JP Gree account creation / iM@S ML

Feb 28th, 2013
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  1. Version 1.2 (2013-03-07)
  3. This small guide is to create a Japanese GREE account, and to play iM@S ML with it.
  4. ML can also be played without a Japanese account; however, if you choose this, you will need to enable a VPN or proxy every time you wish to play. See notes below.
  6. You need:
  7. - A browser capable of spoofing its User-Agent. I'll put instructions for Chrome below.
  8. - A Japanese IP, either through a proxy, or a VPN. There are countless free ones out there. Google will help you.
  9. - An accessible e-mail. Any e-mail.
  11. So, here we go.
  12. 1. Enable VPN or proxy. Check with eg. to confirm that you are in Japan.
  13. 2. Enable a mobile user-agent. Check with eg.
  14. I'm personally using "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.2.2; GT-I9100 Build/JDQ39) AppleWebKit/537.22 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/25.0.1364.122 Mobile Safari/537.22".
  15. 3. Head to . You should see Japanese games, but English buttons.
  16. 4. Change address to
  17. 5. Fill in the blanks. Hit next.
  18. 6. Get the confirmation e-mail. Copy link. Paste link in the tab where you have your user-agent spoofed, if applicable.
  19. 7. At this point, your e-mail is verified and your account is active.
  20. You can close the page or head back to .
  21. Do confirm in Settings/Profile/Living in that you are locked in Japan.
  22. Phone registration gives 300 GREE, some goodies, and access to the GREE community stuff. In-game, I haven't encountered a situation in-game where I needed it yet.
  23. It might change your country of residence, though (and lock you out from the game). Test only if you have a throwaway number.
  24. 8. Head to to activate the game.
  25. 9. Hit Play now.
  26. 10. Bookmark .
  27. 11. Disable proxy/disconnect from VPN. You shouldn't need a JP IP anymore.
  28. 12. ???
  31. Notes:
  32. - If the GREE menu button doesn't work in your browser for some reason, you can access the settings/log out from .
  33. - On Chrome PC, with "Emulate touch events" enabled, the select menus for cards doesn't work, eg: You can't select other than N cards for merge.
  34. - On Chrome PC, with "Emulate touch events" disabled, clicking on an idol to hear her voice has no effect.
  35. - On a JP account (created with a Japanese IP, and having its location in Japan), you don't need a VPN or Japanese IP to play, and you won't encounter the "This game is unavailable in your region" error.
  36. - On a non-JP account (created without a Japanese IP and having its location outside Japan), you'll need a VPN to access . Otherwise, you'll be thrown a "Sorry, this game is unavailable in your region" error. You may also see similar messages after purchasing or using GREE coins, but you can simply hit back (the transaction is still processed).
  37. - On the Japanese site, the account creation button may ask you to send a validation email to a phone e-mail or use a JP phone number, which will directly activate your phone, but evidently blocks white pigs. To fix, just use the URL for registration .
  38. - You can play directly from the game's server, without relying on GREE's iframe, using the link . However, do note that the page performs the authentication, and the game will throw an error after a while if the GREE page isn't active. To fix, open the page, load the game in it, then switch back to
  41. 1. Launch Chrome.
  42. 2. Open the Developer Console (Ctrl-Shift-I).
  43. 3. Hit the settings button (lower right of Chrome window).
  44. 4. Tick "User Agent".
  45. 5. Choose "Chrome - Android Mobile", or choose "Other" and put your own.
  46. 6. Still on the Settings page, tick "Emulate touch events" (fixes and introduces bugs; see notes above). You can enable "Emulate Geolocation"/Unavailable if you're paranoid.
  47. 7. Keep the developer console opened. The user-agent spoofing is only active for this tab and while it's opened.
  48. 8. Try to open You should see the mobile version (fully in English if you don't have a JP IP yet).
  51. Changes:
  52. 1.2 (2013-03-07):
  53. - Added notes about the JP "Send a blank email" page. Fixed tutorial to fit.
  54. - Added notes about the usage of the domain.
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