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Sep 15th, 2020
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  1. Lol­ita Slave Toys
  2. I create L­olita Slave Toys. In case you are wondering what I meanl it is very simple: I transform young girls in easy, manageable sex toys. That's it. The girls can not walk away, can not resist, can not tell anything; they are just there for your sadistic amusement. Curious how?
  3. I am a surgeon living in one of those countries at the eastern outskirts of Europe. A pretty rough society still, poverty is enormous and unless you have money and connections, you are fuc­ked. Needless to say I have both. We also have beautiful girls here, eastern European countries are well known for that. Fortunately (for me) some of these girls don't have parents or relatives anymore and live in orphanages. Actually, I would not call that living as it is unbelievable what you will fidn there. Some very young girls are lucky and get adopted, but at an age of 8 or 9 they are too old. Some of the more pretty girls get sold into prostitution and you could consider it luck for them too; instead of slowly fading away in filth and poverty. And a few girls I buy. I generally pick the attractive girls around 9 or 10 years, before puberty starts. The orphanage is very cooperative. They are glad they have one less mouth to feed, one new place to fill. They also gladly accept my donations for the girls.
  4. They never ask and I never tell. They know I am a surgeon; they probably think I do some experiments with the girils or cut out and sell their organs.
  5. But no, I found a much more profitable business; I turn the girls into sex toys.
  6. You can order a Lol­ita Slave Toy if you want. They are not cheap; I charge $30,000 to $40,000 for a toy. This is without shipping costs.
  7. But: You will have a Lol­ita Slave Sex Toy that will give you satisfaction for many years, she is like a doll, but she is a living doll!
  8. Let me tell you how I turn a young orphan girl into a living doll. When I have found a new, suitable girl, I will ask the orphanage to deliver her at my villa. She will arive naked, tied and blindfolded. After a bried inspection and a quick medical check, I will take her to my special clinic in my villa. First, I will clean her very thoroughly. These girls really smell and are filthy; they have not seen a bath for ages and they are really neglected. When she is finally clean, I put her in a hospital bed and give her an injection that will put her to sleep.
  9. I will create her a new identity and give her a new name, as I don't know the girl's real names, I just know their age, and that's all I need. At the orphanage, any data they have from her will be destroyed. She never existed. She will from now on only exist as a toy. I have a couple Lol­ita Slave Toys myself; Dasha, who is 11 years old and is just in the final stage of her transformation, Tanya, who is now 12 years old; two years since I created her and Luda, who is 14 years old and 4 months pregnant.
  10. The next morning is the big operation day. The girl will be still sleeping because of the anesthetic from last night. I put her on the operation table and administer anesthetics for the operation to come. So if you were wondering why my Slave Toy will not resist or walk away, very simple: I amputate her legs and arms! I will amputate her arms above her albows and her legs right above her knees. Easy isn't it? This girl will never run away from you...
  11. For the girl this is a very heavy operation and it is probably the most critical step in the transformation process. But most of the times they survive.
  12. Now I am not just leaving the girls with stumps on their arms and legs. I will attach a 5 cm metal bar very tightly to the bone on her arms and legs before stitching up the wounds. The other end of the metal bar has a screw-thread, where I can attach an o-ring. When she is ready you easily secure her with a chain or padlock to any object you like! My Tanya and Luda normally have a chain behind her back attached to both o-rings on the stumps of her arms. It will keep here arms nicely close to her body.
  13. In the beginning, you have to really take care of the wounds on the stumps to prevent infections. Once the wound is healed completely, I will place a silicone cover over the stump. The outside of the cover is covered with white velvet and this actually looks quite sweet, despite the rather cruel o-rings at the end of what is left of her arms and legs. After a few months, when the legs and arms have fully recovered, you can put some more stain on the o-rings. I started a year ago to hang Tanya and Luda on their arms from the ceiling. It is such an interesting form of decoration in your room to have a naked Lol­ita hanging from your ceiling! And it is very nice to use her cu­nt or mouth when she is hanging like that.
  14. But before that we have a long way to go. The operation is not ready yet with amputating her arms and legs. Next I will also cut her vocal cords so she can no longer speak or even make noises, and remove her teeth from her mouth. When I have removed all her teeth, I implant a silicone layer with a soft top layer on her jaws. She will still be able to give bl­ow ­jobs, but she can no longer bite on your di­ck. It is actually quite nice how when she more or less chews a little bit on your co­ck; the soft top layer gives you a kind of massage.
  15. The silicone implant is, however, absolutely necessary; if not, her mouth would look like a toothless granny. This will keep her good looks. To further keep her mouth in good shape, she will wear a ball gag most of the time. That does sound somewhat obsolete because I cut her vocal cords and she cannot speak anyway, but this is just because of the esthetics. A gagged girl simply looks good and, besides feeding, drinking, and fuc­king, she does not need her mouth anymore.
  16. Once the operation is complete, I will give the girl one or two weeks to recover and let the wounds heal. Then her training begins.
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