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  2. •USERNAME• LoveMeSomeK-Pop
  3. •PASSWORD• Red Velvet, Hyolyn, Pristin V, Blackpink, G-Dragon, Uni.T, THE ARK, Khan, Seventeen, and Super Junior
  6. •FULL NAME• Choi Jae Hwa (최재화)
  7. •STAGE NAME• → Jaehwa
  8. •FOREIGN NAME• → None
  9. •NICKNAMES• → Jae, Stand-Out
  12. •DATE OF BIRTH• →1 ||August|| 1995
  13. •AGE• → 22 | 23
  14. •BLOOD TYPE• A
  15. •GENDER• →female
  16. •HEIGHT• → 5 feet 4 inches or 162.5 cm
  17. •WEIGHT• → 99 lbs. or 45 kg
  18. Δ7 for 7Δ
  19. •NATIONALITY•Korean
  20. •ETHNICITY• → Korean
  21. •BIRTHPLACE• Daegu, South Korea
  22. •HOMETOWN• → Daegu, South Korea
  24. ΔMADEΔ
  25. •PERSONALITY• → She is very energetic during practice and always lightens the mood when people are sad. She doesn't like to show negative feelings, like sadness and anger, so she goes somewhere private to let her feeling out. She isn’t very good at showing her energy when she is being filmed for variety but on stage, all the energy is out. She earned the nickname “stand-out” from the mentors who always seem to see her even if she isn’t in the front. She can take leadership when no one wants to and help compromise tough situations. She is very thankful about when others compliment her and is a perfectionist that always seeks advice. As much as she is a leader, she enjoys independence once in a while. She is very passionate and wants to prove others wrong about her decision to move to become an idol was right. She can be very cute without attending but can’t do aegyos on a moment's notice.
  26. •BACKGROUND• → Choi Jae Hwa grew up with her parents and younger brother, Choi Han Byeol. They grew up in their small family farm outside the city as her parent sold their vegetables to get money. Her parents weren’t approving of Jae Hwa’s love of music and constantly told her that she wouldn’t go far being an idol. She secretly signed herself up for dance and singing lesson which she paid by working on her farm for money. One day, her Brand New Music/Pledis came to her dance studio when she was practicing. They loved her and offered her an audition. When she told her parents, they didn’t want her to go so they kicked her out of the house. A family friend that loved her music allowed her to move in and take her to the audition. She passed the audition and moved to the company to train for three years before being added to ‘War. Her inspiration is her younger brother because they haven’t seen each other in so long and she hopes he can see her on the ‘War.’
  27. •STRENGTHS •
  28. ✕Very passionate about her work
  29. ✕Leadership qualities
  30. ✕Energetic and charismatic on stage
  31. ✕Has a wide vocal range
  32. •WEAKNESSES• →
  33. ✕can get very nervous before performing
  34.  ✕has asthma
  35. ✕sometimes outshines other members of her team too much
  36.  ✕hides her feelings for others
  37. •LIKES• → min 5. Max 8.
  38. ✕freestyle dancing
  39. ✕pastel colors
  40. ✕fluffy/soft plushies
  41. ✕walking around the city
  42. •DISLIKES• → ^
  43. ✕seeing others hurt
  44. ✕dancing in heels
  45. ✕school work
  46. ✕big jewelry
  49. •HOBBIES• → gardening, baking, reading, gymnastics
  50. •TALENTS • → Acrobat, Cooking, Cup Stacking
  51. •TRIVIA• → She learned to cup stack when she was younger with her dad. Her best dish, according to the other trainees, is her seafood pancake ( Haemul Pajeon) which she cooked once a week for all the trainees. She taught herself how to play piano and speak English. She taught herself English by listening to audiobooks. Usually has two copies of books, one in English and one in Hangul. She wants to travel around the world. She likes to cover different idol’s songs.
  54. •SLOT• → Dancer
  55. •BACKUP SLOT•Vocal
  56. •COMPANY• →Brand New Music
  57. •BACKUP COMPANY•Pledis
  58. •FACE CLAIM• → Red Velvet’s Seulgi
  59. •BACK UP FACE CLAIM• → @_yoonara_cf
  60. •2ND BACK UP FACE CLAIM• Chungha
  63. •VOCAL/RAP AUDITION• → https://youtu.be/rBaPQ1FD73c
  64. •DANCE AUDITION• →https://youtu.be/2sGiLM_B1HM
  66. ΔAL1Δ
  67. •VOCAL →79 /100
  68. •RAP → -25 /100
  69. •DANCE →95 /100
  70. •VISUAL →86/100
  71. •VARIETY SKILLS →45/100
  72. •CHARISMA →90/100
  73. TOTAL SCORE →420/600
  78. •MESSAGE TO MENTORS•”Please give me your honest advice so I can become a better idol for you and the viewers and don’t forget to keep your eyes on me.”
  79. •MESSAGE TO VIEWERS• “Hello, I’m Brand New Music/Pledis trainee Choi Jae Hwa. Please take care of me by watching me very closely and I will be sure one of your votes! Thank you so much!”
  80. •EXTRAS• → Nope
  81. •NOTES TO AISHA• → I hope you liked Jaehwa and add her into the show. I’m going to try to stay active but this is my second account on Wattpad so I can’t guarantee that I will be on this account. My other account is @Iceskater201 if you need it. BAI!
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