My Bimbo Academia Witch's Game Test

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  1. “Come on in, take a seat and we’ll get started.” Riko Tatsuma, a dragon like girl, said welcoming her three friends into her room.
  3. Coming in were her three friends. Brunhilda Schroder, a busty German girl, Pamua Mikoshi, a rather shortstack like girl with her hair styled like cat ears, and lastly the leader of this group of friends Ashley Aime, an incredibly busty girl with blonde and pink hair who was secretly the villain Whoremoans.
  5. The group, who were all rather sexy in appearance, were gathered together for a game of Quirks and Catacombs run by Riko, they used to play a lot but after recent personal developments they had been having a bit of trouble finding the right time for a session but Riko told them she’d cooked up a interesting new setting and wanted to try it out with them.
  7. “Alright this game is gonna rock.” Riko said as they gathered around “The setup is a bit complicated but just roll with me here okay it’ll be worth it.”
  9. The other three nodded as she handed Pamua and Brun blank character sheets.
  11. “Don’t fill those out yet okay.” She said.
  13. “How come I didn’t get one?” Ashley asked.
  15. “Cause that’s part of the set up.” Riko rolled her eyes “In this setting, you’re the BBEG, you’re the evil force looking to conquer the world as we chronicle, you’re rise to power.”
  17. “Oh interesting.” Ashley laughed.
  19. “You are a novice witch.” Riko handed her a prefilled sheet “And with you’re terrible magic you lust for power and control of the entire realm, rather than Quirks and Catacombs I call this setting…Corruption and Catacombs. Now close your eyes…and imagine.”
  21. BREAK
  23. Riko was always good at setting the stage with her players and when Ashley opened her eyes it was like she was hypnotized into seeing what Riko wanted her to see, before her was an empty nothingness that she stood in.
  25. “You are Ashley the witch.” Riko’s voice echoed in the darkness “Still new but powerful, you’ve already got a small bounty on your head from conquering a few small villages and taking over a local castle to turn into your dark headquarters.”
  27. The darkness slowly faded and Ashley was standing in a gothic throne room, around here were stony walls, a long red carpet and torches for light.
  29. “There’s one other thing, your power relies on the manipulation of emotion and desire…you base reflects this.”
  31. As the GM spoke the room was populated with statues and tapestries of hung men, endowed women, sexual activity and more.
  33. “Hmm, I’m liking this game.” Ashley snickered a bit moving to the throne.
  35. “You are clad in scant but witch’s robes and a few bobbles, your magic staff resting near your throne of darkness.” Riko said as Ashley outfit changed, looking corset like with a snug legless bottom, wide brimmed hat, and along side her throne was now a magical staff with what looked like a hand clutching a dark orb at the top, her hair also turned black and purple rather than pink and blonde as her makeup became dark shades of sultry purple, she looked more like a big titty goth girlfriend then an evil witch queen.
  37. “Say hello to the soon to be ruler of the realm.” The witch let out an evil laugh “AHAHAHA!”
  39. “Now you are strong but taking multiple villages and towns wouldn’t have been possible alone, you had the aid of your dark generals.” Riko said “Why here comes one of them now, it’s Brunhilda…what does she look like?”
  41. “Hmm, oh I see.” Pamua smiled “Ash gets to make our characters.”
  43. “Yes, so Ashley, what sort of powerful dark general is Brun?” Riko’s voice rang out in Ashley’s imagination.
  45. “Pick zomething good.” The European said in her usual heavy accent.
  47. The visage of Brunhilda appeared as Ash remembered her as she began speaking out her desired changes for her friend.
  49. “Brunhilda is one of my most trusted Dark Generals.” Ashley said “Both beautiful and strong, her martial might is feared by my opponents.”
  51. Brunhilda began moaning in the fantasy as her body grew with muscles, her arms looking defined as her already large breasts rose in her tops from straining pectorals.
  53. “She may not be the brightest of my warriors but her sheer size and strenght are more than enough for my respect.” Ashley said as Brun grew a few feet taller.
  55. “I zem liking dis.” Brun laughed a bit.
  57. “Savage like armor covers her crimson skin as she is no simple warrior but a powerful Oni Barbarian.” Ashley smirked.
  59. The imaginary Brun moaned as her natural olive skin darkened into a deep shade of red, her mouth filled with a few sharp tusk-like fangs and long pointed horns protruded from her forehead. Her eyes took on a more beastly glare as her outfit shifted and swirled into thick leather armor covered in fur, a jug strapped itself to her waist and a club appeared in her hand.
  61. “Zis, I like.” The Oni looked at herself and then the witch.
  63. “Oh do me do me!” Pamua begged.
  65. “Relax before your head pops off.” Riko rolled her eyes “Okay Ashley, you’re other Dark General Pamua arrives, what does she look like?”
  67. Now Pamua was in Ashley’s imaginary throne room.
  69. “Pamua is one of my sneakier and more quick-witted Generals.” Ashley said.
  71. “Oh, I’m the smarter one.” She said smugly.
  73. “She may seem like a simple human rogue.” Ashley said as Pamua’s outfit changed into a hooded cloak “But in actuality that is merely a shell for something far more fearsome…”
  75. “Huh?” The girl was confused and in Ashley’s imagination she looked out one of the windows and her eyes became entranced on the full moon “…uh oh.”
  77. “For when the moon rises full, she takes on her true form, that of a powerful, stealthy, werepanther.”
  79. Pamua groaned as in Ashley’s imagination her character transformed violently. She groaned as her mouth filled with sharp teeth, her nails grew into long sharp claws while her eyes glared at the moon and changed shape. Her body was covered in thin black fur as a long thin tail burst from her spine over her large juicy rump. Whiskers appeared on her face is shifted in its general shape and she was compelled to tear off her clothes.
  81. “NRAAAH!” The Werepanther roared before licking her paws.
  83. “Oh, I like this.” Pamua laughed a bit looking at her paw like hands “Purrfect.”
  85. “Ugh really.” The voice of the GM sighed into the fantasy.
  87. “Well now then girls, ready to spread some chaos?” Ashley asked.
  89. “Yes, my Queen.” They both bowed.
  91. -----
  93. AN
  95. Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns.
  97. Enjoy this little one shot, not sure if I’ll do more with this setup or not.
  99. Till Next Time!
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