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  1. First Section Solution:
  3. After the hall has been filled with water, quickly run and go into the
  4. room to your right and immediately jump on one of the boxes! The reason for
  5. this is that there is an invisible water monster chasing us! Your only
  6. safe place is anywhere out of the water!
  8. Look around the room, at the far wall is a lever, and nearby are books on
  9. the shelves. There's only a few books that you can actually grab. Turn off
  10. your lantern and jump on the boxes to make your way to the lever. Before
  11. we pull the lever, it's best to know where we can grab a book from so we
  12. won't waste time. The gate that the lever opens is only open for a limited
  13. time, this is why we need to do everything very quick and precise!
  15. When you're ready, pull the lever and quickly grab your book. Jump on
  16. the boxes and make your way to the box nearest to the door. The water
  17. monster will be following. We need to get out of the room without being
  18. killed. Throw the book to the faraway corner of the room and wait until
  19. the monster is near the book, then quickly get out of the room, turn right,
  20. jump on the boxes and make your way forward to the far away box!
  22. Now the hall turns to the right. Continue jumping from box to box. There's
  23. a bookshelf on the left wall but there's no book there. Jump to the box
  24. near the right wall with another bookshelf. There are some books there
  25. that you can grab.
  27. By now the water monster will be on your trail and you'll see water
  28. splashing from where you came from. Throw a book there as far as you can
  29. to distract the monster. Once it's going after the book and it's not
  30. near you anymore, quickly continue jumping forward.
  32. The hall now turns to the left. Continue jumping and you'll see an elevated
  33. platform that you can land and run on. At the end of this hall is the open
  34. gate. Quickly go through the gate!!!
  35. ***************************************************************************
  38. --------------
  39. Second Section
  40. --------------
  42. As soon as you go through the gate from the first section, quickly turn
  43. left and jump on the box! There's another water monster in this room! For
  44. now you're safe and you can relax a bit to calm your nerves.
  46. It's time to describe the room again. This is just one big room with a
  47. gate to the left in the middle part of the wall. There aren't much boxes
  48. you can jump on, and the central area is full of water.
  50. To the left of the gate is a valve that you have to turn counter-clockwise
  51. to open it. This is probably going to be the toughest part of this room.
  53. On the boxes, you'll see some dismembered human limbs, and some torsos as
  54. well. These things can be used as bait for the water monster. What happens
  55. is when you throw these things, the water monster will chase them and
  56. then EAT them! When the water monster is eating them, that's your only
  57. chance to get in the water without being chased.
  59. The water monster spends around 10 seconds eating a limb or torso. You know
  60. that he is already eating when you hear it munching on them.
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