Chapter 42 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

Sep 13th, 2014
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  1. So much healing......
  3. Edited By: MythosIX
  5. Chapter 42
  8. We were camping outside that day.
  10. Naofumi: "We were somehow able to dispose of that ridiculous amount of food at a high price."
  12. Because the south's famine was already resolved, we had to come to the North and sell.
  13. Though there is still one cart of food left, it is for that absurdly gluttonous bird.
  15. Firo: "Food~~!"
  17. The bird stuffs her head into the cart and starts devouring.
  19. Firo: "Delicious~!"
  21. I've heard the annoying phrase somewhere before.
  22. Although this fellow's growth is over, she's still a glutton. Everyday food costs are nothing to scoff at. On the other hand, we travel extremely fast.
  23. However, the carriage went through quite a lot of abuse as various unreasonable actions are performed.
  24. The repair costs are also quite hefty...
  26. Naofumi: "What should I do?"
  28. In this case, maybe the carriage should be made of metal instead of wood. Firo was also complaining about how light it was and considering the higher durability.
  29. Raphtalia overcame her motion sickness, but the g-force from Firo's full speed is ridiculous.
  30. Maybe the shock will be reduced if I add in a spring.
  31. My money has been accumulating nicely. I'm looking forward to meet the old man from the weapon shop.
  32. That weapon shop in the centre of the castle town sells the best weapons.
  33. I don't know where the other heroes buy weapons and armour, but I haven't found a shop that sells better equipments than the old man's weapon shop.
  35. Firo: "Master~"
  37. Squish...... Firo hugged me and pressed her feathers to my face
  38. It's the North, so it's a bit cold. Therefore, Firo's feathers that have her body temperature are nice and warm.
  40. Firo: "Ehehe~"
  41. Raphtalia: "Muu......"
  43. For some reason, after I sit down, Raphtalia also clings to me.
  45. Firo: "Hehehe, everyone is nice and warm together"
  46. Naofumi: "It's getting quite hot for me......"
  48. Though, I didn't leave this position because it's still somewhat chilly.
  50. Raphtalia: "Firo, get off. The temperature will be just right after that."
  51. Firo: "No~, if anyone should get off, it’s Raphtalia Onee-chan. Stop monopolizing Master!"
  52. Raphtalia: "I'm not monopolizing anything!"
  54. Noisy!
  56. Naofumi: "Both of you go to sleep!"
  57. Raphtalia: "But..."
  58. Firo: "Master~ let's sleep together~!"
  59. Naofumi: "I need to prepare medicine before we arrive at the east area."
  61. In response to the large amount of medical herbs I've acquired, I started mixing treatment medicine zealously.
  62. Though you never know whether or not you have enough...Such are the difficulties of peddling.
  64. Firo: "Boo......"
  66. Firo parted from me and sulked to sleep.
  67. At the same time, Raphtalia entered the carriage. Rather than it being comfortable, it's preferable to sleeping on the ground.
  69. Naofumi: "Now then."
  71. I continue to work on the medicine while tending the fire.
  73. Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama"
  74. Naofumi: "Hm?"
  76. I heard Raphtalia's voice from the carriage.
  77. Then I saw Raphtalia beckoning me to the carriage.
  79. Naofumi: "What's wrong?"
  80. Raphtalia: "… Can we sleep together?"
  81. Naofumi: "You too…? Honestly…"
  83. Though they looked like adults, they are still children. Being lonely is a given.
  85. Naofumi: "How bout you sleep with Firo in her human form."
  86. Raphtalia: "I'm not lonely… It's just…"
  88. Raphtalia looked down shyly and fidgets.
  89. That reminds me of the time she was crying non-stop at night… A considerable amount of time has passed since then.
  91. Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama… was there anyone you liked…? In your original world?
  92. Naofumi: "Huh? No not really."
  94. Why would she want to talk about Earth?
  95. I don't get her intentions.
  97. Naofumi: "What's up with you?"
  98. Raphtalia: "Um… I'm just wondering what Naofumi-sama thinks of me."
  100. What?
  101. Hmm… That fucking woman appeared in my mind, but there is no reason to get angry at Raphtalia.
  102. As to the reason why that fucking woman is in my mind, I have no idea.
  104. Naofumi: "At this moment, Slave isn't a very fitting position for you."
  105. Raphtalia: "Then… Is there anything else?"
  106. Naofumi: "Anything else…?"
  108. While I tilt my neck questioningly, Raphtalia has a very delicate expression.
  110. Naofumi: "You trust me. So I trust and value you too…"
  111. Raphtalia: "O-Okay!...hmm?"
  113. Raphtalia nodded with a smile, and returned to bed in the carriage with a puzzled face.
  115. Naofumi: "Now then…"
  117. I continued working for our next peddling trip.
  118. By the way, our respective levels from the fights that happened occasionally.
  120. Me Lv 37
  121. Raphtalia Lv 39
  122. Firo Lv 38
  124. I'm even lower than Firo. Is it because I need more Exp to Level?
  125. No, these two are attackers. Especially Firo, who is more aggressive and agile compared to Raphtalia, obliterates enemies in the blink of an eye.
  126. So she would gain experience quicker.
  127. Raphtalia's attacks gradually speed up and are very reliable.
  129. We arrived at the eastern area of the country.
  130. What can I say? The nearby trees are all dead and the air is heavy.
  131. Though, it's not particularly cold around here.
  132. I observed the soil and it's dark enough to be comparable to black.
  133. When I looked at the sky, the clouds are thick and the big mountain range slowly grows.
  134. What an ominous feeling.
  136. Naofumi: "Umm"
  138. I had to check the map again because the road was cracked.
  140. Naofumi: "Firo, head towards the mountain"
  141. Firo: "Okay~!"
  142. Naofumi: "Also you two, make sure to cover your mouth with a cloth. An epidemic seems to be spreading in this neighbourhood."
  143. Raphtalia: "Okay"
  145. Before we arrive at a farm village I also covered my mouth for a minimum amount of defence.
  147. Villager: "…Is that person… peddling? Sorry, but in this village a plague is spreading *cough*… Please evacuate."
  149. A villager explained to us while having a painful coughing fit.
  151. Naofumi: "I know. That's why I came to sell treatment medicine."
  152. Villager: "Is-Is that true!? We're saved."
  154. The villager starts running and reporting that a peddler with medicine arrived.
  155. … The situation seems to have become considerably tense.
  156. There is some anxiety about the amount I have.
  157. My anxiety comes true, it seems the whole village needs medicine.
  159. Villager: "It-It's the carriage of the famous holy bird! The village is saved!"
  161. Uwaaa......Such high expectations.
  162. If the medicine is not effective, my hard earned trust will plummet.
  163. It can't be helped.
  165. Naofumi: "Where are the fellows who need medicine?"
  167. I should use the most effective method of giving them the medicine personally.
  169. Villager: "Here. Saint-sama
  170. (Tl note: Jesus shieldbro in the house.)
  172. Though I've been called a saint for a while now, it feels a little unsettling. Still, it's a lot better than being looked at with disgust as the Hero of the Shield.
  173. We were guided to a building where the people with the most serious symptoms were gathered.
  174. This is probably an isolation facility.
  175. There is a graveyard at the back and several brand-new grave posts were seen.
  177. …No wonder this place smells of death. I'm sure this is an unpleasant atmosphere exclusive to graveyards and hospitals.
  178. I'm not confident that this will be solved with only treatment medicine.
  179. I shouldn't be conceited because I deciphered a mere Intermediate class recipe.
  180. Moreover, if the treatment medicine is not effective then we're screwed, but if the treatment medicine works, I'll be able to make a large sum of money.
  181. Still… It's unsettling. Even though the deciphering was difficult, the effects may not necessarily be that much better.
  182. Next time I stop by the Pharmacy, I'll ask for a High Class Recipe book.
  184. Naofumi: "I would like to see you wife!"
  185. Villager: "Okay"
  187. I woke up a woman who won't stop coughing and give the medicine little by little.
  188. Pa… Light spreads around the woman.
  189. Was it effective? Colour returned to the woman's face. That's great. It seems to have worked.
  191. Naofumi: "Next!"
  193. When I looked up, all the villagers were staring at me with their eyes opened wide in surprise.
  195. Naofumi: "What's wrong?"
  196. Villager: "Uh-Uhmm......"
  198. The child who was laid next to the woman is pointed at.
  199. Some time ago, he was coughing just as bad as the woman.
  200. Hm?
  201. He's dead......?
  202. I confirmed the child's breathe.
  203. What a relief, he's still alive. However, he was just having a coughing fit. Why has it stabilised?
  205. Naofumi: "What happened?"
  206. Villager: "When the saint gave my wife medicine, the breathing of the child next to her also seems to have softened."
  208. Hm..... Is this due to the effect of Medicine Effect Range Expansion (Small)?
  209. If the range increases, it will be too useful.
  210. It seems to be able to produce a similar effect of the medicine up to 1 metre of the surroundings.
  211. Just how much potential is hidden within this shield?
  212. But with this range, it will hardly be useful in combat. I'm considering clustering people up within 1 metre, unless the effect diminishes.
  214. Naofumi: "I'll explain the story later! The medicine has an effective radius of 1 metre when drunk. Gather up!"
  215. Villager: "O-Okay!"
  217. Because the manpower is insufficient, the patients were carried into the vicinity by Firo and Raphtalia.
  218. This will save medicine, the treatment of the isolation facility was finished quite early, but it only suppresses the symptoms. I am unable to completely cure the sickness.
  220. Naofumi: "Is this the limit of the treatment medicine…"
  221. Villager: "Thank you very much!"
  223. Even though I was thanked while being unable to fix the situation, I do not feel satisfied.
  224. The risk of being infected becomes apparent and I can't exterminate the sickness.
  226. Naofumi: "That reminds me, where did this sickness come from? Was there an epidemic or something? This is no ordinary disease."
  228. This illness is quite formidable for the treatment medicine to only be this effective.
  229. There is also a risk that we are infected.
  230. We might have to flee as quickly as possible.
  232. Villager: "Umm… It seems the treatment master found that the cause is from a demon that lives within the mountains"
  233. Naofumi: "Give me the details."
  234. Villager: "Then, he…"
  236. A treatment master is an occupation that is proficient in recovery magic and medicine, quite similar to a doctor in my world.
  237. The treatment master was compounding medicine to combat the illness and came by the isolation facility to help out.
  239. Naofumi: "You, can you make High Class treatment medicine?"
  240. Treatment Master: "Yes. I am working on it now. Due to your help with the saint medicine, I can get back to work on it."
  241. Naofumi: "Hurry it up, the treatment isn't complete yet. They will relapse sooner or later"
  242. Treatment Master: "O-okay!"
  243. Naofumi: "Wait"
  245. I stopped the treatment master who is about to run.
  247. Naofumi: "I heard you explained the cause of this sickness is from the mountains. Explain."
  248. Treatment Master: "Ah yes. About a month ago, Hero of the Sword-sama got rid of a huge dragon in the mountain range territory."
  250. Speaking of which, I heard that rumour too.
  252. Treatment Master: "Dragons usually make a stronghold in rural areas. But this dragon was a straggler and builds his nest near the village."
  253. Naofumi: "What does that have to do with anything?"
  254. Treatment Master: "At one time, the villagers gathered to watch the feat of the Hero. So the adventurers go up the mountain and brought back the materials of the dragon that Hero-sama defeated."
  257. It seems that excellent weapons or armour can be made with the materials of a dragon…
  258. Quite enviable.
  260. Naofumi: "Then?"
  261. Treatment Master: "Here is the main issue. All the good material was taken and this deserted village was lively again thanks to it. However, the corpse of the dragon began to rot and a problem appeared. The adventurers who went to see the corpse got sick."
  262. Naofumi: "…Understood. Is the corpse the cause of this illness?"
  263. Treatment Master: "Most likely…"
  265. Although all the materials of the dragon were taken, the corpse was left.
  266. The meat. If the dragon rots then what's affected will be the neighbourhood.
  267. Some gourmets may want it, but adventurers have no use for decaying meat.
  268. Though I have no idea how dragon meat is treated in this world. It might be delicious but we don't know.
  269. The entrails left behind, especially the liver will rot easily.
  270. Ren that bastard seems to be after the materials, so the entrails are discarded.
  271. There's also the heart… It probably works very well with magic.
  273. Naofumi: "Since the cause is known, you should quickly dispose of it."
  274. Treatment Master: "Removal is impossible for the farmers of this neighbourhood… The mountain range is infested by evil demons."
  276. Naofumi: "Then ask some adventurers"
  277. Treatment Master: "By the time we noticed, the ecosystem of the mountains changed dramatically and poison was mixed into the air. Any common adventurer gets sick immediately. Moreover, adventurers were warned not to approach due to the epidemic."
  279. Sigh…
  280. Ren that guy, dispose of the corpse properly.
  281. Ren is the youngest hero.
  282. I didn't know things rot, until I was a high school student.
  283. Besides, that guy is the Hero most familiar with games.
  284. Even if it is a product of Science Fiction called VRMMO.
  285. It can be said that it is hard to tell the difference between a game and real life, this result seems to have been inevitable.
  287. Treatment Master: "Saint-sama, what will you do?"
  288. Naofumi: "Did you report to the country?"
  289. Treatment Master: "Yes. Medicine is scheduled to arrive shortly."
  290. Naofumi: "… What about the heroes?"
  291. Treatment Master: "There is little possibility of them appearing because they are busy."
  293. He seems to be referring to Motoyasu and Ren.
  294. It is unbearably provoking.
  296. Naofumi: "Has the request fee to the country already been paid?"
  297. Treatment Master: "Yes…"
  298. Naofumi: "Can you get it back if you cancel it?"
  300. The Treatment Master looked at me with wide open eyes.
  302. Treatment Master: "Is the saint-sama going to go?"
  303. Naofumi: "How long will it be until you finish the medicine anyway?"
  304. Treatment Master: "Uhm… it should be in half a day."
  305. Naofumi: "Alright, I'll go get rid of the dragon corpse. Give the request fee to the country to me instead."
  306. Treatment Master: "Un-Understood."
  308. Thus, we went to dispose of a dragon corpse in a mountain.
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