GMK Ashes Updates

Tyson522 Sep 10th, 2019 (edited) 108 Never
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  1. Update (9/9/19): I've been working with my render artist MetallicCharles on making more renders based on feedback from the messages, my first task is finding another color to replace the WS1 accent, I am going to give WS2 a shot to see how that looks and feels, and if that doesn't work we will work on a different color. As for the Red/Orange color people are telling me to add, I'd love to, but I think that would take away from the minimalist look of the set. Everyone also seems to love the Ghost kit! Shoutout to Mcnos for giving me the idea! That is definitely going to be one of the kits for the GB! Speaking of GB, we have a vendor! I spoke with OneFiveNine of Project Keyboards about possibly running the set and it looks like he is going to run the set for me in Q1 2020! Currently I am hard at work, balancing work, Ceraklack, and Ashes along with the Austin meetup coming up on the 28th, but I will be more focused on this keyset to make sure that everything turns out perfectly! I am also looking into making the base kit mods all Icon mods, similar to the mods used in Dixiemech's GMK 8008 Modern Kit. More renders will be coming out and replacing the current ones for the kits. Be on the look out for all of that and hope everyone has a great day!
  3. Update (9/10/19): Converted Pantone colors to RAL colors after enough people gave great feedback reccomending to do so! Thank you! Updated Base and Ghost kits with better representations of what the full kits might look like, full kits are not finalized yet. Added Banner for people to use on GeekHack, you can also use | GMK Ashes on discord! Thanks and have a great Tuesday!
  5. Updates (9/14/19): Removed the incorrect renders with bad lighting in them, placed RAL values in the Base kit section. Will post correct kits in a little while, waiting for more time to pass and more work to be done on them before anything is fully finalized. Thank you for more feedback and coverage on Top Clack and ManOfInterest's This Week in Keyboards!
  7. Updates (10/3/19): Added a new section for the Deskpads, showed off the first design, will be working on making more renders of the design along with the simple design for the second deskpad.
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