Cathak Hyoh

Oct 18th, 2019
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  1. Raised in Myion prefecture alongside his sister Ajah, Hyoh lived a life of luxury, and conflict. His earliest memory is fighting with his sister in the garden over a stick he had found and was playing with. There were memories of happier days, spent studying or practicing archery or riding horses, but in the end it always returned to conflict with his sister. Everything escalated to the day at their fourteenth birthday, when Ajah exalted, and became Incandescent Pyre. He was the leftover child. It suited him well.
  3. Those were the best days of his life. Quiet. Peaceful. Spent in the company of horses and hunting cabins, studying away with tutors instead of at primary school. Unfortunately for him, his sister was an idiot. Pyre would never be welcomed in the Bells. Too unpredictable, too quick to anger, too unstable to be a commander. His mother heard of his dabbling in the occult and put a stop to it at once. No son of hers would go to the Heptagram. He would go to the Bells, and he would succeed.
  5. But Cathak Hyoh was willful and foolish. He sent a letter to Cathak Cainan, requesting a recommendation for Pasiap's Stair. He would either walk off the mountain, or emerge a soldier. He would be no commander. The Matriarch and Radiant Hearth gambled on his death. They lost.
  7. He emerged from the Stair as one of the finest archers the secondary school had seen. His mother to celebrate his graduation invited him to sit upon a war council, where he made the fatal error. He corrected one of the generals, noted his failure to account for his forces standing downwind. His mother took the opportunity to educate her son on his place. She ordered that he would duel for his honor, after insulting the general. The two met one another on the field that day, and she presented him with the choice of a duel of bows or swords. He chose the bow.
  9. They stood one hundred yards apart, and drew back their arrows. When they loosed them, he split the arrow of his mother, and missed her heart by three centimeters. The Sun shone on him that day, and he cast aside his bow, awaiting his execution at his mother's hand. But she had other plans. He was trained for two years, and now that the proclamation has come, so too has his time.
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