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  1. ElinciaToday at 3:42 PM
  2. Fr3akYesterday at 9:10 PM
  3. First off we need to address leadership
  4. Ven, as mixed of a bag as he could be some times, was very much our solid leader when it came to keeping the league unified
  5. Now he's gone, and I cant really say that I've seen anyone try to fill in that role and it's showing
  6. Misa, if this really is YOUR league still, you need to take charge more. No more "dont ping me" and pretending to be inactive. That's cowardly, and wasnt as damaging with Ven doing all the work, but not any more
  7. Fr3akYesterday at 9:14 PM
  8. And to Red and Elincia, I really think you need to be open to change and communicate with us more. I dont care what goes on in the Counseling office. If none of us see it, then it doesnt mean squat to us
  9. So either y'all need to step up and take action, or let one of us do it for you. The choice is yours
  10. Moving on to article B: Coral
  11. Time to address the elephant in the room
  12. Yes, I am thinking of joining Coral. So are many others. And to be honest, we have a perfectly good reason to
  13. At this moment in time, Coral has what Aroma doesnt: Active, higher up staff that are both incredibly skilled - more so than Aroma, might I add - and that are willing to listen to its members and help them when needed
  14. I'm not saying that I am 100% sure I'm making the move, but if we dont clean our act up here then I'll be left with no choice
  15. I've had enough of the drama, snakery and infighting
  16. We need to stop running away from our issues and belittling them, but actually confront them and be open to being in the wrong
  17. that's the only way this league will ever grow and become better
  18. So it's time we shape up, or ship out
  20. MaxerusToday at 3:47 PM
  21. Oh yeah I forgot about that
  22. But in my defense
  25. LilaToday at 3:49 PM
  26. Shape up time bby
  28. MaxerusToday at 3:50 PM
  29. As someone who was E4, I believe the pressure got to me that caused my leave and then my step down because it sort of did feel like it was just Ven and I sometimes. Zero offense because I know Red and Misa have their own busy lives for various reasons. But I wasn't that active I feel and the league still perceived me as the active, caring, and involved leader.
  30. I almost feel like it is a perception issue tbh. Somehow, my activity in the league, while physically not that much more than some of y'all's, was perceived as more and more meaningful
  31. It may be because I was naturally more open or because I'm the type to never pull the "I'm the leader" card.
  32. But I just woke up and my brain is still rebooting
  33. And those are just the thoughts that come to mind. Call me just Max the retard if you must. Argue with the dude that took a knee down from the league he loved cause of that pressure. That's just what comes to mind.
  35. ElinciaToday at 3:54 PM
  36. Here are my initial thoughts:
  37. -Regarding Fr3ak’s point about Misa, I somewhat agree. Obviously everyone is busy and has their own schedules, but I think it would be better if Misa did communicate more with the rest of the league as she is the Owner
  38. -About wanting Red and myself being more open with the league, I think he’s referring to the whole Name becoming coach drama. Honestly I felt that I personally handled the situation to the best of my ability and thought that they were the ones being ignorant. But even if my biased opinion is true, there does need to be changes in transparency between the office and the higher-auth room.
  39. -I think maybe holding votes for who should become coach or promotions for other positions could be help in that room. We would need to clean up that room first though (remove users who really shouldn’t be in there)
  40. -I also think it’s time to elect at LEAST 1 more E4, preferably 2 because of reasons that I will discuss later. This will help us remain more transparent and active as there will be more of us to communicate between top staff and the rest of the league. My top 2 candidates are Electra & Rukt. I also have time this week to train Electra a lot more.
  41. -Lastly I think it would be good to ask for specifics regarding what type of transparency they want. Like exactly how do they want us to change?
  42. Let me know what you guys agree & disagree with
  44. MaxerusToday at 4:00 PM
  45. My opinion doesn't matter lol but I'll read it and respond soon
  47. LilaToday at 4:11 PM
  48. Rukt and electra are both good candidates
  50. MaxerusToday at 4:13 PM
  51. I mean in my opinion, the conversation should be Electra, Noct, and Rukt
  53. LilaToday at 4:16 PM
  54. Not noct imo
  56. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 4:16 PM
  57. I dont have much to communicate tho. I say what I need to when needed.
  59. LilaToday at 4:16 PM
  60. They want someone approachable lobe
  62. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 4:17 PM
  63. I'm always open to talking when needed tho.
  65. LilaToday at 4:19 PM
  66. Tru. But sone folks might not know that
  68. RedBrazeToday at 4:20 PM
  69. We do not ever have holidays
  71. ElinciaToday at 4:21 PM
  72. I feel like both sides can improve. They ping you a lot for no reason which is understandable as to why you shouldn't need to respond. But at the same time Dom has shown me logs of you not responding to his DM's. Even if it is Dom I feel like he at least deserves a response when he comes to you with a valid concern/question
  74. RedBrazeToday at 4:22 PM
  75. Still outside I will be back later
  76. Have fun
  78. LilaToday at 4:24 PM
  79. Agreed elincia
  80. We'll get through this folks
  82. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 4:29 PM
  83. Fair. Cant help but consider if I should ignore some of his dms when I wake up to them tho.
  85. LilaToday at 4:30 PM
  86. Lol misa u the best
  88. ElinciaToday at 4:33 PM
  89. thoughts on the other points I posted?
  91. MaxerusToday at 4:33 PM
  92. shrug
  94. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 4:37 PM
  95. 1 more E4 wouldnt be bad. Rn, I say Electra. Even if she still has improving to do battle wise, she's pretty wise and good with people. Thats something we're kinda lacking rn.
  96. I rather keep coach voting to here or Pokemon Association.
  97. However, we do need to clean out Higher Auth
  99. LilaToday at 4:38 PM
  100. Coach voting i could go either way and we do yes. I said my piece on e4 and i have no comments on the transparency thing tbh you summed it up good
  102. MaxerusToday at 4:39 PM
  103. I'd rather get both now and voting in Association, maybe even higher auth
  105. ElinciaToday at 4:39 PM
  106. both E4's?
  107. And if we move coach voting to association, how do you think the people in higher-auth that aren't in association would react?
  109. RedBrazeToday at 4:40 PM
  110. Wait I have my word to say as well
  112. ElinciaToday at 4:41 PM
  113. yeah go ahead
  115. RedBrazeToday at 4:41 PM
  116. Let me start reading
  118. LilaToday at 4:41 PM
  119. L
  120. Lol*
  122. RedBrazeToday at 4:42 PM
  123. I was outside sorry :x
  124. Trying to get social life
  126. LilaToday at 4:42 PM
  127. Psh fresh air
  129. RedBrazeToday at 4:42 PM
  130. I went to see a movie
  132. LilaToday at 4:43 PM
  133. Oh fun actually
  135. MaxerusToday at 4:44 PM
  136. I think Higher Auth
  138. RedBrazeToday at 4:45 PM
  139. Alright so I agree with "Misa talk more part"
  140. Wdym by "more open" in Red & Elincia need to be more open
  142. ElinciaToday at 4:46 PM
  143. that was what fr3ak said
  145. RedBrazeToday at 4:46 PM
  146. Tbh I don't mind choosing an e4 but the gap of level between us two and someone else would be idiot
  147. Like E4 are supposed to be as good as each other
  148. Electra is amazinlgy good I dont deny it but I trained her and can tell it's not equal in all objectivity
  149. An equal skill E4 would be Mateus for exemple
  150. Or Aya or Virus
  152. MaxerusToday at 4:48 PM
  153. I wouldn't go for someone who hasn't been here long
  154. Virus is a maybe
  156. RedBrazeToday at 4:49 PM
  157. Me neither
  159. MaxerusToday at 4:49 PM
  160. Rukt, Noct, Electra, and Virus seem to be our pool
  162. RedBrazeToday at 4:49 PM
  163. That's why I wanna wait for electra
  165. MaxerusToday at 4:49 PM
  166. Well then maybe I'll rejoin and make the average lower
  168. LilaToday at 4:49 PM
  169. Not all e4 are created equal some shouldnt be denied cause theyre worse battlers sometimes need leaders
  171. RedBrazeToday at 4:50 PM
  172. They are not denied we just want to train them until they are ready
  173. Which is the wisest, we do not have challegers waiting so why should we hurry to get the missing E4
  174. When we already have the material and just need to get them ready
  176. LilaToday at 4:52 PM
  177. To get more people around and able to help is the reason
  179. RedBrazeToday at 4:55 PM
  180. Also I want to bring a point discussed with Misa and Elincia: to each their league.
  181. Basically what we agreed on is that people from other league shouldnt have high authority here anymore. Some people left the league, by their own will, why would they keep trying to forge Aroma the way they want it. We do not go into others league and try to make them the way we feel.
  182. If you want to help ruling Aroma then join it. If you just want to forge something at your image then do it to your league
  184. MaxerusToday at 4:56 PM
  185. So you're saying you want Coaches out of Higher Auth?
  187. LilaToday at 4:56 PM
  188. Thats fine imo
  190. MaxerusToday at 4:56 PM
  191. I mean at least keep Piper. He is genuinely trying to help and making this an us vs. them scenario is silly when he comes with good advice
  193. RedBrazeToday at 4:57 PM
  194. I am against making exception.
  196. LilaToday at 4:58 PM
  197. I mean max and i are basically exceptions we kinda just float in our little world
  199. RedBrazeToday at 4:58 PM
  200. Piper has his league. If he wants to run it then free to him to, if he wants to run aroma we never closed him the door
  202. MaxerusToday at 4:58 PM
  203. Then I'd say keep them all. As all but Kswiss actively give good advice and help our members.
  205. RedBrazeToday at 4:58 PM
  206. Yes coach are meant to help people to train
  208. MaxerusToday at 4:58 PM
  209. He isn't trying to run. He is giving advice.
  211. RedBrazeToday at 4:58 PM
  212. Not to make decision to a league they dont belong to
  213. And mostly when they did run it and chose to leave it
  215. MaxerusToday at 4:58 PM
  216. He doesn't make the decision. You do. He just brings up valid issues.
  218. ElinciaToday at 4:59 PM
  219. So Red are you suggesting that we remove everyone who is affiliated with other leagues out of higher-auth?
  221. RedBrazeToday at 4:59 PM
  222. Then he can keep his point and pm us or post it in the suggestion box
  223. Instead of trying to put pressure in higher auth
  224. I am not saying they should stay silent just don't belong to higher auth
  225. Which is true
  227. MaxerusToday at 5:00 PM
  228. But demoting them out of that room just gives them the middle finger to their idea. At least giving a room they can talk in shows we respect their opinion more. Taking that a way is showing we no longer put as much value in it. Which is false: they come with great points and hell Name still does more for us than for Coral.
  229. I can agree: they aren't Aroma higher auth BUT it's the principle of the fact that this would be removing something from them and making them feel more ostracized. Which would be fine if they didn't come with great advice and good intentions
  231. ElinciaToday at 5:01 PM
  232. I agree with Max here
  234. RedBrazeToday at 5:02 PM
  235. Still coming to my point we arent precenting thel to join.
  237. MaxerusToday at 5:02 PM
  238. Effectively, it's too late to remove them now.
  239. See, Max the retard has a brain
  241. ElinciaToday at 5:02 PM
  242. I think we can remove Kswiss and Hemlocked though
  244. RedBrazeToday at 5:02 PM
  245. If they want to make Aroma a better place the door is open
  247. MaxerusToday at 5:02 PM
  248. They do. That's why they participate there. Why the fuck else do you think they bother? Some conspiracy?
  249. And I don't think we can do just some Elincia.
  251. RedBrazeToday at 5:03 PM
  252. Yet they left that's theur decision
  253. Why they left then ?
  255. ElinciaToday at 5:03 PM
  256. Well those 2 are the only that don't actively help the league
  258. MaxerusToday at 5:03 PM
  259. Yet they remain to purely HELP. Why would you do something that would only make them feel more disrespected
  261. ElinciaToday at 5:03 PM
  262. I say demote them from coach entirely
  263. just those 2
  265. RedBrazeToday at 5:04 PM
  266. I mean Alliance auth never ruled Arbitrer nor the oppsosite yet all the auth were comptent and giving good advises
  268. LilaToday at 5:05 PM
  269. They dont rule aroma lmao
  271. MaxerusToday at 5:05 PM
  272. They don't rule Aroma. They don't have power. I just am saying that demoting them from that room just sends a wrong vibe. I agree they aren't Aroma high auth, but ostracising them for no good reason is silly
  274. LilaToday at 5:05 PM
  275. ^^
  277. MaxerusToday at 5:07 PM
  278. @Elincia Demote Hemlocked. Kswiss does help, has offered to help, and tbh may be the best battler of the Coaches
  280. RedBrazeToday at 5:08 PM
  281. They keep complaining when things don't go their way, drag some names in the mud by the same way. If you want that thing go the way you want then try to rule it with other or just rule your own
  283. ElinciaToday at 5:09 PM
  284. @Maxerus what's this then?
  287. RedBrazeToday at 5:09 PM
  288. If it was just picking up point I wouldnt mind but we are close to a riot everytime things don't go the way they want
  290. MaxerusToday at 5:09 PM
  291. I thought Hemlocked was demoted lol she hasn't been here in such a long time
  293. ElinciaToday at 5:09 PM
  294. yeah that has nothing to do with Hemlocked though
  296. MaxerusToday at 5:10 PM
  297. No I mean I thought we let Hemlocked go cause of inactivity
  298. Oh wait
  299. That was Charms
  301. RedBrazeToday at 5:10 PM
  302. They keep complaining when things don't go their way, drag some names in the mud by the same way. If you want that thing go the way you want then try to rule it with other or just rule your own.
  304. If it was just picking up point I wouldnt mind but we are close to a riot everytime things don't go the way they want
  306. MaxerusToday at 5:10 PM
  307. When did they needlessly drag names through mud?
  309. RedBrazeToday at 5:11 PM
  310. Dom came in my pm for saying how bad Misa is as RO
  311. Ven is constantly arrassed
  313. ElinciaToday at 5:11 PM
  314. Ok but in that screenshot you said that all should be kept except Kswiss because he's not active and doesn't help. Then you said to keep Kswiss because he offers to help and has in the past?
  316. RedBrazeToday at 5:11 PM
  317. We got called invompetent by Kswiss last day
  319. MaxerusToday at 5:11 PM
  320. And per Fr3ak's message, that seems to be a pretty common opinion among members. You want to silent them to?
  322. RedBrazeToday at 5:12 PM
  323. No because they are part of Aroma
  325. MaxerusToday at 5:12 PM
  326. Maybe there's a riot because that is a more universal opinion and the coaches are the only ones to have the balls to say it
  327. Kswiss is much more active than Hemlocked. Hemlocked has appeared twice in my memory to post candid photos she takes.
  328. Kswiss isn't that active but does help and is our newest coach
  330. ElinciaToday at 5:13 PM
  331. yeah but what I'm trying to say doesn't involve hemlocked at all
  333. MaxerusToday at 5:13 PM
  334. Okay then keep all the Coaches lol
  335. Look Red
  336. Fine. All but Kswiss are *very active
  337. "Your argument is invalid cause you were not clear on how active everyone is"
  338. Red. I get it is strange it comes from coaches, but this seems to be the pulse of the league. At least they said something and didn't let Fr3ak and such feel like they couldn't speak to us
  339. Even when I was your equal, you all seemed so unapproachable with feelings.
  341. RedBrazeToday at 5:15 PM
  342. Then we can open to the other and let them know that we are here together. Work on it
  344. MaxerusToday at 5:16 PM
  345. It is a vibe that most of you guys do give off. The people that just happened to have the right personality to say something are coaches. Are they members here? No. But it doesn't mean what they say is invalid.
  347. RedBrazeToday at 5:16 PM
  348. That doesnt mean we need coach as higher auth
  350. MaxerusToday at 5:16 PM
  351. We don't need them as higher auth, but demoting them seneds the message that we now respect their opinion less.
  352. Best scenario is that we never put them there at all, but we have.
  354. RedBrazeToday at 5:16 PM
  355. Yet we have to make it clear
  356. As Misa said " Tbh, it's no different than ripping off a bandaid. It'll be troublesome at first, but it won't last long."
  358. ElinciaToday at 5:17 PM
  359. I think the backlash would be a lot worse than that though
  360. that's doing the opposite of the problem we're trying to solve
  362. LilaToday at 5:18 PM
  363. ^
  365. RedBrazeToday at 5:19 PM
  366. I do not think so. You'll get them angry for one week and that's all.
  367. We already did it in the past and nothing happened
  369. ElinciaToday at 5:19 PM
  370. No I think if we demote them then there's a good chance that this entire league falls apart
  372. RedBrazeToday at 5:20 PM
  373. Plus I prefer continuing with people who want to stay by our side and work together than keep continuing with people who only stay for coach
  375. LilaToday at 5:22 PM
  376. Id rather the league stay afloat
  378. RedBrazeToday at 5:22 PM
  379. The league clearly wouldnt fall appart
  381. ElinciaToday at 5:22 PM
  382. The issue is that right now, the players trust the coaches more than they trust us. So if we demote them that sends a very strong negative message towards the rest of the league
  383. I think it would
  385. LilaToday at 5:23 PM
  386. Look i know how ti run a league demoting them from the high auth room that's just it. Leagues dead
  387. We would lose so mucg rep and so many members
  388. It wouldn't be salvageable
  390. RedBrazeToday at 5:24 PM
  391. I know how to run a league as well I did run Alliance. When people got purged some left as well because they joined together, yet it our job to handle that.
  392. If you fear that everyone leaves then you really dont havr much trust in them
  394. MaxerusToday at 5:25 PM
  395. I feel like that is an over exaggeration, but yes, close to that is exactly what will happen. It'd be different if the coaches weren't currently seen as the only people who have the balls to speak their mind. Cause even when I was equal with Red, Misa, a d Ven, I got the vibe that my opinion doesn't matter
  396. And that I must be quiet or Ven and Misa may pull an executive order and have me canned
  398. RedBrazeToday at 5:25 PM
  399. That's why i said that's out job to work on it ^
  401. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 5:25 PM
  402. It needs to be done, but now isnt the time. Especially after what Fr3ak said. There r others really close to leaving. Then more people will follow their friends.
  404. RedBrazeToday at 5:25 PM
  405. And do not need to rely on outsider anymore
  406. Basically what you said is "Yes let keep them doing our work"
  408. LilaToday at 5:26 PM
  409. Never said that lmao
  411. MaxerusToday at 5:26 PM
  412. And if someone that is your EQUAL felt like that, please tell me how you feel others feel. The coaches "cause a riot" when they speak because their position as outsiders makes them able to speak what others feel without fear. You know how many times lower ranked members would speak to me and I just said "I can't do anything" as E4
  414. RedBrazeToday at 5:26 PM
  415. That's our job to be comprehensive to & if we do it bad then it's our job to work on it
  416. We shouldnt just let coach do it
  418. MaxerusToday at 5:26 PM
  419. All I'm saying is your reason to demote them, based on how much they cause a riot, is null
  420. We are the leaders
  422. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 5:27 PM
  423. Id only can u if u served me cold tea
  425. MaxerusToday at 5:27 PM
  426. It is our league
  427. But to silence people who voiced their and the people's feelings is not right
  429. ElinciaToday at 5:27 PM
  430. A bit off topic but can i go ahead and demote hemlocked right now?
  432. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 5:28 PM
  433. Sure
  435. ElinciaToday at 5:29 PM
  436. done
  438. RedBrazeToday at 5:29 PM
  439. Basically you guys feel like because they are useful we need to keep them while my poiny of view is to become independent and stop relying on outsiders.
  440. In the first path we just keep the way things are: the easy way
  441. In mine we have to work on ourselve to what's wrong in order to do better alone
  443. MaxerusToday at 5:29 PM
  444. No. That's not my point.
  446. RedBrazeToday at 5:30 PM
  447. We dont have to do it in one night to, it can be progressive. But we should do work on being independent and rely on our own skill
  448. And for that we do need to work on ourselve
  449. In the end the more you become dependent the more you lose when things go bad
  450. Trust me on that point
  452. MaxerusToday at 5:32 PM
  453. My point is we DO NOT rely on the coaches. We never have. We never will. BUT because they are a good resource in training our members despite being members of other leagues AND speaking what is apparently the opinion of the populous when the populous is too intimidated to, that we should not do the disrespectful move of demoting them and should keep their opinion in higher auth to show its value WHILE ALSO working on ourselves
  455. RedBrazeToday at 5:33 PM
  456. I still do not think a league should become dependent on outsiders. See how you fear what would bring to lose them ? If they ever feel to threaten to leave and poache people, it would be our loss for relying so much on them
  458. MaxerusToday at 5:35 PM
  459. We are not dependent on them. We will be fine if we demoted them, but we would be better if we didn't.
  461. RedBrazeToday at 5:35 PM
  462. The more we wait the more the dependence increases. So far it's rather calm compared to what I ever knew, but if one day they ever feel to leave because they are enough then we would lose more than we wpuld have lost now
  464. MaxerusToday at 5:35 PM
  465. No. How about we improve while NOT ruining our public image by lowering the position of the people that just spoke for the populous of the league.
  466. Cause we are NOT reliant on them.
  467. But why would we shoot ourselves in the foot anyways?
  468. Cause Kswiss has sass? Cause Piper and Fr3ak said how they felt.
  469. Demote me. I told you how much I feel like I can't approach you guys even when I was your equal.
  471. RedBrazeToday at 5:36 PM
  472. We wouldnt shoot us in the foot, we are just saying "So far everything is fine so keep it fine" while it may be even more dangerous later
  474. MaxerusToday at 5:37 PM
  475. It won't be dangerous later. They aren't trying to poach. They are dead ass TRAINING our members and speaking for the people who feel they could lose their respect or position if they spoke.
  477. That is the opposite of poach
  479. Cause he " knows how this ends"
  481. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 5:49 PM
  482. That sounds closer to grooming.
  483. We should steadily bring up our rep and spend more time with lower ranked members so they can get to know us better or something.
  485. MaxerusToday at 5:50 PM
  486. What sounds like grooming
  488. *★🌸Mimi🌸★*Today at 5:51 PM
  489. Training and speaking for them. They arent trying to poach, but theyre still winning favor over us by being more approachable and involved, so naturally theyll go to Coral once something happens.
  491. MaxerusToday at 5:51 PM
  492. They're winning favor because people EVEN YOUR EQUAL feel like they can't speak
  493. They're winning favor because in this big instance, they are kinda right
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