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  1. 1. Dont blame others in the chat
  2. 2. Be aware of the whole team and how they are doing
  3. 3. Initiate faster when jungle comes for gank
  4. 4. Use ezreal Q to lasthit
  5. 5. If your lane is not properly warded, play SUPER safe
  6. 6. On pink side, do wolves or leech wolf xp (gank them at their golems)
  7. 7. Focus on your own gameplay, ignore flamers
  8. 8. Mistakes are mistakes only if you dont learn from them
  9. 9. Remember good positioning when flashing over a wall
  10. 10. Never pick vayne for pink side
  11. 11. Take care for blitz zoning from a brush with pink ward
  12. 12. MF can carry games, especially on blue side
  13. 13. Think twice who you want to burst down
  14. 14. Prepare masteries in advance
  15. 15. Be more aware of the flow of the match, who is their jungler etc, is anyone afk?
  16. 16. Jarvan has crazy burst, take care
  17. 17. Never chase tank as nasus, peel for your team instead
  18. 18. Wither the ADC
  19. 19. Stay at front as a tank (you are not ADC)
  20. 20. Dont rush sheen on nasus, just go tanky
  21. 21. Change summoners early
  22. 22. Dont go help someone if it risks your own life
  23. 23. Remember what pantheon ult does
  24. 24. Always think about how the side you play on affects your ADC
  25. 25. Hit ezreal Q's when enemy ADC comes for a last hit
  26. 26. Always be aware of fiddle ult!
  27. 27. Dont line up for lux ult
  28. 28. Always before running into a fight, consider if retreating is better option
  29. 29. If your support is clueless, tell him what to do
  30. 30. Dont ever try to take any towerhits at level 3
  31. 31. If enemy team is openly agressive when its 4v5, think if the fifth player has tp or not
  32. 32. Vladimir counters singed
  33. 33. Dont wander around drake even if its pinked, they can still accidentally find you
  34. 34. ALWAYS be aware of lategame vayne, he can come out of anywhere and just instagib you
  35. 35. Dont fight zyra in crowded places in the jungle
  36. 36. Vayne -> caitlyn in lategame
  37. 37. If enemy team focuses on instagibbing you, join the fight when it has already started
  38. 38. Lategame vayne requires no skill
  39. 39. Zyra is really good support in lategame
  40. 40. If you get a good kill and are very low after, just back off, you already won
  41. 41. Get cleanse for ezreal if enemy team has sejuani
  42. 42. Play vayne with taric or alistar, for heals and peels
  43. 43. Dont be afraid to harass vayne if you have soraka support
  44. 44. Dont go passive nasus jungle if enemy team has better lategame
  45. 45. Be aware of ward baits, especially as support sitting in a pinked brush
  46. 46. Even if your first pick mid goes 0/3 under 5min, it doesnt mean that the game is lost
  47. 47. Dont take tower hits early as leona
  48. 48. Anything can always happen
  49. 49. Dont flame or blame!!!
  50. 50. Always get barrier/cleanse vs, agressive lane!
  51. 51. Got first inhibitor? GO BACK! No need dick around
  52. 52. Draven = Insane in lategame
  53. 53. Playing vs irelia? Check if she is going for damage and tell your team to focus her if so
  54. 54. Vayne = SUPER INSANE in lategame
  55. 55. Never surrender
  56. 56. Buy bulwark for your team vs. magic heavy team if nobody else is buying it
  57. 57. Replace boots with zephyr in latelategame
  58. 58. Go for clean victories, no need to make big plays
  59. 59. Dont position yourself too safe in a teamfight - no walls between you and them etc, expect if you are tristana
  60. 60. If you think its worth going in because you have ult, but realize after that you dont have mana, dont go in
  61. 61. When dominating at bot, just push the lane far and go bully other lanes
  62. 62. Never fight anyone without mana as karthus
  63. 63. Just focus on your own gameplay, even if everyone is losing and feeding
  64. 64. Tell your team to be careful if you are jungling amumu
  65. 65. Never try to finish a kill with ezreal E when alone vs. 5
  66. 66. Use the chat only for calling strategies objectives, dont even read it otherwise
  67. 67. Have a small break after losing streak
  68. 68. If you are behind with inhibitors down and get one of the enemy team caught, dont rush head first into a 4v5, they might still beat you easy
  69. 69. When you got a feeling that enemy team is going to 3-5 man towerdive you at bot, just trust your guts and run
  70. 70. Activate botrk early
  71. 71. Be aware of potential minion blocks and instantly flash if its about to get you caught
  72. 72.  CS is always more important than harass
  73. 73. After finishing a good turnaround teamfight, dont chase them after unless you are CERTAIN that you wont die doing it
  74. 74. ALWAYS KEEP TRACK OF COOLDOWNS! - Dont spam ult when its on CD wondering why nothing happens
  75. 75. Dont be afraid to go very deep with vayne when you got GA
  76. 76. Dont go MEGADEEP without GA
  77. 77. Focus the closest target to you
  78. 78. Vayne melts anything in lategame, 1v1 singed np
  79. 79. Never underestimate vayne even if fallen littlebit behind
  80. 80. Position position position
  81. 81. ALWAYS check if anyone in your team is building aegis/bulwark
  82. 82. Be aware of enemy teams AP/AD ratio and build correctly against it
  83. 83. Protect ADC as a tank
  84. 84. Take care of zac counter jungling your amumu
  85. 85. Use thresh lantern for amazing amumu ganks
  86. 86. Watchout for wombocombo teams, even if its 5v4
  87. 87. Draven - Just stand near minion wave and punish enemy if they try to come get any CS
  88. 88. Use stop command to have easy draven axe catches
  89. 89. Caitlyn is only useful if you have a team
  90. 90. Dont go jungle
  91. 91. Dont try big plays as amumu, you dont have the damage for it
  92. 92. Try to not have only physical damage in your team
  93. 93. Take note on where enemy jungler focuses ganks and counter gank them
  94. 94. React faster as jungler, those wolves can wait
  95. 95. Never go too deep
  96. 96. Ping your team back if you know their chase isnt going to end well
  97. 97. Dodge draven ult with Q as vayne
  98. 98. Listen music while playing
  99. 99. Remember to activate the item that builds into botrk
  100. 100. Wait for exhaust to run out and use abilities after
  101. 101. Consider starting with elixir and pots
  102. 102. Dont level E for MF
  103. 103. Start with long sword and 2 pots, almost everytime
  104. 104. Got a duo in champ select? Just pick ADC, you dont want to see them fail or see yourself fail in the jungle
  105. 105. Gank everytime you have nocturne ult up
  106. 106. If you start with enemy blue, go STRAIGHT to your own blue
  107. 107. Dont stay in your jungle with very low hp vs. agressive junglers
  108. 108. Dont build nocturne as assassin, unless your team has 2 good tanks already
  109. 109. Always tell your first pick to ban thresh, you dont want him in the enemy team
  110. 110. Be super super careful vs. thresh & draven lane
  111. 111. Consider playing alistar vs. thresh
  112. 112. Always activate your red pot for a fight, it can make a huge difference
  113. 113. Ban TF
  114. 114. Tell your support to not go in if its not wise
  115. 115. Vayne can chase you even from under your tower if you are ezreal and littlebit behind
  116. 116. Always be extra careful if enemy team has TF
  117. 117. Even if ahead, focus more on CS than harassing, there is no point in harass if you lose in CS!
  118. 118. Always leave base with full mana, missed a penta because ran out of it :o
  119. 119. Activate draven axes early, ult early, go agressive
  120. 120. Dont play ranked if you cant focus to the game
  121. 121. Dont die stupidly as draven
  122. 122. Rather safe than sorry
  123. 123. Pay more attention to the minimap
  124. 124. If jungle ganks and gets all kills, dont trust the feeling that you are ahead
  125. 125. Dont get caught
  126. 126. Buy wards yourself if your support isnt going to
  127. 127. The game is lost only when it says DEFEAT in your screen, not before. Believe
  128. 128. Focus the closest target
  129. 129. Dont get hit by leona ult
  130. 130. When recalling to homeguard, dont move too early -_-
  131. 131. Just start with long sword and pots, really
  132. 132. Dont try to win bot by being mega agressive, unless you have the lead and wards for it
  133. 133. NAUTILUS - Gank more early
  134. 134. CAIT - DONT GET HOOKED by blitz
  135. 135. Pay attention to the minimap and PINGS especially
  136. 136. CAIT - Dont play her
  137. 137. Never stand still vs. a team with blitz
  138. 138. Go back after getting kills, they might come for you
  139. 139. Dont get too confident if the lane is in your favour
  140. 140. ALWAYS back off when leona is charging dat shield, if it hits you, when it hits you, you will die
  141. 141. Try to learn to not fall futher behind when already behind
  142. 142. Be aware of someone teleporting to kill you when you are recalling with low hp
  143. 143. Dont underestimate the power of barrier in a bot fight
  144. 144. When losing, dont try random big plays, they will get you killed
  145. 145. Dont flash infront of 3 enemy champs to get a penta from double. The flash wont make you do extra damage
  146. 146. Buying items while being dead reveals the items to enemy if they see your corpse :o
  147. 147. Ignore the chat
  148. 148. Gank more as nautilus
  149. 149. Use flash when invisible on vayne, makes you hard to predict
  150. 150. Dont try to condemn certain kill, just shoot them
  151. 151. When you come back from base and you can see only enemy ADC, that doesnt mean he is there alone.. he prob has his support in a brush........
  152. 152. Quinn has insane burst, dont duel her as vayne
  153. 153. Dont use lolking or lolnexus, just play all games blindly and expect the enemy to be good
  154. 154. Watch the minimap
  155. 155. Dont listen to the fools who want to force baron when everyone is low and you are ahead - Only do SAFE barons
  156. 156. Ward botlane yourself if your support isnt going to do it
  157. 157. Be passive even if you are ahead, when you are vs. a lane you cant kill anyawy
  158. 158. Not good idea to have leona vs. ezreal & janna, she wont be hitting any stuns anyway, leaving it to be 2v1 lane
  159. 159. If you get kills on early invade, dont go back early.. just stay and farm littlebit more for early BF or something
  160. 160. Is varus even worth playing?..
  161. 161. Dont try to 1v1 ezreal with chain vest as twitch.
  162. 162. Dont give up farm as twitch
  163. 163. Do the unexpected if you are going to juke with twitch invisibility
  164. 164. If you get mega lucky turnaround baron, just go back after, DONT CHASE them
  165. 165. If you have the opportunity to focus ADC or support, just focus the ADC
  166. 166. Try to avoid getting a blitz as your support in solo Q
  167. 167. If you get the enemy ADC below 15% and he stays at his tower, just ask your jungle to come for towerdive
  168. 168. Atleast try to juke namis Q
  169. 169. Graves smokescreen is really strong if used correctly
  170. 170. Try taking one warmup aram before rankeds
  171. 171. Dont let akali have any kills, especially pre-6
  172. 172. Save mana for karthus ult
  173. 173. Ignore your team if they start the flame war
  174. 174. Always buy one pink for nasus so you can solo drake if enemy jungler is at top
  175. 175. Dont say a word in the chat
  176. 176. Never giveup, comebacks happen, even for your team
  177. 177. Ping your idiot jungler back if he is chasing the enemies under their tower, trying to feed them early kill and double buffs
  178. 178. When playing caitlyn, just spam traps on the lane, its quite annoying to deal with
  179. 179. When trying to ambush the enemy bot lane at level 1, focus on ADC and dont chase after, you already won that way
  180. 180. Consider other defensive items on ADCs, depending on the enemy team. (GA not the only option)
  181. 181. Dont just stop attacking when an enemy uses zhonyas, attack someone else for those 2 seconds
  182. 182. Avoid champion swapping in solo Q, the retards often forget to swap, majorly fucking the game
  183. 183. Expect your team to be fully braindead, so dont try fancy champion swaps with them, they probably will mess them up
  184. 184. When you are fed, but enemies act confident, they probably got some hidden backup available
  185. 185. Remember to use your red elixir if you have one...
  186. 186. If you are stacking armor, focus the AP down if you get to choose
  187. 187. Remember to activate bilgewater!
  188. 188. Rather use barrier too early than too late
  189. 189. Always watch your positioning when trying to assassin vayne, you dont want to get E'ed to a wall
  190. 190. Dont say anything in the chat, that doesnt help you to win the game
  191. 191 ^ so mainly just shutup and focus on your own gameplay
  192. 192. Always be aware where mid and jungle are...
  193. 193. If you die at bot, its your fault, not your supports, you need to learn to play even if they dont ward and do stupid shit
  195. 195. When playing tristana, keep in mind if the enemy ADC has barrier or not -> can you execute with ult or not
  197. 197. Be aware of jannas big play ults
  198. 198. Dont stand in AoE ultimates
  199. 199. Activate items
  200. 200. Buy mercury treads on any role if enemy team has sick CC
  201. 201. If you are nautilus jungle with thresh in your team, just gank bot 24/7
  203. 203. Use barrier
  204. 204. Dont try to do dragon if your jungler is level 5 and enemy is poking at you
  205. 205. When suprising enemy bot lane at level 1, DONT CHASE WITH FLASH, you win the trade if they flash away
  206. 206. Try to avoid losing the ward adventage at bot, thats when you cant even go place new wards
  207. 207. Be aware of your wards and if enemy pinks any, because that would mean a gank is coming
  208. 208. Dont talk in the chat
  209. 209. Constantly think what can you do now to win the game
  210. 210. Try to convince your team to not be all AD
  211. 211. Remember that minions can block your escape from a tower, so take it into consideration
  212. 212. When jungling, dont gank Aatrox, he will kill you both even if you are fed
  213. 213. Draven E can prevent blitz hook from midway, be careful
  214. 214. Always be aware of enemys wombocombo teams, they can turn the game in a splitsecond when executed correctly
  215. 215. Tell your team to fight in spread out formation, vs a team with bunch of small aoe CC
  216. 216. Even the team with thresh & draven can lose
  217. 217. Focus the people coming to steal drake, not drake
  218. 218. Learn to maintain your adventage that you gain early
  219. 219. If your team is about to make huge mistake, dont courage them to continue with it by going near them, just back off and ping them back too
  220. 220. Stay calm
  221. 221. Focus
  222. 222. Its just a game
  223. 223. Everyone fails, its about not giving up
  224. 224. When suprising enemy ADC from a brush as varus, start with ult so they dont have a chance to dodge it
  225. 225. When 1v1'ing enemy ADC, dont flash towards them, it doesnt do extra damage, use your flash to dodge some skillshot
  226. 226. Hit your spells
  227. 227. Wait for 3 dots before Q'ing with varus
  228. 228. Be more aware of the overall game
  229. 229. Dont be afraid to fight when you are big item ahead
  230. 230. You cant win vayne even if you are 2 items ahead
  231. 231. No win or loss is quaranteed
  232. 232. Varus is countered by graves
  233. 233. Always think twice before buying something, is it really what you want, remember the correct build for each champion
  234. 234. Dont try to fight against fed enemy ADC even in 2v1
  235. 235. Use those abilities, better use them than save them
  236. 236. When chasing someone and throwing a far ranged spell to catch someone, dont turn back until you know for sure if it hit or not
  237. 237. If you can see enemy nunu jungler starting blue, you should start red, so he cannot counter jungle your red right after his blue
  238. 238. Always double check what the enemy actually picked before deciding your pick
  239. 239. Full AD team sucks
  240. 240. Atleast try to tell your team that diving not so far behind enemy from their base is a bad idea
  241. 241. Nasus can win any game if he gets free farm
  242. 242. Watchout for ridiculous comebacks, finish it clean
  243. 243. Jarvan can instanuke your ADC, even if he builds tanky, so be careful
  244. 244. Graves ultimate doesnt work as you thought it does, it damages first person to hit the path and people behind him
  245. 245. When winning bot lane early, even trades are not worth it, since they can gain life from all the minions pushing
  246. 246. When enemy engages on you, dont use abilities to get CS, no matter how many you would get
  247. 247. Dont position yourself against a wall vs. vayne
  248. 248. Dont try to stupidly harass vayne early
  249. 249. Flash to dodge skillshots, not after being hit by them
  250. 250. Remember that your new cait/varus builds has no defensive masteries
  251. 251. Keep your range on varus and cait
  252. 252. Dodge that nami Q
  253. 253. Dont miss your spells
  254. 254. Consider buying boots earlier vs. nami to dodge the Q
  255. 255. NEVER be against a wall vs. vayne
  256. 256. If your support ignites someone, it is a signal for you to go attack them
  257. 257. If you get ignite, dont forget ignite mastery
  258. 258. Varus cant beat draven that is 2000g behind, not even with suprise attack
  259. 259. Remember that blitz can stop tristanas jump midway with E
  260. 260. When you desperately need more damage on trist, flash close and then jump, to avoid for example blitz stopping the jump midway
  261. 261. Dont get seperated of your team by a wall as ADC, the enemy can easely change focus on you and instagib you
  262. 262. If you are far into lategame, you gotta push that your adventage
  263. 263. A caitlyn trap at the end of lane brush doesnt necessarely protect you from a gank, they can still be in the brush and come around/over it
  264. 264. Dont lose your bot tower early when you have already won the lane, evens the team gold way too much
  265. 265. Avoid tunnevision in teamfights, keep checking if your team is retreating or not
  266. 266. Leave a lost teamfight early enough to escape certain death
  267. 267. Remember to poke down the enemy inhib tower when pushing for inhib, especially on cait, since you got such long range
  268. 268. Dont take tower hits at level 2
  269. 269. Use that barrier
  270. 270. Tell your team to not do dragon without pink
  271. 271. Always be afraid of annies flash stun combo, unless you KNOW that she doesnt have flash
  272. 272. Back early after pushing towers
  273. 273. Tell your support to not fight unless we know where the jungler is
  274. 274. If you are backing off in hurry and your teammate ahri hits a charm, thats not a signal to fight
  275. 275. Take glimpses of the minimap even when fighting, you want to know if your wards spot the jungler coming to help
  276. 276. Dont give enemy hyper carry free double kills or shutdowns
  277. 277. Dont lose your own positioning in a teamfight! Be aware of spells that can change your position, such as alistars headbutt
  278. 278. Never believe your own expectations of the enemy teams location, especially in lategame
  279. 279. There is always hope
  280. 280. Tell your support to not be agressive vs. janna & draven lane
  281. 281. After the enemy has pushed their lane and are most likely going back, dont get fooled by them, they could still be waiting in a brush for that extra kill
  282. 282. Flash to dodge skillshot CC, too late to flash after
  283. 283. Stay far enough to not get initiated on by shen or any of their initiator
  284. 284. Dont flash after low hp support when their ADC can kill you after, not worth it, their support can even get away with 1hp
  285. 285. Never prefer blitz to be your support, he offers no pressure, hooks are too unreliable.
  286. 286. Varus & blitz is very bad lane vs. nami & graves
  287. 287. Consider namis bubble as dangerous as blitz hook
  288. 288. When going from bot to protect your blue (pink side), go along with your support to be able to do something
  289. 289. Think twice if you can go back without losing your bot tower, especially if you are ahead on lane, you dont want to lose the tower
  290. 290. Dont try to force dragon when your team is behind and enemy team knows about it
  291. 291. Keep checking your team icons to see how many of your teammates are actually alive
  292. 292. Dont try to fight a 4v3 against fed enemies
  293. 293. Take everything out of your lead that you can
  294. 294. Stay at the max range as caitlyn and use it to your adventage
  295. 295. If your support is a retard and dies early, stay at your tower and wait for the minions to push to it, dont take harass
  296. 296. Never prefer sona as your firstly picked support, because the enemy will just get blitz and destroy her
  297. 297. After getting turnaround drake/baron because of a won teamfight, dont chase them, because they have all respawned and are rushing to kill you all
  298. 298. Its super bad positioning to be running behind enemy bruisers to catch someone, when your tanks and bruisers are chasing their carry
  299. 299. Just be aware of the death timers on the enemy team
  300. 300. Chase with your tanks, not without them
  301. 301. Be an universal interpreter for your team in champ select. Someone picks zyra with exhaust? Ask if he is mid or support to avoid double supp/mid dilemmas
  302. 302. Seju ganks supported by thresh are scary
  303. 303. Get rid of the attitude of some games just being lost, its often self fulfilling prophecy
  304. 304. Always have masteries preset for the champions you play
  305. 305. You cant escape rengar & hecarim gank by just running away, so dont take that risk
  306. 306. If you know the enemy should do something to kill you, they probably will do exactly that, so dont give them chance to do it
  307. 307. Never giveup
  308. 308. Flash before you get bursted down, you cant flash to safety when you are dead
  309. 309. Never try to execute anyone with trist ult, they will always have some random shield to block the damage and escape
  310. 310. Dont try to tower dive a renekton as 2lvl tristana, or atleast flash out early enough to survive and see if he dies to your E and ignite
  311. 311. Swapping lanes as vayne can be very good idea, especially if your top can depush easely
  312. 312. When the enemy swaps lanes, dont do fancy dives, just push the tower faster than their duo lane
  313. 313. Start paying attention to possible lane swaps
  314. 314. On blue side, invade the enemy red by rushing through top tribrush, you can suprise their top and mid scouting near wraiths
  315. 315. When playing top on purple team, rush to the top tribrush asap
  316. 316. Focus the ADC when ganking, or he will rape everyone trying to gank
  317. 317. Dont bring your teams morale down by telling them they dont have a chance
  318. 318. Watch your positioning as teemo, you might be fast but you aint immune to CC
  319. 319. Start mushrooming baron at somepoint to make it impossible for the enemy to stop you from doing it
  320. 320. You can still do golems at start if you just have enough damage from your support, definitely with soraka & cait you can do them
  321. 321. Dont try to ult vayne as ezreal to deal damage, just autoattack and jump back. She just dodges the ult with Q or flash
  322. 322. Vayne is pretty good counter for ezreal
  323. 323. Be generally aware of your summoers, so that you dont to as ballsy moves when flash is on CD
  324. 324. Remember to activate the cutlass
  325. 325. Never start playing like the game is already won so that it doesnt matter what you do
  326. 326. Always pay attention when escaping from the enemy, to see where you want to escape, so that you dont run to another enemy
  327. 327. Dont try to dive zyra & ashe bot, not even with your jungler
  328. 328. Dodge things with vaynes Q and flash, instead of running into them
  329. 329. Janna counters aoe ult comps very very well
  330. 330. Dont be afraid to go in when you can win the fight
  331. 331. Remember that if the enemy ADC gets tower aggro and when trying to poke, you can go very agressive, especially early levels, that tower damage is huge
  332. 332. Dont chase enemy ADC past their support, only to get them to 80% and then get owned by them both
  333. 333. Consider rushing IE and BT for some ridiculous damage, especially on graves
  334. 334. Remember that shacos clone comes back to him when the range ends, so dont get confused of which one is the real shaco
  335. 335. Pay attention on how fed the enemies are and who to watch out for
  336. 336. Jarvan can block tristanas ult when using EQ
  337. 337. Play more nasus, because that lategame is just too strong
  338. 338. Dont play farm&sustain lane vs. vayne, that doesnt make any sense, since vayne will dominate any lategame
  339. 339. When about to get caught, dont trap yourself with flash by flashing over a wall and not having any escape routes
  340. 340. Be mega careful when facing jungle rammus with TF mid, they can gank you right through all ward coverage
  341. 341. Dont try to solo ezreal after he gets his gauntlet, that armor really kills your damage, unless you are megafed already
  342. 342. Dont pick caitlyn vs sivir
  343. 343. It is dangerous to rush to the enemy tribrush if you dont have any backup
  344. 344. Dont get hit by namis Q and then by sivirs Q and all their other spells, it will kill you
  345. 345. Dont flash after low hp tristana when there is full hp nami and hecarim protecting him
  346. 346. Playing ashe? remember positioning, you gotta have very very good positioning.. like really (applies to all ADCs without escape)
  347. 347. Dont blow all your CDs as vayne to chase and burst one guy, use them wisely and you dont need everything for one guy
  348. 348. When VS darius as teemo, he does about half of your HP as true damage with his ultimate, so dont duel him
  349. 349. Teemo cant outrun darius
  350. 350. Be really careful to not get pulled to darius when playing teemo
  351. 351. When playing nasus, always change the armor/mr masteries according to who you are laning against
  352. 352. Dont 1v1 to death when waiting for jungler
  353. 353. Minions are OP
  354. 354. Shaco can towerdive anything with the clone tanking tower
  355. 355. If you are playing afk farm karthus and your retarded jungler comes for ballsdeep gank, dont follow him, let him die alone
  356. 356. Tristana pushes tower faster than vayne takes red
  357. 357. Learn all bot lane CDs
  358. 358. Play draven and vayne
  359. 359. You generally dont want to position behind a huge wall as ADC to deal damage, most of the time you wont have the range for it, crippling damage
  360. 360. Watch your positioning even in teamfights to avoid blitz hooks
  361. 361. Dont say even that one negative thing in the chat
  362. 362. Just back early, dont stay with 5% hp to give firstblood
  363. 363. When riven is respawning with GA, dont stand ontop of him as ADC, he will revive and stun and kill everyone
  364. 364. Dont get bursted by baron in teamfights as adc
  365. 365. If your support gets caught by blitzcrank in the very late stage of the game, dont rush in to make it a lost 2v5, just let the support die and protect your base
  366. 366. Dont take any chances when one of your team members is at bot and enemy is looking for a fight at mid, just dont get hit by that lux bind
  367. 367. Watch your own junglers position and use it to think where enemy jungler is
  368. 368. Everytime you use fizz E to clear any minions, whole enemy team will appear out of nowhere and kill you, even if they were just all seen at another side of the map
  369. 369. Draven can be hard countered with graves & janna, all they need to do is to deny all the kills
  370. 370. If you support is not placing any wards, go into passive farm mode and be very aware of mid disappearing
  371. 371. Get ignite for draven to get those early kills
  372. 372. When both teams are dancing to start a 5v5, dont get too fooled by one of them getting caught when all others are missing, it can be very epic bait
  373. 373. Dont push top/bot when you are ahead and there is a free inhibitor to be taken at mid
  374. 374. Dont try to ambush burst enemy support, when rest of their team is missing too, dude pontential 4
  375. 375. Never assume that the enemies are dead, just check the scoreboard, especially when rushing to get an inhibitor
  376. 376. Dont get bursted by xerath, position yourself mega far away and try to juke the burst or wait till xerath uses it on someone else (when you are adc)
  377. 377. Keep your CS up, if your team is too stupid to do objectives, thats not a reason for you to stop farming
  378. 378. Dont initiate as varus if it means that you are going to get instabursted
  379. 379. Got blitz as your support? Ask them to place the explorer ward to the enemy blue path and grab them for free flash
  380. 380. Just stun the enemy ADC with ult  (as leona) when he is nuking your ADC, dont worry too much if it hits or not, just use it to practice hitting it
  381. 381. If enemy team is ahead and doing dragon, try to bully them but dont go initiating a 4v4 as leona, they will demolish your team
  382. 382. Dont fall so far behind in levels as support
  383. 383. Consider doing a desperate baron when behind, especially if enemy has 2 dudes pushing bot (Especially if you have pinked it earlier and they dont know you are gonna do it)
  384. 384. If the enemy team just did dragon and you were not able to stop/steal it and are now retreating, dont stay to get red, unless all your jungle entrances are warded, chances are, they want the red too
  385. 385. Really really far behind? Get desperate oracles and call all of your team to sit in one brush
  386. 386. When very far behind, try to fight the enemies under your turrets or by ambushing them without vision
  387. 387. Everything you say in the chat should be only for adding the chances of victory
  388. 388. Be aware of the enemies KDA, dont let their 19/5 kassadin suprise you, you should know that he is 19/5 before he instabursts you
  389. 389. Dont go back to the teamfight with 50hp, they will just get another kill
  390. 390. Practice last hitting under tower as vayne
  391. 391. Dont be too afraid to E as vayne, if the enemy is running to position towards a wall, he is probably gonna flash it and escape anyway, so use that E
  392. 392. When about to fight a 2v2, but your team pings that an enemy is coming, check yourself if they still cant be seen on the minimap, chances are that they didnt leave the lane afterall
  393. 393. Tell your team to peel the enemy assassin off your ADC's ass
  394. 394. Watch out for flanking
  395. 395. When dancing back and fourth in the lategame trying to get a fight, remember to have billion wards everywhere, so that the area you fight wont hold any suprises (like random zed coming from behind)
  396. 396. Never initiate a fight at bot when your support has just used the most crucial CDs to have a teamfight, like if nami just misses a bubble, dont rush to fiddle 3 seconds after
  397. 397. Dont giveup a chase too early, if you are not in danger by doing so, your team might have some good chasing ults still up
  398. 398. When in lategame vs a blitz as ezreal, never arcane shift near a wall to shoot a Q, since that just gives the enemy blitz a free chance to actually catch you
  399. 399. Try to avoid the "its lost anyway" attitude, since it kills comebacks
  400. 400. Chilax littlebit ;D
  401. 401. Tristana beats ashe in 1v1, even when ashe has extra BF sword, that tristanas spell burst really hurts
  402. 402. If your team pings you back, just back asap, dont start hawk scouting
  403. 403. You cant solo push top as ashe, even shen can solo you really easely
  404. 404. 4 vs ryze? dont stand next to him as ashe to get bursted down to 20% and become useless for rest of the fight
  405. 405. Dont try to 1v1 a stronger ADC duelists (tristana, vayne, draven), unless you are 1-2 items ahead
  406. 406. If your team is chasing low hp enemy behind 2 towers and all other enemies are missing, dont go "help him", you will just die aswel
  407. 407. Think of leonas E as blitzcranks hook, try to move unpredictably and just avoid getting hit by it
  408. 408. Be aware of enemy mid or top having TP and that he can TP gank bot with very devastating results
  409. 409. If you know your team mate is about to do a mistake that costs his life, just ping about it, if you dont ping, you are as guilty for it happening as he is
  410. 410. Flash early, dont wait to get hit by the CC and then try to flash
  411. 411. Leona might miss E, but still flash for the stun, remember that
  412. 412. If the enemy team has blitzcrank, they will definitely come for a gank behind blue buff, so tell about it to your team and have it warded or just go all stand in the brush to fight them
  413. 413. If someone in your team is about to facecheck brushes, ping them back
  414. 414. If your jungler is starting at enemy buff and their jungler is gonna counter it by taking the our buff, you cant necessarely do anything about it at bot, only if your jungler reacts fast enough, if not, stay on your lane
  415. 415. Rocket Grab costs 120 mana, dont be fooled by the 50mana blitz that he could hook you
  416. 416. Dont barrier AND flash, if you can get away with only of them
  417. 417. Ping back at that 5% hp support recalling under your tower, when enemy caitlyn is pushing and can see the recall, she will just Q that support down (or ult)
  418. 418. Blitzcrank can hook ezreal/tristana by walking close enough, using ult to silence and then hooking, really clever stuff
  419. 419. If you are gonna die for 100% certainty, then just try to take as many of the enemies with you if you can (flash after that blitz who got away with 1% hp)
  420. 420. Nami always has shorted ult CD than sona
  421. 421. Got thresh in your team and playing jungle? End your jungle route at bot and gank with the help of thresh lantern
  422. 422. Tell your team to prevent blitz from hooking the blue, even if he is alone, he can really fuck your lane
  423. 423. Nautilus hook has 50% shorter cooldown when used on terrain :O
  424. 424. Nautilus cant do red at level 2 without smite
  425. 425. If you know enemy jungler was at your jungle, go clear the small creeps he left to reset the creeps or you will be set even further back
  426. 426. Be aware of atleast your own buff timers (atleast when jungling)
  427. 427. Check enemy items before trying to 1v1 them as jungler, you dont want to go 1v1 vs that orianna who already has athenes holy grail at level 10 and you are only 7lvl
  428. 428. Nautilus is horrible duelist
  429. 429. Dont initiate too deep fights and then blame your team afterwards about the bad position of the fight
  430. 430. When you are running towards a team fight littlebit late, analyze it while running and try to decide good target to hit when you arrive, or if you want to join the fight atall
  431. 431. Dont tell your raging support that you ignored them, they will probably just afk as revenge
  432. 432. Tarics stun deals more damage the closer the enemy is
  433. 433. Dont start ulting xerath as caitlyn in a position where the enemy team can just collapse on you
  434. 434. Blue ezreal is suprisingly tanky with all the armor he gets from iceborn gauntlet, be aware of that.
  435. 435. Execute the enemy earlier with trist ult in order to save a team mates life
  436. 436. Jump away from trynda in team fights, not ontop of
  437. 437. Try to ult morgana away before she ults everyone
  438. 438. Shoving lane isnt a reason to miss 50% of CS
  439. 439. Never try to buster shot blitz away as trist, just jump away, that buster shot wont prevent the hook, he will still pull you back
  440. 440. Dont get fooled into the mindset of negativity, yes, there are bad starts but it doesnt mean the game is over
  441. 441. Play promo games just like they are normal ranked
  442. 442. When someone in your team is doing poorly and another one starts flaming about him, just ignore the flamer, it really makes a difference
  443. 443. Work on that barrier activation, you dont want to activate it too early or too late
  444. 444. Buy your own wards as ADC if your support is only raging while being ignored
  445. 445. Nami heals quite a lot
  446. 446. when nocturne ults you, ping at your location to let your team know where it happens
  447. 447. 4/0 ezreal can tower dive a tristana with the help of nami, np
  448. 448. AD team leading with 20 kills can easely still lose the game if the enemy team tanks get to lategame and really stack that armor
  449. 449. Swapping in solo Q can be quite dangerous, even platinums sometimes find the swapping part too difficult
  450. 450. When your support is going to ward, be twice as careful to not get caught meanwhile
  451. 451. Blitz can 1v1 tristana at level 5
  452. 452. Never go full tunnel vision
  453. 453. STOP initiating with tristana when enemies are missing, only time you can do that is when you KNOW where the enemies are
  454. 454. Focus the closest target on tristana, dont jump after that 3% hp nidalee, rest of his team will just kill you before you can get her
  455. 455. Ignore everyone
  456. 456. You cant position as dangerously as varus, since you only have flash as your escape
  457. 457. Dont get hit by elises cocoon
  458. 458. Have fun
  459. 459. Ezreal somehow counters tristana and is just generelly really annoying to deal against
  460. 460. Dodge mystic shot -> win ezreal
  461. 461. If your 3 tanks are fighting 4 enemy players and the enemy ADC is alone vs you (adc) and your AP carry, then just help your AP carry to burst the enemy ADC and join the tank fight after
  462. 462. Dont focus tanks if you can focus the enemy ADC
  463. 463. Just be generally more aware of your surroundings in team fights, tunnel vision really kills good opportunities
  464. 464. Never check other lanes while recalling with low hp in potentially dangerous brush, fed enemy nidalee can just come and get a free kill
  465. 465. Dont point out your supports mistakes, it wont make them play better
  466. 466. If you just barely survived a fight as ADC, you are low in hp and there are minions around, then start shooting the minions to lifesteal as fast as possible to stay alive through any dots or late damage that could kill you
  467. 467. Try to be aware of the enemy wards, atleast at your lane
  468. 468. When having your jungler gank bot and actually getting a kill off it, try to watch if enemy mid is missing or not, since they can come to everythingup
  469. 469. Dont dick around without flash at your tower when the enemy team just killed most of your team and is pushing, just let them be, most of the time they will burst all CDs just to kill you too
  470. 470. Nearly aced the enemy team? Just get that one objective and then BACK OFF so that they cant rush a baron or anything
  471. 471. Never ever be suprised by your own jungler trying to gank your lane, its very dangerous sign that you cant even notice your own jungler, how could you possibly notice the enemy jungler
  472. 472. Just farm vs ezreal, he is only scary with kills, same applies to draven
  473. 473. Always keep an eye on your champion in teamfights, even if you are 18lvl tristana shooting off at the distance, some wild rengar can jump and burst you if you dont keep an eye out
  474. 474. Dont get low by trying to remove a baron ward, if your team wants to bait baron when the enemies got vision, you probably cant help it
  475. 475. If you even littlebit split at the baron with low HP, watchout for that wild rengar 2 shotting you
  476. 476. If any assassin jumps you (tristana), then just ult them away to buy time
  477. 477. Thresh doesnt mean the match is free win, a lot of horrible thresh players out there
  478. 478. Runic Affinity mastery doesnt extend the duration of baron buff
  479. 479. Remember that baron buff also gives health regen, which can be very useful when poking the enemy team
  480. 480. If renekton is willing to run through 2 mushrooms to get to you, he is probably getting a gank
  481. 481. You dont want to fight nami & caitlyn as trist & sona, at level 2-3, especially if nami has ignite and sona doesnt
  482. 482. If you just got a comeback dragon, just back off after, dont go fighting them, you already won the trade, you dont want the enemy ezreal to get a triple
  483. 483. Try to tell your support to buy wards if he doesnt
  484. 484. If its lategame and the enemies are going for baron when you dont have vision, there is nothing you can do alone as ADC running to check if they are doing it or not, its 99% of the time not worth to check it
  485. 485. DONT LET the enemy ezreal get fed, just dont
  486. 486. Play PASSIVE vs. an ezreal, he is like draven, you dont want him to get kills
  487. 487. Check lolnexus
  488. 488. Ping your team back if they are planning to tower dive at level 1
  489. 489. Consider not to push vs ezreal, since he is impossible to kill near a tower
  490. 490. Remember that tristanas W isnt a flash, it can be interrupted by almost everything
  491. 491. Try to have ward control by placing loads of pinks as support
  492. 492. Dont go help a dying team mate if you cant help him, just stay away and dont die, you could make it a lot worse by showing up with no mana and 50% hp
  493. 493. Caitlyn with IE can 3 shot ezreal with bloodthirster, lolwut
  494. 494. Keep your CS high, even if you got kills, NEVER let your enemy ADC be 100cs ahead of you
  495. 495. Play to have fun, not to rage in team chat
  496. 496. Ping your support back when he does retarded stuff
  497. 497. Comebacks are easy vs full AD team
  498. 498. Stop missing all that CS, way too much CS missing going on
  499. 499. NEVER get cocky and try to 2v1 at bot without checking if their jungle is coming or not
  500. 500. Finishing the game is ALWAYS more important than that quadra/penta
  501. 501. Always tell your team to finish the game clean and not to do any "its already won" dives
  502. 502. Live up to what you say, if you tell your team to finish it clean, dont do troll dives yourself
  503. 503. Its always good idea to hit the slow from your trist jump on anyone, especially when its 3v2
  504. 504. Even if you go 4/0 and rush botrk on tristana, still you should check the enemy ADC's items before you fight, he might have rushed BT without boots, making him as strong as you, if not stronger
  505. 505. Keep in mind if your support has exhaust or not, how about the enemy
  506. 506. Never rush mobility boots on support, get that sightstone
  507. 507. Remember that it takes shen 3 seconds to actually arrive to you, so dont die before he arrives
  508. 508. If all of your lead as ADC are boots, then you probably still cant win a strong duelist
  509. 509. The real challenge wether you deserve to be higher elo, is that can you handle even worse mistakes by your team mates without raging
  510. 510. Every game is a challenge to all of your abilities to cope within the game, that includes the ability to remain calm and fuctional, even when witnessing extreamly retarded plays
  511. 511. Dont be too passive when leading a lane at bot and top is losing hard, you want all those valuable kills to snowball harder
  512. 512. Dont go pocking enemies when they are doing dragon, especially if they have champs with great gab closers like kassadin
  513. 513. Let lee first jump you and then flash, dont flash and then see lee jump the flash distance aswel
  514. 514. Getting little bit behind at bot? get another dorans blade, dont get that vamp scepter
  515. 515. Baiting a fight vs. nami? FLASH that bubble to not get bursted before your team has the chance to counter attack
  516. 516. Remember to use varus ult to root more than just one player
  517. 517. Always remind your team to check masteries and runes at champ select, it lowers the chance of AP irelias happening
  518. 518. Use that barrier!
  519. 519. If you get the enemy ADC to 2% with harass, just push after, either you can tower dive him or make him recall and lose minions to the tower
  520. 520. When you can see jarvan behind a wall about to gank your lane, remember that he can flash over the wall and then EQ knockup you, so dont expect him to use the EQ to get over the wall
  521. 521. Help your team to do dragon, it can be the difference between one kassadin stopping 3 of your mates doing it, if you are there to zone the kassadin away, they could maybe do it
  522. 522. When running away from kassadin, flash towards your team mates, not away from them
  523. 523. Caitlyn with IE cant 1v1 ezreal with BT, ezreal has to just hit one Q to out damage and sustain
  524. 524. Dont always shove the lane, killing the enemy lane can be easier if they got longer distance to the safety of their tower
  525. 525. If you are rolling with 5/4/21 masteries for janna, dont try to bait a fight for your jungler by getting caught, you will die before he can blink his eyes
  526. 526. When chasing fed nidalee into a brush as ADC, just activate that barrier so that she doesnt turn and 2 shot you
  527. 527. Dont rush double dorans as caitlyn vs. ashe
  528. 528. If enemy mid/top laner runs with teleport, dont shove the bot lane, since they can gank you really easely with the tp
  529. 529. Never use damaging spells when exhausted, wait it out and use them after
  530. 530. When laning vs. ashe, its dangerous to shove the lane, since his ultimate is such a great tool to initiate a gank
  531. 531. Careful when you E as caitlyn vs. blitz, if you E when he is about to knock you up, you wont move anywhere
  532. 532. When ganking blitz & ezreal lane, be aware that they might be able to burst you (adc) before either one of them dies, so anticipate it with barrier
  533. 533. If your support is going to ward, go with him or stay really far away safe, especially if the enemy has blitz that can just chase you down and E + Q combo
  534. 534. 3 enemies pushing bot tower and you are already low hp? just let them have it, its better to let them have one tower and no kills, than tower with 2 kills
  535. 535. Multiple things to take into consideration when deciding wether to push or not
  536. 536. Always compare the ultimate cooldowns, its important to know if you got shorter ult CD than the enemy
  537. 537. If you place an early ward for top, remember to watch the minimap too
  538. 538. Whatever you do as teemo, just dont die early, its worst thing that can happen to you
  539. 539. Tell your support to play safer than you, when you are playing ezreal with cleanse and flash ready
  540. 540. If you bought tear, spam spells to stack it faster, even when not fighting
  541. 541. Be aware of your cooldowns, you dont want to be trying to arcane shift instead of flash, when arcane shift still has 1-2seconds of CD remaining
  542. 542. You should have jumped away from that low hp fizz instead of ontop of him, your team would have finished him off anyway and you could have gotten away
  543. 543. Dont steal malzahars kill when he is ult melting someone, they probably cant escape it anyway
  544. 544. When trying to escape certain death, consider the chances of fake flashing over a wall into some brush where you could recall
  545. 545. Never try to fight ashe & thresh lane, that thresh does too much damage, really
  546. 546. If vayne and leona are gonna dive you, try to avoid being knocked towards your tower and being stunned
  547. 547. Just let your retarded support die when he gets caught
  548. 548. When trapping the enemy, move with your team to avoid getting killed yourself
  549. 549. If your blitz wants to go diving 60% hp vayne when leona is about to come back any second, ping him back and dont follow yourself
  550. 550. Try to be SUPER EXTRA MEGA passive vs ezreals, so that they once wouldnt go 3/0 under 8min
  551. 551. Dont try to fight at bot if the enemy hits level 2 first, just dont
  552. 552. Vs a full AD team, just go passive and wait for lategame, which you will most likely win
  553. 553. Remember that there are other shields than barrier in the game that can block tristanas ult (Orianna, janna, shen shields etc)
  554. 554. When pushing another inhib down lategame, dont go near their initiator as adc, he most likely wont hesitate to initiate on you
  555. 555. Always a good idea to ignore whole your team and focus solely on your own gameplay
  556. 556. If you countered top with teemo, expect them to swap lanes to survive teemos wrath and then counter swap lanes
  557. 557. Dont chase aatrox deep into the enemy jungle, his jump doesnt have long CD so he will most likely escape
  558. 558. Aatrox passive has 3min 45sec cooldown
  559. 559. If enemy has shaco and you are playing teemo, be quicker with your blinding dart, you want to hit it immediately when shaco appears
  560. 560. Always check baron timer yourself
  561. 561. When you are top laner on blue side and you know the enemy jungler just did your blue, its quite possible that he will either gank you through your tower or just dive you at the tower
  562. 562. Tell your support to tank baron if he doesnt
  563. 563. Watchout for Aatrox initiating by jumping to all of you, relying on his passive
  564. 564. 3 enemies at 5% hp? still not worth it jumping over them as tristana, since if one of them is a fed trynda, he can 2 shot you
  565. 565. Always just recall after getting an enemy inhibitor, that comeback baron is something to be concerned about
  566. 566. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER go diving the enemies deep in their base, just finish the game, you dont want to courage your team to throw
  567. 567. Practice CS'ing while shoving the lane! You cant miss 50% of creeps just because you want to back
  568. 568. When playing with janna support on purple side, buy fast and rush to their tribrush for easy first blood / flash
  569. 569. Tristanas full combo costs 320 mana, so check your mana before you go in
  570. 570. Even if the enemy team has members at 4% hp, its probably still not worth jumping with tristana to the baron pit to try to steal it
  571. 571. Dont get baited by your own support to be agressive, when you actually dont have vision to dragon, chances are, the enemy jungler tried to gank mid and comes bot through river
  572. 572. Activate that barrier early and dont be afraid to try to flash away from jarvan who used his abilities
  573. 573. Always lolking your support and then offer them support picks accordingly, you dont want that lee sin player playing janna, or he will be diving the enemies 24/7
  574. 574. Tristana vs. MF - Just farm passivly, you are more useful without kills than her, make it to the lategame, dont try big plays and give opportunities to the jungler to gank you
  575. 575. If you just got one enemy caught and are rushing to do baron / force 4v5 and the enemies rush to defend it, but you kill their jungler, then just stay and do baron, dont chase them, they cant stop the baron anymore
  576. 576. Never group up in a teamfight vs orianna, that ult turns any fight to their favour if you all get hit by it
  577. 577. If 2 enemy carries are focusing your tank, that doesnt mean they wouldnt switch focus onto you if you are close enough, so watch that positioning
  578. 578. Dont be negative, the real test to see if you deserve higher elo, is wether you can shut the fuck up or not
  579. 579. Never surrender, the enemy team might have a random DC, just like your team had when you were about to win -_-
  580. 580. Try everything you can to avoid enemy ezreal going 3/1 early, its next to impossible but atleast try
  581. 581. Watch where your team mates are walking and ping them away
  582. 582. Flash CD goes between 4min 15sec, 4min 45sec and 5min, remember when your enemys flash will be up
  583. 583. Remember that ezreals ult does INSANE burst at level 6, total of 380dmg or more!
  584. 584. Flashing over the wall near bot tribrush is difficult
  585. 585. When going to flash over a wall, dont panic, just walk close enough and then flash, its better to die without wasting flash, if it wouldnt get you over the wall anyway
  586. 586. Do everything you can to get dragons, because those win games, if you get kills bot or so, just go do dragon
  587. 587. Buy pink for dragon yourself, your support probably wont understand to buy one
  588. 588. Try to recognize the situation faster to know if you want to E as caitlyn, you dont want to be jumping backwards, when you should be autoattacking to kill the enemies
  589. 589. Always when you use the chat for letting someone know they are bad, you dont deserve the win
  590. 590. If the enemy team got singed and xin zhao who are stacking HP, get that botrk instead of BT! Botrk even helps to kite singed
  591. 591. Supports will almost always have that 4min 15sec flash and exhaust/ignite only 3min 9sec
  592. 592. Inhibitors will take 5min to respawn
  593. 593. When the announcer announces that inhibitors are respawning soon, that means in 15sec
  594. 594. Dont flash after a akali kill, when its 4v5 anyway and your only chance to escape is if you kill that akali (Tristana jump reset)
  595. 595. Teemo isnt that bad vs. kayle
  596. 596. Janna & ashe lane can dish out suprisingly large amounts of damage, enough to out damage blitz & trist
  597. 597. Nasus can somewhat lane agaisnt teemo with a dorans shield and shitton of tankyness
  598. 598. Dont face check brushes when all enemies are missing, aka, dude pontential is high
  599. 599. Only let duos have their bot if they main ADC and support
  600. 600. Always try to finish the game with the minimal possible risk, if you are ahead, you dont need huge risks to finish it
  601. 601. Flash before zed ults you, not after
  602. 602. When you are leading with 20 kills and your team is starting to activate the "ITS ALREADY WON XDD" mode, just tell them that its not and to finish it safely, tell them that you lost a promo that was as won
  603. 603. Be careful when pushing bot, the enemy team might just 4v5 your retarded team and then get baron
  604. 604. Know when you can be pushing bot and when you cant, its hard to know, but the pros seem to be able to do it
  605. 605. If you are behind as ADC, just push that bot as far as you can and then group with your team, chances are the enemy adc will be forced to farm bot
  606. 606. Dont stay at your tower with low hp if lissandra comes pushing with team, really easy tower dives with her
  607. 607. Remember to always change the item slot of that botrk, so that you can activate it exactly when you want
  608. 608. Dont go tower diving nasus, when his team is missing
  609. 609. Ban zac over TF, those zac initiates are too strong
  610. 610. Always be very afraid of lissandra when you play ADC, because she is the perfect ADC assassin mage, sivir could perhaps counter her with the shield
  611. 611. Check if enemies are buying thornmail, so that you dont focus them and die!
  612. 612. Never take that risky route to the safety of your tower, just go around
  613. 613. Yi ganks with the help of thresh and ashe are really REALLY scary! You can snowball your yi so much...
  614. 614. Start using only attack move, that misclick with normal attack already cost you one game
  615. 615. One of the biggest downsides of tristana is that autopush with E, you cant really freeze the lane like you can with caitlyn
  616. 616. Dont quickdrav or flash under ezreal ult...
  617. 617. When rolling as ADC without cleanse, lategame CC like ahris charm is really something to watch out for
  618. 618. You can charge varus ult and then flash to hit even further
  619. 619. If pink ward is not placed inside baron/dragon, dont be 100% sure that the enemy dont have vision, they still might have a ward inside the pit
  620. 620. Teemo mushroom has no time to detonate when a melee champ is chasing you fast enough and you place it under yourself
  621. 621. When you are not in the mood for improving as a player, dont play ranked
  622. 622. Every ranked should teach you atleast one thing to list in here
  623. 623. Never let a goldie have ADC
  624. 624. Bot lane can dive you easely at level 5 with the help of their jungle, atleast when your support has gone back
  625. 625. Show health bars option is usually binded to L, but after patch it might get unbinded, then you can find it at the bottom of the keybinds menu
  626. 626. Always avoid taking the aggo of the siege minion in the early game, they deal a truckton of damage
  627. 627. Remember that barrier lasts only 2 seconds, so if your support leona is gonna stun the enemy for 1.25sec, you probably shouldnt use the barrier yet, but after the stun ends
  628. 628. Always be ready to flash dodge any skillshots, that can really change any situation
  629. 629. Buy your own wards for bot
  630. 630. If the enemy team has shen thats already 6lvl, dont try to make big plays at bot that the presence of a shen could change
  631. 631. Dont try to suprise your enemy with your barrier, if their barrier is up too
  632. 632. If your support doesnt ward, dont play like they do
  633. 633. If the enemy support doesnt get any wards at start, just wait for your jungler to come gank them, dont die before that, they got more damage gold wise
  634. 634. Dont try to fight 8/0 ezreal
  635. 635. Remember to keep your muramana on when fighting
  636. 636. Get sustain vs poke lane like caitlyn & zyra
  637. 637. Remember that teemos blind blocks all of your siphon strike damage, so just wait the blind and hit the teemo after
  638. 638. Sona is suprisingly squishy
  639. 639. Dont flash ult as sona to save a tower thats going to be destroyed anyway
  640. 640. Buy shitton of pinks
  641. 641. Dont be the negative douche
  642. 642. Play to improve, not to get depressed
  643. 643. Dont pick caitlyn vs blitz
  644. 644. When begging for someone to let you ADC, just remember to not counter pick yourself after they let you adc
  645. 645. Dont build lizard on ezreal, waste of money
  646. 646. Dodge the ashe ult by flashing to the side, not directly away from it, it will still hit you
  647. 647. Always do your best to avoid having a blitz as support
  648. 648. Dont be too afraid to fight as caitlyn, especially when you have thresh support and you are fighting in a brush, just stay and pwn them, instead of flashing away in fear
  649. 649. Practice that barrier timing
  650. 650. Full ad teams suck
  651. 651. Yorick and aatrox can dive anything, because of yorick ult and aatrox passive
  652. 652. Dont try to fight yorick as nasus or actually, never try to fight against an unknown matchup, just farm as nasus, its the safest option
  653. 653. Dont buy double boots...
  654. 654. Always be aware if trist hits 6 and can jump to burst you down instantly
  655. 655. Check the enemy ADC's items before you rush to duel them thinking you got an adventage. Especially when you have bought 2 dorans and you think the enemy has only one, but really has 2 and just suprises you
  656. 656. If you are in a situation where you can choose to kill the enemy support or their ADC, kill their ADC
  657. 657. Remember that thresh can CC you for suprisingly long time, so be careful of him even when under a tower, you dont want to get pulled out of the tower twice and then slaughtered
  658. 658. Check the note #653...
  659. 659. Never go do baron when you kill one of the enemies, just do it when you kill 2 or 3 and even then its risky
  660. 660. Be more aware of your surroundings when diving enemy bot
  661. 661. Riven and jarvan can dive a full hp teemo from tower when everyone is 6lvl, you need many mushrooms to fortify that kind of dive
  662. 662. When you have already lost the lane as teemo vs riven, dont try to still bully the riven, he can and will just flash over mushrooms and 5 hit you
  663. 663. Dont care about your team mates emotions
  664. 664. Ban zed
  665. 665. Do whatever it takes to not be nuked down first as adc
  666. 666. Always pick ezreal, he is just too good for solo Q
  667. 667. First blood during an invade doesnt determine the outcome of the match
  668. 668. Always think really hard about wether you want to push the lane or freeze it, its there is a huge creep wave, the enemy will lose more minions if you freeze than if you push
  669. 669. Remember that if you focus the enemy support, their ADC has free hands to burst you down
  670. 670. Never do crazy dives with your jungler if the enemy team has shen at level 6, it can turn out really REALLY bad for your team
  671. 671. Dont valkyrie in as corki, just save it to chase the enemies or escape if they jump on you - First see where they are going to run and then valkyrie, dont just valkyrie on top of them and watch them flash away
  672. 672. If the enemy team just won a team fight and at still trying to push but you stall them - they are at low hp - just stall them further and try to make them stay till your team comes back
  673. 673. Constantly be aware of the positioning of your team, you dont want to be the one who initiates a 4v5
  674. 674. Dont try to make big plays constantly, just take it easy and wait for the enemies mistakes
  675. 675. Tower counts as one player, so the enemy team might have their ADC farming bot and protect their mid tower with 4 players, but it doesnt mean you will automaticly win that tower + 4 vs. 5
  676. 676. Dont valkyrie next to zed as corki, bad idea, wait for your tanks to do something
  677. 677. If the enemies are all at baron with 1-5% hp each, then focus the enemies and forget baron, you might kill all of them if you just go for them and not baron
  678. 678. When you are ahead at bot and get the bot tower early, just keep pushing and keeping pressure on the enemy bot lane, so that they dont just go push your mid down
  679. 679. React faster to TP ganks and just be aware that your mid/top has a TP and can use it to gank
  680. 680. Hit that taric stun on the right person
  681. 681. Heal the right person with that taric heal
  682. 682. Dont go tunnel vision
  683. 683. Dont pick taric
  684. 684. When blitz hooks sona, STAY AWAY from her to NOT get hit by the ult, dont arcane shift towards her only to be stunned and killed by their adc
  685. 685. Let vi land the ult before you flash away, or she will just come with you
  686. 686. Draven is still viable, dont trade kills with him at any cost
  687. 687. Draven & janna can escape anything
  688. 688. Draven could a counter against ez
  689. 689. If enemy janna steals your junglers red, play really carefully at bot, since that extra slow can let their adc (draven especially) to pump a ton of damage on you
  690. 690. When attacking over a wall, remember to stay close to it so that the autopathing doesnt start walking you around it
  691. 691. Arcane shift / flash before that naut hook hits you
  692. 692. To autoattack over a wall, use autoattack move to move next to the wall and it will attack closest person on the other side
  693. 693. Be aware at all times of the enemies itemization
  694. 694. Shift right click to autoattack move, easier than using A key
  695. 695. Perhaps ezreal isnt as OP as I thought
  696. 696. Remember that the enemy team might have TP or global ultimate to turn around even the safest kill
  697. 697. Dont get too cocky, arcane shifting blindly will get you killed even if you are fed
  698. 698. Be generally a lot more aware of whats happening around you
  699. 699. Ping your retarded team back if they are positioning badly
  700. 700. Dodge the nidalee spear to the side, not by running further away
  701. 701. Being fed doesnt automaticly reduce the damage from nidalee spear, especially if you havent built any MR
  702. 702. Stack that tear all the time
  704. 704. Dont arcane shift for poke vs a blitzcrank :D
  705. 705. Draven still broken
  706. 706. The enemy team having a smurf doesnt mean you can play recklessly because its "lost anyway"
  707. 707. Take a small break after each game, go get something to drink, take the trahses out, anything
  708. 708. Warn your team about possible smurfs in enemy team, so that they dont rush to give him first blood
  709. 709. Dont buy that tear on ezreal when you are behind
  710. 710. Use ezreal ult before a fight, so you can just autoattack during it
  711. 711. Dont write these notes during games
  712. 712. Your eve getting a first blood and maybe another succesful gank kill doesnt mean he is good, just dont think he will make the right choice like counter gank in the most obvious situation
  713. 713. Tell your team to ban thresh and vayne, still very broken
  714. 714. Always advise your support not to pick alistar, he lacks lane presence really hard
  715. 715. Dont fight behind your warding line, even a 1v3 can so easely turn into a 4v3
  716. 716. When playing caitlyn vs vayne, you need to keep the pressure up at all times, force her to choose between getting dived or going back
  717. 717. Dont give draven first blood
  718. 718. Play zed in normals to learn how he works, he can catch ezreal even when he double flashes away
  719. 719. Never underestimate your opponents no matter what lolnexus shows about them
  720. 720. Soraka isnt as bad support as you thought
  721. 721. Use the corki missiles to proc sheen!
  722. 722. Place pinks when fighting a vayne, so that the invisibility from ultimate doesnt give the edge anymore
  723. 723. Dont try to kill jayce as teemo, since he has some magical regeneration to outsustain ignite and poisons at 30hp
  724. 724. Dont be blind
  725. 725. Just focus the support if you cant reach the ADC
  726. 726. Sejuani can chase singed pretty well
  727. 727. Flash ashe ult
  728. 728. Watch the minimap or the wards that you buy are useless
  729. 729. Dont challenge that 7lvl lee sin as 3% hp singed, he will one hit you with the ult
  730. 730. ADC with botrk and shiv/pd can solo singed without thornmail, care
  731. 731. Soraka has this ultimate that heals everyone in her team
  732. 732. Ban fizz
  733. 733. Dont underestimate tristanas burst at level 6
  734. 734. Soraka hard counters draven, just farm against her
  735. 735. Play all games for self improvement, not for winning, even smurf rankeds and normals
  736. 736. You need to utilize the brushes to be able to beat ranged champions at top as singed
  737. 737. Rather first pick teemo for top lane, not singed
  738. 738. Consider playing some shen
  739. 739. Always finish a game ASAP vs a nasus
  740. 740. Good positioning as singed is to run through the enemy team, while dropping low enough to make them chase you behind them into your poisons and then being trapped between you and rest of your team
  741. 741. Fiddle has AoE ultimate and a lot of CC, never let him suprise you
  742. 742. Always use the cait trap to check brushes to farm safer
  743. 743. Focus the inhibitor, dont join your team chasing them to their fountain, they got just higher chances of turning it around
  744. 744. Try to explane to your team that you need someone to peel the enemy bruiser/assassin off you
  745. 745. Just ignore the people who flame you, dont even try to reason with them
  746. 746. When your team mates blame you for not being able to solo a bruiser alone, dont take it personally, be happy that you must belong to a higher elo for knowing that ADC needs peeling
  747. 747. Dont try to do baron when you kill 2 of the enemies in an even game, those remaining 3 can really easely just kill you all
  748. 748. Tristana has jump
  749. 749. Remind your team to buy armor if the enemies are only AD
  750. 750. Dravens displacement skill costs 70mana at all ranks
  751. 751. Dont get too cocky and start fighting without your support, it can prevent a real good suprise gank
  752. 752. Be generally more aware of your flash and barrier CD's, you dont want to be relying on flash when its on CD
  753. 753. Never use summoners when you are going to die anyway
  754. 754. Even when you are 30cs behind early in lane, you can still be able to get equal CS, if you just persist
  755. 755. After you have gotten bot tower down, be really careful when you leave bot to push mid, you dont want to leave so that the enemy ADC gets your bot tower
  756. 756. Always watchout for blitz cheeze tactics at level 1 (explorer ward hooks from blue side)
  757. 757. when your mid is not pushing while kassadin roams, ping him to attack the mid tower, maybe he doesnt try to follow then
  758. 758. Dont participate in the chat nonsense
  759. 759. React faster to a kassadins jump by starting Q as caitlyn and not first E
  760. 760. If you are gonna die to a gank with certainty, just damage that tower down before they kill you
  761. 761. Dont write these notes while in the game, it will break focus and you got more important things to check for
  762. 762. When dead, check overall situation of the game, who is winning and where and how
  763. 763. Try to poke graves more during early game and tell your support to ward after getting a kill
  764. 764. Convince your team to not go full AD
  765. 765. Dont pick corki vs vayne, just go for that caitlyn, obviously
  766. 766. When going 3v1 against renekton with low hp team, dont just dash ontop of him hoping your team can kill him before he kills you, just stay away and even flash quickly if he decides to try to kill you first
  767. 767. Move more unpredictably against leona to not get hit by the stun
  768. 768. Flash the jarvans E+Q before it knocks you up
  769. 769. If enemy team bans caitlyn, that means they want to pick vayne, so ban or tell your team to ban vayne
  770. 770. Be aware of the enemy team having a shen and that he can TP to any teamfight and turn it around
  771. 771. Rammus can gank through lane quite efficiently with the speed bonus of the roll
  772. 772. Never giveup, just won a totaly lost game, at one point I even regretted not surrendering, but we still won it
  773. 773. Dont farm those minions if its possible that a vayne is waiting in the lane brush and ready to knock you towards a wall
  774. 774. 2/6 ezreal can solo 8/1 caitlyn very very easely, so dont fight an ezreal 1v1 as caitlyn
  775. 775. Dont danger yourself by taking your red buff while shooting from a brush, yes, it gives more damage for caitlyn, but also closer to the enemies
  776. 776. Never go 1v1 against ezreal as caitlyn, you will lose it, ezreal has just so many ways to outplay you
  777. 777. Poke ezreal really hard to not let him be the bully
  778. 778. You can win even as full AD team, nothing is ever set in stone, also winning is possible with fail lee support
  779. 779. Sonas W power chord reduces damage dealt by the enemy hit
  780. 780. Teemo is not tanky in mid game with only tanky masteries, you cant go through their frontline to assassin their backline
  781. 781. When behind, dont try to desperately force an enemy getting caught, just ward / shroom your jungle and wait for a real mistake
  782. 782. Always trap the brush when taking red as caitlyn
  783. 783. Just dont pick caitlyn vs. ezreal, he is too mobile and OP
  784. 784. Dont underestimate the damage burst what zyra support cna do at level 7
  785. 785. Always fully commit to a suprise burst attack (caitlyn and zyra at level 7 can burst hecarim without defensive items)
  786. 786. Keep checking what enemies are building, if they go for the damage or defence
  787. 787. Dont duel ezreal as caitlyn, especially if ezreals support is nearby and yours is not
  788. 788. Flash that ezreals ultimate, you got plenty of time when it loads
  789. 789. Be generally more aware of how a teamfight is going, so that you can flee before its too late
  790. 790. Ezreal and leona lane can burst/cc lock you faster than zac can jump to gank, so dont bait a "fight"
  791. 791. Never push mid when you get an early inhibitor, just go push any other lane, dont go knocking on the nexus towers without more inhibs / baron down
  792. 792. Syndra can burst your ADC even in a 1v4 with that ultimate, care
  793. 793. If you already got bursted in seconds by enemy AP carry, then just buy that banshees instead of more AD
  794. 794. Never follow an initiation that offers the enemy team to just rush to your carries
  795. 795. Use the caitlyn ult on the low hp riven instead of the ezreal with GA
  796. 796. Dont sell your GA if you cant afford another defensive item fully to replace it
  797. 797. When playing a tank, let your ADC get that IE before fighting, it makes huge difference
  798. 798. Either play ezreal or get him banned
  799. 799. If you are forced vs ezreal, try playing graves vs him
  800. 800. Overally just position better as ADC
  801. 801. You can take caitlyns runes on corki and still have 72ad
  802. 802. Consider buying merc treads against ashe, riven and swain team, even on ezreal
  803. 803. Never arcane shift into the baron pit, especially if you dont have flash available
  804. 804. Diamond IV and III are suprisingly bad, dont expect them to be able to make any plays, treat them as any idiot team mates
  805. 805. Get botrk on ezreal if the enemies are stacking HP
  806. 806. When enemy blitz steals your junglers buff with an hook and then autoattack (because your jungler fucks up smite), dont start chasing the blitz with flash etc, even if he is low
  807. 807. Try to decelerate the snowballing of the enemies by playing extreamly carefully when they have early lead
  808. 808. Always advice  your team to not get sona if the enemies have not yet picked their support, because it will be blitz 100%
  809. 809. Vs a blitz, ask your support to ward the possible hooking areas at level 1 (to prevent hooked red/blue)
  810. 810. Even when your jungler is coming to gank your lane where you are behind, remember that if you dont have ward coverage, its always possible that the enemy jungler counterganks
  811. 811. Hit that ezreal Q on the low hp blitz
  812. 812. Dont get emotionally invested in the games, think how meaningless a single game is after few days even
  813. 813. Only use the chat to give your team better chance to win the game
  814. 814. Never giveup
  815. 815. Dont try to finish enemy adc with flash autoattack when they still have barrier up
  816. 816. Take it easy
  817. 817. You will make it to diamond eventually, just chill, it might take dozens of promos before you make it
  818. 818. Dont try to flank the enemies as caitlyn without boots, even if you are slightly ahead, most likely that vi will turn around and chase you instead
  819. 819. If your team mate starts at enemy blue when you play on purple side, just ward your blue when going to bot lane as support
  820. 820. Stop trying to force plays, just let that ashe initiate with arrow
  821. --------------- DIAMOND ---------------------
  823. - Kreogu
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