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  1. My story:
  2. Ok, so a lot of you have been accusing me of being a clan hopper, and ill admit, these allegations are somewhat true , but I had my reasons.
  4. Beginning-
  5. So the first clan I ever joined was Hope,  an inactive clan with no RC and completely disorganized. I left to join my friends clan for a little bit but it was a school clan so it would die soon so I started to look for diff. clans.
  7. The day I regret-
  8. I come across a streamer by the name of "Alloy Unknown". The clan looks interesting and I play a few pub matches with hom and I got accepted. We were a happy clan and I actually liked the first few weeks I joined Alloy. But it all went downhill aftwr a person named Fameified made an exposing vid. Now, I was already curious/suspicious about what happened before I joined alloy and how unknown was always talking abt how he hated v9 and what they did. But after fameified's exposing video of him clout chasing, and only asking joe blaze (good friend check him out) to raid him I was furious. I confronted him about it with a few other members and he made a fake response to make us take the "guilt trip". However, this did not last long as we figured out quickly and everyone that I invited left Alloy with me and that killed Alloy.
  10. Aftermath-
  11. I join the v9 discord server since me, hotdog, and legend were looking for a new clan, and we heard that they accepted old alloy members. I apply yo join on their website and try to communicate with them, but I get no response as the whole server was dead. Frustrated, I join AE/Anomaly eSports and thinking this was a hige improvement. Wrong. Unknown was alr sucking up to N3RD  and got leader of the pro team. I was mad, but had no other choice but to join AE.
  13. Mid-
  14. Me and unknown are chill now. We liked AE , but then we started to notice some problems. The leader, DragonsEye was so toxic, we realized the only ppl active were me and Unknown + the ppl we invited on discord and MANY COMPLICATIONS WITH V9.(they hated me) Following up, we pre-plan to make CelestGG and announce our leaving which DragonsEye shouts at us(not surprised).
  16. Close to end-  N3RD joins CelestGG and things r looking great. However, N3RD isnt active anymore and inactiveness eventually eats the clan. Many ppl leave without announcing, (like me) and then this is prob why unknown hates me and I dont blame him. [I rly dont want to go into detail with this shit because there us too much to explain]
  18. -eventual outcome
  19. I start to go a bit insane and desperate for a clan I finally found Team Maven. Evan didnt show he was mad at me b4 for "stealing" v9s members (not covering that rn) so I join. Seems good until I help N3RD organize a server for a team he trys to make. ( he accused me of joining wake and fadlalla starts raging at me abt what I did in the past and how I "joined" wake. This angered me bc I tried to explain the command /nick(nickname) and changed my niclname the Wake Kix as an organizer for the server but I was competetivelly playing for team Maven but he starts screaming at me and not letting me speak. I had enough at that point and joined Evan in a call to discuss some things. I eventually join back in Maven.
  21. -recent
  22. me and unknown start screwing at eachother for no reason (prob bc I was having a bad day, but unknown is cool guys  I was the toxic one) all of the sudden v9 comes out of nowhere. Chops talks us into a merge and N3RD/team eake also wanted in. We discuss the merge and things get pretty heated. (kap im sorry for being toxic I shouldnt have been you dont have to forgive me) . Eventually, we decide on strafe having leadership of the team maven server and rebranfing it to v9(original owner of v9) while the rest of us getting co. this was a terrible decision. EVAN IM SORRY I DIDNT LITSEN TO YOU ABT HOW SKEPTICAL YOU WERE ABT THIS. A day goes by, and alr I see toxicity. Strafe bans evan for dropping some v9 members who werent evan active and were only decent at the game when all team wake, and team maven had to drop a decent amt of members. Strafe broke the deal and revenge was coming.
  24.  -Current
  25.  Me, Meezy, and my irl friend raid the v9 discord server. (deleting all the server's channels and banning ppl). Velocity 9 died after this event. Me evan, and old team maven members create the New Team Lust. and here we are now.
  27. Its been a long journey boiz and I have mutuql feeling for some events but I am happy for Team Lust atm. I am especially sorry to Unknown, Kap, and N3RD for being extremely toxic for no reason. I hope you understand and you dont have to forgive me.
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