All Bosses No DLC

May 30th, 2018
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  1. - Pick cleric class, start with Healing Wares
  2. - Pick up the binocs, talk to the Emerald Herald (Hit X on her and then run off, no standing around)
  3. - Light the bonfire
  4. - Kill Maughlin for his armor (3 x R1, 3 x R1, 2 x R2)
  5. - Put on Tseldora set after walking in the fight
  6. % Kill Dragonrider with fall off strats
  7. - Buy Lightning Spear from Licia
  8. - Knock her off the edge, rest at the bonfire, attune LS, grab Licia's stuff
  9. - Warp to Majula
  11. # Level up 22 FTH
  12. - Pop Dragonrider Soul as that one door in your way opens slowly, drop the extra clothes
  13. - Pick up the buckler because parrying with your hand suuuuuucks
  14. - Light or rest at Cardinal Tower Bonfire
  15. - Buy Saints Hood, blacksmith key and rest bombs (you will lose the rest of the souls anyways)
  16. - Kill Melentia with 2 firebombs, pick up silver serpent ring
  17. - Use firebomb to unlock shortcut
  18. - Put on silver ring and clerics sacred chime
  19. % Beat up Last Giant with lightning spear
  21. - Bone back, run to Pursuer
  22. % Parry, ballista and lob a firebomb to kill Pursuer
  23. - Take eagle ride, warp back to Majula
  25. # Level up 16 ATU, 13 INT, 25 FTH
  26. - Unlock blacksmith
  27. - Head towards Huntsmans Copse
  28. - Pop Pursuer Soul as the contraption rotates as well as put on the Saints Hood (pick up rouge water if you think you'll need it)
  29. - Buy Resonant Soul, Great Resonant Soul and Dark Orb from Felkin
  30. - Do the parrywalk skip to the bonfire if you're not a peach
  31. - Attune Resonant Soul at bonfire under bridge (not at the one after Felkin)
  32. - Do the parrywalk to skelly lords
  33. % Kill skeleton lords with LS for first 2 lords, resonant soul for skellies (remember to put on tseldora set again)
  35. - Pop skelly lord soul while waiting for the bridge as well as...
  36. - Put on your Idols Chime, from now on use the Idols Chime for hexes and the starting one for miracles (equip saints hood again)
  37. - Buy Soul Appease from Ore Lady, TALK to her to send her back to Majula
  38. - Attune GRS and Soul Appease at the bonfire next to her, warp back to Majula (attune glitch GRS with Dark Orb or RS for all them casts)
  39. - Buy cat ring, 10 bones, and 10 alluring skulls
  40. - Head down the well
  41. % Kill Royal Rat Vanguard with Soul Appease / GRS (last time you need to put your cap on)
  43. - Pick up the Branch of Yore on way to Rotten (life gems if you feel you need em)
  44. - Light the first bonfire in Black Gulch
  45. - Grab Scraps of Life (in front of first worm)
  46. - Kill the giants that drop forgotten Key, bone back
  47. - Talk to Abyss NPC, bone back
  48. - Attune GRS and LS (lightning spear) while warping back to Majula
  50. # Level up 20 INT (as long as you have not missed too many GRS up to this point)
  51. - Head towards shaded woods
  52. - DON'T pick up the homeward bones by Benhart
  53. - Unpetrify pyro lady
  54. - Kill pyro lady for souls while waiting for the door (use a skull to keep ballsack dudes away)
  55. - Light crossroads bonfire, head through misty woods
  56. - Pick up Clear Bluestone Ring +1 in misty woods (herbs as well if you think you'll need them
  57. - Light shaded ruins bonfire
  58. - Talk to Abyss NPC while boning out
  59. - Warp to forked road
  61. - Head towards Drangleic Castle
  62. - Do shrine of winter skip with parrywalk
  63. - Kill lizard on way to castle for chunks/slab
  64. - Kill soldiers with GRS to open the gate, kill mammoths with LS while waiting for the gate + pop souls
  65. - Light the first bonfire in Castle and kill the dude chasing you
  66. - Talk to Abyss NPC and join covenant (farthest left door in room with many doors that need enemies killed next to them to open)
  67. - Bone out while talking to him again to buy a bonfire ascetic
  69. % Murder Dragon Riders (remember to equip abyss ring before the fog gate, have tseldora set equipped plus saint hood)
  71. - Light bonfire (rest if you have < 9 GRS casts), grab Caithas Chime, parrywalk into the mirror knight room.
  72. % Murder Mirror Knight (tseldora set, first 2-3 hits with idols chime to potentially save a cast, low stamina reduces hex damage)
  73. - Pop souls on the lift
  75. - Warp back to Majula (attune scraps over LS, attune glitch with RS or DO either here or on the way back from majula
  76. - Buy 6 titanite shards and 6 large titanite shards from ore lady
  77. - Level up your Caithas to +8 and buy some arrows (you only really need one, but safety arrows are nice)
  78. - Pick up the bow in the chest next to the blacksmith
  79. # Level up 11 VGR, 29 FTH, 30 INT (save some souls for casts, sacrifice VGR if you don't have enough)
  80. - Warp back to Shrine of Amana (some crimsons water in a chest here if you need them, but should skip these in favor of the previous ones)
  81. % Murder Demon of Song
  83. - Pop souls on elevator
  84. - Light the second bonfire in the crypt
  85. - Parrwalk over to Velstadt (jump down to about head height with a statue platform on the left)
  86. % Murder Garl Vinland (Velstadt) with GRS and parries (or rolls if you are a peach), use scraps when he buffs
  87. - Grab king's ring and bone back
  89. - Warp to Lost Bastille
  90. - Parrywalk to gargoyles
  91. % Kill gargoyles (cast scraps twice on 2nd gargoyle statue for yolo strats, which aren't really that yolo)
  93. % Kill Sentinels (grab an effigy on the way if you want, right by the ladder)
  95. - Go to Sinner, use a spell restore if necessary, pop souls on the first gate and the lift (grab bonfire after sentinels if you are spooped)
  96. % Dispatch Sinner
  98. - Warp to Heide's
  99. - Pop a soul after pulling the lever
  100. % Murder Ornstein
  102. - Go to Wharf, do the moon jump on the lift and shoot the bell with the bow
  103. % Take care of Flexile and bone out
  105. - Warp to Majula
  106. - Buy ascetic and 3 chunks from Chloanne
  107. - Upgrade caitha's to +10
  108. # Level up 10 END, 15 ADP, 20 ATN, rest VGR
  110. - Warp to Crossroads bonfire
  111. - Pop a soul at the king's gate
  112. % Run up to Guardian Dragon and blast his face off
  113. - Grab the ancient feather
  114. - Do the Aerie jump
  115. % Smash Ancient Dragon (scrap as often as you can until his health is low enough to finish with one cycle of GRS)
  117. - The following 4 main sections can be done in whatever order you want
  119. - Warp to black gluch
  120. % Beat rotten to a pulp (well more of one anyways) %
  121. - Bone back and use a bonfire ascetic
  122. - Kill giants
  123. - Now do it again :)
  124. - Warp to cardinal tower
  125. - Do the jump down to giant lord (or parrywalk if that is easier, but this is slightly slower)
  126. % Give Giant Lord some chest pain %
  127. - Pick up the giant soul and bone out
  128. - Warp to undead crypt
  129. - Parrywalk again (don't need to be careful with the height this time)
  130. % Spam scraps on Vendrick for days % (His 3 hit combo will go over your head for extra flair)
  132. - Warp to Huntsman's Copse
  133. - Parrywalk over to chariot
  134. % Beat a dead horse until it dies %
  136. - Warp to Harvest Valley
  137. - Jump over next to the ladder
  138. % Kill Jabba %
  139. - Grab the bonfire if you are a peach (like me)
  140. % Demolish Mytha %
  141. - Take a nice elevator ride (put on some music if you so wish)
  142. - Grab Iron Keep bonfire
  143. - Parrywalk a alonne knight and open the door before running over to OINK
  144. % Kill the defenseless OINK and bone back %
  145. - Jump over to the ember and run to smelter
  146. % Kill Smelter #1 %
  148. - Warp to shaded ruins
  149. % Bully Najka %
  150. - Run over to Rat Authority (grab bonfire in front of fog gate for safety)
  151. % Kill mini rats with scraps then big rat with GRS (don't get puked on) %
  152. - Dash over to congregation, use skulls on the guys by the door
  153. % Church shooting monkaS %
  154. - Make your way towards freja, use skulls by the lever
  155. % Kill baby spooders with scraps, freja with GRS %
  157. - Warp to first drangleic bonfire and enter the 1st dungeon (attune LS while warping)
  158. - Kill the ghost and Riccard with GRS, parrywalk havel in the cave (or over by the torch thingie)
  159. - Do the dungeon skip while parrywalked (make sure to have full health before trying to drop down to darklurker in case of fall damage)
  160. % Smash the darklurkers with GRS (can use LS if you have to stand right beneath a darklurker doing the laser) %
  161. - Trigger the king's gate BEFORE running back and resting at the bonfire (to restore casts for FREE)
  162. % Murder Those super EZ Throne Watchers (super easy) %
  163. % Murder Nashandra %
  164. - Watch the credits (you wouldn't dare close the game here... would you?)
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