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  1. Born in Cayman Islands to a Physics, and to an Art teacher.
  2. Moved to the west country when I was 5 and I went to school in Bath.
  4. Studied Math & Microelectronics at Brookes University.
  5. Then worked in Electronics fixing circuits or costing new applications and testing ( lots of problem solving ).
  6. Decided I wanted more visually creative role so I self taught myself flash.
  7. Mastering timeline animations then slowly learnt to code.
  9. I freelancing top end flash microsites using papervision and away3d in London.
  10. Also started teaching some Watercolour to adults.
  12. As flash started to die I explored Haxe ( since 2009 ) - mostly in my free time.
  13. I spent some months in france with a social games company helping on a flash game and creating a mini game.
  14. I also used Haxe for an Intel/Sky video 3d microsite, and for some simple building online animations.
  16. After france I came back to the west country and worked in R&D for Videoscribe creating svg brushes.
  17. Then worked on 2.5D wayfinding touchscreens for Airports and Shopping Centres using Starling, RobotLegs, Feathers and AIR.
  19. As a Haxe language user I am used to compiling to mobile c++, Javascript/nodejs, c#, Java, Neko, HL, PHP, Python etc..
  20. Porting code as required from other languages and reading code in Ocaml, Haskell, Typescript, Swift etc...
  22. I am used to using and creating Shaders for use with my custom WebGL, Iron( Armory3d ) / Kha.  
  23. Also used to working without documation with cutting edge technologies - just reading source code.
  24. I'm most happy mixing low level code with visual graphics.
  25. Normally use Visual Studio Code/Kode or Textmate on a mac pro,
  26. but also used linux and Windows.
  28. Happy to work in any programming language and I am curious to learn more Functional languages.
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