My DS Keyboard-Mouse Setup

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  1. I can play a lot more comfortable and quicker with keyboard and mouse and I don't have to let go any stick or button to perform other actions. The bad part was having to get used to it since I'd been playing with a controller until I decided to use mouse. Here's how I set it up:
  3. - Using Mouse Fix, changed Right-MB to Guard (Block) and Middle-MB to Heavy Attack (Left-MB is still Normal Attack). It's easy to kick and *forward + heavy attack*, as long as you try to press the attack button before the forward key (still almost at the same time). - I didn't change Movement keys (WASD).
  4.    * I've set "lock_disables_mouse" and "scroll_switches_targets" to "0" in dsmfix.ini. Also, the sensitivity is set to 10 (in both, dsmfix.ini and in-game options).
  6. - Moved Camera Movement to OLKP (useless)
  8. - Lock-on enemies with F.
  10. - Change Right/Left Weapon with R/Q respectively.
  12. - Change Object/Magic with N/M, I don't need these because you can change them with Mouse-Wheel-Up/Down. I'm considering using keys for this (to make it faster and more comfortable).
  14. - Actions:
  16.    . Changed Parry button to Left-Alt
  18.    . Use Object to C
  20.    . Run-Roll still is Space-Bar
  22.    . Action to E
  24.    . Switch One/Two Handed to Left-Shift
  26. - Main Menu and Action Menu with TAB and B
  28. - Menu Controls:
  30.    . Move with Numpad-8, Numpad-4, Numpad-5 and Numpad-6
  32.    . Accept/Cancel with Space-Bar/E
  34.    . Change Status/View with Left-Shift/R
  36.    . Chang Menu R/L with Numpad-9/Numpad-7
  38. * What can still be changed with (and I'm still considering):
  40. - Switch Parry to Left-Ctrl and Walk to Left-Alt
  42. - Actions performed by C and Left-Alt can be changed and X and V can be used. Examples: Change Object/Magic with X/V; or with C/V and Use Object with X; Parry with C or V and adapt the others.
  44. * Since DSfix's HUD modifications still have some bugs (like Bosses' Health Bar not showing correctly or subtitles displaying without the texture that obscures the lower part of the screen) I've set the Toggle HUD Changes key to T for easily switching them on/off.
  46. * Also, since I'm using a subtle FXAA effect and DSfix's built-in function to take HUDless screenshots doesn't capture FXAA's changes (and doesn't correctly capture brightness/color scheme), I have to use FRAPS to do it. And to quickly be able to take HUDless screenshots, I've set the Toggle HUD On/Off key to 1 and FRAPS' Screen Capture key to 2 and Overlay Hotkey to 4 (if I want to check FPS or make sure I'm taking a screenshot). The (not so) bad thing about this, is that with DSfix you'd take screenshots the size of the Internal Resolution you've set, but with FRAPS you take them the size of your Screen Resolution.
  48. Well, that's it, I hope this helps as a base or guide.
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