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  1. This is a translation of the following Animation Do blog post:
  3. Title: Information
  4. "Free -Eternal Summer-" episode 4 has been broadcast! What did everyone think about this episode?
  6. We at Do's Genga group had the privileged of working on the main genga (key animation) this episode. So then, does everyone reading know what a "genga group" is?
  8. Let's talk about that here this week. During the time each episode is worked on, we, the 1 episode director, the 1 animation director, and the various key animators in charge of that episode all work together to draw the images. That's called a "genga group."
  10. In Animation Do, we have 3 directors and 3 animation directors. Therefore, you can easily see that we're divided into three groups. Each group is named after the director for that episode for whatever reason, so at Do we have the Kawanami (河浪) group, the Utsumi (内海) group, and the Yamamura (山村) group. Even in the concrete jungle of Osaka, we're surrounded by nature with all the rivers (河), seas (海), and mountains (山). With that in their hearts, every group will again today put their all into each cut, one cut at at time.
  12. Please continue to enjoy watching "Free -Eternal Summer-".
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