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  1.  This room is warm and muggy and is sectioned off; the section you first walk into is an actual bathroom with several small stalls that are separated by a single pane of clouded blue-green glass. Within each stall is an elongated urinal built directly into the floor. There does not appear to be any easy to use this toilet, instead it appears one is meant to squat over in order to relieve themselves. The stalls towards the end have bars installed to assists those who may be unused to reliving themselves in such a manner. There are two modes of flushing, a minor for just a small tinkle, and a major for a fully loaded flush. The wall opposite the stalls is a short counter with sinks and plenty of space to place belongings before stepping through the nearby doorway though there lacks a door. A weapons rack has been placed near the entrance for the deposit of any weapons that may have been brought in, firmly closed to keep out moisture that would otherwise cause rust to the metals. Lastly in this small area, at the back of the room is a tall wooden shelf system, many small cubbies built into it and holds hundreds of clean fluffy towels. The entry to the main part of the bathroom is about the size of two large double doors though notably, there is no way to close off the two sides of the room easily. This side takes up about two thirds of the overall room where the other part is only about one third. The main focus of this area is the deep bath set into the floor; the water is dark with wisps of white steam dancing along the gently ripping surface. Smoothed rock and hardened clay hold the water which seems to have a perpetual current as the water is constantly recycled through limestone drains. The water is reheated by furnaces and then returned to the bath through large arching golden faucets that dot the sides. The water is deepest towards the middle, going several feet down, more than adequate for swimming if one desired, while closer to the sides is shallow. The bath has been made with a smooth step in all the way around, also makes perfect for sitting within the water, the closer to the back of the room the deeper the step is for those taller individuals or simple those who want to the water neck deep while sitting. In regular intervals the floor to around the main tub dips down in a shallow bowel like feel and a slight incline into the bath. At the spots there are large shower heads, three in each area, one higher up, and two lower around the hips. There is a knob set in the wall to adjust the constant water flow to anyones desire. With the slight incline in the floor the water from the shower is able to run off into the bath. Where the person would stand, rubber mats have been placed so that there is no slippage and the water running into the main bath is cleaned as it runs over soft sandstone which can be replaced once it has been worn down.
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