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Bloosey the Boo

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Apr 29th, 2015
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  1. Race: Boo
  2. Name: Bloosey
  3. Hometown: Rogueport
  4. HP: 8
  5. FP: 11
  6. Heart: 4 (1 point)
  7. Power: 3
  8. Smarts: 4 (1 point)
  9. Coolness: 7 (3 points +1 racial)
  10. Defense: 2 (1 point)
  11. Speed: 2 (1 point)
  12. Total: All 7 points used
  14. Perk: Put your soul into it. (+1 to coolness when doing a blues performance)
  15. Perk: Oh, boo to you too. (+1 to heart when resisting fear)
  17. Pocket Change: 19 coins
  19. PP: 6
  20. Spectral Sax: The foci Bloosey uses to cast his smooth spells, cat-dady. (+1 to casting) [2 PP]
  21. No sweat clyde, I know this cat: Bloosey has travelled to many towns in the mushroom kingdom, and could probably find cheaper room and board in most pubs/inns (3 PP?)
  22. Drink your sorrows away: 2 Able Juices, for those cold nights.
  24. Specials:
  25. Scapadabbadobibblydimdadededodo: (4 FP, if succesful, confuses all enemies (each enemy rolls seperatly))
  26. Chill, man: (2FP, if the attack is succesful the target is put to sleep for 2 turns, doesn't stack)
  27. Feelin' the flow: (1 FP, target gets +1 to hit on next attack)
  29. Backstory: Bloosey's been playin' the blues longer than he can remember, infact, he no longer remembers what his own blues
  30. are, he just lives (or, more aptly, doesn't) for the music. With his trusty sax he travels the world's pubs from Podley's Place in rogueport to port music clubs in toad town. He moves about to share his music with the masses and meet new cats to kick it with.
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