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  2. 1.1 X is an online Quake2 duel tournament. Its primary goal is to revive the game and have fun in an organized manner. Its secondary goal is to test out maps that have not been widely recognized and appreciated by the community .
  3. 1.2 The tournament's official IRC channel is #X on Quakenet.
  4. 1.3 The league is supervised by a crew of people and all important decisions are made among the crew.
  5. 1.4 The crew genuinely believes in having-fun-attitude and players' common sense, so the rules will cover only the most crucial information. If there are controversial scenarios that aren't covered by this ruleset, whatever the decision of the crew is, is the rule.
  6. 1.5 The tournament is to be played in a fast, smooth manner, meaning
  7.  a. there are no wildcards,
  8.  b. players that show no interest in the tournament, or disturb its progress can be kicked out by league supervisor,
  9.  c. players who have forfeited a map in the past season (including quitting before timelimit hits), or who have forfeited a playoff match during the past three seasons are denied a spot in the tournament,
  10.  d. any other players who are known for lack of sportsmanship (including but not limited to quitting a league, leagues disturbance) can be denied a spot in the tournament, as well.
  13. 2.1 The X will follow typical single-elimination bracket layout.
  14. 2.2 All games prior to semifinals are played best of 3. The semifinals and finals are played best of 5.
  15. 2.3 Each player pick one (two in semifinals and finals) maps from the mappool. The third (or fifth) map, if necessary, is chosen by elimination of remaining maps. The player who scored more frags starts the elimination.
  16. 2.4 Current mappool:
  17. :: q2rdmx (excluding q2rdm2 and q2rdm7 and q2rdm15)
  18. :: Copy/Paste friendly: q2rdm1, q2rdm3, q2rdm4, q2rdm5, q2rdm6, q2rdm8, q2rdm9, q2rdm10, q2rdm11, q2rdm12, q2rdm13, q2rdm14
  20. 2.5 The games are played with the following set up:
  21. :: Timelimit 10
  22. :: Powerups 0
  23. :: BFG 0
  24. :: Tie-mode OT 1 (if possible)
  25. 2.6 If the players cannot find a neutral server the game can be played home/away. Home map is played on an away server.
  26. 2.7 When player overflows or server crashes - the game is re-played with the timelimit left before the crash +3 minutes. Frags from both parts of the match counts. This rule does not apply on OpenTDM servers, if the overflowed player manage to reconnect before the timeout runs out.
  29. 3.1 All players MUST record demos from every map and keep them until the end of the league!
  30. 3.2 Admin may ask for any demo at any time and it is player's duty to provide this demo.
  31. 3.3 All the demos from any league stage can be forced to publish.
  32. 3.4 Any form of game modification, additional modules or software considered by the community as cheats are prohibited (excluding in-game timers).
  35. 4.1 Any violation of these rules can result in a warning or a punishment.
  36. 4.2 Numerous warnings for one player will result in a punishment.
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