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RozlinDraven Nov 27th, 2011 32 Never
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  1. Does anyone have a grievance against children services? I would like to compile a page of testimonies from their victims in the hopes of eventually sparking a movement for real change within the system.
  3. Due to the sensitivity of this issue, of course you may post anonymously.
  5. Whether you are a child, a parent, a relative or a friend who would like to speak up, your stories are welcome and encouraged. I know it will take some time to get this page in full motion. I too have been brooding over writing my testimony with trepidation. It is never pleasant to relive the horrors we have suffered, however, I hope to help future families by raising awareness. This is why I need your help! It is too late for me and probably many of you. Gods help anyone who comes after my child. However I still don't think it is ok for other children to suffer simply because they are not mine, and I'm sure you can agree. Please help spread the word so that we can get as many testimonies as possible.
  7. Thank you for your time and bravery in stepping forward.
  9. LOVE & HUGS
  10. Roz
  13. http://youtu.be/9TG4RTwctlw             <-- Check out my Child & Family Rights Playlist
  16. http://www.facebook.com/#!/rozlinthefallenangel    
  19. RozlinTheFallenAngel@hotmail.com
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