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  1. [00:17] <Gamesmaster> +++++++++++++++++++Session Beginning ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  2. [00:21] <^Stephan^> ** unrustle your willies **
  3. [00:34] <Gamesmaster> It is 15:40 hours. 4th October, 3067. On the surface in the reamins of the Communications Facility, a party of Bran, Vane, Dorn, and Linus hve encountered a vicious enemy force on the surface. The commander, piloting a warhammer, and its lancemates in a hermes, crab, and urbanmech has engaged the motley claw.
  4. [00:35] <Gamesmaster> Outgunned, but uncaring, the cadets antagonised the enemy commander, and launched into battle. Meanwhile, on the elevator, Dierson is cursing hoping the pathetic machinery of the stravag construction would operate quicker as he attempts to rush to the service.
  5. [00:36] <Dierson_Pyre> stravag construction, I must gain the surface
  6. [00:37] <Dierson_Pyre> *slams fist on internal cockpit siding in Thunderbolt*
  7. [00:37] <Gamesmaster> Underground, Biorn and the others work to repair the crippled machines of the light lance. In the corner, the Urbanmech IIC waves its large laser in defiance as its leg is slowly being attached. Stephan looks on from the repair bay floor, annoyed that his Incubus is still under automated repair. Isolated from the battle above.
  8. [00:39] <^Stephan^> ** What is the current situation, topside**
  9. [00:40] <Dierson_Pyre> **mind your task, we can handle the surface, get those mechs operational**
  10. [00:41] <^Stephan^> *aff**
  11. [00:42] * ^Stephan^ Screams something in Russian at the repair interface, as it's complainingg about all the unidentified materials his Incobus is made off.
  12. [00:54] * Jacob_Dorn shouts over open comms in the immediate area
  13. [00:54] <Jacob_Dorn> ** ALWAYS ANGRY ALL THE TIME! **
  14. [00:56] * Dierson_Pyre is now known as Linus_Svenssen
  15. [00:56] <Linus_Svenssen> orders Commander?
  16. [00:56] * Linus_Svenssen is now known as Dierson_Pyre
  17. [00:57] <Dierson_Pyre> **hold the line, work with Bran and follow Vane's lead**
  18. [00:57] * Dierson_Pyre is now known as Bran
  19. [00:57] <Bran> **aff**
  20. [00:57] * Bran is now known as Linus_Svenssen
  21. [00:57] <Linus_Svenssen> **aff**
  22. [00:57] * Linus_Svenssen is now known as Dierson_Pyre
  23. [00:59] <Gamesmaster> *Laser beams strike out as the enemy lance advances. Over the communication channels, the cadets on the surface can hear a retort to Dorns piped music*
  24. [01:01] <Gamesmaster> *a similar tune is poured through the sound channels - an anthem of some description. Dorn immediately recognises it as the Draconis Combine National Anthem
  25. [01:01] <Jacob_Dorn> **Yes! YES! GLORIOUS!**
  26. [01:08] * Jacob_Dorn give his Sensor read out screen another heafty slap in hopes to get scan data for weapons loadouts mainly the Warhammer
  27. [01:12] * Jacob_Dorn his computer beeps and boops with angry sounds giving a readout finishing with a warning tone
  28. [01:13] <Jacob_Dorn> **Fuckit piss ass shit bugger gremlins thats going to be troublesome **
  29. [01:13] <^Stephan^> .// this is when the screen spits out a giant "FUCK YOU" //
  30. [01:13] * Jacob_Dorn shares said weapons load out with Star mates
  31. [01:15] <Dierson_Pyre> **Aff, good work Dorn**
  32. [01:15] * Dierson_Pyre as he reads mech weapon loadouts
  33. [01:17] <Jacob_Dorn> **Some precision weaponry and maybe we will get lucky...**
  34. [01:56] * [1]Gamesmaster ( has joined #megamek
  35. [01:57] * Gamesmaster ( Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
  36. [01:57] * [1]Gamesmaster is now known as Gamesmaster
  37. [02:00] <Gamesmaster> *Dorns mech fires off an alert warning indicating he has been targetted*
  38. [02:01] <^Stephan^> .\\ Just cuse that needs to be there
  39. [02:01] * ^Stephan^ ( Quit (Quit)
  40. [02:02] <Dierson_Pyre> **concentrate all fire on the Warhammer**
  41. [02:02] <^Vane^> **Aff. The dogs will die. Focus fire on Warhammer!**
  42. [02:04] <Dierson_Pyre> operate faster! Surat born stravag trash equipment!
  43. [02:05] * Dierson_Pyre yelling into the cockpit
  44. [02:13] <Gamesmaster> *The enemy lance moves forward to engage*
  45. [02:13] * Linus_ ( has joined #megamek
  46. [02:14] * Linus_ is now known as Linus_Svenssen
  47. [02:14] <Gamesmaster> *The crab swings to the south, as its lancemates move in to engage. The hermes opens fire, alongside the urbanmech, as the Warhammer charges down towards the Cobra firing both its ERPCCs. Azure streaks towards and through the cadets star*
  48. [02:20] <Gamesmaster> *The warhammers advance slows as a combined effort between Bran and Dorn sees its arms rent open and the cockpit take a direct ac hit. The Warhammer rocks for a second, before stumbling slightly and levelling its weaposn for another salvo. Dorns cobra reels to the side as huge amount sof the cobras armour are melted off by a ppc strike*
  49. [02:22] * Jacob_Dorn grunts over the the comms
  50. [02:22] <Jacob_Dorn> ** Urrghzzzt...**#
  51. [02:23] <^Vane^> **Focus men! Don't fire until you have the shot!**
  52. [02:26] <Jacob_Dorn> ** Mothers Spaghetti!! **
  53. [02:28] <Gamesmaster> *The crab lances out with its large lasers, hitting the Icestorm square in the chest. The vacuum rushes in, and Linus feels the familiar sensation of his fusion reacting venting into the atmosphere*
  54. [02:28] <Linus_Svenssen> ** Not again.... **
  55. [02:29] * Dierson_Pyre is now known as Bran
  56. [02:29] <Bran> **DORN! Double leg attack! kick him!**
  57. [02:30] * Bran targeting the closest Hermes
  58. [02:30] <Jacob_Dorn> ** Go for teh eyes Bran! GO FOR THE EYES RAAAAAAAAAARGH!**
  59. [02:30] * Bran KICKS OUT
  60. [02:31] * Bran watches the pilot forcefully sucked out the breach in the cockpit
  61. [02:31] * Jacob_Dorn toepunts the Hermes in the back og teh left leg
  62. [02:32] <Gamesmaster> *The Hermes faceplants as its legs buckle. Landing on its cockpit, the weight of the sudden impact cracks open the ferroglass armour, and the pilot is blown out into the open vacuum of space*
  63. [02:33] * Jacob_Dorn also checks out a damage report and the computer give out sad readouts that sounds like its crying on the inside
  64. [02:33] <Bran> **GOOD WORK DORN,**
  65. [02:34] <^Vane^> **Hermes down. Continue the assault.**
  66. [02:34] <Bran> **Commander, enemy mech down**
  67. [02:34] * Bran is now known as Dierson_Pyre
  68. [02:34] <Dierson_Pyre> **good work Bran**
  69. [02:35] <Jacob_Dorn> **Parts of my mech have been royaley buggerd but I must say This is tremendous fun!**
  71. [02:37] <^Vane^> **Linus is down, but looks like the cockpit is intact.**
  72. [02:37] <Dierson_Pyre> **Aff**
  73. [02:38] <Gamesmaster> *More chatter bursts out over encrypted channels. Some of its is audible, but again the langauge is not understandable. You can hear the female commander screaming orders*
  74. [02:38] * Dierson_Pyre open channel
  75. [02:39] <Dierson_Pyre> **Stravag Crab pilot, power down and you will be spared, you will join the labor caste of Clan Jade wolf, do you comply?**
  76. [02:39] <Gamesmaster> A frequency opens.
  77. [02:41] <Gamesmaster> "Kiiiisssaaamaaa! You will pay for the lives you took today, you disgrace yourself clanner. Fight me!"
  78. [02:41] <Gamesmaster> *With that, the crab suddenly extends both arms and lets fire with all it has*
  79. [02:41] <Dierson_Pyre> ** you issue a formal chal***
  80. [02:41] * Dierson_Pyre cuts off as the crabs attack licks out
  81. [02:41] <^Vane^> \\\cranner, shamfru dispray
  82. [02:42] * Dierson_Pyre closed channel
  83. [02:43] <Dierson_Pyre> **Claw 2, finish the Warhammer and Urbanmech, the Crab will fall to me**
  84. [02:44] <Jacob_Dorn> **H AH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAA YAAAHA!**
  85. [02:44] * Jacob_Dorn booms maniacle laughter over the comms*
  86. [02:44] <^Vane^> **Aff!**
  87. [02:45] * Jacob_Dorn tries to fire the weapons in his right arm but the targeting computer spes out angry buzz sounds at him
  88. [02:46] <Jacob_Dorn> **SHIT!**
  89. [02:46] <Gamesmaster> Dorns comms channel suddenly fills with the voice of the commanders voice. Saito shouts out *Your blood will avenge him, you wernt fit to take this life.*
  90. [02:48] <Gamesmaster> *Its torso weapons fire out, knocking dorn to the ground. SLowly and deliberately, the Warhammer raises its leg and brings it crushing down ontop of the fallen Cobra, snapping off one of its arms.*
  91. [02:48] * Jacob_Dorn sounds of explosions come from dorns comm chanel followed by bangs and german cursing and grunts and angry alarms trnaslating into shit storm
  92. [02:49] <^Vane^> **Honourless stravag cunt, fight someone standing up.**
  93. [02:55] <Jacob_Dorn> **Fuck come on get up! **
  94. [02:59] <Gamesmaster> *Seeing the Stalking Spider off to its left, the warhammer opens fire. A missile streaks towards the spider, and its blows through the armour. The stalking spider drops, and skids along the ground*
  95. [03:01] <Gamesmaster> *Another communications burst shoots across the encrypted channel as the Spiders last laser burst makes the warhammer stumble as its armour is breached. WIth a crash, it goes tumbling down to the ground**
  96. [03:01] <Gamesmaster> *The Crab lets off a small laser beam in Diersons direction, and he sees it sprint off into cover*
  97. [03:02] <^Vane^> **Warhammer has been cut down to size.**
  98. [03:02] * Dierson_Pyre opens channel
  99. [03:02] <Dierson_Pyre> **COWARD SURAT**
  100. [03:08] <Jacob_Dorn> Well shit....
  101. [03:10] * Jacob_Dorn with the state of his mech crying with pain he switches the warning to onscreen only then plays some relaxing music and puts his feet up waiting paitently
  102. [03:11] <Gamesmaster> *The Urbanmech fires a full salvo at the Stalking spider, before letting out a vicious kick at its prone form*
  103. [03:13] <^Vane^> Ungh.. fucker.
  104. [03:15] * Jacob_Dorn Also looks up mision log for mission objectives and parameters
  105. [03:16] <Gamesmaster> *Jacob sees the mission log reading 1)Destroy Communications facility 2) Prevent system wide transmission 3)Eliminate all encountered personnel. Leave none alive*
  106. [03:17] * Dierson_Pyre watches at Bran attempts a Death from above attack on the down Warhammer
  107. [03:18] * Jacob_Dorn tries to further refine parameters for "Valid Support from Dropship"
  108. [03:18] <Gamesmaster> *The Warhammer thrashes, trying to move but is unable to move*
  109. [03:20] <Gamesmaster> *A reply comes up on Dorns screen: No support available. Dropship out of communication and weapons range*
  110. [03:21] <Gamesmaster> *The crab unlaunches a terrifying laser assault which rockes DIersons Thunderbolt viciously. The crab pilot weathers the return fire,and attempts to get in behind the Thunderbolt*
  111. [03:23] * Jacob_Dorn switches to encrypted Comm chanel to the others down below in an atempt to reach them with the messeage of HURRY THE FUCK UP
  112. [03:23] * Dierson_Pyre is now known as Bran
  113. [03:24] * Bran manuvers to land squarely in the center of the prone Warhammer
  114. [03:24] * Bran the satisfying feeling of the armour breaching under the impact
  115. [03:24] <Bran> TASTE MY BOOT!
  116. [03:24] * Bran screams in the open comm channels
  117. [03:25] * Bran is now known as Dierson_Pyre
  118. [03:26] <Dierson_Pyre> **Concentrate all fire on the Urban mech, the crab remains mine**
  119. [03:26] * Jacob_Dorn attempts to use comm channels to "remote access" the automated repair bay to see if a remote salvage/repair rig is availible"
  120. [03:26] <Gamesmaster> *The Clints feet smash through the Warhammers centre torso. Its reactor vents into the void, and goes out, as the warhammer reactively rasies its arms to protect the cockpit. Bran spirals out to the sides in a tumble, and falls prone*
  121. [03:29] <Gamesmaster> *Fighting through the interference, Jacob successfully synchronises his communications system with that of the underground facility. The signal is weak, but clear. No input is return yet, and the remote computer returns ***PROCESSING**
  122. [03:32] <Gamesmaster> *With a gigantic explosion, the Stalking Spiders ammo cocks off as it receives a square kick from the urbanmech. Vanes communication line goes out as the CASE system ejects a tremendous amount of force away from the internals, a jet of light erupting into the sky*
  123. [03:33] * Linus_Svenssen ( Quit (Read error: EOF from client)
  124. [03:36] * Jacob_Dorn using the access gained into the facility he searches for enemy encryption codes in a ditch effort to try and remote accses into the mechs on the battle field giving their computers shutdown commands
  125. [03:39] <Gamesmaster> *The computer returns a list of maintainance and record codes for the enemy mechs, including several remote acess codes. These appear to be encrypted*
  126. [03:40] <Gamesmaster> *The long list of symbols and characrees is meaningless to dorn.*
  127. [03:40] <Jacob_Dorn> Blaster.... hit a snag oh well
  128. [03:41] * Jacob_Dorn notes them down and stores them for later use
  129. [03:41] * Linus_Svenssen ( has joined #megamek
  130. [03:46] * Dierson_Pyre is now known as Bran
  131. [03:47] * Bran unloads a alpha strike into the Urbanmech at point blank range
  132. [03:47] <Bran> watches as ammo is hit and cooked off, chain reacting in a spectacular engine critical
  133. [03:48] * Bran is rocked back at the urbanmech goes critical
  134. [03:48] * Bran is now known as Dierson_Pyre
  135. [03:49] * ^Vane^ manages to stabilize his mech for long enough to fire a PPC blast at the Crab, punching through the armour and melting myomers and components, just as a huge fireball washes over his Stalking Spider from the Urban Mech going critical right next to him.
  136. [03:49] * Dierson_Pyre fires all but the LPL into the crab doing minimal damage
  137. [03:49] * Dierson_Pyre see's Van'es PPC fly above his prone Thunderbolt into the Crab breaching the leg toppling it to the ground
  138. [03:51] * Jacob_Dorn shocked by the sudden glorious explosion Darn shamshes his head on the side of the cockpit and cust his head open with a blood tricle down his face
  139. [03:51] <Dierson_Pyre> **you were not asked to fire on my target**
  140. [03:51] <Jacob_Dorn> **Glargh!!!!**
  141. [03:51] <Dierson_Pyre> **but it is appreciated**
  142. [03:53] <^Vane^> **My appologies Ovkhan, no disrespect. I could not just lie here impotent, when I had a shot at one of these dogs.**
  143. [03:53] <Dierson_Pyre> ** I did say it was appreciated**
  144. [03:53] * Jacob_Dorn sounds of a med kit opening up over the comms can be heard as dorn talks
  145. [03:54] <Jacob_Dorn> **That was groozy...**
  146. [03:54] <Dierson_Pyre> **you may keep disregarding my orders for now**
  147. [03:55] <^Vane^> **Aff**
  148. [03:58] <Gamesmaster> *Tai-I -Sama, Tai-I-Sama. Hairi Kudasai* a burst of communications is released from the crab as it attempts to turn towards the new threat*
  149. [03:59] <Dierson_Pyre> **I do not know what that means, you will be dead soon and it will not matter**
  150. [04:00] <Jacob_Dorn> **Guys.... *strange sounds that resemble tape and wraping* **I would try and keep your distance from them, Dracs have been kown to do desperate things in desperate situations.**
  151. [04:00] <Dierson_Pyre> **permission to open fire, all points, on the crab**
  152. [04:01] <Gamesmaster> *Supporting itself with one arm, the Crab lowers a large laser in Diersons direction* "Then you will join me"
  153. [04:06] * ^Vane^ finally manages to coax his remaining legs back into life, and slowly rises, moon dust and rubble cascading off the Stalking Spider's hull.
  154. [04:10] <^Vane^> **Lead, I think we have won. I will check on Linus.**
  155. [04:10] <Dierson_Pyre> **How? can you move?**
  156. [04:11] * Dierson_Pyre open channel
  157. [04:11] <^Vane^> **Aff. I have regained control of my asset.**
  158. [04:11] <Dierson_Pyre> **Keep firing at the crab**
  159. [04:11] <^Vane^> *aff*
  160. [04:12] <Jacob_Dorn> **Good for you...**
  161. [04:12] * Jacob_Dorn doesnt sound bitter one bit
  162. [04:14] <Gamesmaster> *The crabs final shot goes wide as an electromagnetic spike interferes with its targetting computing. A shot from Vane and Bran launches in from the side smashing aside the outstretched limb. Taking his moment, Dierson raises the large pulse laser
  163. [04:14] <Gamesmaster> and deftly cores the machine through the centre torso. The prone crab slumps over, face down and goes still*
  164. [04:16] <Jacob_Dorn> **Holy sheep shit we made it...**
  165. [04:17] <Dierson_Pyre> **Good work Claw2 **
  166. [04:18] <^Vane^> **Aff lead**
  167. [04:18] * ^Vane^ peers out of his cockpit to see if he sees any life signs inside the Icestorm's cockpit.
  168. [04:21] <Gamesmaster> <------------------|End of Session 17|---------------------->
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