages to catch himself on his claws, so you don't feel so bad
  388. > You trot over and flip your hat back on your head
  389. "Pardon, but this belongs to me."
  390. > He sits back, watching you warily, but he doesn't look mad
  391. > You tip your hat
  392. "Sorry about the fuss. Have a nice day, Sugarcube."
  394. > Be Anon
  395. > Clearly, you have just been m'ladied by whatever the magic horse version of a neckbeard is
  396. > Warm hue privilege and that cowboy hat
  397. > She starts to walk away, and you have to admit that this...cowtail? has a nice rear
  398. > Probably a mayor or a sheriff, if you had to guess
  399. "Dat ass."
  400. > That's the nice thing about language barriers; you can say inappropriate things and they are none the wiser
  402. > Be Applejack
  403. > What was that?
  404. > You turn to see him looking at you, biting his lip
  405. > No, not at you, but your...
  406. > Can't be
  407. > You move your rear to the side
  408. > His eyes follow, and you see his mighty tree roughly hewn
  409. > Well, ain't that flatterin'
  410. > ...
  411. > You move your rear to the other side
  413. > Be Anon
  414. > Sometimes, you can be pretty dense
  415. > She wasn't just asking for head scratches
  416. > Here she is, waving her butt at you
  417. > You suppose it's time for her to receive some real warm-hue privilege
  419. > Be Applejack
  420. > You really shouldn't be teasing him like this
  421. > Even if it is nice to have somepony a'pining for your hindquarters
  422. > You turn back towards the door, and take a few steps
  423. > You hear him rise up behind you
  424. > Before you know it, he's grabbin' at your rear, makin' you tingle and shiver
  425. > You should buck him
  426. > Buck him hard
  428. > Be Anon
  429. > Damn, but this ass is firm
  430. > You can feel the flex of the muscles in her flanks as she shifts under your hands
  431. > You can't hold back any longer
  432. > You duck under her tail and lick her inner thigh
  434. > Be Applejack
  435. > You were all set to let him have it, and now...
  436. > You glance back at the claws still digging into your rump
  437. > You think you'll let him have it
  438. > Then his tongue reaches your marehood, and you push him down to the ground, sitting on his clever little face
  440. > Be Anon
  441. > Looks like she likes it
  442. > You take your time, running your hands up and down her generous thighs
  443. > Your tongue slowly traces her flower, rewarded with shudders and increased flow
  444. > For some reason, she tastes like some sort of breakfast cereal
  445. > Hints of cinnamon
  446. > You delve a little deeper, and her thighs clench on your head
  448. > Be Applejack
  449. > Oh mercy
  450. > You clench your eyes shut as you make a right mess on his face
  451. > Even after the flood, you can't help but buck your hips against his face a few more times
  452. > You should stop
  453. > It ain't fair to take advantage of a simple creature this way
  454. > You try to get your hind hooves under you, but he's holding on too tight
  455. "It's alright, you don't have to do any more."
  456. > His only response is to delve deep in your marehood with his tongue
  457. "Ffffffritters, that's good!"
  458. > You collapse onto his belly, your strength stolen by the blinding pleasure of a firm muscle writhing inside you
  459. > You feel guilty, feeling this good
  460. > You are a bad mare
  461. > Something long and hard taps against your cheek
  462. > Maybe there is a way to make it up to him
  464. > Be Anon
  465. > You wonder if magic horses are related to fainting goats
  466. > There seems to be a lot of muscle failure when certain areas are stimulated
  467. > It's kinda cute
  468. > Then your member is engulfed in a warm, wet mouth
  469. > You moan into Orange's pussy
  470. > At once, she sucks hard on you, and your face is bathed in marecum again
  472. > Be Applejack
  473. > You might just try to get bestiality legalized
  474. > Having something make you feel this good shouldn't be illegal
  475. > You bob your head up and down his cock, savoring the velvety texture on your tongue
  476. > Then the door opens
  477. > "Oh my. Um. Don't mind me."
  478. > You let the stallionhood fall out of your mouth
  479. "H-hi Fluttershy..."
  481. > Be Fluttershy
  482. > Oh dear, you seem to have walked in on Applejack just when she was making friends with the Dominus
  483. > Then your good friend just lets the penis fall out of her mouth
  484. > You're sorry, but that's rude
  485. > "H-hi Fluttershy..."
  486. > The big guy groans and Applejack's back arches as she does the honeybunny dance
  487. "Applejack, it's not nice to just drop it, even if you want to talk to somepony. Here, let me show you."
  488. > You kiss the tip, then push it past your lips
  489. > You make your way down the delightful length, your tongue swirling around it
  490. > The big guy moans, and you are so happy you could make him feel nice
  491. > Then you look up at Applejack with pretend surprise
  492. "Mmhmm hm mh hmmm!"
  493. > Then you slowly pull back, stroking the available length with the frog of your hoof
  494. > Finally, it's completely out of your mouth, and you keep stroking it with your hoof
  495. "'Oh, hi Applejack. Did you want something?' See? Now he's still happy, and you can talk to whoever is at the door."
  496. > Applejack stares at you, her cheeks flushed from friend making
  497. > "Ah reckon ah heard you answer the door like that a fair few times."
  498. > You nod happily, glad to finally have somepony to talk to this about
  499. "Pretty clever, huh?"
  501. > Be Applejack
  502. > You are very firmly not thinking about all the animals that have been through that cottage
  503. > You know you ought to be disturbed, but it's pretty hard to focus while being pleasured
  504. > That might explain what you say next
  505. "Say, Fluttershy, why don't you take a turn on his thing? Ah'd do it, but ah'm a little stuck right now."
  506. > She glances down at the erection under her hoof
  507. > "Are you sure? It looked like you were having fun sucking in it."
  508. > You pause as another orgasm wracks your body, and you let out a hoarse cry of pleasure
  509. > Once you get your breathing under control, you nod at her
  510. "Ah'm sure. Don't you want to make friends with him?"
  511. > She nods happily
  512. > "Oh yes, that would be wonderful. Well, here I go."
  513. > Fluttershy crouches above the critter's crotch, carefully positioning herself
  514. > "Hey there big guy, my name's Fluttershy, and I am very~ happy to meet you."
  515. > You can't look away as the cock parts her pussylips and slides up inside her
  516. > Fluttershy lets out a delicate little sigh
  517. > Then she gets to work, grinding, rocking, and panting
  518. > She stares at you with half-lidded, grateful eyes
  519. > "Oh yes, thank you Applejack."
  520. > You stare at her open mouth
  521. > You are no Rainbow Dash, but Fluttershy is a model
  522. > Her slender neck
  523. > Her elegant mane
  524. > Her soft belly
  525. > Her hot breath washing against your face
  526. "Say, Fluttershy..."
  527. > "Yes?"
  528. "Do you want to make friends...with me?"
  529. > You know it's impossible
  530. > You're nothing but work calluses and hard muscle
  531. > A muddy brute
  532. > "Oh, Applejack. We can build our friendship anytime."
  533. > Then a soft pair of lips meets yours, and all your doubts fall away, followed by tears of joy
  535. > Be Anon
  536. > Quite frankly, you have no idea what is going on
  537. > You were getting a nice blowjob, then there was talking, then an even better blowjob with some hoof action
  538. > Then more talking, and you are 95% certain this is not a third, even more incredible blowjob
  539. > Then something wet drops onto your belly
  540. > Either saliva or tears
  541. > Either way, you switch from grasping this ass to stroking her back comfortingly
  542. > Your jaw is getting pretty tired, and your erection is getting quite the workout inside the nice horse
  543. > As you probe two sets of slippery folds, you reckon that both should give out at about the same time
  544. > Not a bad way to spend the morning
  546. > Be Fluttershy
  547. > Poor Applejack
  548. > You just know she would be great in bed, but all the stallions in town just want to get under her hat
  549. > As you kiss her sweetly, you feel your heart grow warm
  550. > You two are going to be the best friends
  551. > You are going to get to know her inside and out
  552. > So, while you are riding the big guy's cock, your focus is on slipping your tongue past parched lips
  553. > Applejack moans into your mouth, shuddering as another orgasm courses through her
  554. > Delicious
  555. > Oh, and the critter is ready too
  556. > You break the kiss gently, pecking her lips one last time as an apology
  557. "It's okay, big guy. Let it all out into momma Fluttershy."
  558. > You stroke his stomach softly as he heaves and bucks under you, thrusting as deep as he can
  559. > You close your eyes in satisfaction as his seed erupts inside you, spraying again and again and again
  560. > Such a nice present
  562. > Be Applejack
  563. > You feel his hold slip from your legs, and you get to your hooves shakily
  564. > You feel about as strong and stable as a newborn calf
  565. > You stagger a few feet away and lay on your side
  566. > Fluttershy elegantly strides over and lays down in front of you, cum leaking from between her legs
  567. "So you've done this before?"
  568. > She smiles and nods
  569. > "Fun, wasn't it?"
  570. > You have to give her that, you haven't had that many orgasms in a row ever before
  571. "Ah can hardly believe it happened."
  572. > Fluttershy reaches out and strokes your face
  573. > You blush at the bold contact
  574. > "You'll find animals can be much more perceptive and persistent than ponies."
  575. > What's that supposed to mean?
  576. > "When we get back to Ponyville, why don't I introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon? They have a nice little open marriage, and I think you would really like them."
  577. > What did you just get yourself into?
  578. "Fluttershy, Ah wanted to spend more time with you. Ah'm sure they are very nice, but..."
  579. > She slides her hoof down your neck, and you take a deep involuntary breath
  580. > "We can have our own time too, I just thought, since we both share this thing with animals..."
  581. > She suddenly seems unsure of herself, and stops stroking you
  582. > To be honest, you do wonder what a raccoon would have to offer
  583. "Ah get it. Part of being friends with somepony is meeting their friends, right?"
  584. > Fluttershy nods happily
  585. > "Oh yes! And then afterward, I can lick the cum out of you, and we can take a long, hot bath, and I'm sure you'll love it!"
  586. > That does sound nice
  587. "Speaking of licking the cum out..."
  589. > Be Anon
  590. > For some reason, the horses are now in lesbians with each other
  591. > Rather than being the third wheel, you wrap yourself in a white bedsheet and stealth your way out of the room
  593. > Be Rarity
  594. > The sad fact of your little group of friends is that for matters of a certain, ah, delicate quality, you are the only one with the necessary experience and insight
  595. > As such, you approached Princess Celestia for her version of the events
  596. > ...
  597. > You are compelled to admire her descriptiveness, and willingness to speak of such...things
  598. > "-surprisingly obedient too. Although, I suppose certain incentives help."
  599. > You cough politely
  600. "Indeed. You mentioned a list of words he knows?"
  601. > Celestia levitates a scroll to you
  602. > "We hope to add more to his vocabulary, but we have so little time. Twilight would be the best teacher, but..."
  603. > You nod
  604. "She is rather out of sorts as of now."
  605. > An aide draws up to the Princess and whispers in her ear
  606. > She smiles and dismisses him
  607. > "Rainbow Dash, would you mind retrieving Anom? The guards in the east wing would direct him towards here, but he's having too much fun sneaking around."
  608. > Dash salutes and zips off
  610. > Be Anon
  611. > The first time, it was just to see if you could
  612. > Now, though, you have to see how far you can go
  613. > You press your back against the corner and throw a pebble to the other side of the hallway
  614. > The sentry's ears perk up and he walks from his post to investigate
  615. > You slip around the corner, and into a nearby door
  616. > It's an empty ballroom, with a servant washing a window in the corner
  617. > You really should tell the Buttarchs how terrible their security is
  618. > You creep along the wall until you reach the far door
  619. > You peek into the hallway
  620. > Nothing
  621. > You vaguely hope you find a cardboard box
  623. > Be Rainbow Dash!
  624. > You're on a rescue mission, and
  625. > Oh, there he is
  626. > You just watch as he steps over a rigid guard
  627. > Anom has some long legs
  628. > He crouches low and hugs the wall
  629. > Then he sees you watching him
  630. > This mission is lame
  631. > Apparently, he thinks so too
  632. > He sighs and straightens up as you approach
  633. "Hey, uh, food this way."
  634. > Anom brightens up at that
  635. > You wave to the nice guard, and start trotting away
  636. > Anom follows
  637. > ...
  638. > This is boring
  639. > You find your eyes wandering
  640. > All those pert rumps at attention
  641. > "What wrong?"
  642. > You turn to meet the guy's concerned stare
  643. > You grin a little
  644. "Asses."
  645. > The princess did say they wanted to teach him more words
  646. > "Kassest?"
  647. > You shake your head and lead him over to a grey lady guard
  648. > You point at her rear
  649. "Ass."
  650. > Anom rocks back with sudden understanding
  651. > "Ass."
  652. > The guard struggles to keep her face straight
  653. > You set your butt right next to hers, flanks just barely brushing
  654. "Asses."
  655. > He stares, transfixed
  656. > "Ass...es."
  657. > You wink at the lady guard, who blushes lightly
  658. > You'll have to come back here later
  659. > You set off again, a new game in mind
  660. > Anom catches up slowly
  661. > The next guard you see, you point at
  662. "Good ass?"
  663. > Anom tilts his head, then shakes it
  664. > "Sh-talone ass. No good me."
  665. > Can't blame him
  667. > Be Anon
  668. > You are feeling pretty thick right now
  669. > Not just because of Bluebird's visual aid for 'asses'
  670. > You though you were learning the language of the magic horses
  671. > In fact, you are merely getting acclimated to heavily horse-accented English
  672. > You follow Bluebird in a daze, tersely appreciating the rears along the way
  674. > Be Celestia
  675. "Good morning, Luna."
  676. > She nods in acknowledgement, then picks at the food in her bowl
  677. > Strange
  678. "Is something the matter?"
  679. > Luna smirks
  680. > "Today, I shall achieve the first in what is sure to be a long series of victories."
  681. > ...
  682. > Perhaps you should talk about something else
  683. "So, I see you have cheese sauce on your noodles. Is it good?"
  684. > Luna stares intently at the dining hall doors
  685. > "It will be."
  686. > As if on cue, Rainbow Dash and Anom walk in
  687. > The fast little pony approaches you and salutes
  688. > "Princess Celestia, Anom is retrieved."
  689. > He nods at you amicably
  690. > "Prince ass Celestia."
  691. > Everypony stops what they are doing
  692. "It's Princess."
  694. > Be Anon
  695. > The only thing that would change much would be proper nouns and titles
  696. > You know you recognize the last part of Shewestia's title
  697. > Perhaps you were too harsh on the consonants
  699. > Be Celestia
  700. > "Finest ass Celestia."
  701. > The tension in the air is palpable
  702. > Poor Rarity faints
  703. > Rainbow Dash is trying very hard to disappear
  704. > You can see the serving staff admire Anom's audacity
  705. "I like it. Breakfast, Anom?"
  706. > The room is filled with talking as the nobles try to figure out exactly who and in what context it is allowed to address you as finest ass
  707. > The answer, of course, is that if you have to think about it, you can't use that form of address
  708. > Meanwhile, Anom picks up a plate and serves himself from a few of the platters of food
  709. > He freezes when he sees Luna's meal
  710. > "M-mac and che-heese!"
  711. > Luna is very smug
  712. "Ah, a dish from his homeland. Did you happen to make extra?"
  713. > Luna takes a bite
  714. > "No, it completely slipped my mind."
  715. > Oh dear, it seems Anom is angry
  716. "No mad, Anom. Memac and Chi Heez lunch."
  717. > Anom calms at that, even as Luna pouts
  718. > He nods at you
  719. > "Thank you."
  720. > Then he nods curtly to Luna
  721. > "Finest ass Luna."
  722. > Her face turns bright red
  723. > "Y-you too."
  724. > Anom looks around, then settles down to eat in the spot by the comatose Rarity
  725. > All in all, a good morning
  727. > Be Rarity
  728. > After spending a socially acceptable amount of time pretending to be stricken by sudden impropriety, you resume your breakfast
  729. > It would seem you have a new neighbor
  730. > Out of habit, you turn a measuring eye on his form
  731. > It's not terrible accurate, but it's enough to sketch out a few potential styles
  732. > Hmmm
  733. > A bit leaner around the chest than a minotaur, what could you do with that...
  734. > "Help you?"
  735. > You meet his gaze, mildly embarrassed to have been caught
  736. "ah haha, yes, ah, after breakfast, teach you things?"
  737. > You wish you had taken a longer look at that list of words
  738. > Anom narrows his eyes for a moment, then nods decisively
  739. > Oh good, he understood
  740. > You smile, then turn to eat a bite of food
  741. > However, you can only stand the silence for so long before your social instincts take over
  742. "So...that sheet, are you evoking ancient Roam?"
  744. > Be Anon
  745. > You know you just sorta threw this on, but you still feel it's a bit strong to call it shit
  746. > It is Shewestia's sheet after all
  747. > Then she asks if you are fucking the ancient bone
  748. > Clearly you are dealing with a very base and vulgar horse
  749. > Even if she is Shewestia's friend, you feel you ought to defend Whiterump's honor
  751. > Be Rarity
  752. > "She very fine, words much resplegd, elephant and sogged."
  753. "Yes, it really is too bad how the elephants invaded and sacked Roam. Is this an attempt to bring back the old fashions? I am a clothing designer of some talent, perhaps you could use my services?"
  755. > Be Anon
  756. > Okay, you did not catch most of that
  757. > Something about bringing back old passions?
  758. > She did say she is a glowing reminder of some talent, and...
  759. > Offered the use of her cervix?
  760. > Ah, of course, it all makes sense now
  761. > She is Shewestia's most favored pet, and thus gets to play with the others
  762. > How typical of the bootystocracy, to sate the desires of favored pets with even more pets
  763. > You doubt the efficiency of such a society, but the appeal is undeniable
  765. > Be Rarity
  766. > He's been silent for a little while now, staring at you with calculating eyes
  767. > Perhaps it was a bit brash, offering to make clothes for him so soon
  768. > He hasn't even seen much of your work, just what you have on right now
  769. > "Breakfast done, teach me?"
  770. > You look down and yes, his plate is clear
  771. > He made a good choice; it would be better to get the embarrassing part done first, then discuss business
  772. > You wipe your lips daintily then rise to your hooves
  773. "This way, please."
  775. > Be Anon
  776. > You figure you should let her take the lead
  777. > She did say she had something to teach you
  778. > She leads you to a room with reams of paper, bolts of cloth, and...
  779. > Horse mannequins?
  780. > She must really not like that toga
  781. > The door locks behind you
  782. > ...
  784. > Be Rarity
  785. > This discussion will be rather indecorous, best to avoid unwelcome intrusions
  786. > You tap yourself
  787. "Friend."
  788. > Then you tap a ponyquin
  789. "Friend."
  790. > You bump your shoulder against it
  791. > Anom watches, visibly confused
  792. > You walk over to another ponyquin
  793. "L-lover."
  794. > You pet its neck
  795. "Lover."
  796. > You give it a hug
  797. "Lover."
  798. > You find your face heating up as you demonstrate such lewd things
  799. > You rub the ponyquin's belly
  800. "Lover."
  801. > You crawl under the legs and rock back and forth a few times
  802. "Lover. Understand?"
  804. > Be Anon
  805. > You are a molester
  806. > The Favored Pet may or may not have a mannequin fetish, but it is clear that you have been...
  807. > Groping magic horses
  808. > You sit down heavily, weighed down by the revelation
  810. > Be Rarity
  811. > Poor thing
  812. > "I...did wrong."
  813. > You walk over and bump gently against his shoulder
  814. "Now you learn, we no mad."
  815. > He smiles at that, then his face falls
  816. > "Sorry to purple..."
  817. > You unlock the door
  818. "Come, say sorry, she understand."
  819. > Anom rises, a determined look on his face
  820. "This way."
  821. > You set off towards the library
  823. > Be Anon
  824. > Your first impression was flawed
  825. > The Favored Pet might not be the classiest horse, but she's a good bro
  826. "Good ass, you."
  828. > Be Rarity
  829. > Whahahahat
  830. > You mean, you try, and
  831. > It's nice to be noticed,
  832. > It's just nopony has ever said such a thing to you
  833. > ...
  834. > You take an indiscreet peek at his hindquarters
  835. > ...
  836. > Good to know
  837. > You face forward, willing the blush from your cheeks to go away
  838. "Good ass Anom too."
  839. > You can't believe you said that
  841. > Be Anon
  842. > Wait, so are you of the same social rank?
  843. > Or is it just a reciprocated compliment?
  844. > Eh, whatever, it's good
  846. > Be Rarity
  847. > This has all gone surprisingly quickly and smoothly, no doubt thanks to the efforts of a beautiful and competent mare
  848. > "Halt, foul tempte- Rarity?"
  849. > It was going smoothly
  850. > Twilight stumbles back, trying to rein in a swirling blob of dark purple magic on the tip of her horn
  851. > In the blink of an eye, it expands into a smokey bubble around Anom and Twilight
  852. > Little lights flare on its surface as dust motes hit the forcefield trap
  853. > And it was going so well, too
  854. "Please tell me this is reversible, Twilight."
  855. > ...
  856. > "Not from the inside."
  857. "Darling, you really must be more careful. Now play nice until I return with the princesses. We'll have you out in no time at all, don't you fret."
  859. > Be Twilight Sparkle
  860. > The bubble is dim, lit only by where your bodies come in contact with the barrier
  861. > The lighting would be romantic, if the other pony wasn't a dangerous, deceptive, well-muscled, exotic, and hypnotic monster
  862. > You can feel your will to resist crumbling
  863. "Stay away from me!"
  864. > He doesn't even have the decency to get it over with
  865. > He just sits there, his face mockingly morose
  866. > "Sorry, not be lover, be friend?"
  867. > What
  868. > He turns to his side and offers his shoulder
  869. > You can't believe this
  870. > Even as you helplessly slide down the curved wall of the bubble, your outrage grows
  871. "You-you rutted Celestia, then Luna, and I don't even want to know what you did to my brother, and you turned all of my friends against me and probably rutted them too!"
  872. > You come to a stop a mere hair's breadth from him
  873. > "Sorry, not know, uh,"
  874. > He pats his head
  875. > "For lovers."
  876. > ...
  877. "No."
  878. > He tilts his head
  879. "You don't get to do this."
  880. > You're finally saying it
  881. "You don't get to babble NONSENSE at me for a month, then m-a-g-i-c-a-l-l-y start speaking Equestrian when you get sex!"
  882. > All the frustration, all the nonscientific interference, your great work let to wander like some promiscuous hobo
  883. "You don't get to rut everyone I love and FRIENDZONE ME!"
  885. > Be Anon
  886. > Okay, Purple is clearly angry, probably because you fucked and groped, well
  887. > Everyone, more or less
  888. "What you want me do?"
  889. > She rises up on her hind legs
  890. > "Take me."
  891. > She can't mean-
  892. > This whole time, this is what she wanted?
  893. > You have to have heard her wrong
  895. > Be Twilight Sparkle
  896. > You are so tired of being the odd one out
  897. > Of being stressed and working so hard while everypony else doesn't see the problem
  898. > For once, let somepony else fix this
  899. > You wait for your release, when he will finally remove all the worries from your mind
  900. > He just stares at you, no hint of desire in his features
  901. > Why?
  902. > Why can't he just rut you and make you like him, and make everything okay even if it isn't?
  903. > You earned this
  904. > You deserve this
  905. > You are going to get it no matter what
  907. > Be Anon
  908. > Purple growls at your hesitation
  909. > She sets her hooves on your shoulders and shoves you onto your back
  910. > Oh shit
  912. > Be Twilight Sparkle
  913. > This is better
  914. > You sniff at the base of his throat, exulting in his sweat and fear
  915. > Your horn flares with magic and his loose robe shreds into hundreds of small squares
  916. > The Dominus lies frozen beneath you, his stallionhood limp and afraid
  917. > You run a hoof up his chest and cup his cheek with it
  918. "You may control the others, but now I control you."
  919. > You spare a smidgen of magic to stimulating his penis, and the rest to holding him loosely against the bottom of the bubble
  920. > His breath comes out uneven, your spellwork already getting good results
  921. > It's so exhilarating, finally doing all those things you read about!
  922. > You remove your hoof from his cheek and gently stroke his hair
  923. > Is this what it feels like for everypony?
  924. > He just looks at you with scared eyes, and
  925. > Somehow, you aren't satisfied
  926. > You lean down and press your lips to his
  927. > It's...nice?
  928. > You don't see what the fuss is about
  929. > Maybe belly rubs will be better
  931. > Be Anon
  932. > It occurs to you that you are being sort of raped by a kissless virgin
  933. > Technically not kissless anymore, you guess
  934. > Should you be doing something?
  935. > She draws back and sets her hooves on your belly
  936. > Wait
  937. > She vigorously rubs them back and forth, pressing too hard
  938. "OUCH! FUCK!"
  939. > She stumbles back in surprise
  941. > Be Twilight Sparkle
  942. > There is literal blood on your hooves
  943. > It's hard to tell by the dim light, but you hope those are only light scratches on his stomach
  944. > This isn't what you wanted
  945. > Your stomach churns
  946. > You are a bad pony
  947. > The domin- the anomaly sits up with a wince
  948. > He feels at his tummy, and grimaces when he sees the blood on his claws
  949. > Oh no
  950. > Is he going to attack you?
  951. > Or is he going to fear you?
  952. > You aren't really sure which would be worse
  954. > Be Anon
  955. > The scratches are pretty shallow, but they sting
  956. > Aaannd it looks like Starbutt is back to being a skittish horse
  957. > You sigh
  958. > She just had to tear the sheet into unusable scraps
  959. > Still, you figure this is the best chance you're going to get for some sort of reconciliation
  960. > You beckon to her
  961. "Come to me."
  963. > Be Twilight Sparkle
  964. > What should you do?
  965. > He looks...
  966. > Tired
  967. > Maybe it's okay?
  968. > You step cautiously towards him
  969. > When you come within arms reach, he slowly encircles his arms around you
  970. > What?
  971. > He presses your head to his shoulder and pats your shoulder with his other hand
  972. > You are getting incredibly mixed signals, but...
  973. > It feels nice
  974. > You relax, taking some measure of comfort from his firm support
  975. > Before you know it, you are wrapping your forelegs around his torso and sitting in his lap
  976. > There's an odd lump pressing against one of your hindquarters, and it's gro-
  977. > Oh
  978. > You look at his face
  979. > The anomaly is blushing, and not meeting your gaze
  980. > Maybe if you just...
  981. > You shift slightly and oooooohhhhh yessssssss
  982. > You rock your hips involuntarily, the stimulation of a rod pressing between your buttcheeks nearly taking your breath away
  983. > You are so close, in a number of ways, but first you have to make sure
  984. "Am I raping you?"
  986. > Be Anon
  987. > That's a hell of a question, Purple
  988. > Still, you do feel sorry for her
  989. > And you are hotdogging her butt
  990. "No."
  991. > Now let's show this girl how it's done
  993. > Be Twilight Sparkle
  994. > He kisses you, his mouth moving in all sorts of ways against yours
  995. > Sometimes you can feel the pressure of his teeth on your lip
  996. > Your hooves clasp him ever tighter to you
  997. > Your breath is hot and fast
  998. > Then something warm and wet and firm pushes past your lips, and your mind melts
  1000. > Be Anon
  1001. > Did she-
  1002. > She actually came from just getting a little tongue
  1003. > Damn girl
  1004. > You stroke her back, and she wriggles against you, her grip tightening around you
  1005. > Cute
  1006. > Then everything gets brighter, and you freeze
  1008. > Be Twilight Sparkle
  1009. > Why'd he stop?
  1010. > You deepen the kiss as much as you can, exulting in the novel sensation
  1011. > You rub his back, trying to get some response
  1012. > Finally you pull back and open your eyes
  1013. "What's wro-"
  1014. > Oh
  1015. > Celestia chuckles
  1016. > "I'm glad you two are getting along now."
  1017. > You turn beet red
  1018. > You try to get out of the anomaly's lap, but
  1019. > Oh, his penis just drags against your marehood
  1020. > Finally, you scoot backwards, shuddering at the pleasure, cringing at how embarrassing it is to have Celestia watch
  1021. > Then you notice everypony else
  1022. > Cadence
  1023. > Shining Armor
  1024. > Rarity
  1025. > Oh no
  1026. > Shining Armor won't meet your eyes
  1027. > Cadence murmurs, "Like brother, like sister."
  1028. > Rarity smiles at you
  1029. > "Well done, darling. I knew you would figure it out eventually."
  1030. "I, uh, "
  1031. > You look at the creature
  1032. > He just smiles and shrugs
  1033. > This is too much
  1034. > You turn to your teacher
  1035. "I'll write a report, okay bye!"
  1036. > You teleport to your room
  1038. > Be Cadence
  1039. "Celestia, I would like a copy of that friendship report when you get it. It looks to be very interesting."
  1040. > She smiles
  1041. > "Of course."
  1042. > You sigh
  1043. > As nice as all this has been,
  1044. "I'm afraid we really must return to the Crystal Empire. Until next time, Celestia, Rarity, Anom."
  1045. > Shining hesitates, then glances at you
  1046. > You nod
  1047. > He turns to Anom
  1048. > "A-Anom, feel free to visit any time you like."
  1050. > Be Anon
  1051. > Did he just say you could feel him any time?
  1052. "Uh, thank you."
  1053. > He smiles, then teleports away with Pinkie
  1054. > Okay then
  1055. > You get to your feet, wincing at the pain from your scratches
  1056. > Favored pet immediately starts fussing over you, dabbing at the blood with levitating scraps of sheet
  1057. "No, I good, very."
  1058. > She just rolls her eyes at you and continues to tend to your scratches
  1059. > Shewestia seems rather amused by all this
  1060. > Then you notice Favored Pet isn't completely focused on your wounds
  1061. > You wiggle your hips and watch her eyes track your erection
  1062. "See good thing?"
  1063. > She blushes and stammers incoherently for a few seconds
  1064. > "Ah, you good now. Not heut?"
  1065. > So she has a demure side, despite being Shewestia's number one sex partner
  1066. > That's adorable
  1067. "I good."
  1068. > Shewestia chuckles, then murmurs something to her favored pet
  1069. > The unicorn glances at you, then bows her head in acceptance
  1070. > Shewestia walks away, and blue eyes white horse nods her head in a different direction
  1071. > "Teach you more."
  1072. > Sounds good
  1073. "Yes."
  1074. > You walk beside her for a bit before you realize something
  1075. "My name Anom. Your name?"
  1076. > She seems a bit startled by the question, but responds succinctly
  1077. "My name Rarity. Good to meeth you."
  1078. > What? Oh
  1079. > Polite too, you're starting to like this horse
  1080. "Good to meet you too."
  1082. "Dear Princess Celestia
  1083. Today I learned that it can be difficult separating personal feelings from scientific study. You can spend too much time trying to control and understand something, and miss making a new and interesting friend with soft claws, a skillful tongue, and an impossible erection.
  1084. Ultimately, forgiveness and good communication will do a lot to make [spoiler]out[/spoiler] up for [spoiler]a long[/spoiler] lost time.
  1085. Your faithful student,
  1087. Twilight Sparkle"
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