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MG roulette (umi osho)

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  1. “Nobody gets it! This is not normal!” Paul almost shouted with his fingers twitching.
  3. “Would you keep it down, Paul? You drawing people's attention.”  His co-worker Bill warned as he looked up from his newspaper. People in the workplace had turned to listen to the outburst.
  5. “Good! People need to hear this, there is something wrong and nobody seems to care!” Paul said with raised voice.
  7. “The monster thing has been going on for a while now, to be up in arms about it now is a bit odd,” Bill said. “I still say you're over thinking this.”
  9. “And I say you are not caring enough Bill! Inhuman women, with claws and tails and snake bodies, roam the streets and no one gives a damn.” Paul raked his hands through his hair. “Why haven't we heard anything from the government? Or the church? Or even those conspiracy guys?”
  11. Bill looked at him. “You're one of those conspiracy guys, every week you say something is going to doom the world or you have an incorrect and sometimes outright stupid theories and crackpot plans on things that don't appear as they seem to you.”
  13. “I don't do that,” Paul said insulted.
  15. “Do you know George still hasn't forgiven you for the coffee incident of  '14?” Bill asked.
  17. “That time was different and you know it!” Paul growled.
  19. “Try telling that to him, I on the other hand still wonder where did you get that much rope?”  Bill chuckled.  “There is also your raid on the janitors closet to find the receptionists “evil lab.”
  21. “I still say she feeds on misery," Paul mumbled
  23. “Still the government probably knows something we don't, or else there would be military/ Secret service guys doing a sweep of the city. And besides, if you want the church's say on all this...” he said as he turned the newspaper to Paul and pointed to a headline.
  25. “Local priests condemn new `pandemonium` religion as hedonistic Satanism. Dark priest demanding peace debates.” Paul read.
  27. “See? people care about things.” Bill said with a shrug as he returned to reading.
  29. “That's not it at all! We should be wondering where the hell the dark priest came from! Not her views!” Paul growled
  31. “What do you want from me, Paul? Seriously?” Bill said. “I mean it's not my fault they started showing up, and they've been everything but hostile, do you want to go out there and interrogate one, because I'm sure that would go down well for the woman and her boyfriend.”
  33. “That's actually not a bad idea...” Paul started thinking aloud.
  35. “Paul...” Bill said with a warning tone.
  37. “I won't so don't worry about it, but I refuse to take this crap lying down,” Paul said as he packed up for the day.
  39. “All I'm going to say is that be careful. We don't need you being in prison because you did something idiotic.” Bill said.
  41. “Something idiotic my foot! I'm trying to find the truth of this monster madness.” He huffed as walk out the building. Still, he had to wonder as he made his way home. How was he going to do this? Dammit! There had to be a way to get one of those monsters alone!
  43. And then it came to him, the game! He needed to find someone eligible for the roulette and then find some way to talk to the monster. Then he could find out what he needed to know about the monsters.
  45. The question was who? Bill was single, but he doubted he would go along with the plan if he had the email. Hell, the whole workplace would tell the monsters to stay away from the `conspiracy man`. Then there was his family- wait! That was it!”
  47. His brother Greg was single, maybe he would be in on this? Paul got his phone out his pocket and went through his emails as he had forgotten to save Greg's number. What he found made him freeze.
  49. The roulette was there right about Greg's email for his number.
  51. Paul had to keep calm and think about this as he walked home. What made him eligible for it? Have they been following him? Who gave them info about him? Then another thought came, this is what he needed! He didn't have to care about getting a monster away if a monster was here to meet him!
  53. With his plan set, he rushed home and locked the door. He decided that the best hope he had was to keep the monster in the house and then work with what he had. And what he had was a  load of hosepipe and some old netting he had leftover from keeping the birds out of his garden.
  55. With his makeshift net trap in place outside his living room door he got seated and turned on this tablet to view the email. Seeing 3M's  messing left him with more questions but it would not matter soon.
  57. When the so-called wizard got to sending him an encyclopedia, he was a somewhat annoyed. He had heard about the book, but it didn't exactly have the info he wanted. It told you what a monster was like, but it didn't say much about their goals.
  59. So with that, he clicked.
  61. *UMI OSHO*
  63. Paul couldn't think of any monster he had heard of with that name. What could that even be? Maybe google translate could help. Typing in the name, the result he got confused him even more.
  65. `Sea priest?` He thought. What kind of monster was he getting? He was expecting to get one of those run of the mill succubi, or maybe one of those bird women if he wanted to think exotic. But this made no sense to him.
  67. He was about to do a image search when he heard a low thumping noise and a female yelp of surprise. She was here! He eagerly bolted to the door and opened it hoping to make an intimidating impression.
  69. “Now little monster,  I have you right where I...want you?” His would be imposing voice drained away as his confusion came back with a vengeance. In the net was a huge, red with black patterns, shivering turtle shell. Sticking out of the shell where a pair of curvy female legs and arms that were stuck in the netting and clothed to look like turtle flippers`How in the world did sea-priest mean turtle?` He thought as he stared at the shell for a while before tapping on it.
  71. He almost jumped when the shell jerked. A woman's head with Black hair and wearing a weird hat popped out from under the shell. Terrified green eyes looked around. “What was that?” she stuttered.
  73. “That would be me,” Paul answered. The turtle woman looked at him before she squealed and withdrew her head back into the shell and went back to shivering. Paul thought for a second before asking “Are you going to come out and talk?” There was a pause before he heard a soft mumble. “I can't hear you.”
  75. Her head came back out (How is she doing that? He thought)“I'm sorry! I'm very sorry please forgive me, I'll do what you want if you let me go!” She suddenly shouted.
  77. Paul took a step with a little shock. She's actually helpless? It was this easy? Excellent! Trying the most imposing voice he could, he tried an evil laugh. “Good! Now that you know you are trapped, you will answer my questions.”
  79. “What are you going to  do if I don't answer you?” She stuttered.
  81. “I...” Paul froze, he realized for all his thinking of catching the woman actually didn't have a plan after that for interrogation. “I'll...Do things you.”
  83. “What kind of things?” She asked a little too eagerly of his liking.
  85. “Things okay!” Paul shouted annoyed. “Now tell me, what to the monsters what with London.”
  87. The Umi osho looked confused. “Um...What?”
  89. “You and your kind can't just enter the world and get be okay with it! There has to be something going on! Now how do you work for.” He asked her.
  91. “I have no idea what you're talking about.” She said with an abnormal gleam in her eyes.
  93. Paul growled. “Don't want to answer then? Fine, why is no one batting an eye to the E-mail.”
  95. “What's an e-mail? she asked”
  97. “Gah! You know the thing people use to get the monsters on this side!” He said running his hands through his hair.
  99. “Oh, so that's what its called.” She said like she was learning something new.
  101. `This is getting nowhere!` Paul thought. How could this woman be so clueless? Did she really know nothing? This was getting frustrating! He had to kind a way to get to her. He was about to continue mentally ranting when he noticed the monster staring at him.”What?”
  103. “What are you going to do now?” She asked.
  105. “I...” Paul flat lined again. That was a good question.
  107. “You don't have a plan do you?” She still stuttering but this time it felt she was a bit disappointed.
  109. “What? Of course I've got a plan!” Paul defended himself.
  111. The turtle woman shook her head. “No, you don't, you said you were going to `Do things` to me if I couldn't answer you, and while I genuinely don't know the answers, you haven't done a thing.” she said not stuttering at all. “and this net, it this it? Nothing more? Where's your imagination? it's a little shameful to be honest.”
  113. Paul was getting angry “How dare you! I can be imaginative if I wanted to be!” he shouted
  115. “Not doing a good job so far. I won't even tell you my name at this point,” she said with a dry tone.
  117. “I liked you better when you were stuttering,” Paul said.
  119. “And I liked you better when I thought you and something going on.” She shot back. “And now you can't even be a man and admit you can't do it”
  121. Paul froze at her words. “What did you say?”
  123. “You heard me, Mr interrogator can't even crack the shell of a defenseless turtle.” she started to mock him. “I bet you can't get any answers you look for.”
  125. Had he gotten so bad at finding the answers to his theories that even his monster hostage was mocking him? No! He was not wrong! He was going to find the truth about the monsters in London one way or another! Something wild broke loose inside of Paul and an idea came to mind. No imagination eh? He'll show her for mocking him despite being trapped. It was time to get creative!
  127. He dashed upstairs, ran to the bathroom and filled the bath with cold water, then he went back down (ignoring the “What are you doing?” from the Umi osho) and entered the kitchen. Opening the freezer he got the several packs of ice he was looking for. Stepping over the trapped turtle woman again he took the packs upstairs and dumped all the cubes into the bath. After that, he entered his bedroom. “Never thought I'd have a use for this again.” he mused to himself as he pulled out a large reel of rope and a pair of gloves, took it to the bathroom and tossed the rope in the bath.
  129. Paul walked down the stairs slowly as he ran the plan through his mind. He was grinning to himself when he got back to the hallway where the monster lay still trapped. Thought there was a look of worry on her face. “What's going on?” She asked.
  131. “Don't have imagination? Can't get my answers? I admit I didn't think this through more than I should of, but that changes now.” He said before he broke into a laugh. “For now, let's flip the turtle!”
  133. “What do you mean flip-” she cut herself off with a yelp as Paul casually moved to her side and flipped her body over, shell and all, this left stuck bell up in the net so she still couldn't move. (Paul also noticed the turtle themed priestess clothes, busty chest and the small tail between her legs) Grabbing some of the loose net, Paul carefully pulled the woman to the living room and setting and placed her in front of the couch.
  135. He left her there and put on the gloves he had while he fetched the now ice-cold rope out of the bath. Returning to the living room he started snickering to himself as he unraveled the reel. As he was doing this he saw the turtle woman looking at the roped with a sense of wonder.
  137. “If there is one thing I know how to do, its tying something up, bundles, packages, even people. Now hold still,” he said in a chilling voice that got her to stiffen as he methodically started removing the netting and replacing it with the rope.
  139. The oldness of the damp rope was starting to make her shiver as it was wrapped around her and tied tightly. Soon her arms and legs were tied against her chest in an interesting fashion.
  141. “Now then... if you truly are a turtle, that means your cold-blooded, and that means the ice rope must making you feel pretty Irritated right about now. Well, are you?” Paul asked his captive.
  143. The shivering turtle shook her head but she was she was starting to struggle in the bonds, less like she wanted to be free and more like she wanted to scratch an itch. “N-no!”
  145. “Looks like someone's lying,” Paul said chuckling while he took one of her arms and dropped a heated cloth onto it.
  147. The action had its desired effect. Her entire movement seemed to be focusing on that arm, so much so that she was starting to rock the shell back and forth.
  149. “You want warmth, right? You want the rest of your body to feel like your nice and warm right?” she nodded frantically. “Then tell me what I want to know.”
  151. “I said I don't know.” She stuttered, whether it was from the cold or from fear. He could not tell.
  153. Paul hid an Ice cube behind his back. “Wrong answer!” he said. Dropping and other heat cloth on her leg, but dipping a paper cup with ice water and pouring it on her chest. The turtle woman was starting to thrash now. “It must be maddening, being nice and warm in some places and cold and wet in others. I can keep going all day, tell me what I want to know and I'll stop!”
  155. “I don't know anything!” she shouted.
  157. “Your choice.” he said with a shrug as he rubbed the ice cube along her short tail.
  159. Her scream sounded more erotic than he thought it should be.
  161. ~X~ (Several hours later)
  163. It turns out that Umi osho shells are quite light. Even with the woman attached to it. Or at least that was how Paul felt with woman snuggled up to him in his bed as he stared at the ceiling.  
  165. `How did this even happen?` He asked himself. After toying with her using the ice he used several other ways to work her, soon enough things took another turn. Somewhere along the line what they were doing couldn't be called `Interrogation`.
  167. Even so, he had managed to get a few thing out of her. Like her name and where she lived among other things so it was a plus... kind of.
  169. “What's wrong Sir?” She had taken to calling him sir, he wondered if he went a tad too far.
  171. “I don't know Mizuki, I was supposed to find the big answer and possibly thwart the monster uprising, not... whatever this is.”
  173. Mizuki thought to herself before speaking. “There are many questions even the gods have no answers for, maybe there truly is no motive behind the blue mage's  actions but I don't know for myself.”
  175. Paul sighed. “Maybe they were right, I should stop hunting for things that aren't there.”
  177. “I would not say that Sir,” Mizuki said. “I think you just need to tone it down, there is mysteries and question waiting to be solved, you just need to think before you act and you might get more results, just like you did with me.”
  179. “Yeah,... Wait.”  I thought came to him. “You were starting out shy sand stuttering... you wanted something like this didn't you?
  181. Her face turned red and she looked away. “Um... no?” she said with an uneasy chuckle.”
  183. “It makes sense, I remember it clearly, that look in your eyes when I said I was going to do things, you wanted it! And you got a rise out of me then you thought it wasn't going to happen!”
  185. “N-no! I didn't.” she protested.
  187. “Your lying, does the turtle need flipping again?” Paul asked with a grin.
  189. “No, Sir! She doesn't need it, Sir! She'll be a good turtle, Sir!” She begged, but her expression didn't match her words.
  191. “Wrong answer.”
  193. I took some time before he actually got to sleep.
  195. ~X~(two weeks later, at the office.)
  197. “Okay, spill.” Bill suddenly asked.
  199. “What do you mean?” Paul asked while munching on his lunch.
  201. “I haven't heard a peep out of you lately. What have you got planned.” Bill said suspiciously.
  203. “I've got nothing planned,” Paul said taking another bite, damn these sandwiches were good!
  205. “Like hell, I know you, you're probably still hung up on the on the monster thing. You can't tell me you've let go.”
  207. “I haven't.” he said simply
  209. “Then what's the deal then?”
  211. “I've come to the conclusion that maybe there isn't a dark motive behind the monsters,  but there's still so much I want to ask 3M about, why did he choose London? And the fact that no one questions is that much. So far I've gotten half way in my quest and I won't stop, but freaking out at every nay-sayer will get me nowhere.” He said.
  213. “That's... actually pretty mature for you,” Bill said thinking about it.
  215. “Do you really think so low of me?” Paul asked.
  217. “We have a record of all the things you've done. The boss has cracked down on you as you being here alone is “A good way to break in the new blood.” Bill said and then started laughing at his co-worker's expression.
  219. “Dammit she was right about needing to tone it down.” he said to himself, realizing too late that he sad that out loud.
  221. Bill got curious. “She? Who is she?”
  223. Paul started to sweat. “Nobody, just a person I talked on the street,” He said hastily
  225. “Really?” Bill asked.
  227. “Really. Now can you give me today's paper?” Paul almost demanded.
  229. “You sure it isn't a lady friend?”
  231. “Positive.” he said just as Paul's text tone rang from his face-down phone that was on the table next to his bags.
  233. Both men stared at the phone before Bill asked, “That's her, isn't it?”
  235. “...No,” Paul said
  237. “Well you won't mind me looking then.” he said as he took up the phone before paul could reach it.
  239. “That's personal!” Paul yelled
  241. “Call it payback for the time you did it,” Bill said dodging Paul's attempts to snatch it back and open the messaging.
  243. “...New items have arrived...can't wait for you to get home, your turtle needs flipping?” Bill read out confused. “What the hell does that mean?” Before Paul could come up with an excuse, another message was sent that made bills eyes widen. “Ah, so that's what it meant...no wonder you were mellowed out about the monsters. He said snickering as he turned the phone to Paul.
  245. Mizuki had sent a picture of herself tied up with her clothes compromisingly loose and had taken the picture by operating a selfie stick with her teeth in front of a mirror.
  247. “What till the others hear about this,” Bill said with a grin
  249. “Don't you freaking dare!” Paul growled.
  251. “They need to know paranoid Paul has some secrets of his own!” He said heading to the door.
  253. “Like hell they do!” Paul leaped at his phone that was still in his co-worker's hands.
  255. It was a good thing that people were used to Paul's antics or else people would have paid more attention to the brawl occupying the lunch room. Paul promised to himself that Mizuki was going to have an interesting time when he got home.
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