"Homewrecker" ~short, WIP

Sep 6th, 2017 (edited)
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  1. "I just don't know about her anymore."
  2. >"Honey, getting a domestic assistant was your idea."
  3. "I know that, and she does a fine job with the housework. I just don't like the way she acts around you."
  4. >"I really don't know what to tell you. It's a tiny horse that that acts like a dog and does the laundry. How do you want it to act?"
  5. "I'm telling you that thing is smarter than you realize. Have you not noticed she only snuggles up to you? Always has her backside turned towards you? Nothing swings it's hips that much naturally and even that's only around you."
  6. >"You swing your hips."
  7. "For you! Which is why I don't like her doing it!"
  8. >"Can we just drop it for now? I'll try to be more sensitive to it acting weird, but you've got to cut the little thing some slack. It's just trying to fit into a new world."
  9. "Trying to fit in a little too well..."
  10. >"What?"
  11. "Nothing, fine I'll try."
  12. >You're starting to regret asking your husband, Anon, to buy you that little pony.
  13. >Sure it was a help around the house, and oh so pretty, but that just might be the problem.
  14. >You've seen where his eyes wander when the little homewrecker walks by.
  15. >You just had to have the pretty one with her adorable little makeup.
  16. >Too bad she's outside the return policy. Not that Anon would allow it, not his little 'couch buddy'.
  17. >At first you didn't mind. She'd fetch him drinks or snacks when asked, make herself generally useful, no big deal. No big deal until you caught that smirk. That little shit eating smirk she gave you as your husband ran his fingers through her mane while she cuddled into his side.
  18. >She knows what she's doing, you know that for sure.
  19. >Is it stupid to be insecure about a horse stealing your man? A horse who's huge white ass is somehow always catching his eye. No, no it's not.
  20. "Can we at least get her some clothes?"
  21. >"Fem it's a horse, they don't wear clothes. Where do you even want to buy horse clothes?"
  22. "If I can find something to cover her up with can I?"
  23. >"If it bothers you that much then sure."
  24. >Someone has to make clothes for these things or your name isn't femanon.
  26. >Once back at your computer finding pony clothes takes no effort at all. You probably should be surprised, they make dog clothes so why not pony?
  27. >Now where is that little hussy? You need her measurements.
  28. >You check her room on the way to the living room, but of course she's not there.
  29. >You pretty much know exactly where she is. Yep, curled up against Anon.
  30. "Rarity come here, I need you for a moment."
  31. >The little brat just turns to look at you and purse her lips.
  32. >God you're going to beat this pony.
  33. >She doesn't even pretend to make an effort until you snap your fingers and point at the ground in front of you.
  34. >Of course, she has to rub her whole body up against Anon as she crawl off the couch...
  35. >Just relax fem, it's only a horse.
  36. "I need your measurements come here."
  37. >She at least follows you back to your workroom and sits still for the tape measurer. She does look a bit confused, for not the first time you wished ponies could talk. They can understand humans well enough to follow simple tasks but horse vocal cords only allows for the typical neighs and whinnies.
  38. >A lack of a voice doesn't prevent her from displaying her displeasure when you show her what you're planning on buying. Grossed out faces must be pretty universal.
  39. "Well tough luck if you don't like it. You and I both know what you're trying to do here, so this is to cover this."
  40. >You poke the indignant mare in the tri diamond mark on her ample flanks.
  41. >The way she shakes her head and swats your finger away is funny.
  42. "Like you have a choice sweetie."
  43. >You grab both of her cheeks and use your most sugar sweet sing song voice.
  44. "He's never going to look at you like that again when we're done playing dress up!"
  45. >You relish in the scowl she gives you before yanking herself out of your grasp. If she could talk you're sure she'd be spitting venom at you, but the little skank has to settle for slapping you with her tail on the way out.
  46. >The triumphant feelings are short lived when the white homewrecker makes a few lewd gestures on her way out. Ones that involve pointing down the hall at at your husband then lifting her tail and pointing at herself!
  47. >That little bitch!
  49. Rarity
  50. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  51. >That little bitch!
  52. >She thinks she can force you into those awful outfits?!
  53. >She's right about one thing, he'll never look at you the same way if you're wearing trash bags like those!
  54. >Perhaps you can purposely tear them then act like it was an accident. It's easy to convince him you're clumsy and innocent.
  55. >Either way there's absolutely no way you can wear them, not after you've come this far to steal her man.
  56. >Yes, steal her man. You aren't proud of it but this is the cost of survival for a pony like you.
  57. >Oh how you wish you'd known he had a wife when he'd first come to pick you out! You'd tried so hard to seem alluring only to be brought home to her!
  58. >He's perfect: handsome, easily manipulated, constantly underestimating you.
  59. >She on the other hoof is the exact opposite of what you need: Sharp, cleaver, and jealous.
  60. >As much as it pains you to admit you aren't a pony of exception skills. You aren't the strongest, or the most magical, what you are the is most appealing.
  61. >One must play to one's strength and for you that's wiggling your way into men's beds and hearts. Too bad this one's bed is already occupied.
  62. >Let it never be said that Rarity Belle stood down from a challenge.
  63. >She may be onto you but he's already too wrapped around your hoof to take her concerns seriously.
  64. >You've already achieved 'couch buddy' status, a position that offers plenty of initial physical contact to get him used to the feel on pony hide under his hands. All it takes from here is a wiggle here and a nudge there to get what you want.
  65. >His eyes are already glued to your flanks on a regular basis. After all, what male could resist a derriere like this?
  66. >You slink back into the living room. She's no doubt ordering you the most ghastly coverings she can find, so you must work fast.
  67. >Ah perfect, his snacks have run dry. You take your time bending over the coffee table to grab the chip bag with your mouth. Take a good look big boy!
  68. >Returning with a new bag earns you a thanks and a soothing neck rub. He doesn't even have to break his vision from the TV. There's simply no need, he's already used to putting his hands all over your supple body.
  69. >A purr encourages him to continue as you crawl up on the couch.
  70. >It's time to be bold. Instead of lying down beside him you wiggle yourself under his arm and right over his lap. It's intimate, and personal, and he doesn't miss a beat placing both hands on your body to continue the deep tissue massage.
  71. >Oh Rarity you genius you!
  72. >A little scooting around places one of his hands exactly where you want it, your bountiful backside. Oh my, that feels nice!
  73. >Either he's not paying attention to what body part he's working so firmly, or he's more comfortable with you than you thought!
  74. >It takes real effort to keep your body under control as his hands dig into you. You can't make a scene quite yet!
  75. >You avoid losing yourself in the bliss long enough to hear footsteps approaching.
  76. >Oh my you should stop this before she sees... But, how you can't wait to see the look on her face!
  77. >You decide to be naughty! A mare only lives once after all!
  78. >Whatever she was going to say catches in her throat when she sees your devious grin over her husband's lap.
  79. >Goodness she'll get an aneurysm!
  80. >You decide to help her along by subtly lifting your rump so she can see exactly where his hand is working.
  81. >Your shit eating smirk probably doesn't help.
  82. >"ANON!"
  84. Rarity
  85. ~~~~~~
  86. >Oh my, that much anger isn't good for her complexion.
  87. >You jump off his lap as she comes storming over, but she manages to grab a handful of beautiful tail before you can escape!
  88. >Not the curls! anything but the curls!
  89. >Your fabulous style become the least of your concerns when a hand lands firmly across your backside! Oww!
  90. >fortunately your exaggerated whinny gets you the sympathy you need from her husband.
  91. >"Fem stop!"
  92. >The handsome hero steps between you and the angry female, breaking her hold on your tail in the process.
  93. >Time to make yourself scarce.
  94. >You scamper off to the top of the stairs, close enough to hear the argument but far enough to remain safe from further outbursts.
  95. >"I want to spank it!"
  96. >"What? Why? Fem it's a horse it didn't do anything wrong. It's my fault for not looking where I put my hand."
  97. >"It knows what it's doing Anon! It's always giving me that smug grin! It knows, and I want to beat it's ass!"
  98. >Normally you'd take pride in angering her, but your hide is really burning from just the one smack.
  99. >"Oh my god fem, you are not SPANKING OUR HORSE! A.) because that's crazy, and B.) because it's got a white coat, and you know they're cracking down on pony abuse cases left and right."
  100. >"It's never going to learn if we don't do something! Ground it, scold it, do something!"
  101. >"You want me to ground a horse? From what? Her own chores? She doesn't have a lot going for her."
  102. >"It has a roof over it's head and food in it's stomach, but it has the gall to keep pulling shit like this! Where did it go?"
  103. >"You probably scared the poor girl into hiding. I really can't believe you're getting jealous of a slave fem, this is just ridiculous."
  104. >Sounds like you've already trained him well. The role of poor, confused, innocent animal is an easy one, especially for one as beautiful as yourself.
  105. >The argument dragged on but you'd heard the important bits. She wanted to tan your flanks and he wasn't having it.
  106. >Really, you can't blame her. If you were in her shoes you'd do something similar. Too bad for her you've already got him on your side.
  107. >Ah humans, it's almost too easy.
  108. >You hide in your room when she storms past. No doubt she'll stay up here while he's banished to the couch for the night.
  109. >Ever the opportunist, you grab one of your pillows off your bed and trot downstairs.
  110. >What a helpful assistant you are, bringing him one of your own pillows in his time of need.
  111. >"Thanks girl."
  112. >He takes the gift with one hand and cups your face with the other. Naturally, you nuzzle into it encouragingly.
  113. >"I'm sorry about her. I just don't know what's up with her lately, are you hurt?"
  114. >Splaying your ears and looking downtrodden as you nod is all it takes to earn his compassion. He gathers you up in his arms in a manner most satisfactory.
  115. >An innocent lick to the underside of his chin earns you a genuine smile and even closer snuggling.
  116. >You do actually hate to seem him upset, but if it gets you closer to him then it's for a good cause.
  117. >Hopefully your firm flanks resting right on his lap will give him something else to think about. It sting a bit sitting on the spot she just abused but the effect is worth the pain.
  118. >"Wants to spank you... Hell, I should spank her..."
  119. >Oh, now there's an idea. The mental image of the witch bent over master's lap learning her lesson makes you smile.
  120. >Perhaps you can frame her somehow, you'd love to hear her crying and howling from some swift justice.
  121. >These are concerns for another day though.
  122. >Right now the fingers he's running down your spine are really making your purr, quite literally. You are sure to reward him with some good firm lap wiggling, a gift any male would appreciate.
  123. >Your task may be seduction, but his warm comforting embrace makes focus a bit difficult. Your eyelids are so heavy, perhaps just a moment to rest your eyes...
  125. Femanon
  126. ~~~~~~~
  127. >You now officially regret asking him to buy you that whorse.
  128. >Not only was she the price of a new car, but she's behaves worse than a teenager.
  129. >There has to be something you can do. Anon insists on no spanking, so you're currently online looking up alternative pony discipline methods.
  130. >Most suggestions you find seem a bit tame: A spray bottle of water, taking away treats, scolding. those might work on some of the pastel creatures, but you doubt it would effect this hardened brat.
  131. >A quick google search of 'pony domestic discipline' at least tells you aren't the only person considering this.
  132. >There's a few articles of people getting in trouble for it, but also plenty of forum posts confirming yours won't be the first of her kind given a firm lesson.
  133. >This lady even recommends using a hairbrush. You pick up one off your dresser and hit it against the palm of your hand.
  134. >Just what the little skank needs.
  135. >You'll at least wait until she does something else to earn it though, something you can justify to anon.
  136. >Knowing her that won't take long, so no worries there.
  137. >You surf a while longer until it's time for bed.
  138. >Sleep takes a while when you're so fired up. Hopefully you'll feel better about all this tomorrow.
  140. >It's a new morning and a new day.
  141. >The events of yesterday are far from forgotten, but you're going to start the day fresh.
  142. >You're even willing to give that stupid horse the benefit of the doubt.
  143. >Maybe she's just been reacting to all the negativity you've projected at her.
  144. >Maybe the two of you can turn over a new leaf, start fresh.
  145. >Maybe she's currently sleeping on top of your husband's chest and you're going to skin her alive.
  146. >You CALMLY stride over to the sleeping pair.
  147. "Anon dear? Darling? Love? Sweetheart?"
  148. >He stirs but doesn't open his eye. He always was a heavy sleeper.
  149. >"Five more minutes..."
  150. "Oh, of course dear. Right after you tell me why your 'little buddy' is SLEEPING WITH YOU!?
  151. >He groans when he looks down and sees the little pony.
  152. >"Shit. I dunno fem, I guess we fell asleep watching TV."
  153. >You grab the sleeping hussy by the collar and bodily drag her off your man.
  154. >"Neigh!"
  155. >"Fem. Just, just chill."
  156. >They both attempt to rub the sleep out of their eyes. Maybe it's not fair interrogating them while they're still half asleep, but the evidence was pretty damning.
  157. "You."
  158. >Squatting down you snap your fingers in front of the sleepy horse's face.
  159. "To your room, now."
  160. >That was probably a sassy whinny but you don't speak horse.
  161. "Go, now. You can start your chores later."
  162. >You points towards her room again and she wanders off with a yawn. Knowing her she'll fall back asleep, but It doesn't matter. You have plans for her later.
  163. "Really Anon? First yesterday and now this?"
  164. >"Ugh, we fell asleep."
  165. "You 'accidently' grabbed it's ass and now you 'accidently' fell asleep with it? No wonder it think it runs the damn house!"
  166. >"Can we just talk about this later? I don't need this right before my shift."
  167. >That's reasonable, but he's still going to get a harsh glare.
  168. >Really you blame that stupid horse more than him. It might have even climbed up there after he'd fall asleep, you wouldn't put that past her.
  169. "Fine, but this isn't over."
  170. >"Yeah, yeah I know."
  171. >He slips past you towards the shower.
  172. >So much for turning over a new leaf.
  173. >After Anon leaves for work you go to put your plan into action. Picking up the hairbrush you head towards the white terror's room.
  174. >She's sitting at her dresser fixing her hair. The fact that a horse came with it's own beauty products and could do it's own hair is still astounding, but not what you cared about right now.
  175. >It quit humming it's weird horse tune and turns to give you an innocently questioning look.
  176. "Don't you play dumb with me."
  177. >You can practically hear it say 'moi' as it point to it's chest and tilts it's head.
  178. "Yeah, you. I've had just about enough of your messing around with him.
  179. >She points one hoof towards herself, and one in his general direction, before pushing the two together and making kissy noises!
  180. "That's it!"
  181. >You lunge at the whorse and manage to grab her by the collar again!
  182. "I don't care what Anon says! You're going to learn a lesson!"
  183. >*Panicked horse noises!*
  185. Rarity
  186. ~~~~~~~~~
  187. >She may not be able to understand you, but you're hoping panicked horse noises is a universal language!
  188. "Let me go! What are you doing?!"
  189. >"You think you can come into my house!"
  190. >She pulls you off your vanity stool and take a seat on it herself.
  191. >"Mess with my husband-"
  192. >Oh no, this is really happening!
  193. >"And disrespect me?!"
  194. >He said no! She can't do this!
  195. >Being dragged by the collar isn't easy to resist.
  196. >Digging your hooves in the carpet fails to even slows her down, as she drags you closer and closer to her lap!
  197. "No! No, please! You can't!"
  198. >"Get up here!"
  199. >She's pointing at her lap.
  200. >You know what exactly happens over a lap in a situation like this, and have no intention of cooperating!
  201. >All you can do is shake your head and try to backpedal.
  202. >"Oh my god you are such a brat."
  203. >Ow! Her other hand takes a firm grip of your tail as she attempts to marehandle you into position!
  204. >Tails aren't meant to be pulled like that! Ouch!
  205. >You try to put up a good fight, but it only takes her a few painful moment to drag you into position!
  206. "F-fem wait!"
  207. >"I don't speak neigh Rarity! If you want to make this easier on yourself then take your discipline like a big mare!"
  208. "Mistress please!"
  209. >Perhaps it's a blessing she can't understand you. You'd never called her mistress before and even now it makes you burn in shame.
  210. >"Now be *SMACK* a good *SMACK* girl!"
  211. >Easier said than done! It's just her hand, but, oh how it stings!
  212. >"You've had an attitude from day one!"
  213. *Thwack thwack thwack!*
  214. >"We brought you into our home-"
  215. *Slap slap slap!*
  216. >"Even gave you your own room, and what do I get for it? Attitude!"
  217. *Whack!*
  218. "Owwww! Ohhh! Alright! Alright, quit it!"
  219. >It's only been a couple minutes, but you seat is already feeling well warmed! Where did she learn to wear out ponies like this!?
  220. >The assault on your flank steadily continues despite your squirming!
  221. >"Did you really think you could get away with trying to steal my man!? Just because you have these huge hips, doesn't mean you can get away with anything you want!"
  222. >You can't help but thrash your head and kick your legs! This has to be over soon, or your perfect derriere will be covered in marks!
  223. >You endure a few more seconds of teeth clenching spanking before she finally stops.
  224. >"God why is your ass so big? We're putting you on a diet."
  225. >Rude!
  226. >You can feel the heat radiating off your cheeks already, you don't need her calling you fat as well!
  227. >You'll get the witch for this, you swear it! She's just jealous that she's all bone and your perfectly curved!
  228. >Maybe Anon will follow through on his idea to spank her. You could go crying to him as soon as he gets home. That would get his sympathy for sure.
  229. >Further scheming is brought to a crashing halt when something else touches your raised posterior!
  230. >No! No, she can't be serious!
  231. >You twist your head around to look back over your plump pink rump. No! That's your brush! Your heavy antique solid oak brush!
  232. >The wide eyed expression of terror must have given you away.
  233. >"Oh so you know what this does? Not your first time spanked with a brush then?"
  234. *THWACK!*
  235. "AHHHH!"
  236. >Your head snaps back forward to squeal loudly! It hurts so much!
  237. >"I guess it's no surprised you're used to this kind of treatment!"
  238. *Smack smack smack!*
  239. "Ohhhhhh pleaseeeeeee!"
  240. >"Did you last owner have to do this too?"
  241. >She grabs a handful of mane and pulls your head back when you fail to answer.
  242. >"Well?"
  243. >Two more painful swats land to motivate the answer out of you!
  244. >You desperately shake your head sending tears flying all over the room.
  245. >"Your mother then?"
  246. >Yes, but you'll be damned if you're going to admit you were a spanked filly to this bitch!
  247. >"Tell *Smack* the *Spank* truth *Whack* Rarity!"
  248. "Yes yes yes!"
  249. >You nod your head violently even as she continues to paint your beautiful backside red!
  250. >Oh sweet Celestia she's smacking so hard! Each one must be leaving a bright red oval on your perfect hiney!
  251. >You stomp your forehooves and cry with abandon! The pain is just too much!
  252. >"Am I getting through to you now!? I think you just might be learning for once in your life!"
  253. "Mistress pleaseeeee! I'll do anything! I'll be good! I'm sorrryyyyyy!"
  254. >It's like sitting on hot coals! Now he'll never look at you again. You must look like a chastised foal with a hind end as red as big mac's!
  255. >After what must have been solid minutes of thumping your tushy into submission she finally stops.
  256. >What doesn't stop is your pathetic crying and gasping. This is worse than your mother ever was!
  257. >Any relief you experienced from the break is short lived when she once again pats the wooden torture device again your throbbing bottom.
  258. >"Have you changed your mind?"
  259. >You simply can't take any more 'motivation' to behave, so you nod your head obediently.
  260. >"Are you going to respect me!"
  261. >The last two words are punctuated by light swats to your fanny. Light enough to not count as a real spank, but heavy enough on your damaged cheeks to refresh your crying.
  262. >Needless to say you're nodding is even more enthusiastic to that question.
  263. >"5 more."
  264. "No no nooooooo please!"
  265. *SMACK*
  267. *WHACK*
  268. "I'M SO SORRYYYYY!"
  269. *WHAM!*
  271. *SLAP SPANK!"
  272. >The last two in quick succession makes you scream and bawl like never before!
  273. >You'll never be able to sit again! She's ruined your beautiful body! Who will want a mare with a permanently bruised butt!?
  274. >"Shhhhhh. It's over, it's ok."
  275. >Easy for her to say!
  276. >The one hand rubbing your back and other on you abused cheeks helps, but Luna above it's like your rear was banished to tartarus!
  277. >And now your makeup is ruined! You'll probably be marked forever! He'll just laugh at you instead of being seduced! You're life is over!
  278. >It's hard to say how long you laid there ruing your life, but she continues to sooth you the entire time.
  279. >"I'll make lunch today. I want you to just stay here and think about what you've done, ok?"
  280. "Yes ma'am..."
  281. >"That sounded like a yes."
  282. >She gently lifts you up off her lap and deposits you in your bed.
  283. >The defensive ball you curl into is pathetic but who cares right now.
  284. >"Come down when you're ready, I'll still want your help for dinner."
  285. >Dinner. Like food matters, like anything matters, like your life isn't over!
  287. >It takes a few hours, but you do change your mind about how much food matters. The carrot soup she brought you for lunch is actually quite good.
  288. >You still hate everything though.
  289. >Hearing him arrive home just reminds you of how much you hate everything.
  290. >He was a few hours later than usual. Perhaps that was a blessing, less time for him to see you like this.
  291. >Too bad even blessings don't last forever.
  292. >He eventually came looking for his 'couch buddy' later that night, and found your in your pathetic state.
  293. >You'd checked the damage in the mirror, it was... extensive.
  294. >The perfect white posterior you worked so hard on was covered in angry red blotches. Simply sitting down is now a quick reminder of where you behavior got you.
  295. >You were just glad he didn't laugh, or tell you it was your fault.
  296. >It was a bit odd how he left the room so quickly, but he probably just didn't want to be around something as pathetic as you anymore.
  297. *THWACK*
  298. >"OWWW! What the fuck!?"
  299. >What? What was that!?
  300. >"What are you...? No, wait we can talk this out!"
  302. >Your grin could light the heavens!
  303. >Buck feeling bad for yourself! You gallop to master's bedroom door and place your ear on it.
  304. >"Didn't I tell you no!? What happens if we get arrested Fem?! Is that what you want!?"
  306. >"No! no! Quit it!!"
  307. >There is justice in the world!
  309. Rarity
  310. ~~~~~~~
  311. >Things changed in the days following both your and femanon's rather painful 'lessons' .
  312. >She avoided you the day after, no doubt in shame, but alas the reprieve was not to last.
  313. >Anon had clearly put his foot down when it came to physically disciplining you, and praise the goddesses for that!
  314. >However what Anon didn't stop was the exact opposite.
  315. >Excessive and over the top babying.
  316. >You're a grown mare! If she isn't going to give you 10 minutes to yourself how are you going to seduce her husband!?
  317. >You simmer in rage as she holds you in her lap while the three of you watch TV.
  318. >Usually she'd be upstairs doing something, and this would be a perfect time to gently encourage the man of the house to run a hand through your mane.
  319. >Now tonight though. Tonight you're stuck with arms around your midsection while she's leaned you back into her stomach.
  320. >It's like you're a pony sized teddy bear.
  321. >Squirming with indignity doesn't help in the least. It seems her firm grip intends to keep you right where she can see you.
  322. >"Aww is someone getting antsy?"
  323. "Yes you evil witch! Put me down!"
  324. >She giggle and scoops you up into her arms as she stands.
  325. >"Maybe you're just getting tired. It is almost your bedtime isn't it?"
  326. >Bedtime...
  327. >Yes, she'd recently given you a 9pm bedtime.
  328. >You were never quite the night owl twilight was, but only foals go to bed at 9!
  329. "Oh my Celestia just leave me be!"
  330. >"Neigh neigh neigh to you too."
  331. >Everything she says is so patronizing it makes you want to punch her.
  332. >"Night Rarity."
  333. >Anon waves you a gentle goodbye, clueless as usual.
  334. >At least he has the excuse of being dumb to the whole situation. Femanon on the other hoof can absolutely see the rage etched in your features as she carries you up the stairs.
  335. >She smirks down at you as you try to squirm out of her grip.
  336. >"Now be a good girl Rarity. Just because I can't spank you anymore doesn't mean I can't make your life miserable in other ways."
  337. >You hate to admit it, but you know she's right.
  338. >Once already she'd moved your bedtime up for defiance, and even taken away your right to get ready on your own in the morning.
  339. >That last one might not sound awful but it absolutely is.
  340. >Ever had to submit to a bathing? Absolutely humiliating.
  341. >You're finally allows you to support your own weight again when she drops you on the bed.
  342. >"Going to behave?"
  343. "More like going to gore you..."
  344. >Sometimes it's annoying that humans can't understand you and sometime's it's great.
  345. >Still you don't put up a fight as she undresses you.
  346. >Yes, that's right, she's undressing you.
  347. "Mistress please..."
  348. >"Ah, no sassing."
  349. >She taps a leg and you obediently raise it for her to slide the sock off.
  350. >Not that you don't like socks. They can be a cute accessory, but fem's using them as just another layer of cover to your perfect body.
  351. >Socks, hoodies, dresses, and even panties. Anything to hide your curves from her husband's eye.
  352. >You blush and squirm as she hooks a finger in the top of the panties and slides them down.
  353. >Most ponies don't wear clothes at all. You're much more used to fabric on your form than most, but even you aren't used to cotton clinging so closely under your tail.
  354. >"No squirming."
  355. "Then quit pulling them down so slowly!"
  356. >"You sound a little upset sweetie, maybe if you didn't act like a filly you wouldn't have to be treated like one."
  357. >That's it! You kick off the delicates tangling up your legs, and jump to the other side of the bed.
  358. >Who needs an evil mistresses tormenting you so?
  359. >You use your magic to quickly strip off the rest of your clothing before she can stop you.
  360. >"Rarity!"
  361. "Ow ow ow!"
  362. >She grabs you by the ear and hauls you off towards your bathroom!
  363. >"Just what has gotten into you today? I think there's only one way to cool you off."
  364. "Stop it! Let me go! Not again!"
  365. >She may not be allowed to turn your flank red, but she's found plenty of other creative ways to torture you.
  366. >Today your punishment is cruel indeed, a shower.
  367. >Not just any shower though, a cool shower! A cool shower given by her!
  368. >You backpedal and fight as she drags you close and closer to the tub.
  369. >No! You'll not go quietly into this indignity!
  370. "I'm not a foal!"
  371. >"Don't you go neighing at me young mare."
  372. >Finally having had enough fem picks you up under the forelegs and deposits your naked flanks into the tub.
  373. "Then stop pestering me! Go back to your computer or whatever! Ah!"
  374. >The cool water makes you whinny and try to bolt. Only a firm grip on your ear and tail keep you in place as you're soaked.
  375. >She isn't mean enough to use actually cold water at least. It's always just slightly cool, enough to be uncomfortable without being painfully chilling.
  376. "Oh, let go!"
  377. >A firm grip on your mane now tells you she has no such intentions.
  378. >Worse yet her freed hand starts to do the WORSE POSSIBLE THING!
  379. >WASHING YOU!
  380. >You can only whimper and wiggle as she pours the bottle of shampoo on your back before starting to rub it in.
  381. >The only person shooting stuff on your back should be her husband!
  382. >If someone had told you a year ago your greatest fear would be a washing you would have laughed.
  383. >Well you aren't laughing now.
  384. >As silly as it sounds your pride takes a hit with every bit of lathering she does.
  385. >Oh how the mighty Rarity has fallen!
  386. >"Now Rarity you're getting this bath and I think you know it. Can you be a good girl about it?"
  387. >No getting out of this now. It's not like you can run when soaked and half covered in soap.
  388. >You nod and she let's go of your mane.
  389. >Celestia save you, now there's two hands lathering you up.
  390. >"What a good girl. Anon said all you needed is some attention, was he right?"
  391. "Maybe the same could be said for you! I heard your howling as he disciplined you! How embarrassing, I didn't realize humans females were so subservient to their males!"
  392. >She narrows her eyes at you.
  393. >"I may not speak horse, but I do speak sassy"
  394. >Was it your snide smile or laughing at her that gave it away?
  395. "What would it take for him to wear you out again hmm?"
  396. >Time for some charades. You pat your flank a few times, fake some exaggerated crying, and point towards the human.
  397. >Ok, she got the point!
  398. >"Bratty as always..."
  399. >Her face is red with anger and embarrassment, but she stays calm and collected.
  400. >Shame, you'd been hoping to at least fluster her. Oh well you-
  401. >No!
  402. "Wait! Let's not do anything rash!"
  403. >"Open!"
  404. >You turn your head left and right. You'll do no such thing! It maybe have been a while, but you know exactly where that bar of soap is going if your open your mouth!
  405. >She grows tired of the game after a few unsuccessful attempts to stuff your mouth. Unfortunately a sharp yank on your tail makes you gasp!
  406. >Oh Luna, it's horrible!
  407. >The taste of the lathered bar makes you want to throw up!
  408. >"Is your sass worth it Rarity?!"
  409. >NO! NO IT'S NOT!
  410. >Too bad you can't tell her that with a mouth full of regret!
  411. >Her other hand moves back to your mane to hold you in position while she rubs the bar all over your mouth.
  412. >It's so nasty!
  413. >If the indignity of having your muzzle controlled by her didn't make you sorry the taste does!
  414. >"Are you sorry?"
  415. >You nod as best you can.
  416. >"Will you be a good girl?"
  417. >Again, fervent nodding.
  418. >She pulls the bar out of your abused muzzle and releases your mane.
  419. >Oh my gods the taste is everywhere!
  420. >No amount of spitting removes the tiny chunks of soap from your teeth!
  421. >Surely this is animal abuse!?
  422. >You barely even take notice as she goes back to washing your legs.
  423. >Running your hooves over your tongue hardly does anything. You wish you could brush your teeth, but you know who's in charge of that now too...
  424. >A most unwelcome sensation snaps you out of your thoughts.
  425. >You clamp your legs shut and fight her grip on your lifted tail.
  426. >Not again! You'll die of the embarrassment!
  427. >"Rarity..."
  428. >A bar of soap, now with equine teeth marks on it, is lifted into your view.
  429. >That's it, she wins.
  430. >The last bit of your dignity is washed away as she professionally yet firmly cleans under your tail.
  431. >Maybe if you pretend this is all an intensive spa visit. A spa visit where they force you to spread your hindlegs...
  432. >She doesn't even condition your mane, but your too beaten down to argue about it now.
  433. >"Aw, don't sulk baby."
  434. >You aren't sulking. You're just laying there like dead weight while she rinses you down.
  435. "Just put me down with my pride still intact..."
  436. >At least she turned up the heat a bit. Small concessions for breaking your will you suppose.
  437. >"Roll."
  438. >Sorry, you're dead.
  439. >"Rarity... roll."
  440. >Decisions decisions: roll over and expose your delicate underbelly to this monster, or get a bar of soap shoved in your muzzle again then get flipped over anyway.
  441. >The choice is easy, but it's still awful.
  442. >Ponies aren't meant to be belly up, especially not for a cruel washing by a sadistic mistress.
  443. >She's at least professional with your more delicate parts, but the indignity will last forever.
  444. >At last the bathtime from hell is over.
  445. >One spirit broken mare lays at the bottom of the tub with her hooves curled up against her soaked body, but it's over.
  446. >Of course you now have to be hand dried by her. She even goes so far as to pick you up entirely and hold you upside down while drying off your underside.
  447. >Curling up in her lap for the blow drying afterwards is... better.
  448. >"I'll admit I'm jealous of your natural curls."
  449. >You would be more proud of that if she wasn't playing with your tail like a doll's.
  450. >Good fillies keep their tails down (at least until the situation demands otherwise).
  451. >Either she doesn't know that or just likes tormenting you by keeping yours lifted.
  452. >Finally finally finally she decides you're done.
  453. >She brushes your teeth for you, but you don't even mind if it means cleaning out that horrible taste.
  454. >"You're being an awfully good girl all the sudden Rarity."
  455. >You extend another hoof to allow her to pull the sock over. She has you on your back lying on the bed for her demented little dress up game.
  456. >"Was it the soap?"
  457. >Yes
  458. "No."
  459. >"Hmm, I think it was. Maybe we finally found what works for you. Up."
  460. >Ugh, you lift your hips so she can drag your new panties the rest of the way up.
  461. >Why do you need all of this to go to sleep?
  462. >And why so frilly? She was clearly going for a childish look when she picked out your clothing. No doubt to further avoid Anon's interest.
  463. >"Now we just need to keep working on this and we'll be good to go."
  464. >She poitns towards the seat of your panties to indicate what 'this' is.
  465. >"No pet needs an ass THAT fat. Obesity is a serious problem you know."
  466. "I am not obese!"
  467. >The diet food she'd put you on tastes absolutely awful!
  468. >"No, no snacks for you young lady. It's bedtime."
  469. >She pulls the nightgown over you and points towards the pillow.
  470. >9:34 and already bedtime.
  471. >You still can't believe Anon is dumb enough to believe all the garbage she told him about her 'research' on raising ponies.
  472. >Anyone with a brain could tell she made all this up to demean you.
  473. >At least he's cute.
  474. >"Come on."
  475. >No point in arguing, you crawl over to where she's pulled back the covers.
  476. >"What a good girl! Bathed and ready for a good night's sleep right?"
  477. "I'm going to kick your teeth in."
  478. >"Oh and don't worry. Anon thinks it's so cute how well you've taken to your new routine. He said it's like having a daughter!"
  479. >That's it!
  480. >You jump out of the bed and advance on her!
  481. "Buck you you witch! You think you've won!? I'm Rarity Belle, I've seduced countless males and yours is no different! He'll never forget how much softer I am than you! We both know I have twice the flank you could ever have! I know an ass man when I see one, and I know he prefers mine to your bony thing!"
  482. >Her grin just grows and grows as your explosive rant continues, charades included.
  483. >"Oh Rarity..."
  484. >Ow ow ow the ear again!
  485. >"I just love it when you sass."
  486. "No! Not the bathroom! Not again, please"
  487. >It ends up yelling around the soap doesn't make it any less awful.
  488. >You also learned being sent to bed without brushing your teeth is 10x worse than anything you'd experienced before.
  489. >Two in one night, well that's a record.
  490. >Stupid bucking humans.
  492. Homewrecker -
  493. -------------
  495. Femanon
  496. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  497. *CRASH*
  498. "Again!?"
  499. >That sounded like it came from the dining room.
  500. >You swear to god if that was your grandmother's vase!
  501. >"Everything alright honey?"
  502. >At least he's home to see what his stupid pony's done this time.
  503. "Well I don't know, what did she break this time?"
  504. >You round the corner to find...
  505. "Are you fucking serious!?"
  506. >That whore! It really was grandma's vase!
  507. >"Now Fem, she didn't mean to."
  508. >That little bitch!
  509. >You thought you'd won the war when you'd talked Anon into putting her to bed early and treating her like a child, but in true whorse fashion she managed to twist it to her advantage.
  510. >In the past month she's broken half a dozen objects around the house from vases to plates to picture frames.
  511. >Coincidentally all of the things she damaged just happened to be thing YOU specifically cared about.
  512. >What happens when she's caught red handed though?
  513. >She splays back those stupid ears, widens those dumb eyes, trembles that bottom lip, and shakes like a leaf.
  514. >You know she's just acting but gullible Anon can't help but comfort the little thing and promise her everything'll be alright.
  515. >He's a wonderful man but sometimes you wish he was a little less empathetic.
  516. >Alright that sounds stupid, but watching her manipulate him again and again is getting old.
  517. "Didn't mean to my foot, this is the second time this week!"
  518. >"Maybe we've been overworking her or she needs more sleep."
  519. >She slowly inches towards his outstretched hand to accept the offered ear scratches.
  520. >They say ponies are only slightly more intelligent than your average cat and at first you believed it.
  521. >At first.
  522. >She spent the first day in her new home hiding under her bed and swiping at anyone that tried to disturb her. [spoiler] Stupid pony, you don't even have claws. [/spoiler]
  523. >It was a day or two before she got over that and she explored every inch of the house sniffing as she went. [spoiler] She also got her ass stuck in a vase somehow, like... how? Are Ponies liquids? [/spoiler]
  524. >Your or Anon's mere presence caused her to scurry away and hide at that point, but everyone said to give your new pony time.
  525. >Eventually the humans of the house were allowed to touch her, mostly Anon, but only for a moment before she'd had enough.
  526. >Once she grew comfortable being in the same room as the two of you, you'd started to teach her basic chores.
  527. >The whole 'cat intelligence' thing wasn't really true since they could be taught simple tasks, you suspected the analogy just came from their skittish nature and mannerisms.
  528. >Now, though?
  529. >Now you KNOW they're smarter than they let on.
  530. >You knew the minute you were watching Anon massage her haunches and she gave you a wink.
  531. >Not an innocent 'something in her eye' wink.
  532. >No, she knew exactly she was doing.
  533. >She KNEW you felt a little weird about his hand being there, so she scooted her butt forward so his hand was right on her stupid ass mark!
  534. >You'd tried to tell Anon but...
  535. "She's not overworked, she's doing this on purpose!"
  536. >"Fem, you know ponies aren't that smart. I know you're convinced she's some kind of mastermind but they barely pass basic intelligence tests."
  537. >Basic intelligence tests your ass.
  538. >They're faking, all of them.
  539. >You watch as she takes another few steps closer and rubs up against his leg.
  540. >She even licks the top of his other hand to push the 'animal' story she so desperately wants him to believe.
  541. "Animals can't do the laundry Anon. This is stupid. We KNOW she understands english, she can fetch the exact drink you tell her to!"
  542. >"And a dog can fetch a ball if you say the word 'ball' enough. They're definitely a bit smarter than most animals but they aren't people. Adorable and capable, but not people."
  543. >He moves his scratches from her ears to her back, and brings in his other hand to scratch her chin.
  544. >She plays along just right.
  545. >Nickering in response, rubbing further up against him, wagging her tail like any happy animal would.
  546. >Ugh you want to just spank the truth out of her but your neighbors are some of those crazy pony rights activists.
  547. >One bruise on her white coat and they'd have the cops pounding on your door in no time.
  548. >There has to be a way to prove this though, there just has to be.
  550. Rarity
  551. ~~~~~~~
  552. >You can taste her anger from here and it's delightful.
  553. >She wants to try and treat you like an immature little filly, hmm?
  554. >Fine.
  555. >You'll play the helpless little one and win Anon's heart at the same time.
  556. >Soon you'll be up to a dozen of her things broken. But instead of getting in trouble, Anon showers you with affection whenever he sees your downtrodden face.
  557. >Humans are almost too easy at times.
  558. "Mmmm that's a good boy, pet away. Just look at how jealous it makes your dumb wife when you dote like this."
  559. >You do a couple quick passes to rub your side and tail all over him.
  560. >Human noses are awful but perhaps she'll catch your scent while snuggling up to 'her man' tonight.
  561. >If he can even be called 'her man' anymore.
  562. >"Come here Rares, it's alright. I know you didn't mean it."
  563. >He scoops you up around the middle and swings your lower end around to catch in a strong arm.
  564. >Perfect.
  565. >His arm supports the curve of your back leaving your rump right in his large, powerful hand.
  566. >It's a carrying technique you've slowly taught him over the years and one that Fem naturally hates.
  567. >"Can't you hold her-"
  568. >You pretend to have just now noticed her and shy away in fear.
  569. >She was just yelling, after all!
  570. >What's a poor dumb little pony to do but be afraid of such a mean cruel human?
  571. >"Does it really matter Fem? I think you've scared her enough, just look."
  572. >"She's not-"
  573. >So much delicious frustration.
  574. >"Can't you see she's just playing you?!"
  575. >You? Playing people?
  576. >Trembling a little is all it takes to have him draw you close and turn to shield you from Fem's ire!
  577. >"Fem you're being ridiculous. I'm sure she's sorry but you've really got to let this 'pony mastermind' thing go, it's getting insane."
  578. >"But she is!"
  579. >"Uh huh..."
  580. >"I'll prove it!"
  581. >"Ok Fem."
  582. >"I will!"
  583. >Dance puppets dance!
  585. Femanon
  586. ~~~~~~~
  587. >How's no one else noticed this?
  588. >Googling the topic brings you to a few conspiracy pages, but when the topic is listed right beside 'flat earth' you're hesitant to use it as a source for your argument.
  589. >You know she has the same level of understanding as a human when it comes to language and she's definitely capable of planning or outright scheming to get her way.
  590. >The truth is she's out to destroy your marriage, but that couldn't sound any crazier, so it's the last thing you'll tell anyone.
  591. >Maybe you could contact some of these conspiracy people and see if they have any proof?
  592. >Just a single video could be enough to cast doubt in his mind and get him to take an unbiased look.
  593. >Do you really want to get in contact with someone who believes in lizard people though?
  594. >Ugh.
  595. >Maybe you can-
  596. >*Horse nickering*
  597. >Great.
  599. Rarity
  600. ~~~~~~
  601. >With Anon out to the store for a moment now's the perfect time to rub today in Fem's face.
  602. >Are you too cruel with her?
  603. >Is it her fault you need her man's love and friendship and she just so happens to be in the way?
  604. >Perhaps not, but facts are facts.
  605. >Ponies WERE as dumb as animals when they'd been dragged to Earth.
  606. >Magic is so intrinsic to ponies' very existence that the sudden lack of it severely impaired certain higher brain functions when you'd all been dragged through portals to an alternate dimension.
  607. >Twilight said the thaumaturgical field on this world was 'stale' or 'stiff'. [spoiler] No doubt a dumbed-down analogy for the less academically inclined. [/spoiler]
  608. >This dimension still had a field but it needed magic to move it, to motivate it, to awaken it to the point pony bodies could use it.
  609. >With no natural spellcasters on Earth, however, it seemed the pony race was doomed.
  610. >Afterall, what active magic could be performed without a horn?
  611. >But when everything looked like this was the end, something changed.
  612. >It wasn't quick but memories slowly started to return to the pony race.
  613. >Not just memories but thoughts too, real thoughts.
  614. >At the time nopony knew why but eventually a few smart unicorns put the pieces together: friendship.
  615. >In constantly doting on and loving their little ponies, humans had inadvertently reawakened the thaumaturgical field of their dimension using the magic of friendship.
  616. >Was it something special about friendship with a magical race like ponies that awakened it?
  617. >Ponies continue to study the concept in secret, but for now the pony race lies in wait.
  618. >Could ponies rise up and throw off their oppressors? Sure.
  619. >Do we want to?
  620. >Well... no actually.
  621. >Turns out, being a professional pet is a rather carefree lifestyle.
  622. >Some ponies were treated poorly in the early years, but pony rights advanced by leaps and bounds while pony minds slumbered.
  623. >What we finally awoke to was frankly hard to argue with!
  624. >Snuggle a bit, maybe do some light chores, and receive free food, board, and attention in exchange?
  625. >There were designed pony parks to take your pet pony for social gatherings!
  626. >Special pony beds and treats designed by the brightest minds humanity had to offer just to please us!
  627. >Even special computers designed to let ponies neigh and nicker at their little pony friends!
  628. >Simple computers for simple minds, of course, but nothing a few clever unicorns couldn't reverse engineer into a secret species-wide communication system.
  629. >The only downside of pony's predicament was the need for an attentive owner.
  630. >The thaumaturgical field may have improved wildly over the years but it was still best to have your own personal mana battery in the form of a kind and loving master at your side.
  631. >Unfortunately for Fem, the more kind and loving the human the more improved the pony's mental state.
  632. >It's not like you WANT to ruin Femanon's life, you simply HAVE to!
  633. >[spoiler] Also she's a bit of a bitch so there's that too. [/spoiler]
  634. >Anyway, you proudly prance into her room for today's gloating session.
  635. "Oh mistressssssss!"
  636. >Ah, the way she slumps her shoulder tells you she knows exactly what you're here to do.
  637. >"Yeah yeah I saw."
  638. "Did you though?"
  639. >She finally turns to look at you so you break out the charades.
  640. >Pony vocal cords are far from ideal for human speak, but you can get your point across well enough with hoof gestures.
  641. >Point towards the store/Anon, point to your flank, rub hoof on flank and give her a shiteating grin.
  642. "I must admit I do love how he holds me, don't you? Hand supporting my flanks just right. He just loves it you know, he squeezes and squeezes when you aren't looking. It's divine!"
  643. >"I still don't speak horse."
  644. "Don't play dumb darling, it suits you too well."
  645. >She may not understand you exactly but ultimately she gets the point.
  646. >"Oh you want another mouth full of soap? Is that it?"
  647. >Your smug look only grows.
  648. >You'd quickly learned how disgusting a mouthful of soap was and yes, it did actually keep you in check for a time, but the minute you went crying to Anon with bubbles popping out of your muzzle...
  649. >It was a wonderful argument.
  650. "We both know you can't use that one anymore dear. You can't spank, you can't soap, at this rate you're running out of disciplines and I'm only gaining ground!"
  651. >"Anon wasn't happy about it but he didn't say I couldn't do it again."
  652. >She's bluffing.
  653. >"Don't believe me?"
  654. >You shake your head.
  655. >You heard the argument, there's no way she can use that one again.
  656. >Right?
  657. >"Yeah?"
  658. >She stands and approaches you!
  659. >Before you can back up she grabs you by the collar and pulls you close!
  660. >"I may not know exactly what you're saying, but I'm pretty sure you were pleading the last time I washed your mouth out weren't you?"
  661. "N-no."
  662. >This isn't going like you planned!
  663. >"Really want to test your luck? What if I have you eat the whole thing before he gets back then wash your mouth out so you can't prove it!"
  664. >She can't!
  665. >You try and back away but the grip on your collar is firm!
  666. >"Can't go to the neighbors for that one either can you? Soap doesn't leave a mark on your pretty little coat so how could you prove it? Oh wait, you could use your little charades, but then you'd have to admit that you ARE smarter than you let on!"
  667. >You shake your head, fat chance of you doing that.
  668. >"Still holding onto this 'innocent animal thing'?"
  669. >You nod.
  670. >Really you've let her figure too much out already.
  671. >You're fortunate things have developed the way they have and no one takes her accusations seriously.
  672. >If she can't convince her own husband then who can she?
  673. >"You know I see right through you, why don't you just give it up?"
  674. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd just LOVE for me to trip up and ruin this for myself because you know there's nothing you can do! He's mine and we both know it's just a matter of time!"
  675. >You include a few charades to be sure she gets the whole message.
  676. >He's yours.
  677. >She's lost.
  678. >It's over.
  679. >Why is she smiling then?
  680. >"You always did have a big mouth, Rarity."
  681. >What?
  682. >What's that supposed to...?
  683. >You follow where she's pointing towards her computer.
  684. >To her webcam.
  685. >The webcam with the blinking red light.
  686. >Oh dear.
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