Anon - Fluffy pillows

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >You’re Anon and you are currently having fun with a few moths
  2. >Sepia and Squeak came to visit and the three of you have had a fun day of playing around while being silly
  3. >”Oh man that was so much fun I did not even notice how fast the time flew”
  4. >Squeak whumps next to your head on the sofa and you look up at her
  5. >She’s looking down on you and smiling happily
  6. >Before you have the chance to say something she gives your nose a soft boop with her hoof and then takes off while letting out a slight giggle
  7. >You can’t help but to smile at that as Sepia takes off after Squeak and the two of them chase each other for a small while before fluttering down onto the couch
  8. “This is so much fun!”
  9. >Squeak agrees with Sepia and nods before talking
  10. “It’s always fun at Anons house”
  11. >You can’t help but to smile now
  12. >Squeak has been a regular at your house for a while now and she seems to enjoy your company and goofing around you
  13. >You don’t mind it, in fact it brightens up your day every time she comes to hang out
  14. >You breathe out calmly while noticing how tired you are starting to feel
  15. >Sepia and Squeak seem to be feeling a bit exhausted at all the fun today as they settle down and get comfy on the sofa as well
  16. >You close your eyes for a while
  17. >But then you feel something on you
  18. >You open your eyes and see that Squeak has settled down on top of you
  19. >You look at her and she looks back at you, before giving you a smile and nuzzling her face against your chest
  20. >And then you feel something more
  21. >Sepias head rests on top of yours now and you can hear her breathing softly
  22. >You sigh and turn your attention to Squeak only to notice she’s also napping against you
  23. >You roll your eyes but then smile and close your eyes and listen to the two sleep
  24. >Soon enough sleep overtakes you...
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