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  1. Also proper background as to what is considered to be one of the main reasons that ''forced'' him into his transition: His (now ex) wife Adrian was fucking multiple men in their apartment and forcing Cosmo to crossdress and use drugs. Adrian eventually grew tired out of it and dropped Cosmo altogether but kept him on a leash by lying to him saying they'd get back cause she "needed time", only to appear with a new boyfriend around 2 to 3 weeks later and completely ignoring Cosmo after that point. Apparently Cosmo never recovered from that breakdown and Narcissa slowly took over. That wouldn't be an issue to most of his fans if he kept being good at videogames but he purposely destroyed his career by, other than many other reasons, dropping games on stream, being mean, making constant suicidal threats, vertal attacks towards his audience and overal an aura so negative even the most edgy kid would feel anxious around him. Then after he realized that he actually needed the money from his streams to survive he went on an even bigger breakdown making more suicidal threats and tried to get into gaming again only to realize he can't force himself to be good nor entertaning anymore
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