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Author of the Week #22 - Christmas Short Story by asai

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Dec 4th, 2020
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  1. [991 words, story by asai]
  3. The gentle sound of wood crackling in our fireplace found it's way into my room as I slowly gained consciousness from last night's sleep. My blanket felt heavy, but yet so warm; I threw the blanket over my head in an last attempt to fall asleep again. As the sound of the fireplace became clearer, I realized my efforts to fall asleep were futile and I dramatically threw the blanket away from me, before it decided to attach to my feet and I started kicking it like a ninja. A ninja that successfully managed to kill it's victim, as it stopped bothering him. Grumpily, I decided to stare at the log wall, determined to not get up just yet.
  5. Slowly a warm feeling started caressing me and I gave up. I turned around, looking at the toys in my room. It looked like Mom had already been in my room before I woke up; my toys had been all packed away in boxes, neatly put away under my desk. The curtains had been pulled away, exposing a gentle frost sitting on my window while the world outside was covered in snow. Snow so white it looked like we lived in a cloud. I sat up in my bed, giving the blanket one last kick before silently opening my door sneaking out to the hallway.
  7. Our house was a bit funny. It was made out of logs, and on the second floor was only my room and a toilet. I had a balcony where I could see downstairs to the living room and kitchen. Downstairs was also moms room and my sisters room. My Mom and sis loves Christmas. The entire house was decorated in glistering, blinking, cool decorations. As I sneaked up to the railing, I noticed our Christmas tree had gotten a couple of large gifts underneath it. Mom was in the kitchen singing to some silly Christmas song again, preoccupied with washing the veggies for later. Good. She didn't notice me yet.
  9. "Good morning honey!" She cheerfully exclaimed to the beat of the song. "I hope you slept well!"
  11. Frick! How did she notice me? I was being a sneaky ninja.
  13. "Morning Mom" I let out with a sigh before walking downstairs towards the kitchen. Sis was already out, probably shopping again with her dumb friends or her boyfriend. Like she always do. I wonder why she never does it with me.
  15. As walked in to the kitchen the smell of pancakes overcame me, and I excitedly sat down at the table and poured syrup on top. While hogging the pancakes, I noticed a fourth chair at the table.
  17. "Isf sif bfingingf hef boyffend?" I said with my mouth stuffed with pancakes.
  19. "Now what have I said about talking with your mouth full, mister?" Mom said with a stern, yet upbeat voice.
  21. "Soffy."
  23. "There's so much snow outside! Did you see uncle Tom try to dig out his car? It snowed so much he had to dig it out like a treasure!" Mom put away some of the vegetables and turned around to look at me.
  25. "No." I answered, turning back to my pancakes.
  27. "Did you at least do your bed?" Mom asked, this time with a less upbeat tone.
  29. "No."
  31. "Oh sweetie" she said and kissed my forehead. "It's Christmas today, you should try to be a bit happier!"
  33. "I know."
  35. "Now come on. When you're done with your pancakes, let's go freshen up a bit."
  37. ~~~
  39. A couple of hours has gone by and it's dark outside. Sis has not yet shown up, I guess she really loves her friends more than me and Mom. Mom picked out some clothes for me and told me I looked handsome in them. I guess they look okay, but I'm not excited. The dinner table has been set, and the Christmas dinner is almost ready. Moms' cooking smells delicious, and I can't wait until we get to eat it. At this point we were just sitting on the sofa drinking hot chocolate, waiting for Sis to return so we could start eating and then open the gifts.
  41. "So what gifts do you hope you get?" Mom asked me before taking a large sip out of her cup. I placed mine down on the floor in front of me.
  43. "Nothing."
  45. "Aw come on, anything?"
  47. At this point the doorbell rang, and I jolted up out of the sofa while running towards the door to get an excuse not to answer the question. As I opened the door I was greeted by a mixture of green and brown army pants, and as I looked up this angry looking man stared down at me.
  49. "There's someone here who wants to meet you" he said in a stern voice.
  51. As he moved aside, I couldn't believe my eyes. My stomach started feeling like butterflies and I felt this huge energy surge through my body.
  53. "DAD!!"
  55. I sprinted as fast as I could into his lap.
  57. "Hey buddy! Long time no see!" he picked me up despite carrying a large back on his back. Sis was right behind him, filming what was going on.
  59. "Dad..." I sniffled, not able to say a word as I hug him tighter.
  61. "You ran outside without any shoes on?" Mom yelled from the doorway. Dad started walking towards the door, while simultaneously nodding to the man and thanking him for something.
  63. "I mis- I missed you so much dad."
  65. "I know buddy. But I'm here now and I won't go back."
  67. "You don't need to- to go back?"
  69. "No. I'm all yours now!"
  71. "This is the best Christmas ever!" I shouted into his jacket while having tears of joy rolling down my eyes. I clenched harder onto him.
  73. "Merry Christmas!" he said laughingly, and as he said that I felt Mom and Sis both hugging me from behind. Like a huge family hug. A family hug this ninja had missed.
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