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A Jew's guide to KanColle

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  1. Introduction
  3. Not willing to spend money on a free-to-win game? Not having enough slots to go around? Follow this guide and you won't have to worry about that again. …kamo.
  5. While parts [1] and [2] are for those who don't buy slots, part [3] is for anyone who doesn't want to buy improvement materials (i.e. screws), which makes up a much larger portion of the playerbase.
  7. WARNING: This guide assumes you are willing to play for stats. Especially part 1 of the guide. If you don't want to play for stats, that's fine, but you should still at least take note of the number of each type of ship you need, because that is even more important than what ships are the best to keep stats-wise.
  10. Contents
  11. [1] SHIPS TO KEEP
  12. [1a] DDs
  13. [1b] CL(T)s
  14. [1c] CA(V)s
  15. [1d] BB(V)s
  16. [1e] CV(L)s
  17. [1f] SS(V)s
  18. [1g] AVs
  19. [1h] Other ships
  20. [1i] Total
  21. [1j] Sample ship lists
  22. [1j(a)] List 1
  23. [1j(b)] List 2
  25. [2-1] Main Section
  26. [2-1a] Main Gun (Primary armament)
  27. [2-1b] Secondary Gun (Secondary armament)
  28. [2-1c] Anti-Air Gun (AA gun)
  29. [2-1d] Torpedo
  30. [2-1e] Aircraft (Carrier-based aircraft/Reconaissance)
  31. [2-1f] Radar
  32. [2-1g] ASW equipment (Sonar/Depth charge/Autogyro/Antisubmarine patrol)
  33. [2-1h] Miscellaneous
  34. [2-2] Equipment For Support Expeditions
  35. [2-3] Sample equipment lists
  36. [2-3a] List 1
  37. [2-3b] List 2
  38. [3] EQUIPMENT TO UPGRADE (under construction)
  41. [1] SHIPS TO KEEP
  43. DISCLAIMER: This list does not take into account possible future remodels or possible new ships. Accurate as of 30 May 2015.
  45. [1a] DDs to keep
  46. Yuudachi
  47. Ayanami
  48. Yukikaze
  49. Shigure
  50. Akizuki
  51. Shimakaze
  53. Optional:
  54. Your starter
  55. Akatsuki
  56. Isokaze*
  57. Nowaki*
  58. * is purely for rarity reasons. These can be removed if they become more common.
  60. For more information see http://pastebin.com/03kihLwt
  62. Make sure to have enough DDs to run expeditions, even when an event is going on. 14 DDs (enough to run expeditions 21, 37 and 38 simultaneously) is the absolute minimum. During event time, switch to expeditions which need fewer DDs if you need to sortie any DDs. If you are open to having duplicates, that works too.
  65. [1b] CL(T)s to keep:
  66. Jintsuu
  67. Kitakami
  68. Ooi
  69. Yuubari
  70. Ooyodo
  72. Optional:
  73. Isuzu
  74. Kiso
  76. In case of ship locking, an extra pair of KitaOoi can be considered. Kiso is when you are allowed to use 3 CLTs, such as for Autumn 2014 E4. Isuzu is for upgrading type 3 depth charges at Akashi's.
  78. Keep at least one extra CL around for ship locking, for a total of 4+ CLs. You may also end up with 2-5 CLTs.
  81. [1c] CA(V)s to keep:
  82. Myoukou
  83. Nachi
  84. Haguro
  85. Tone
  86. Chikuma
  88. Optional:
  89. Choukai
  90. Maya
  91. Mogami-class (Mikuma in particular)
  92. Prinz Eugen
  94. All the Myoukous except Ashigara are required for a monthly quest, and they can pull their own weight in events as well, if they are ever needed. Tone and Chikuma are for if and when you need CAVs in events. Choukai is the strongest CA, and Mikuma and Maya are for upgrading equipment at Akashi's.
  96. In case of ship locking, consider those in the optional list. 4 CAs and 4 CAVs should be enough.
  99. [1d] BB(V)s to keep:
  100. Any 2 (recommended: 4) fast BBs (in order from best to worst: Bismarck, Roma, Kirishima, Italia, Hiei, Kongou, Kirishima)
  101. Fusou
  102. Yamashiro
  103. Yamato
  104. Musashi
  106. Optional:
  107. The rest
  109. BBs are good to have, but you'll only really need those who are best in their own field (fast BBs for speed, BBVs for seaplane bombers, hotels for pure damage). That said, a total of 8 (in case of ship locking) + 4 (for support fleets), for a minimum of 12 BB(V)s total (of which 4+ should be BBVs; highly preferably one of each), is highly encouraged. 2+ fast BBs are required in case of compass rules, but unless you're going with 3 pairs of hotels (1 for main fleet, 1 for each support fleet; though you'd have to be insane to do that) I would recommend you go with 4 fast BBs.
  111. For newer players especially who may not have access to the higher tier battleships, 2 sets of Kongou-class (obtainable from 3-2-A) will be enough to make up the numbers. Fusou-class and Ise-class should also be easy enough to acquire. In case slow BBs are needed, you can even keep a set of Ise-class unremodelled (not Fusou-class since they have 10 less armour) and just two duplicate Kongou-class, at least until you get Nagato- and Yamato-class. Or just Hyuuga since Ise has 5 less firepower, and three duplicate Kongou-class.
  114. [1e] CV(L)s to keep:
  116. CVLs from best to worst:
  117. Jun'you > Chitose-class > Hiyou > Ryuujou > Shouhou-class > Ryuuhou > Houshou
  119. CVs from best to worst:
  120. Kaga > Taihou > Hiryuu > Akagi > Souryuu > Shoukaku-class > Unryuu > Katsuragi > Amagi
  122. In case of ship locking, 12+ CV(L)s (4 of them for support) should be kept. At least 6 of them should be CVs and at least 4 of them should be CVLs.
  125. [1f] SS(V)s to keep:
  126. All of them (not counting Maruyu)
  128. This is the most interesting part. For effective subslaving, at least 18 subs (failing that, 12) should be kept. Eg: 4x Imuya, 4x Goya, 4x Iku, 4x Hachi, 1x Shioi, 1x Ro. In addition, where possible, keep at least 3 of each SS (not SSV) who can carry 2 torps for cut-in (currently only Imuya as U-511 is not farmable yet). Maruyu is only good for 3-2-A tanking and for improving others' luck. There is no reason to keep one permanently around, especially since she'll be less effective as a 3-2-A tank over time due to increasing repair times as she levels up.
  130. A good rule of thumb for 2-3 subslaving is to have either 4x SS (no SSV), or 3 subs who can cut-in, if you don't want to gimp your win percentage. If you don't care about it, use one sub less than stated. If you really care about your win percentage, you can use one sub more than stated, but I do not recommend more than that.
  132. For subslaving at other maps, I recommend 5 subs who can cut-in for 4-2 (world 4 weekly) and 2-4 (world 2 daily), though you can add or remove 1 sub as you like; if you feel bold enough you can even remove 2, but no more. If you want to subslave at 3-4, 6 subs who can cut-in is a must.
  134. Kai at least 1 of each sub (and all subs who do not change class on remodel eg. Imuya, Shioi) to final form. For endgame purposes it might be wise to Kai all subs to their final form. By then you can probably reduce the number of subs you keep to 15 (3 sets of 5 for maps like 2-4 and 4-2, 5 sets of 3 for maps like 2-3) or 10 (2 sets of 5 for maps like 2-4 and 4-2, 3 sets of 3 + a spare for maps like 2-3).
  137. [1g] AVs to keep:
  138. Chitose
  139. Chiyoda
  141. Optional(?)
  142. Akitsushima
  144. Expedition 36. End of story. (They're useful for expeditions which require CVs too, such as expedition 35. As well as for carrying daihatsu for extra resources from every other expedition you can fit them in. Except Akitsushima, that is.)
  147. [1h] Other ships to keep:
  148. Taigei
  149. Akashi
  150. Katori
  151. Akitsu Maru
  153. Yes, 1 of each. Event compass rules can be a bitch.
  155. [1i] Total: 14 + 6(+3) + 8 + 12 + 12 + 12(+6) + 2(+1) + 4 = 70+10 ships. Leaving 20-30 slots for you to play around with (be it for keeping extra girls you like, keeping farming fodder, buffer for events, keeping specific ships for quest completion, etc).
  157. [1j] Sample ship lists
  159. Below are two sample ship lists.
  160. The first list (80 total ships) is that of someone who has enough ships to clear an event. Whether luck is on your side is another story…
  161. The second ship list (having 76 ships) is that of someone who is relatively new, and so has no event rewards or otherwise relatively rarer ships. However, due to having duplicates, they still have a good chance of clearing any event. (These duplicates are only placeholders for when you get other ships; for example, feel free to get rid of your duplicate Kongou-class as you get Nagato-class + Yamato-class.)
  163. [1j(a)] List 1 (80 ships):
  165. Fubuki
  166. Murakumo
  167. Ayanami
  168. Sazanami
  169. Akatsuki
  170. Inazuma
  171. Shigure
  172. Yuudachi
  173. Samidare
  174. Yukikaze
  175. Isokaze
  176. Nowaki
  177. Akizuki
  178. Shimakaze
  180. Kitakami x2
  181. Ooi x2
  182. Kiso
  183. Isuzu
  184. Yuubari
  185. Jintsuu
  186. Ooyodo
  188. Myoukou
  189. Nachi
  190. Haguro
  191. Maya
  192. Mogami
  193. Mikuma
  194. Tone
  195. Chikuma
  197. Kirishima
  198. Bismarck
  199. Italia
  200. Roma
  201. Fusou
  202. Yamashiro
  203. Ise
  204. Hyuuga
  205. Yamato x2
  206. Musashi x2
  208. Ryuujou
  209. Hiyou
  210. Jun'you
  211. Chitose CVL
  212. Chiyoda CVL
  213. Akagi
  214. Kaga
  215. Souryuu
  216. Hiryuu
  217. Shoukaku
  218. Zuikaku
  219. Taihou
  221. I-168 x4
  222. I-8 x4
  223. I-19 x4
  224. I-58 x4
  225. I-401 x1
  226. Ro-500 x1
  228. Chitose AV
  229. Chiyoda AV
  230. Akitsushima
  232. Taigei
  233. Akashi
  234. Katori
  235. Akitsu Maru
  238. [1j(b)] List 2 (76 ships):
  240. Fubuki
  241. Murakumo
  242. Ayanami x2
  243. Sazanami
  244. Akatsuki
  245. Inazuma
  246. Shigure x2
  247. Yuudachi x2
  248. Samidare
  249. Yukikaze
  250. Shimakaze
  252. Kitakami x2
  253. Ooi x2
  254. Kiso
  255. Isuzu
  256. Yuubari
  257. Jintsuu x2 (Picked her over Yuubari because she's more common, and it may be wise to have 2 CLs that have planes, rather than just 1)
  259. Myoukou
  260. Nachi
  261. Haguro
  262. Maya
  263. Mogami
  264. Suzuya (Picked her over Kumano because she drops everywhere Kumano does and she drops in 5-3 boss but Kumano doesn't, and over Mikuma because Mikuma drops only in 4-3 and 5-2 boss nodes)
  265. Tone
  266. Chikuma
  268. Kongou x2
  269. Hiei x2
  270. Haruna x2
  271. Kirishima x2
  272. Fusou
  273. Yamashiro
  274. Ise
  275. Hyuuga
  277. Ryuujou
  278. Hiyou
  279. Jun'you
  280. Chitose CVL
  281. Chiyoda CVL
  282. Akagi x2
  283. Kaga x2
  284. Souryuu x2
  285. Hiryuu (I left her out as a dupe option because Kaga and Souryuu have lower rarity and you get a free Akagi, but your individual luck may be different)
  287. I-168 x5
  288. I-8 x5
  289. I-19 x4
  290. I-58 x4
  292. Chitose AV
  293. Chiyoda AV
  295. Akashi
  301. DISCLAIMER: This list does not take into account possible future upgrading paths equipment can take, or possible new equipment. It also does not take into account potential equipment locking in future event maps, or potential new usage for currently useless equipment (unless said equipment is particularly difficult to get), or any other new mechanic that may be introduced. However, this DOES take into account stock equipment from potential drops in future events. Accurate as of 30 May 2015.
  303. Since knowing what equipment to keep is complicated, I have split the Support Expeditions section from the main section.
  306. [2-1] Main Section (Equipment for support expeditions are not included in this list. Scroll down to see a list of equipment for support expeditions instead.)
  308. Non-exhaustive list of terminology:
  309. 12.7cm Twin Mount Type-B Kai 2: Poi gun
  310. 12.7cm Twin High-Angle Mount (Late Model): Urakaze gun
  311. 10cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director: Akizuki gun
  312. SKC34 20.3cm Twin Cannon: Prinz Eugen gun
  313. Torpedo bomber: Blue plane
  314. Dive bomber: Red plane
  317. [2-1a] Main Gun (Primary armament):
  318. -Light:
  319. 12 is enough for this. You aren't likely to need more than that outside of support.
  320. Best guns to worst: Akizuki gun > Urakaze gun ≈ normal 10 cm gun ≈ Poi gun > everything else.
  322. -Medium:
  323. For CAs, 12 is enough. You probably won't even use these guns in support.
  324. Best guns to worst: 20.3cm(3) gun (fully upgraded) > 20.2cm(2) gun (fully upgraded) > Prinz Eugen gun > 20.3cm(3) gun (not upgraded) > 20.3cm(2) gun (not upgraded) > everything else.
  326. For CLs, now that they have fit gun mechanics, you may want to equip fit guns to them. You shouldn't need more than 4, though. That said, the fit gun mechanics for each CL have yet to be figured out, but you should be fine with two 15.2cm guns and two 15.5cm guns. I doubt it's worth it to obtain 15.2cm guns from upgrading the yellow variants, even for newer players.
  328. -Heavy:
  329. In a combined fleet, the main fleet can have up to 4 BBs and the escort fleet can have up to 2. This makes for a total of 6 BBs you'll potentially be sortieing, so you will need at least 12 battleship guns for that. For single fleet I'd go with 12 46cm guns (or if you have Nagato- or Yamato-class BBs, you can swap in 51cm instead if you have them), but in combined fleet due to concerns of accuracy penalty due to overloading mechanics, you may want to swap in a few 35.6cm, 38cm or 41cm guns instead. Unupgraded vanilla versions suck though, so you may want the prototype versions (for 35.6cm and 41cm guns) or Kai versions (for 38cm guns), unless you plan to upgrade them, since the prototype 35.6cm/41cm guns can't be upgraded at the moment. However, until their prototype counterparts can be upgraded, definitely don't bother with converting them (not like you can convert vanilla 41cm guns to prototypes at the moment, anyway). Better to have them as stock equipment from remodelling ships instead.
  331. While 35.6cm guns pale in comparison to 38cm guns even on BBs whose fit guns are 35.6cms, 38cm guns are only available from Bismarck thus far, who is a rare result from LSC, so most of your BBs will likely end up using 35.6cm guns in combined fleet. I don't really recommend keeping and upgrading more than four 41cm guns total; they should be used on Nagato-class, or failing that, Fusou-class Kai or Kai 2. Yamato-class are fine with 46cm guns, but then again they don't have any fit guns.
  334. [2-1b] Secondary Gun (Secondary armament):
  335. With the advent of artillery spotting, they've been rendered mostly useless, but in situations where you won't get air superiority, they can still come in handy. In such situations, 12 of the 15.5cm secondary guns should do. If you have the Italian 15.2cm secondary guns, even better, since they can be upgraded.
  337. If you are that concerned about enemy planes, you may want to consider up to 6 green secondary guns as well. Even then, it's best to keep 15.5 secondary guns around for when enemy planes aren't a concern.
  340. [2-1c] Anti-Air Gun (AA gun):
  341. Skip.
  342. …Is what I'd like to say, but in case they become useful later on, keep the Maya Kai 2 AA gun and the FlaK M42, since they're the best AA guns and they aren't exactly easy to get. Well, unless you're willing to waste more screws to get more Maya Kai 2 AA guns, that is. Not that I'd recommend it anyway; screws are better spent elsewhere. Or you can simply farm more Maya Kai 2 for that; that works too.
  343. http://en.kancollewiki.net/wiki/25mm_Triple_Autocannon_Mount_(Concentrated_Deployment)http://en.kancollewiki.net/wiki/3.7cm_FlaK_M42
  346. [2-1d] Torpedo:
  347. A very interesting part. For endgame purposes, you won't need more than 12 torpedoes for any sortie, but since chances are you'll be regularly switching subs around for subslaving, even if you're jewing on slots it's highly recommended to permanently keep 2 torps on each sub with 2 slots (and 1 Type A Ko-hyoteki on each sub with 1 slot; see below). That will make for up to 36 torps on subs and 12 torps for normal usage, for a total of 48.
  349. As for what torps to keep, a rule of thumb is don't keep any torps weaker than quad oxygen torps (which give +10 torp stat). You can however make an exception for triple oxygen torps (which give +8 torp) since they also give +1 evasion and +1 armour, which can be useful for subslaving in maps like 2-3 or 4-2.
  351. Regarding what torps to upgrade, upgrade only quint oxygen torps where possible. Only when you have one screw left (or when you have nothing else to upgrade), then you upgrade quad oxygen torps. Quad oxygen torps are also the ideal equipment to upgrade for newer players who just got Akashi, since they will carry you throughout the game, can be farmed very easily from level 10 Kitakami/Ooi, can be upgraded every day, and only need one screw per upgrade, at least until +6 beyond which they need 2 screws.
  354. [2-1e] Aircraft (Carrier-based aircraft/Reconaissance):
  355. -12+ Reppuu or stronger green planes (fighters) so that you can meet the required fighter power for important nodes.
  356. -6+ Ryuusei Kai or stronger blue planes are recommended for the main fleet. Blue planes are highly recommended over red planes since carriers equipped with any red planes cannot attack enemy installation bosses. If you ever need red planes, swap out the blue planes with the red planes your support expedition would use. Due to how damage is calculated, your carriers will only deal 0.5 less damage in parallel engagement for every Ryuusei Kai they carry instead of a Suisei 12A, so there'll hardly be an impact.
  357. -Enough Saiun to ensure you meet the LoS check. 6 would be a safe bet.
  358. -Enough recon seaplanes (Type 0 Obervation planes are recommended since most people won't have Shiun, but use Type 0 recon planes if you don't have enough; you can also use night recon planes for night battle) to do the above and also to do artillery spotting. 1 night recon, as well as 8 of the rest, would be a safe bet.
  359. -Enough seaplane bombers (Zuiun will do, but use stronger planes if you have them) to do the above, as well as to get air superiority. 8 would be a safe bet (I used 10 in MI on 2 CAVs in each fleet; 4 each on the CAVs in main fleet and 1 each of the CAVs in escort fleet, BUT they won't participate in the aerial phase if they're in escort fleet, so you might as well use normal recon seaplanes there instead, since under the LoS formula, LoS from normal seaplanes counts more towards effective LoS than LoS from seaplane bombers).
  361. ASW planes from Akitsu Maru Kai will be covered in the ASW section.
  364. [2-1f] Radar:
  365. You won't need more than 6 of each of the following radars: Type 13 Air Radar Kai, the Type 33 Surface Radar, the Type 14 Air Radar or the Type 32 Surface Radar (you can dump 1 of each of the latter two for each FuMO25 Radar you have). Keep any Type 22 Surface Radars Kai 4 you may have for support expeditions to use.
  368. [2-1g] ASW equipment (Sonar/Depth charge/Autogyro/Antisubmarine patrol):
  369. 6 Type 3 Depth Charges and 15 Type 3 Active Sonars, in case you're dispatching Yuubari, Ooyodo and Katori together. Also prepare 6 Ka-type Observation Autogyros (4 on BBV, 2 on CVL) when doing 1-5. For the time being, Type 3 Spotter/Liaison is useless for the time being.
  372. [2-1h] Miscellaneous:
  373. -AA Director: You won't need more than 6 of them. You can upgrade excess AA directors to Akizuki guns though. However, it is not advisable to upgrade all of them. Keep type 91 AA fire directors as is, and upgrade only Type 94 FDs instead. Even then, it would probably be better to just farm Akizuki guns from Akizuki herself instead, once it becomes viable to do so.
  375. -Engine/boiler (Engine upgrades): Do you really need them? I don't think you'll ever need more than 6 turbines/boilers (eg. for clearing 3-2 Mutsuki-class quest), and that's if you actually use them in things like that.
  377. -APshell: Type 91 and type 1 exist; you'll need up to 6 for combined fleet (4 BBs in main, 2 BBs in escort).
  379. -Sanshiki (AAshell): It's better to have 6 in case of maps like Autumn 2013 E4.
  381. -Type A Ko-hyoteki (Midget submarine): 1 each for your Kai 2 CLTs and 1 each for your un-Kai'd subs. If you're farming Kitakami/Ooi for their quint torps, make sure to stack 2 midget subs on each of them when they're at Kai.
  383. -Daihatsu (Landing craft): With 2 AVs and Akitsu Maru, 9 is enough. Even if you have more Daihatsu carrying ships, you'll only need 12 max, 4 for each expedition fleet.
  385. -Torpedo bulge (Extension armor): Again, do you really need them? Even less reason to use than boilers, although 5-5 is one of the few places where they may actually be viable.
  387. -Search light: 1 normal and 1 BB-only, for a total of 2. If you want, you can use excess search lights to upgrade these 2.
  389. -Repair Facility (Machine tools): Your first Akashi will give you 2 total; aim for 4.
  391. -Drum (Supply): 15 total, for running 21/37/38 in case you need to. They are viable for 24 and 40 too, but their exact effects are unknown.
  393. -Flare: You won't need more than 2.
  395. -Fleet Command Facility (Fleet Command): 1 is enough.
  397. -SCAMP (Maintenance team): You probably won't need more than 2 of this, not that you can get more at this point anyway.
  399. -WG42 (Rocket artillery): Same as sanshiki, so 6, except that you'll need multiple Yuu to get more. Not that they're of much use anyway, so you can probably get by with 0.
  401. -Skilled Lookout (Picket crew): If you want cut-ins galore, aim for 6, but 2 is already enough for most purposes.
  403. -Flying boat: 3 Type 2 flying boats. Akitsushima, the only ship able to carry them so far, has only 3 slots, and you can't get any more in the game, so… yeah.
  406. [2-2] Equipment For Support Expeditions
  408. The following will assume generic support fleet setups of 2 DDs, 2 BBs and 2 CV(L)s, for both route and boss support. The equipment to be kept is not included in the Main Section.
  410. You will have 4 DDs, 4 CV(L)s and 4 BBs, and you will want to equip them properly.
  411. DDs will have a combination of DD guns and Type 33 Surface Radars (or Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 if you have enough radars to go around); usually 2 guns and 1 radar, or 3 radars (this setup has become increasingly popular as of late).
  412. BBs will have two 46cm guns OR two fit guns, a Type 32 Surface Radar/Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4, and either a second radar (nothing less than a Type 33 Surface Radar) OR an APshell.
  413. CV(L)s will have bombers (of at least Suisei 12A/Ryuusei Kai strength; Suisei 12A is recommended here as it gives an extra 0.5 damage in parallel engagement) and radars (at least 1 Type 32 Surface Radar/Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4). Either 3 bombers and 1 radar, or 2 bombers and 2 radars (second radar must be nothing less than a Type 33 Surface Radar).
  415. Personally, I would give Souryuu, Hiryuu and Taihou 2 bombers and 2 radars, and the rest of the CV(L)s 3 bombers and 1 radar, but depending on player and even on map, the setup can change. For example, if you do 3 BB 3 SS route for 5-5, route support should have at least 2 strong radars on each ship.
  418. [2-3] Sample equipment lists
  420. Below are two sample equipment lists. The first list is that of someone who has everything stated above. And then some.
  422. The second list is that of someone who is relatively new, and so has no event rewards or otherwise relatively rarer equipment. However, their equipment allows them to hold their own in events. They stand a good chance of clearing hard mode in any event thrown at them.
  424. [2-3a] List 1:
  426. -2 Akizuki guns
  427. -14 10cm HA guns
  428. -4 Poi guns
  430. -2 20.3cm(3) guns
  431. -8 20.3cm(2) guns
  432. -2 15.5cm guns
  433. -2 15.2cm Kai guns
  434. -2 Prinz Eugen guns
  436. -8 35.6cm guns
  437. -4 41cm guns
  438. -14 46cm guns
  439. -2 51cm guns
  441. -7 15.5cm secondary guns
  442. -5 OTO 152mm machine guns
  443. -3 12.7cm secondary guns
  444. -3 90mm HA guns
  446. -3 3.7cm FlaK M42s
  447. -1 Maya Kai 2 AA gun
  449. -39 quad oxygen torps
  450. -6 quint oxygen torps
  451. -2 53cm submarine torps
  452. -1 FaT submarine torp
  454. -9 Reppuu
  455. -2 Reppuu 601
  456. -1 Reppuu Kai
  458. -8 Suisei 12A
  459. -3 Suisei 601
  460. -1 Suisei Egusa
  461. -2 Ryuusei Kai
  462. -1 Tenzan 12 Tomonaga
  463. -3 Ryuusei 601
  465. -6 Saiun
  467. -8 Type 0 Observation Seaplanes
  468. -1 Type 98 night recon plane
  470. -2 Zuiun
  471. -4 Zuiun 634
  472. -2 Zuiun 12
  474. -20 Type 33 Surface Radars
  475. -14 Type 32 Surface Radars
  476. -6 Type 13 Air Radars Kai
  477. -2 Type 22 Surface Radars Kai 4
  478. -4 Type 14 Air Radars
  479. -2 FuMO25 Radars
  481. -15 Type 3 Active Sonars
  482. -6 Type 3 Depth Charges
  483. -6 Ka-type Autogyros
  485. -4 Type 91 AA Directors
  486. -2 Type 94 AA Directors
  487. -6 Amatsukaze boilers
  488. -8 Type 91 APshells
  489. -2 Type 1 APshells
  490. -6 sanshiki
  491. -19 Type A Ko-hyoteki
  492. -12 Daihatsu
  493. -1 Medium Torpedo Bulge
  494. -1 Large Torpedo Bulge
  495. -1 Search light
  496. -1 BB search light
  497. -4 Repair Facilities
  498. -15 Drums
  499. -2 Flares
  500. -1 Fleet Command Facility
  501. -2 SCAMP
  502. -2 WG42
  503. -2 Skilled Lookouts
  504. -3 Type 2 flying boats
  506. Total: 356 pieces of equipment. Which leaves 144 free slots (actually 141 in practice) for anything you like. Like fodder for upgrading things. Or damecon. Or just a nice buffer to have.
  509. [2-3b] List 2
  511. -6 10cm HA guns
  512. -14 12.7cm twin gun mounts
  514. -12 20.3cm guns
  515. -2 15.5cm guns
  517. -10 35.6cm guns
  518. -8 41cm guns
  519. -2 46cm guns
  521. -12 15.5cm secondary guns
  522. -6 12.7cm secondary guns
  524. -46 quad oxygen torps
  525. -2 quint oxygen torps
  527. -12 Reppuu
  528. -12 Suisei 12A
  529. -6 Ryuusei Kai
  530. -6 Saiun
  532. -8 Type 0 Recon Seaplanes
  533. -1 Type 98 night recon plane
  534. -8 Zuiun
  536. -12 Type 33 Surface Radars
  537. -4 Type 32 Surface Radars
  538. -6 Type 13 Air Radars
  539. -4 Type 14 Air Radars
  541. -15 Type 3 Active Sonars
  542. -6 Type 3 Depth Charges
  544. -10 Type 91 APshells
  545. -6 sanshiki
  546. -19 Type A Ko-hyoteki
  547. -1 Search light
  548. -2 Repair Facilities
  549. -15 Drums
  550. -2 Flares
  552. Total: 275 pieces of equipment leaving 225 equipment slots (222 in practice) free. Doesn't seem much, but it does the job.
  556. [3] EQUIPMENT TO UPGRADE (under construction)
  558. While the first two parts are for those
  560. Summary of list of things to improve/upgrade at Akashi's (up to 9 stars (+9) unless stated otherwise; brackets indicate level of upgrade to attain if you believe in accuracy effect increment being significant for each upgrade, and is taken to be max unless stated otherwise):
  562. Recommended:
  563. -Akizuki guns (needs Akizuki)
  564. -20.3cm(3) guns (needs Mikuma)
  565. -Quint oxygen torps (needs Shimakaze)
  566. -Type 3 Active Sonars (unknown effect beyond +6. Needs Isuzu or Yuubari)
  567. -Type 3 Depth Charges (unknown effect beyond +6. Needs Isuzu)
  568. -Type 91 AP Shells (either +9 or max; upgrade to Type 1 if max. Needs Hiei or Kirishima)
  569. -Type 1 AP Shells (+4(+6). Needs Kongou or Haruna)
  570. -35.6cm guns (+8. Needs Fusou)
  571. -Type 94 AA Fire Directors (max; upgrade to Akizuki guns. Not recommended once farming Akizuki guns from Akizuki (or her sister ships) becomes viable. Needs Akizuki, Fubuki or Maya; Maya can be considered over the other 2 if you don't want to waste too many 10cm guns, which can be hard to come by. However, Akizuki can upgrade type 94 every day of the week, unlike Maya. Also, at max stars Maya upgrades them to a different gun unlike Akizuki or Fubuki, so take care not to use her for the final upgrade unless you really want that secondary gun for some reason)
  573. Optional:
  574. -Quad oxygen torps (+4(+6) or +9; +4 recommended. Further recommended to only upgrade if you have one screw left, your daily isn't done and you have nothing else you can upgrade for the day, that only needs one screw, since you can upgrade it any day of the week. In other words, only as a last resort. +9 or max (and upgrade to quints) should be avoided if possible; upgrading to quint torps in particular is not recommended since you have limited screws. Needs Kitakami or Ooi)
  575. -41cm guns (+8. Not recommended unless you have nothing else to max, which is highly unlikely if you're jewing. Needs Nagato or Mutsu.)
  576. -46cm guns (+8. See 41cm remarks. Needs Yamato or Musashi)
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